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Carnival Tips and Tricks

Carnival Tips and Tricks

Hey cruisers welcome back to vlogToberfest tonight it is carnival tips and tricks night on facebook we were calling
it carnival power tips today so today I’m going to read through what I think
are some of the best things that you need to know about carnival cruises and
then after that I’m going to share some tips from our subscribers and then at
the end we’re gonna do a giveaway and take some questions from our subscribers
who are here in the chat woo thank you all so much those of you showed up early
and we’re keeping me company although I know I wasn’t here for very long it’s
been a wild day but I’m glad to be here so if you are watching this on the
replay later on know that we are going to spend the first solid 15 minutes
talking all about carnival tips and tricks if you want to peace out at the
end when we get into the Q&A session go for it but will I promise we will give
you all the good tips and tricks right here upfront so that you can learn a
little bit more about carnival so I’m going to jump right into my list and
tell all of you what I think are some of the best maybe top 15 or 20 things that
we love about carnival the number one thing that I love about carnival is that
they offer discounts get this some of you know this already for active and
retired US military and Canadian national defense members so if this is
something that you qualify for make sure that you let your travel agent know or
call your carnival personal vacation planner and be ready to submit your
eligibility documents to a special email address after you confirm your
reservation you have to get that information in 72 hours before you sail
to confirm that you are qualifying for the military discount so that’s one
thing I love Thank You Colton be for the super chat number two thing that I love
about carnival is how many home ports that they have did you guys know that
Carnival has more home ports than virtually any other cruise line 19
homeports which means that if you live especially if you live in the u.s. maybe
if you live in certain areas of Canada you have a lot more ports that you can
drive to than many other cruise lines Thank You Wendy you can get this you can
drive to Seattle Vancouver Los Angeles San Diego Galveston Mobile New York
Baltimore Maryland Norfolk Virginia Charleston South Carolina six ports in
Florida and San Juan Puerto Rico and Barbados and I know you can’t drive to
Puerto Rico and Barbados but that’s a lot of home ports which makes Carnival
more accessible than a lot of other lines we love this and that’s one of the
reasons why we sail on Carnival we can drive to the port we love it number
three and I think this is a little known fact about Carnival other cruise lines
do this as well but Carnival has something called fly to fun protection
which when you reserve your flights through carnivals website you are
offered protection in the event that you experience travel disruptions from
weather conditions or their flight delays that cause you to miss the ship
so they will make the necessary listen to this flight hotel and/or Grand Trunk
ground transportation arrangements to get you to the next port of call on time
that my friends is a wonderful perk of booking with Carnival so take advantage
of that talk to your travel agent about it here’s another fun one
our number four tidbit today is that Carnival over the last few years has
offered something new and I know some of you on the chat have experienced this
before so if you’ve experienced this let us know Carnival has something called
Carnival journeys which is longer cruises to more exotic destinations they
range from eight and more a train eight to like you know maybe 14 to 20 night
voyages and these longer voyages have some special Flair associated with them
they have local entertainment they have local food but that is not the best part
one of the best parts is that they have a throwback sea day and a throwback sea
day is a way to go back in time to when cruising on Carnival was new back in the
80s they have a midnight gala buffet they have a captain’s cocktail party
with White Glove service they have a knobby knees deck party
contest it gets so funny so if you want to see what cruising was like back in
the 80s with the leg warmers and the shoulder pads the no-collar sweatshirts
journeys cruises are for you honestly though all joking aside they do other
enrichment things on these cruises as well and people absolutely rave about
the throwback stuff in the menu as they say it is really really well done and a
total stroke of genius by Carnival hope you hope you enjoy that tip all right
number five this is a good one because Carnival is known for being a line that
offers a lot of value right well Carnival has one of the most reasonable
Wi-Fi packages at sea and I can attest to that of all the cruise lines I’ve
ever been on I really love the fact that Carnival
offers you three packages and the prices are set you can choose a social package
a value package and a premium package and/or a premium package I should say
and the prices are totally reasonable and they start at five dollars per day
which i think is totally fair for the low end social package the premium
packages are more we can talk about the prices later but believe me it is a good
deal compared to other lines and we love that now one thing you might want to do
according to one of our subscribers to give us a tip today is make sure you
pre-purchase that internet package because it is cheaper onboard I have the
