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Carnival Sunshine: Full Walkthrough Tour – PART 1 of 4

Carnival Sunshine: Full Walkthrough Tour – PART 1 of 4 Welcome to part 1 of our 4-part, deck-by-deck,
comprehensive tour of the Carnival Sunshine! In this video, we’ll cover Decks 0 through 4. The Medical Center is located on deck zero,
at the front of the ship. The staff members are on-call 24 hours a day
for emergencies. The center itself has regular hours for treatment
of routine medical conditions and for guests wishing to purchase over-the-counter medication
for minor illnesses. Services are billed to the your Sail and Sign
Account. The Medical center can be accessed from the
forward elevators or stairs. The art gallery is tucked away in a small
space behind the glass elevators near the front of deck 2. A variety of collections are featured from
fine art to limited edition prints. Guest Services is located in the front of
the ship on deck 3 in the atrium area. Guest Services functions much like a hotel’s
front desk. Staff can assist you with questions regarding
your stateroom and your sail and sign account. The Shore Excursions desk is also located
in the atrium area on deck 3 forward. Shore excursions can be booked prior to sailing. However, if needed, the shore excursion staff
can assist with the booking or cancellation of shore tours once you’re on board. The bottom floor of the Sunshine Atrium is
located on deck 3 forward and is the home of the Sunshine Atrium bar. It is also is a venue for the Captain’s
Toast celebration and the after parties that follow the late seating of Playlist Production
shows. Off of the atrium is the small Dreams Studio
office where you can book one-on-one photo shoots with the ship’s photographers. The personalized photo sessions are done around
the ship or in the ports-of-call. Off of the atrium — on both sides of the
ship — is an outside deck area that is not frequented by guests. The Sunset Dining Room on deck 3 forward serves
dinner for guests assigned to early or late night dining in that venue. On our cruise it also served as the location
for other activities, such as the Champagne Art Auction and the Dr Seuss Green Eggs and
Ham Breakfast. The ship’s galley — or kitchen — spans
the entire width of the ship on deck 3, so guests simply cannot walk the ship’s length
from forward to aft — or aft to forward — on deck 3. The Sunrise Dining Room on deck 3, at the
back of the ship, is the location for guests who have chosen “Your Time” open seating
dining. It can be accessed from the elevators and
staircase at the back of the ship. Check-in for Your Time dining is on deck 5
in Ocean Plaza. Deck 4 forward is the lower floor of the the
Liquid Lounge, which is home to the popular Playlist Production shows, bingo, and several
other shows and activities on the ship. At night, it transforms into the Liquid Night
club for late night dancing and music. The Pixels Gallery is located on Deck 4 forward,
in the atrium area, and sells both candid and posed photos taken of guests. At the time this video was published the Carnival
Sunshine did not offer digital photo services that are becoming popular on other cruise
lines. The Library Bar is also located in the atrium
area on deck 4 forward. Popular with families, the space has books
and board games for you to use, as well as a self-dispensing wine machine. On our cruise it served as the location of
the Chef’s Table culinary experience, which was available for an additional fee. Piano Bar 88 is located midship on deck 4
and is the home of piano bar sing-alongs in the evening. Bonsai Sushi is located near the Piano Bar
on deck 4 and offers sushi for lunch and dinner for an additional fee. Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse is located across
from Bonsai Sushi on deck 4. This additional fee restaurant is open for
dinner and specializes in premium cuts of meat as well as seafood entrees. The Limelight Lounge located towards the back
of Deck 4 is the home of Karaoke and the Comedy Club in the evenings and other activities
during the day. The Sunrise Dining Room on deck 4 at the back
of the ship is the location for those guests assigned to early or late night dining at
that venue. On our cruise it also was the home of Afternoon
Tea on sea days. That wraps up Part 1 of our tour of the Carnival
Sunshine. Be sure to check out Part 2 for decks 5 through 8.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the ship tour. I've done a few ship highlight videos and yours reminds me a lot of mine. Looking at taking a cruise on Sunshine next year and found your video helpful. I subscribed to your page, if you wouldn't mind checking out mine and possibly doing the same. Nice video.

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