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Carnival Legend Cruise VLOG (New Caledonia) Day 1 – Embarkation

Carnival Legend Cruise VLOG (New Caledonia) Day 1 – Embarkation

First adventure of the day – my suitcase is
broken.The zip will not open, so we’ve identified that there is a suitcase shop up the road,
and we are now breaking my suitcase apart with a pair of scissors. ’cause–
Nurse Scissors. Nurse scissors save the day. Well, it’s forecast to rain here today, so
I’ve got my hoodie, to keep me dry. The thing is, it is so bloomin’ hot in Sydney
so I just don’t think I can wear it. Much better. THEME MUSIC So it’s embarkation day, which means today
we hop on the boat. So, we’re just having a little bit of breakkie. But we have a new suitcast. *laughing*
So we’re at the terminal. We’re gonna drop off our bags. Mum’s just updating everyone on Facebook live. So it is believed that the spot where we’re
standing in is essentially where they first stepped ashore on the first fleet in 1788. So we’re in the rocks at the moment. Which is a fairly historical area. Here in Sydney. We’re gonna go check out the Opera House now. In about an hour, We will be on that. Can’t wait. The opera house is situated on the traditional
land of the gadigal clan. So here we are the most iconic place in Australia. Sydney Opera House. All right. So you can see here the two seperate theatres
are actually complately idependant of each other and if we look over here you can see,
this is what the surface looks like. These tiles. So we’re gonna touch the Sydney Opera House. Ready Chloe? There you go. We are touching it. How cool. Sydney skyline. Getting our passports ready. Ship ‘aint movin’ yet. All right. Well we’re gonna go through all the formalities
now so we’ll see you on the other side. On board. *EPIC MUSIC* Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do a ten minute
beauty shot of the ship like they did in Star Trek The Motion Picture. All right. So, we’re on the right floor. We’re just looking for our room. Around here somewhere. It’s a big ship and it’s very long. So nice long corridors. Don’t you just feel like you’re on the Enterprise? Ah, no. Feels like I’m in a hotel. I can see it
Get ready for it. Oh, so this is it, you’ve found the room. all right. all right. here we go. da da da daahhh
ba ba ba here we are. security thing. Mirror
children pictures. bed. ok, so, oh my goodness! We’ve got a balcony! and we’ve got like we
look outside and see the Opera… we’ve got a balcony. We did not book a balcony. we got upgraded. Guys, this is the safety video. Yeah, mate. it is. and we’ll pay very close attention
to that at muster time. um. I don’t know how to open it. oh. cool. g’day Opera House. we’ve got a balcony. we’ve got a balcony.
and easy access to the lifeboat. Oh yeah, we can just jump on the roof. we
did not expect this. oh my gosh. We did not book a balcony. and we got upgraded
. They have slightly, what they call slightly obstructed view. That’s not much. we can still see. wow. I mean, there’s circular quay. wow. It’s nice and warm out here. Ok so I just wanna know where and when we
go for muster, so we don’t get in trouble. Haven’t figured out how to find that out yet. But, we will. All right. Let’s get in the pool. How deep is it? I go down and show you exactly how deep it
is. ok Let’s do it. *gurgles*
all right, here comes Chloe. *gurgles*
I’m going under the water and gonna go swimming. *gurgles*
You can get free soft-serve icecream 24 hours a day. Pull it down. Hold it under. Here it comes. Ooh, looks like it’s chocolate yoghurt. Lovely time in the swimming pool and the spa
bath. and we’ve had some free icecream and we’re getting ready for the muster drill,
which is basically like an evacuation drill. and so we’ll go through that and then we’ll
have some more fun. All right, so we’re done with the muster.
and we know where to go in case of an emergency. All that business. and so now we’re gonna go up to the deck 9
where the pool is. They’re doing sail-away. *dance music*
Look at that view. I know. He’s gettin’ the boat started up ready to
go. sorry, ship. oh wow, we’re like right next to this thing. if you look up there,
So we’ll be sailing away any minute now I think. So as Jean-Luc Picard would say, “Let’s see
what’s out there.” *EPIC MUSIC* We’re hungry. So we’re heading in to the dining room for
some tea. And this looks like a little mirangue but
we think it’s actually butter. But it’s white, which is interesting. I’ve never had white butter before. So I’ve got meat balls entre. Hot dogs. A Thai green chicken curry. Most people who work here are from different
countries. Ah this is a chocotini so it’s an after-dinner
cocktail. So it’s an adult chocolate milkshake basically. Chocoloate martini. This is a caramel fillo. And this is a cheese platter for the room. Well, we’ve had a beautiful meal and we’re
gonna head back to the room to chill for a little while. Before the welcome aboard show. There’s a thing on the TV that tells us where
we are. So obviously we’ve just left Sydney so there
you go, so we’re going from Sydney to New Caledonia. *rock music*
We can barely walk and they were dancing. Yep. Very clever. I am feeling very happy. I still can’t believe I’m actually here. Come on, change colour again. End the day with an ice cream and a hot chocolate. So has everyone had a great time? Mmm Hmm. It’s been a big day. We started off with emergencies with suitcases
and all that, we’ve ended it here on the boat just in heaven. so we’re all looking forward to a really good
sleep and tomorrow the real fun begins. So we’ll see you for that, tomorrow. Good night. *THEME MUSIC*

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  1. Loved the Superman Shirt and Star Trek gags! So cool to see you and your family having so much fun together! So happy for you guys and the great memories you made together! -Paeter

  2. Just want to thank you for the useful information about Carnival Legend. Even won myself a Gold Legend on the TV quiz. Thanks again made it easier knowing a bit of what to expect. 👍🏼

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