prices in my handy dandy little resource pack here if anybody wants to talk about
them later I would be happy to share them next tip Carnival has an app it is
called the Carnival Hub app and if you are going on a cruise you should
download that puppy before you cruise and get ready get primed before you get
on the ship once you get on the ship you’ll have a
little folio number on your sail and sign card you’ll enter that folio number
into the app and it will know who you are then once you’re in you can find out
what’s happening around the ship you can check your account balance or your folio
you can find out the open times for restaurants and what’s going on anywhere
basically around the ship you can also chat with other cruisers which is really
super cool you can check out deck plans and there is so so so much more and
there is no charge to use the app now the chat feature is an upcharge I
believe it’s five dollars let me know in the chat if it’s five dollars everybody
and kids were thirteen years and up can chat on the hub app so we think
that’s pretty cool and it uses the ships free Wi-Fi so you’re not using roaming
you would still put your phone in airplane mode you would not be roaming
you would be using carnivals Wi-Fi so right now
this works on iOS and Apple iPhones and androids
I think Androids its KitKat and up so 4.4 and up right now according to
carnivals website all right next tip next thing you need to know if
you’re sailing with Carnival is that they have a very specific carry-on
beverage policy that has changed over the last few years so if you want to be
up-to-the-minute Thank You Shaun McKay here is what you need to know about
their beverage policy so you’re still allowed to bring some beverages on board
but you are not allowed to bring bottled water no bottles no plastic so here’s
what the liquor and beverage policy States all right you’re prohibited from
bringing the water we talked about that you can’t bring sodas in bottle so you
can bring can sodas you can bring juices and cans you can bring juices in cartons
so you could take sparkling water sodas juice and milk in cans or cartons but no
plastic containers of any kind no bottles now that would make you think
well then can I take my bottle of wine yes you still can take one bottle of
wine per adult in your carry-on luggage but it must be in your carry-on luggage
don’t try to check that puppy or you will end up in the naughty room and
nobody wants that so that is one 750 milliliter bottle of sealed unopened
wine or champagne per adult okay no liquor no beer no plastic bottles so
that’s basically what you need to know right now about the prohibited beverages
and the things you can get away with taking to save yourself some money
onboard so they’re not and they haven’t ruled out everything folks we do have
some freedom there you also definitely will talk about the corkage later let’s
save that for later let’s talk about faster to the fun many of you commented
today and said hey you got to tell your subscribers that faster to the fun is
awesome and we really think people need to know about it so basically faster to
the fun is a way to kind of buy into the loyalty program on Carnival for your
sailing you get priority boarding and sister stateroom early priority luggage
delivery priority guest services priority tendering are now Carnival is
calling their tenders water shuttles so water shuttle service priority dining
reservations and priority demarcation now the prices are not per person that
I’m about to tell you they are per stateroom so price is for faster to the
fun until it sells out which it always does by the way forty nine ninety five
to ninety nine ninety five percent on the duration of your cruise I have a
huge chart in here that talks all about the the price per duration but that is
what you need to know it is not offered in all ports though so I will tell you
where faster to the fun is offered its Baltimore Charleston Fort Lauderdale
Galveston Jacksonville Long Beach Miami Mobile New Orleans New York Port
Canaveral San Juan Seattle and Tampa so you cannot use it on a Carnival journeys
trip nor in Honolulu Norfolk Vancouver and Europe so it will be I believe
coming to Carnival horizon soon as well 12 118 is the date for Carnival horizon
if you’re sailing on that ship and you’re wondering alright mr. cruise
ships to be my oh there it goes it’s all back okay so remember prices per
stateroom for faster to the fun it is not per person so when you’re thinking
about the price and the value and we’ll tell you what our subscribers think of
the value later keep that in mind we think it’s fantastic until you’ve earned
a loyalty on the line if you can afford it and if you can actually score it
before it sells out go for it alright next tip is that Carnival has some
really really exceptional free restaurants on board some of my
favorites are guys burger you know the Guy Fieri burger joint which i think is
so good and I am NOT a burger eater those of you who have heard me talk
about this many many many times that is one hamburger that I will go for on
embarkation day because they are phenomenal
Guy Fieri really raised the bar with carnival and said you know what you can
sell my burgers but you’re gonna have to make him good and he holds them to a
very high quality standard and it shows blue iguana Cantina is also a wonderful
little Mexican food restaurant that they have on many the pool decks I believe
there are some that are probably indoors as well I’m not 100% sure but
is a really great place to get breakfast a lot of people don’t know that Blue
