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Carnival Horizon & Carnival Ecstasy 2.0 – Vlog

Carnival Horizon & Carnival Ecstasy 2.0 – Vlog

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  1. Awesome as always & I appreciate the  time you take to thoroughly answer questions.  You are a class act!!!  I can't wait to hear about the Norwegian rewards.  We have never sailed on Norwegian but I see they have a good selection sailing out of LA again and am tempted to try them out.

  2. 31 MORE DAYS TILL WARMTH!!!!!!! its sooooo cold in SW ontario! I want to be on the adventure on the seas right now!!! sipping on a cold one enjoying the sun!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Sheri! Love hearing you're little guy – he's a natural!!
    Interesting about the MDDS – never heard that name before (but years ago, when I was new to cruising, I always felt that the ground was moving after disembarking – but just for a day or two). On my first cruise to Alaska (I think 1998) we had very rough seas – and many, many people extremely sick, even the crew and the entertainment was cancelled at night). There were 6 in my group – and one of my friends got sick on the plane to Seattle. After a good nights rest, she felt much better. We were both early risers and went to book the helicopter to the glacier and dog sled excursion – at the time, limited availability. By the time we got to Juneau, my friend was very sick – we even took her to the ship's dr (the voodoo dr?). The dr said she had "delayed seasickness"! He gave her medicine, she stayed in the cabin (missed the excursion) and we had the crew check on her. As it turned out, she had the Noro virus (didn't even have that name back then – was called the Norway virus). As we soon found out, probably half the passengers and crew were sick. Some children spent the whole cruise in their cabins, some elderly passengers were helicoptered off of the ship!! 3 out 6 in my group got sick. And sadly, i was one of the 3. I waited until the last night – after the midnight buffet!! I was so sick, I was afraid to leave the cabin when we had to disembark in Vancouver. And we had a post cruise tour scheduled. I asked the tour operator if I could just go to the hotel, took a cab to the 4 Seasons – Vancouver. Good hotel if you're stomach sick – telephone in the bathroom!! I had to call a dr to the hotel room on a Sunday – I thought I had meningitis because I was running temp and my neck was so sore. He almost hospitalized me – I was very dehydrated. Gave me a shot for the nausea, and I did start sipping some water. The dr was so upset be because there were a lot of very sick people getting off cruise ships. He even went to the pier to talk to them about this outbreak of stomach illness (and 2 weeks later they closed the port to disinfect it)! I finally recovered enough to eat tea and toast. I missed the tour to Buchart Gardens, but at least I was able to get on the plane and fly home. Delayed seasickness?? Then we found out that the airplanes were also spreading the virus (which is why my friend got sick on the way to Seattle)!
    MDDS sounds a lot like Mennierre's (?) disease (a form of vertigo).
    Like you, I don't seem to feel like the land is rocking and rolling after getting off cruises anymore! I get my "land legs" back quickly! And now we all know about the Noro virus (and a lot of Purell)!!
    So much exciting news in the cruise industry. I'm looking forward to the Medallion class – all the new technology!!

  4. Ginger, I "rocked" for nearly a month after my last cruise and even still now occasionally. We cruised in September of 2016 and I'm 44. I am going to get a patch for my cruise coming up in April to see if that helps any. I do have a damaged "tube" in my inner ear so this may be related… even flying can be a problem for me.

  5. Lot's of great information! I had not heard about the changes in Latitudes yet. I have a back to back on the Epic leaving February 11 and will definitely let you know if they ask me to bid on an upgrade. Also, nice to hear they upgraded the Carnival ship in Charleston, I wish they had better itineraries though. Mostly 3/4 day trips to the Bahamas, probably my least favorite Caribbean destination. We really like to do at least 7 days; but, I only live about 2 hours from Charleston. You should visit, it is a great city particularly if you like history. Lots of beaches but very different than those in CA. Sand is mostly hard, you can ride a bicycle on them at low tide and the water in summer is much warmer usually gets into the 80's by August.

  6. Sheri- I want to Thank you for all your vlogs. I just got back from my very first cruise with Royal and I was so prepared thanks to you from embarkation to disembarkation and everything in between I was ready. I had my post it notes, pen,hi-lighter, mag hooks, clock, etc. Already booked my next cruise next year. Thanks so much.

