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Carnival Sunrise Hits Rough Seas Turns Back To New York Hurricane Humberto Lashes Bermuda

Carnival Sunrise Hits Rough Seas Turns Back To New York Hurricane Humberto Lashes Bermuda

it’s Bruce here with travelling of Bruce
I have an update here on hurricane Humberto and the Carnival sunrise cruise
ship thanks for joining this channel thank you for your thumbs ups and your
support now this hurricane was overtop of Bermuda just north of Bermuda and is
now past the islands but unfortunately 80% of the island is without power and a
bunch of roofs have been torn off the good news is no one died in Bermuda from
we what we’ve heard so far in early reports so that’s very good news
now the Carnival sunrise left New York on August the sorry September 16th few
days ago and it was supposed to have a three night stay in Bermuda but the
folks of Carnival wisely decided no let’s go down the eastern seaboard take
the ship to Charleston first let’s spend a day in Charleston calm waters calm
seas then we’ll go in behind the hurricane and hopefully when we get to
Bermuda here in a couple of days we’ll see this will have calm seas the Sun
will be out and hopefully the damage won’t be too severe now this is all
hoped for before the hurricane got there unfortunately it didn’t work out that
way the Seas were rather rough for everyone on board the ship while the
island here was getting pummeled the Seas behind the hurricane were very
rough and passengers were reporting that in some instances they had 18-foot high
waves and even with stabilizers the Carnival sunrise had a bit of a rocky
ride so the carnival people wisely decided no no we’re not going to go to
Bermuda we’re not gonna go here we’re only gonna see this anyway why would we
bother to do that we’ll head back to New York and much calmer seas we’ll be back
by the 22nd of September and the next cruise for Carnival sunrise is heading
up to New England anyway and all the passengers on board the ship were
notified today that sorry for the inconvenience or for the rough ride all
of you are going to get a 100% credit towards a towards a future cruise with
Carnival so in effect this cruise is free not of what not that was the
greatest of all time and the next one is on the house and fair move by a carnival
the ship was working its way back to New York now we’ll be back in a couple days
and all is well there you go thanks for joining me today that’s
the update on Hurricane Umberto it’s now headed to the North Atlantic and will no
longer be a factor thanks for joining me bye bye for now

20 thoughts on “Carnival Sunrise Hits Rough Seas Turns Back To New York Hurricane Humberto Lashes Bermuda”

  1. When Mother Nature has an attitude issue .not much we mere mortals can do…Kudos to Carnival for making it right for their guests.

  2. Bruce my friend, I don't think we are gonna be able to go to Bermuda on Anthem of the seas that starts tomorrow. We are boarding tomorrow and are supposed to dock in Bermuda Monday. We still will enjoy the gorgeous Anthem of the seas and probably go to beautiful Canada. Its all a win for us because we are still on a cruise. 😎

  3. I am aboard the Sunrise now … and it’s great that carnival gave the credit for the future cruise but I will say they should do a little more, it’s been hell there were people sleeping in the lobby, up on the deck anywhere they can find a place , out of our party of 4, three have thrown up for two days! The seas are still rough there are still some sick people … This is not my first cruise I was in Dorian two weeks ago and it wasn’t this rough! There are a lot of first time cruisers on the ship that will probably never step foot on a another ship and they get nothing because they won’t ever use the credit

  4. Praise Jesus noone died In Bermuda and everyone on Sunrise is safe and will be back in a few days…September is never a good month to cruise

  5. Just got back from this cruise….scary times very rough seas but have to commend the captain and crew for making an unbelievable situation bearable and bringing everyone home in one piece…special thanks to cruise director Mikey and his staff for keeping over 2000 people entertained and still having a great time even tho we didn't get to Bermuda….thanks!!!

  6. Why do cruise lines put passengers in harms way I don’t get it , with all the weather forecast they have now I just do not see why they push their luck one day it could get ugly and lives are at stake not worth it , been better to cancel and reschedule the cruise that go on a hells ride

  7. It wasn’t that bad tbh, I’ve experienced worse than being on that. It was unfortunate we didn’t get to go to Bermuda but, FREE CRUISE FOR EVERYONE ON BOARD! 😂 The waves were only 18 feet high. They did their best to keep the guest safe. I went on the pride a few years back and stuff was sliding all over the place.

    Edit: one of the crew members had something happen to him/her, so we had to leave an area open so a helicopter could bring the person to safety. The crew member is safe now, and recovering well.

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