Iguana Cantina is open for breakfast and they have fresh homemade tortillas and
you can usually watch the tortillas being made right there it is the coolest
thing ever so I love me some huevos rancheros on a
Blue Iguana C day morning there is nothing better so make sure you try
those two spots out there are other free restaurants as well but those are the
two that I wanted to focus on today my number 10 must know tip about Carnaval
and this one really probably could have been higher toward the top if you ask my
son is that Carnaval has some of the best water slides at sea so they most of
their ships feature at least one water slides and some of them have waterworks
aqua parks and so they really led the industry back in the day with all of
this wet and wild fun and we love it we love that about Carnival and so does our
son so if you’re looking for good water slides Carnival is a good choice for you
all right next up I love this tip subscriber insider tip you guys get out
your notepad if you dine at the steakhouse on most
carnival ships on embarkation night you will get a free bottle of wine if you
don’t finish that bottle of wine you can take it with you to your stateroom you
can take it with you to dinner another night it is yours for the duration of
the cruise it is not generally a very fancy bottle of wine but hey I like free
stuff on the first day of my cruise and we have many many a time gone to the
restaurant with that in mind thinking okay it’s not going to be crowded it’s
gonna be kind of nice and chill and I’m getting myself a free bottle of wine I’m
not even that big of a wine drinker but I still think it’s great so I love that
tip and it’s now it’s no longer a secret I think it’s been out there for a while
but you need to know if you’re sailing with Carnival all right number 12 is
another awesome foodie secret about carnival carnival is the only night only
line that I really know of at this time to offer a special menu on sea days that
serve kind of during brunch hours and it’s called sea day brunch and they’re
open during the breakfast and lunch hours continuously so there’s no break
in between and you can have breakfast and/or lunch food Bloody Mary bar all
these great creative things during this big huge window of time so
if you sleep in you can still have breakfast at noon I love it so they have
some fancy fun things on the menu too my son loves the fruit loop crusted french
toast I personally don’t and it gives me
complete anxiety when he eats it because I just think about all the sugar bugs on
his teeth but hey huevos rancheros are my husband’s favorite and my favorite is
the filet mignon and eggs yes their steak and eggs every time I’ve ever had
it has been filet mignon not gonna make any promises that you’ll get lucky in
that way but I love it and guess what guys
see day brunch it is free free free so take advantage of that all right next up
if you want to make your friends jealous at home you should check out the behind
the fun tour on a lot of sailings carnival offers a very very good deal on
their behind the scenes tour compared to other lines I’m not saying it’s cheap
and the price varies so I’m not gonna quote any prices today but you get to
see the show lounge backstage how cool is that the galley the engine room the
bridge the crew areas the laundry facilities and you might even get to
meet the captain and other VIP ship staff so it is an awesome awesome
awesome experience you may not get to take your camera so if you’re planning
on taking pictures you have to check the policy on that but that’s something you
should probably be aware of all right we have only two more tips and then we’re
gonna jump into our subscriber tips and some QA again we want to limit it to
carnival questions today if we can last two tips did you guys hear about this
that Carnival has this crazy guarantee called the great vacation guarantee have
you heard about this this is wild you can change your mind listen to this for
any reason within 24 hours of leaving the port of embarkation and if you
aren’t satisfied with your cruise experience guest services will fly you
home refund you one hundred and ten percent of your cruise fare and give you
a future onboard credit how’s that for a guarantee I’ve never known anyone to
take advantage of this but that is really standing behind your brand I’ve
never heard of anything so wild in my life but I think it’s great all right
last tip is one that’s near and dear to our hearts because it’s something we
experience ciarán carnival and that is carnival
offers spa cabins spa cabins sounds like oh okay well that’s gonna be expensive
well if you look at what you’re getting in the total cost package for the spa
Cabot it may not be so expensive spa cabins are going to give you access to
the thermal suite on whatever ship that you booked with most likely discounts on
spa treatments within the actual spa and generally kind of some premium cabin
amenities so if you are the thermal suite type or the thermal pass type and
you like being a little closer in proximity with your cabin to the spa
which is at least what I understand on most of these ships this is something
that you may want to price out you guys because we really enjoyed it I so loved
being able to pop on my bathrobe and just walk down the hall and go to the
thermal suite so those are some of our top carnival power tips for today I am
going to read some of her subscriber tips real quick and then we’ll answer
some questions mr. cruise tips TV when would you like to show the pictures for
the giveaway is now a good time you want to do that let’s talk about the giveaway