  7. Sheri, just did a little research on the new Latitudes program. All members do get a bottle of sparkling wine. Silver (20 points) and above get bottled water, gold (48) and above get free internet minutes, didn't see any changes for Platinum (76) but with that you get a free dinner in the Le Bistro with a bottle of wine and free laundry among other things. There are two new categories, Platinum Plus (175) and above get a dinner with the Chip's officers and Ambassador (700) get a free 7 day cruise. I like it.

  8. I'm really happy! I had a gut feeling that this ship would come to NYC! Plus, it's my favorite itinerary, going to Amber Cove so it would be a win win!

  9. I lose weight on a cruise. Overall, I probably eat healthier, and get more exercise. 1 desert per day, 1 alcoholic beverage, fish/duck/lamb and veggies, zipping all over the cruise ship for activities, and I try to use the stairs whenever possible.

  10. Thank you for the information on mdds it sounds like an inter-ear kind of symptom! I was wondering about this. I have had it one time getting off a plane but none since ,that was a few years ago. I will speak with my Doctor about it. So glad it was brought up. I love your sons little updates he sounds like a delightful child to have around. Your new hair color looks great.

  11. If you pick up a wallet for the passport make sure it has RFID blocking included in it. There are places that people have set up small chip reading machines along cruise ports exits to try and read passport chips and credit cards.

  12. I Like the news about NCL and their new ship Bliss!! set for summer 2018 sailings in Alaska. They are having some East Coast sailings in the Spring of 2018 but June 2018 it is set for alaska. I have my reservation for the beginning of the Alaska season.

  13. you will love the Ovation, has all the bells and whistles including skydiving,roller rink,bumper cars, 220 ft outdoor movie screen and some great dinning options. the ship is large only 40 ft smaller than oasis class ships so you won't get board.

  14. Just further to Sandra Ericson's suggestion about medical problems.
    I would advise cruisers to take an extra 4 to 7 days of medication with them on vacation as you never know what might happen with delays or one of your part been in hospital needing you to stay longer. 👍 hope you never need to use this 😎

  15. Thanks Sheri for adding me in today's vlog! Your son is too cute! I just can't wait for our cruise on the Carnival Dream in July out of New Orleans. I'm excited since she is in Freeport now getting her 2.0 upgrades. Excited that it will have Guy's Pig and Anchor, but not the Red Frog Pub 😧. At least there is one on the lido. Alchemy is one of my favorite spots also…Cucumber Sunrise is amazing!

    Also, since my parents wanted to do another cruise with us, we booked a 5 day on the Carnival Sunshine out of Norfolk in October. We thought it would be cool to go back there since before cruising..omg…there was such a….we vacationed in Virginia Beach since my father was in the Navy back in the 70's and was familiar of the area.So he will get to go by where he was stationed and I'm sure we will hear some stories! 😁 Thanks again for the great vlogs!

  16. I had NEVER heard of land sickness or MDDS before I sailed on Carnival Paradise in December. Came home and was sick for 2 weeks. Thought it would never go away. What I plan on doing for my next cruise (Sept 2017 – Carnival Pride), is to take motion sickness pills on my last day, and hope that curbs the land sickness for when we finally return. #FingersCrossed

  17. Not to far from where the ship docks is the Sydney Opera house which is a good place to take a photo of the ship with the bridge in the background

  18. Hi. Hi. Hi. I am going on a Disney Cruise on the Disney Fantasy ship in November with my mom and son and I was wondering if you have ever been on one and what it is like. We are going to the western Caribbean and What would be some fun things to do for a 3 year old at the ports of call for him to keep him entertained. He loves water , to run, jump, and he has a lot on energy. We have our dinner in the early evening and I wanted to know what time that typical is. Are the youth clubs enough to keep him entertained during the sea days. I was also thinking about taking him to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and I was wondering if would be worth it for him. Thank you very much.

  19. in St Maarten, call Bernards tours. They tour both sides of the island. stopping at Maho Beach, Margo, and Orient Beach.

  20. Thanks so much for answering yet another one of my questions and including me ib the vlog, Sheri! Great video, as always!

  21. Hey Sheri! I am going on the same carnival miracle cruise as you did, and i am 11, got any tips on what to do on sea days and places to check out?

  22. We used our neck passport pouch and it worked great. In port we tucked it in our shirt. Another topic suggestion is swelling feet. Mine swelled so much.

