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Carnival Triumph: MORE Tips, Shortcuts, and Secrets

Carnival Triumph: MORE Tips, Shortcuts, and Secrets We’re back with more tips for the Carnival
Triumph and we hope these 12 additional, quick tips will help you enjoy your next cruise
even more! Our first tip is to take the stairs up to
Deck 1 if you return from port on Deck 0 Forward and find a long line for the elevators. After getting to Deck 1, you can take the
elevators in the middle or back of the ship, which won’t be as busy. Or you can walk up to Deck 2, where you can
catch one of 10 elevators at the front of the ship, four of which are the glass atrium
elevators, which aren’t available on Decks 0 and 1. Speaking of Deck 0, our next tip is to
be aware that Deck 0 forward is the location of the Medical Center. This is important to know because you won’t
find it on a Carnival Triumph map — either onboard or online. Our third tip will help you avoid feeling
lost if you exit the back of the London Dining Room on Deck 4 because it’s not obvious
how to continue to the back of the ship from that elevator area. Just turn left, then right and you’ll find
the hallway that leads to the Oxford Bar and the back of the ship. Similarly, if you’re coming from the Oxford
Bar toward the front of the ship, you can go through the London Dining Room, if it’s
open. Otherwise, you can take the elevators to a
different floor. Our next tip will help you find your stateroom
with the use of a few kid-friendly four letter words. Many people remember that “port” and “left” have
four letters and port is the left side of the ship when facing forward. Additionally, “even” also has four letters and
the even-numbered staterooms on the Triumph are on the port side — or left side — of
the ship. Tip number five is to use the Good to Know
flyer to find the self-service laundry rooms onboard, if you need to wash or press your
clothes. The laundry rooms have washing machines, dryers,
irons, and ironing boards available near midship on most stateroom levels and the flyer is
delivered to your stateroom on embarkation day. Our next tip is to visit the outside deck
areas on Deck 3 if you’re looking for some quiet space that’s shaded. The deck areas are easily accessed from both
sides of the Atrium and we usually saw just a handful of other passengers there, even
on days at sea. Our seventh tip is to be aware that the Lido
Buffet typically has a sampling of the dishes being served in the main dining rooms for
dinner. If you want a break from the more formal dining
experience, head up to Deck 9 and enjoy! Speaking of the Lido Buffet, our next tip
is to use the stairs inside the buffet on Deck 9 to access additional seating on Deck
10. A drinks station is available in the Deck
10 seating area, so you don’t have to walk back down to Deck 9 for a refill. Tip number nine is to be aware that most of
the self-serve drink stations on the Triumph only provide small plastic cups. If you prefer a larger glass for your beverage,
just ask for one from any of the bars onboard. Our next tip is to find the Afternoon Tea
on the Days at Sea to enjoy the best desserts on the ship. The Afternoon Tea is typically listed in the
Food section of the Fun Times. In addition to delicious desserts, there are
3 free teas available: black tea, decaf, and green tea. Other flavors are available for purchase or
you can bring your own favorite teas from home, like we did. Our eleventh tip is to check the Vienna Café
coffee shop and the Internet Café area on Deck 5 if you need an extra printed copy of
the Fun Times, which lists the daily activities. Most activities are also listed on the Carnival
Hub app. Tip number 12 is to be sure you don’t completely
rely on the Carnival HUB App for activity info during your cruise because not all info
is available within the app. For example the Afternoon Tea on Sea Days
and the Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast were not listed in the app even though they
were listed in the printed copy of the Fun Times. Finally, a bonus tip! Many cruisers consider the finding of ships
coins to be like a scavenger hunt, so we won’t reveal the exact location. But, we can confirm that the Carnival Triumph
does have something on display from the ship’s launch ceremony in 1999 and the photo may
give you an idea of where to begin looking.

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