real quick so if you stay until 6 25 tonight you get to enter to win the
giveaway tonight’s giveaway is United States only yesterday we did
international but today it’s us only these are going we’re giving away two
items tonight to two separate winners special thanks to Natasha from Natasha’s
thirty-one store she has given us two beautiful items mr. cruisetipstv can you
pop up the first one check out the hanging organizer and this print is
called Diddy dot if you want to purchase one of these if you like it check out
the description Natasha’s website and Facebook pages in there were you able to
find it sweetie yeah did you get it okay great sounds good so let’s show you the
next one because you’re giving away two items separately tonight the next one is
a family fold up organizer in origami pop origami pop is my favorite 31 print
I guess you could call it I think it’s just so pretty with the oranges and
pinks and everything so that’s gonna be the second giveaway stay tuned until
6:25 and will tell you how to enter we will be giving it away giving them away
live sorry there’s two and so you want to be sticking around and again that
one’s us only alright some subscriber tips from carnival for you
in on facebook says don’t have a lanyard go to the casino and they’ll give you
one for free hey that’s a good tip Alan thank you all right Alan also reminded
us about that free bottle of wine at the steakhouse and he said pack a corkscrew
for your wine because the corkage fee onboard Carnival is $15 okay let’s see
here and if you again if you don’t consume that wine give it to your
waiters in the dining room and they will labor it label it with your name and
store it for you for another night all right and Alan also recommends
purchasing insurance from a third party vineyard vet excuse me boy you guys I’m
having trouble with my words tonight I’m so sorry I think I need some dinner so
let’s try that again for Alan’s awesome tip here look into purchasing your
insurance from a third party vendor to save money I think that’s a great advice
Tammy recommends that if you don’t want to try the steak house that sometimes
they have Steakhouse options in the regular dining room so you could order a
special steak or a steak and lobster for a small of charge good tip Tammy lisa
recommends tipping your room steward early on and he’ll be your best friend
Diane says you can buy carnival gift cards at Target with your red card and
get five percent off I never knew that Diane is that true that is a crazy-cool
power tip thank you for that I’m gonna try that next time all right Judy said
you should pay your gratuities upfront good tip Judy all right Melissa says she
highly recommends the faster to the fun pass so do Dave and brandy they say get
it if you’re blue red or gold status your room is ready when you are and you
were one of the first guests to get to your luggage in the room so you’re in
your room and your luggage is there early before everyone else we love that
all right Jan brings up a really good dessert tip she said do not forget to
get the warm chocolate melting cake yes yes yes if you’ve been on a Carnival
cruise you know how incredibly good the warm chocolate melting cake is and I
hear so many people saying that they like to get it with a side of peanut
butter I keep hearing this cult trick and I’ve got to tell you I tried it on
my last Carnival Cruise and it was amazing the sweet and salty thing so
good so get it with peanut butter it’s delicious all right Jan also has another
tip the casino she reminds you to put your
carnival sail on sign card in those slot machines whenever you are playing to get
credit and get future discounts on cruises even if you don’t gamble a lot
excellent tip Janne for those of the those are the folks who want to be using
the casino onboard you got to do that make sure that you that you’re
constantly rocking up those loyalty I don’t want to say their points because I
know there’s really no science to how that works but make sure you’re getting
your credit and Michelle Renee said leave a note for the cruise director at
the guest services desk if you’re celebrating something and sometimes you
get a bottle of wine or champagne and some chocolate-covered strawberries so
that’s a very nice tip I’m not sure if that would work if everybody did it but
I guess if we just do it every now and then maybe we can get away with it so
whoa what did you guys think about all that was that good information helpful
let’s jump into some questions here Lilian wants to know if we have any tips
for flying to port Lille and we have lots of tips for you and we’ve made
videos on this so if you send me a message on facebook I will send you
those videos on our tips for flying to port or you can just go into the videos
tab here on our playlist on our channel and type in flying to port and we have
some awesome tips for you there okay Lilian how can you see the menu I’m not
sure what you mean but if you wanted to go see the menu before you ate there
they have the menus posted outside the dining room behind glass on kind of a
wall and you can just go check those out any time Mimi I’ve heard yes that guy’s
burger does now have a veggie burger and I think they have a chicken one now and
maybe I’m not sure if they have a turkey burger but I do I do understand that
they have that Jamie guys burgers it’s not currently on splendor but it’s
possible that they’ll be adding new food venues when it repositions so that’s
something that we all want to we all want to look out for to see all the
exciting renovations on that ship moves thank you so much Brooke for the super