  23. Hey Sheri… would love to see you do a review of each line and what you like and dislike about the different lines

  24. Heres a link to trip adviser for things to do in sydney from walking tours to day trips. Sydney it self is full of historical sites around the rocks area but further afield my top 2 pics would be a day trip to the blue mountains or a day trip to the hunter valley wine district.

  25. You mentioned leaving passports on the ship, my travel agent strongly suggested that we get them, (although we wouldn't have needed them), because if one of us gets hurt or sick while off the ship, and God forbid, end up in a hospital and miss the ship, our passport would be our best method of getting back to the US. I plan on taking it along, but am going to wear it in the waterproof pouch that goes on my arm.

  26. I just went on my first cruise. My feet swelled up the second day and all I could wear was flip flops. Is this common? Have you ever experienced this?

  27. Hi Sherri! My boyfriend and I are taking our very first ever cruise to the Bahamas this October. (Carnival Pride!) I had a question about spending money. Specifically at ports. Is it okay to bring some US currency with us as spending money, or do we have to exchange it for another? I want to avoid using my card as much as I can.
    Thank you and keep up the great work. All your tips are helping us plan.

  28. Hey Sheri! This could be on another vlog! But did you know that the Carnival Vista will be docking out of Galveston between 2018 & 2019? I can't wait to get on it!

  29. Hi Sheri, I just traveled on the NCL Escape a couple weeks ago and YES I received the invitation from NCL to bid on upgrade. I was booked in a mini-suite category room and on my bidding invitation which I received I was given the option to bid on all the next category up rooms in all their Haven category rooms. I received the invitation about 90 days before my cruise! Here is what the email said
    " Dear Guests,
    We're pleased to confirm your upcoming cruise on Norwegian Escape for reservation number ######## and look forward to welcoming you on board.You are invited to participate in our Upgrade Advantage program, which gives you the opportunity to submit offers to upgrade your existing stateroom.This exclusive offer is only available on a limited number of staterooms on your cruise.Located at the top of the ship, The Haven™ offers an exclusive world of luxury at sea with private keycard access, concierge service, 24-hour butlers, a private courtyard, restaurant and bar and exclusive amenities."

    Also when you bid you see a scoring system that shows you if your bid is "Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent" my cruise on the Escape was a fully sold out cruise so I didn't get the upgrade. Hope this information helps!!

  30. I'm going on the carnival Vista. I'm SO excited. This is my 8th cruise and I'm only 11years old. I've been on a lot of cruises. As I told you before. This will be my 5th carnival cruise. The other cruise lines I've been on are Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and Princess. I give them all a++++. They are kid friendly and good for adults as well. I hope this helped someone or at least made someone want to go on a cruise. I love cruising its the BEST vacation ever!

  31. There is something you can do about seasickness after the cruise. You can take motion sickness medicine. Once, I had to take Dramamine and I buy the naturals brand

  32. Hi Royce Staley, some great things to do in Sydney with limited amount of time is:
    * Hop on Hop off bus that leaves from cruise terminal and does a round trip passing popular sites includes commentary
    * Do a guided tour of Sydney Opera house
    * Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    * Catch a 30min ferry to Manly Beach, great beaches, fantastic aquarium and away from the hustle and bustle of Sydneys CBD
    * Visit Hyde Park includes1932 fountain, war memorial, large shady grassy areas surrounded by Georgian buildings and the Australian Museum
    Hope these are of help and I do hope you enjoy your time in Sydney Australia.

  33. Hey Sheri! Great video as always, and of course the hubby being the cruiser of the week is awesome. I have a suggestion for losing weight on a cruise. When we cruise, we try to avoid taking the elevator and instead opt for the stairs everywhere we go. Sometimes it's quicker in the long run. I have actually not gained weight by doing so. 🙂

  34. Hey Sheri! First of all, thank you so much for selecting me as Cruiser of the Week! That was very awesome and unexpected! We love what you guys do and can't thank you enough for your fantastic insight, tips, tricks, etc. into the world of cruising.

