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Carnival Imagination Refurbishment 2016

Carnival Imagination Refurbishment 2016

Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with Cruise Tips
TV. If you watch our vlogs, you’ve heard that
our next cruise will be on Carnival Imagination. We’ve sailed the Imagination before, but
she’s getting a makeover, and we thought it would be nice to share some of the Funship
2.0 refurbishments with you! Carnival Imagination is in dry dock as we
speak, being nipped, tucked and beautified, which is welcome news for cruisers on the
west coast. Here’s a little list of what Carnival is
adding: Guys Burger Joint! You’ve heard of Guy Fieri, the chef on Food
Network who loves burgers and cars! Yep, we’ll taste our FIRST Guys Burger on
board. If you’ve had one, leave your suggestions
on WHICH burger we should order, in the comments below. Also on the makeover list, The BlueIguana
Cantina. Now, I love homemade tortillas and I heard
their breakfast burritos are wicked. I can’t wait to belly up to the salsa bar
of this Mexican eatery! Another outdoor venue coming to Imagination
is Carnival’s trusty Red Frog rum bar. I’m expecting Caribbean vibes here, and
maybe a trip to the tap to try Thirst Frog Red. Of course if you’ve been there, feel free
to recommend a cocktail or beer in the comments below. Oh, did I mention that Guys Burgers, Blue
Iguana and the Red Frog are all poolside? Totally cool. Alright, on to the next decadent addition,
and my personal favorite, the Alchemy Bar. The Alchemy Bar is a clever cocktail pharmacy,
where white coat wearing mixologists concoct mostly martinis with fun names like “Forty
is the New 20”. My favorite though, is the Restorative Basil
drop. I’m hoping that Imagination will offer martini
tasting again, like they did when we sailed on the Miracle. Guessing your martini flavor is a ton of fun,
and the price is GREAT! Now, back to poolside fun, the Blue Iguana
Tequila bar is also coming to this ship during the refurb. I’m excited to see the margarita menu at
this place. Again, be sure to tell me about your favorite
concoction at this spot. And finally, this last one is a bulk candy
lovers dream; “Cherry on Top”. This space doubles as a gift shop selling
other Carnival brands too, so we’ll be sure to check it out for you, possibly several
times… Well friends, what do you think of these new
venues? Leave your thoughts below, and until next
time, we’ll see you on the high seas! Hey, click me to subscribe

26 thoughts on “Carnival Imagination Refurbishment 2016”

  1. Guy's Burger Joint is my favorite of the upgrades. Their burgers are so much better than the ones from the regular grill. It's too bad my next cruise doesn't have one.

  2. 1) Carnival needs to do other things. Guys Burger, Blue Iguana Catina, Red Frog Rum, Blue Iguana Cantina, are basically what they have on all refurbished ships. (The Carnival Sunshine is a great example). They need to try new things.

    2) Get the Plain Jane (lol)

    3) Get the fish taco!

    4) If you have a go pro, I want to see the water slides (POV)!

  3. Wow , I have only been on two cruises and they were on the Imagination in the 90's when it sailed out of Miami. I got excited until I heard it was now on the west coast. Enjoy I am sure you will have a great time!:-D

    TFS & GOD Bless, O:-) ♥:-D ♥O:-)

  4. Cherry on top has these amazing little cookies. They usually come in a mason jar and I believe they have chocolate chip and sugar cookies. They are tiny, crunchy, and kind of flat/thin. They are amazing! We got addicted to them our first cruise and can only find them on carnival. So yummy. $10 for a large jar. Worth every penny lol.

  5. I was just on liberty and it had all 3 of them. I like blue iguana regular burrito. I had steak, red strips, chicken bite, shrimp, and guacamole with Mexican rice on the side it was really delicious.

  6. What a welcome surprise!! We'll be on the imagination Dec of next year! Please do a vlog of this cruise! Can't wait! We are first timers!

  7. it looks like they are making the Imagination exactly like the Inspiration. I was just on the Inspiration in August, and the Blue Iguana Cantina was wildly popular. They ran out of food there. The steak and shrimp are sooo good. might want to just get the meat and put it on a salad.

  8. Guys Burger Joint is AAA-MAZING! I promise you will love it! They are delicious! We had it on our last cruise on Carnival Fantasy, the best ever!!! Happy cruising!

  9. Guys burger joint is kind of a buffet style. They just give you a plain cheeseburger and then you go over to the "toppings bar" and put as many toppings you want.

  10. If Guys Burger Joint is now the pool side grill does that mean they no longer have hotdogs and chicken fingers poolside? My son will be so disappointed

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