chat we will make sure that junior editor gets that mic and Jody said to
the cruise lines allow you to video record the theater shows or do they
frown on that you always wanted to do it but never dared to they say you’re not
supposed to do it but they don’t enforce it that’s kind of your short answer okay
yes the bags Keisha the site is in the description of this video so underneath
the description right underneath the cruise line comm link you’ll see
Natasha’s 31 store make sure you go directly to her store though because
it’s specific to her and she can give you personalized service as a
cruisetipstv family member okay let’s see here I’m looking at Kim B’s question
now 41 days to go until your cruise whoo that’s exciting if you don’t have access
to the sail inside when you board can you load cash on your account using your
boarding pass I don’t quite understand the question but I think that the way
that it works is that you I think that they give you like a little some kind of
a little receipt that you use until you have your sale and sign card that’s my
understanding but if not I think you need to go to guest service doesn’t ask
them I’m just not quite understanding the question so please forgive me on
that one okay jumping in and looking to see what
questions we have Pam if you buy basic Wi-Fi from Carnival can you use Facebook
let’s look at our handy dandy little cheat sheet here because I have marked
the Wi-Fi stuff right here for us to talk about let’s see what the social
package offers specifically I believe that Facebook should be covered under
that so let’s see okay you actually would want to use the value Wi-Fi plan
which is the middle of the road Oh actually wait social Wi-Fi covers access
to the most popular social websites and applications including Facebook Twitter
Instagram Pinterest etc etc it doesn’t include access to websites and email
though so you can use Facebook on the basic plan but I don’t think you’d want
to try to upload videos or anything like that but that’s $5 USD per day and then
of course you can also use those on the higher level you can also use Facebook
on the higher level plans but yeah it says here you can use it on the social
plan and I’m sorry but $5 a day is really really cheap okay Angie says does
Carnival feel like a downgrade compared to princess how do you compare them I
wouldn’t say it’s a downgrade but I would say princess is a more premium
line in most cases yes but I don’t I the service on Carnival is
so exceptional Angie that I wouldn’t call it a downgrade I would just say
that it definitely it feels more like a budget line a little bit more like a
value line than princess in most cases so hopefully that answers your question
okay oh my goodness sakes am i a member of
the Facebook group I don’t know which one that is
okay mr. crisp Stevie did you want to type in more questions did you want me
to go ahead and look for them go ahead okay sounds good I’m gonna go ahead and
take a look but right now we also need to get started on the giveaway so we
have until 6 27 p.m. and please only type in your answer if you’re from the
US because we could only mail these inside the US sorry about that you guys
will do lots of international giveaways all right all we need you to do is tell
us if you have been on a Carnival Cruise yes or no and what ship so if you
haven’t been on a Carnival Cruise you just say no if you have been on a
Carnival Cruise tell us yes and tell us what ship that you went on we would love
that ok ooh we have a tip in here from Holly
Holly says the social media package is $4 per day if you buy it before you sail
and $5 on board buy it early Holly that’s good advice let me see what my
little cheat sheet from the website says as of today about that so that I can
give you all of those pre prices on everything yes 100% Holly’s correct pre
cruise price for the social Wi-Fi plan is $4 per day on board price is $5 USD
per day for the value plan if you buy it in advance and I’m glad you brought this
up Holly it’s 10:25 per day and on board price is 12 USD per day that’s the value
plan the middle-of-the-road one for premium Wi-Fi plan its 1488 per day if
you pre cruise purchase it on board it’s 17 70 USD per day ok so we have until
627 to get those and trees in okay Jay where would you book the
behind-the-scenes tours unfortunately you can’t book these usually until you
get on board if you see them in your cruise personalize er when you’re
managing your booking and you see them in there go for it but my understanding
is that you would need to go to guest services or call a certain number when
you see it offered what we always recommend on any
cruise line where these tours can be a little bit elusive and they don’t always
tell you about them from day one is just walk right up to guest services on day
one and ask them when it is how much it is and how you need to register for it
and then they should square you away okay let’s see ginger said at Long Beach
port you can add cashier sale and sign card inside the dome at one of the
check-in desks instead of the customer service desk I think Oh ginger you’re
asking that I think that you can I think that you can ginger I’m not super
familiar with the process of cruising with cash because I always use a credit
card just because I don’t I don’t it’s just easier for me but I really need to
get more educated on that so I will try to look into that a little bit more Gail
in the spa room can you ask for soap they give you a good supply of
toiletries like soap in the spa rooms I think that might be what you’re asking
but if not let me know okay Scott wants to know how are the cove balconies are