    Regarding the question about NCL's bid upgrade program, we actually received in invite back in October right before our cruise on the Escape. I'm going off memory here as we frankly didn't pay much attention to it, but you are allowed to bid for upgrades in categories that are as much as two "tiers" above your current category (for example, having booked a balcony cabin meant that I was allowed to bid on a Haven suite). The downside to this, however, is that you would not find out whether or not your bid was accepted until a day or so before the cruise (48 hours prior, if memory serves). Given the stipulations, we frankly ignored the invitation as the entire process came off as a bit shady. Needless to say, we're not exactly fans of the new bid process.

  35. yes the double upgrade option does mean you can upgrade from inside to balcony if offered to you. same will go for balcony to upgrade to mini suite or havana suite.

  36. in your next vlog, would you be so kind as to advise me on cruise air quality on sun decks? I'm going on carnival valor this month from TX, first time cruiser, and Google has "helpfully" been showing me cruise articles in my news feed. Today the article from a German source saying that the sun decks and jogging lanes on a cruise have high enough levels of fine particulates and harmful gases from the engines to cause lung cancer has me very frightened! should I stay on front decks?

  37. I may have to look into the carnival horizon next year as it is in my 'neck of the woods'. Going to keep an eye out as they sometimes release a pre-inaugural sailing at a great price which we did on the Ovation. Was a nice bonus during the year! Were going on NCL later this year and if we get an invite will be bidding. When you get off the ship, i always leave my passport in the safe but take a photocopy of my passport just incase.

    Our experience of ovation was fantastic. I blogged about it on my channel Honest Cruising. The ship is a wonderful ship and im sure anyone who sails her will have a fantastic time.

  38. as someone who works in a emergency department, the nurses and doctors are always needing to know your prescription and doses. they also want to know what u are allergic to. they would also want to know what medical disorders you have and the surgeries you have had. if you can write this down and put this information in your wallet with your ID. you can also use a magnet and hang the information on the wall in your cabin. either way make sure that anyone who needs this information can find it in a hurry.

  39. I just got my invitation for bidding on my Norwegian Cruise. We have an inside cabin and we are eligible to bid on balcony and a mini suite. We are not bidding but if you do bid and you win you are charged and if you don't win then you are not. I booked through a large group going and I got my e-mail to bid about a month before my cruise.

    I also need some advice, my boyfriend and I are going on NCL Epic next month and we are going to Nassau and are unsure what to do in port. I have been 3 times and I don't mind staying on the ship but it's my boyfriend's first time. We don't want to spend too much money but I think we should at least do something besides going to Senor Frogs.

  40. Oh man, the rocking! Yes, when I used to work on ships, whenever we would go on land, we were constantly tripping over smooth surfaces and sway. I don't remember how long it took me to stop tripping up all over the place after I got home, but yes, it's known that cruise ship employees become clutzes! We also don't feel the ship moving anymore after a while and have no idea when we are moving or in port. So confusing!

  41. One thing I like with Carnival Ecstasy is location. I live in Ohio/ don't want to pay air fare. It's a 10 hour drive and leaves on a Monday. I will stay at Myrtle Beach Sat. & Sunday, travel from there Monday only 2 hr. drive. 12 of us going. see how much air fare we save, plus 4 inside rooms on the cruise ship. save $$$$,,,,,

  42. My wife and I will be on the Carnival Horizon's May 2018 14-day Transatlantic crossing. Not only is the itinerary for that cruise great, but it's fun knowing we'll be on it for its maiden TA repositioning.

  43. Just booked the carnival horizon for me and my wife and our two friends even spring for a room upgrade can’t wait going in august woo hoovour friends are going for the first time!!!!!

  44. Just booked an 8 day cruise on the Horizon! Finally made Gold status this cruising. Sadly it's wont be till May 4, 2019

  45. I only got seasick on the last day. Was told it was because the boat was hauling tail to get back to the port. I did wear a patch on the first 2 days.

  46. I just booked a Cloud 9 Spa cabin on the Horizon sailing out of Miami in November! So excited!!! It will be a Mom and Daughter cruise to celebrate my daughter's Master's degree. I cant think of a better way to celebrate. Best of all- it was only $150 more for the entire week!

  47. One I have that sweater from Old Navy 👏🏻 two i’m soo excited carnival horizon will be my first cruise in July I cannot wait 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  48. Hello. I had that rocking feeling after my two week cruise. It lasted about a week and a half. We are going on another two week cruise in a month. I’m so curious to see how my body will react.

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