they scary Scott I don’t think they’d be scary I think they’d kind of be kind of
neat if they they I think they protect you a little bit more from the wind in
the rain and things like that I think a cove balcony be really beautiful in a
place like Canada or New England we had a sort of a protected semi Cove balcony
when we sailed to Canada in New England and we really loved it okay
trying to get more questions here Becky wants to know how is the room key
process Becky and a lot of carnival ships there now putting your stateroom
on the door for you and I it seems like people are really nervous about it at
the beginning because it’s weird to think that someone could just walk up to
your door and take your card and then go start charging stuff but from when it
works it works I hear I think there have been some glitches with it
I know I’ve heard some people say that their card just wasn’t even there when
they got to the room and they had to go to guest services it was a pain bridge
tennis the pillows on Carnival from my experience have been great I’ve never
had any problems with those in fact on our last one I didn’t even I don’t even
think I packed my own pillows I think they were nice a cove balcony Dianne and
Kyle is a balcony that is on a lower deck on some of the new
worships like Vista and horizon and imagine the balcony not being exposed
but rather it’s sort of set back into the body of the ship a little bit and we
you know so you have sort of the metallic structure with more of a cutout
for viewing instead of a completely open balcony it has more of a cutout so it’s
lower on the ship which is good for you to know okay looking for some more
questions Ella I don’t know what the current charge is for the
behind-the-scenes tour on Carnival but I can tell you that they are generally
less expensive than other lines so I’ve seen other lines charge 150 to 200
dollars for them and on Carnival I think they’re under a hundred if I’m not
mistaken okay Navy wants to know how is Carnival
cruising in February from Long Beach it’s great the water is a little chilly
in Cabo in February and the weather can be a little cool tool it can get down
into the 60s in the early evening down there and in February but it’s lovely
time okay it looks like we are about ready I think we’ve passed the time we
are going to be announcing the winner mr. Kristoff’s TV we need to pick a
second winner tonight we actually have two bags from Natasha so if you could
give me a second one that will be great and I lost the first one it disappeared
on the screen so I’ll wait for you to put it back and answer a few more
questions in the meantime okay let’s see here Amy said you use your boarding pass
to pay until you get your room keys in the envelope its until 1 p.m. then they
cut off the boarding pass it is totally safe okay so Amy’s this the piece of
paper I was talking about the boarding pass works just as well
okay Lauren or Loreen welcome so glad to have you her as a first-time chatter
that is awesome mr. Chris Sims TV you just give me a sign when you have our
two winners okay okay looking for more questions travel Wildheart said I would
like to know if anyone has Carnival tips specific to the departure poor
in Florida places to park cost best hotels how long does it take to get
through security so travel Wildheart that might be a big topic for us to
cover today but we’re talking about doing a cool livestream where we talk
all about ports okay so we do have our two winners selected and each of you
will get one of the toiletry bags shown there so beautiful thanks again to
Natasha first winner is Jay s Travis 10:20 congratulations to us Travis and
our second winner tonight is teason congratulations to both of you yay I
need you both to email me your address your physical address my email address
is Sheri Sh er I at cruise tips TV comm please don’t leave your address in the
chat for security reasons we don’t want anybody coming after you right
congratulations to both of you and thanks again Natasha for donating those
items okay why don’t we spend the last few minutes everyone talking about the
beverage packages on Carnival I think this is a really big topic and it’s
something that hasn’t come up yet so I really want to review it with everybody
okay so let’s talk first about the bottomless bubbles package bottomless
bubbles is the unlimited soda program on Carnival and it has some special little
nuances that I want to go over with everyone so we’re gonna talk about
prices per day plus gratuity so the bottomless bubbles unlimited soda
program costs for children it is for 95 u.s. dollars per day for 17 years old
and younger and that’s you need to add a 15% gratuity to that okay if you’re an
adult if you’re over the age of 18 you’re gonna pay 750 USD per day plus
plus a 15% gratuity so you can purchase the bottomless bubbles program in your
your carnival com cruise manager there or you can go to Carnival comm forward
slash fun shops or you can call them so you’ll get a little sticker that’s put
on your sale and sign card and that’s how the staff will know that you are
eligible for sodas let’s talk about what else is included there are some other
inclusions you can all so get you can get a fountain soft drink
I don’t believe they offer cans and you can also ask for juices okay so probably
not fresh-squeezed premium juices but regular juices that they would give you
at the bar like cranberry orange basic things like that so you can get they
have Coke products by the way on Carnival and they also offer Fanta mr.
Pibb barks root beer tonic water club soda ginger ale and then you’ve got all
the standard juices now here are some of the exclusions for bottomless bubbles
which i think is so important you cannot get other non-alcoholic beverages other
than soda and juices so I don’t believe you can get smoothies or anything like
that on carnival beverages sold in souvenir glasses are not eligible
bottled water is not eligible specialty coffees are not eligible and beverages
offered at the gangway well do barking like waters and things like that
also you cannot get beverages through room service
like up charge types of things you could also you could still get the free
beverages if you wanted them so that’s a little bit about the soda package on
Carnival let’s talk a little bit about the alcohol package on Carnival because
there’s a lot to say about this and I think it’s good information so they call
that the the the alcoholic beverage package on Carnival is called the Cheers
beverage program and the cost if you purchase it before the cruise the cost
is 5195 per person per day plus 15% gratuity and if you buy it on the ship
it is 56 95 per person per day plus gratuity everyone in the stateroom has
to have the cheers package you have a 15 drink per day limit that’s super
important to tell you I’m gonna try to get through all this important stuff
quickly so that you know 15 drinks per day in a 24-hour period is really
critical you cannot share the drinks super important for you to know if you
do get the chairs program though there’s more included than if you did the soda
package so you can get all the spirits that you want right with a $20 USD or
lower menu price all the sodas and you can get specialty coffees and hot tea
in specialty restaurants you can also get milkshakes you can get Rockstar
energy drinks Powerade bottom vitamin water coconut water honesty and you can
get bottled water as well you also get a discount off the menu price for any
spirits cocktails wine by the glass that are over $20 per serving so there are
some exclusions anything in a souvenir glass is an exclusion bottles of liquor
are excluded beverages at the gangway excluded room service and minibar z–
excluded that’s pretty much it freshly squeezed juice at the Havana bar
specifically is excluded and beverages offered through the economic wine
machines are excluded so I think that’s a pretty good overview of it like I said
each adult assigned to the same room must purchase it you have to purchase it
for the entire cruise you cannot offer it by the day it is non-refundable
and in certain ports and when you say a lot of Texas or New York you cannot
purchase Cheers until the second day of the cruise so you’re not charged for the
package on the first day of the cruise good thing to know the 24-hour period
that you can have the 15 alcoholic drinks per person in is 6 a.m. to 6 a.m.
once the limit is reached you’re cut off and they won’t give you any more drinks
I don’t know if they won’t sell them to you or if they won’t give them to you it
says here they will not serve you any more drinks so the let’s talk about the
cost if you were to do a seven-day cruise this would cost you if you pre
purchased the package it would cost you 700
excuse me 418 dollars per person for the cruise that includes the gratuity if you
were to buy it onboard so same 7-night cruise it’s for 58 so
418 dollars if you pre purchased and 458 if you waited until you got on board so
if you’re gonna do this buy it beforehand and save 40 bucks and of
course we have a chart that talks about the prices for everything looks like we
have a few more questions yes Jose el you can take your own tumbler okay
Katie’s many adventures I have not heard that about them removing the gratuities
that might be a special promotion the 15 does it include all alcoholic and
non-alcoholic drinks that’s an excellent question let’s find out if it’s
alcoholic and non holic I am not sure but I’m quite sure
that it does include it here ah it’s 15 alcoholic drinks so you could buy 15
alcoholic drinks and probably three or five coffees if you wanted to that makes
me feel a lot better about the 15 drink limit okay mister Kristoff’s TV do you
have any more questions coming in Peggy the reason everybody in the room needs
to buy it is because they want to they want to stop people from abusing it
there’s been a history of people abusing it buying one package sharing it and
they don’t want people to be able to do that okay Lena you have to wait five
minutes in between drinks so the policy is that you have to there is a five
minute wait time between ordering drinks PR o be still what is my favorite drink
on Carnival it is definitely the Chipotle pineapple martini or anything
from the alchemy bar I love the alchemy bar good stuff I love
the fact that they’ll also custom make things for you okay guys we are going to
wrap up in just a few moments here we are back noir back Wednesday night so
join us Wednesday night for our next livestream same time same place so 6:00
p.m. Pacific we’re so excited to see all of you there I’ll probably be putting
out another call for tips on Facebook this week so make sure that you’re
following us there follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter we would
love to see you there I feel like I didn’t get to answer quite
as many questions tonight so keep coming back keep messaging me I will I will
never abandon you we’ll always make sure you get those questions answered and
special thanks again for Natasha for the giveaways today thank you all so much
we’ll see you on Wednesday until next time see you on the high seas bye bye Hey click me to subscribe

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  2. Hey Sheri why when we book on carnival and put in that I’m a past guest and senior citizen i dont get any discount on rates? Please answer that for me

  3. I have a few questiona about the beverages on carnival? Do you have to have a pkg for juices? For the soda pkgs is there a limit per day? Also for the soda pkgs does every member of the stateroom have to get a soda pkg?

  4. Personally, I'm not going to get the warm chocolate melting cake, because I have a pretty good recipe to make my own at home. I'm almost never going to order something that I can make at home. What I love is the bitter and blanc.

  5. We cruised on the Carnival Victory for our honeymoon out of San Juan, and we paid cash for our Sail & Sign. It was pretty easy, and all we had to do was pay it at check in in the terminal where they set up the Sail & Sign account prior to boarding.

  6. Watched the replay and had to chuckle when you mentioned the knobby knee contest. I remember that! On my first cruise that happen to be the Carnivale ship they had a knobby knee contest and one of the guys in our party (the only guy) entered…sooo funny! It was a group of 5 and we had entered the costume contest also and had to use what ever we had. I do remember that the ship was smaller and went out of Miami – not good, very very ruff lots of seasick people.., after that I always make note of the tonnage 🙂

  7. Something I really wish I knew about the soda package was that you basically have to go to a bar to get a soda. There were not buffet attendants taking beverage orders on our carnival cruise and it was not obvious to me that I'd need to go to a bar to order a coke. Consequently, we drank very little soda and I didn't find it to be a good value. Of course, that's just my perspective, but I was surprised by the lack of buffet servers coming off our princess cruise where they were always around. I guess it might be worth if if you go to more traditional dining rooms more frequently than we did.

  8. I'm not totally through watching but no carnival tip video would be complete without mentioning the soft serve machines! Something were really looking forward to as my boyfriend looooves soft serve and we live in such a tiny town that we don't have anywhere that offers it! 😂

  9. If you factor in the price of the steakhouse (Now $38 per person) your "free" bottle of cheap wine isn't worth it. Just go to the MDR and order a nice bottle for the same price.

  10. Sailed with Glory and Magic. Loved them both. Downloaded the app and it came in handy when planning activities and keeping informed of daily activities on board. Definitely a must ☺

  11. We did our first Journeys cruise on September 16-30th. OMGOSH it was the BEST cruise we have ever done. Totally recommend it.
    Carnival hub app is the best. Totally recommend it. Yes it’s 5.00 totally worth it

  12. A couple of hacks I used with the Bottomless Bubbles package were to order a Coke or root beer and then go to the ice cream machine and make a float.  If you get in good with the bar tenders, They will give you the can and sometimes an extra unopened.  Another thing is if you like Rum and Coke or similar like Scewdrivers you can get a double shot for $3 more on the side and then get another Coke or OJ for free which cuts your per drink costs way down.

  13. Thanks for the target red card tip! I just saw some at my target $100 and wondered this. I used this “hack” in the past for Disney

  14. I thought the gratuities were added per drink once one board when you get the cheers package, like the $52/day is only for drinks and not for gratuities.

  15. We use cash for our sail and sign account. We usually do over $1,500 depends if do the drink package. The downside is you have to settle up the last night of the cruise or they will send you a check if it’s under $10 they will donated to St Jude’s. Also, you have to keep up with it on the Kiosk or go to the front desk to add more money. We put plenty of money down. We just compared how much we spend on our last cruise. It works for us or I may buy a few cruise cash but keep in mind if you don’t use it you will lose it. I never get the drink or photo cruise cash because it doesn’t make sense when you can use the cruise cash for both. Whatever you prefer but for us, I’m sticking with the cash account. We never run out of money and we are debt free.

  16. Thank u for all the great info a lot of it I had learned myself. But the breakfast on The blue a Guana I didn’t know so thank u. Yes the FTTF to the ship is the best.

  17. Upon your great advice our last Mexican Riviera cruise on Carnival we went to Now Amber (FABULOUS) and at the bottom of the hill got the best massage ever for $25. I was wondering if you could recommend a day pass resort in Cabo?

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