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Carnival Vista, 2x POV, Grand Turk Tour, Wedding Day, Part 1, 8 day Caribbean CRUISE, cruise ship

Carnival Vista, 2x POV, Grand Turk Tour, Wedding Day, Part 1, 8 day Caribbean CRUISE, cruise ship

Kevin: Hey everyone, how are you all doing today? In the last episode guys, we spent the day at sea, where we did a lot of things on the boat and then we finished the night off here in the piano bar. But don’t worry, in this episode… This is going to be a special one, where i’m going to show you guys two separate points of view as we land in Grand Turk Now my point of view will have the camcorder recording screen as a border. Guys this is going to be a two-part series starting with part one. But first I would like to take this time and thank everybody who is either liked our videos or subscribe It really means a lot Guys today is the day where my brother Michael is getting married on Grand Turk. We don’t have much time to waste. If you like our videos please help support us by clicking that like button So we eat breakfast, get dressed and get off the ship. Kevin: There ya go, Kevin and Laura: Heyyyyy!!!!! Luara: We have just landed on the bautiful island of Grand Turk, For Mike and Hollies wedding and the water is amazing Kevin: At this point guys I would like to now introduce to you my brother Michael the groom, as he is also shooting this exact moment with his go pro as well From here guys, we have to get going! So we hurry our way through, the beautiful port of Grand Turk, to hop on a bus, to meet our tour guide, who’s going to take us to the wedding. Kevin: Here mom, lets get a photo with you and Mike. Mom: Where is he? Kevin: He’s right behind you. Kevin: Gopro take photo. Kevin: Now guys, for the rest of the video I will not be talking as you guys are going to listen to Rudy explain the Turks and Caicos to us. I hope you guys enjoy it, just as much as we did. Now remember still have two point of views going, if you see the camcorder, we’re looking at my point of view. Guys let me know in the comments below if you like the two povs. Kevin: There’s the Vista. Rudy: Okay ladies and gentleman I want to say a warm welcome to our beautiful island of the Turks and Caicos. Especially here in Grand Turk Which is the center of governence and the capital of all the Turks and Caicos islands. The Turks and Caios islands is a 40 island chain, so far so good. It’s only eight of the islands is inhabited and you’re at the center of governance and the capital of all the other Islands. Coming up to my left also to my right, these are all former U S navy base. Which were the Navy, the presence of the U S navy were here from 1955 to 1973. And to my right is a round ball which use to own and operate by Panama America which is a former U S tracking station which is no longer in operation and these are all used as government offices which are all former U S Navy base. The island of your on today which is 7 mile long by a mile and a quarter. The population of this island is 5,000 people. The population of the Turks and Caicos Islands, 37,000 people which is a 40 chain islands, so far so good. How the island got its name is from the special cactus that I was showing you. But this is also the island where Christopher Columbus first made landfall in 1492. October the 12th, on a Sunday. But because we were all in church that Sunday nobody get to know the acurate time. I guess we were all busy in church and beside most church, you find a bar. The lady’s would go to the church, and the men to the bar. One go get the spirit, the other to receive the spirit. So we both religious in our own ways. Education is free, healthcare is free, Milk, 9 dollars per gallon for milk. but for me ladies and gentlemen I don’t drink milk because I am lactose tolerant what I drink, it’s beer because it’s only two dollars per bottle and of course I’m a big boy now so my mama wont give me no more milk. Mom: Laughing Mom: Good for you! Rudy: Good for me Caroline, that’s not cool. For over 100 years these islands were governed by Jamaica, when Jamaica became independent in 1962, the islands go over to the Bahamas, when the Bahamas gained independent in 1973, the islands were self governed for 3 years. So since 1973 we formed our own legislative council. Where we have a government to represent the Queen, and a chief senate to represent the Prime Minister of England. To my right, we are now viewing the widest section of our beautiful island which is the run way of the International Airport. Okay ladies and gentlemen we are now viewing one of our semi wild animals. You can call him Shrek, donkey, jackass, whichever name you are correct!!! Mom: Haha Jackass. Rudy Yah,I’m not… mom: No, you’re not. Rudy: I’m Rudy. Mom: Rudy, yeah! Rudy: Coming up to my right we are approaching the red roof building, which is one our government offices labour tribunal of immigration department. . But for me ladies and gentlemen as long as I see a red roof building, The first thing that comes to my mind is a pizza hut or a KFC. and of course we have none of those above on this island Maybe you are wondering why is it Rudy driving on the wrong side of the road? It is because today is my first day on the job. Everybody: Laughing. Rudy: And tomorrow I go for my driver’s license what I what I do have is my doctorin, which is my PHD. and my PHD means pothole dodger. So any pothole that we get to dodge, is a complimentary butt massage. Ok, ladies and gentlemen we will be you’re wedding will be taking place at the Osprey Beach Resort. Mom: Do they have any dogs on this island? Rudy: Yeah we, Yeah but, we Dave: Here man, dog that! Rudy: Alright, thank you! Rudy: But we eat the last one for breakfast, it tastes like chicken Everyone: Laughing Rudy: I’m kidding Caroline Kevin: Guys, please join us in part two as we finish our day in Grand Turk watching my brother get married and then we get back on the Vista for the rest of the night. Please feel free guys to like, comment and subscribe to my channel for more and I appreciate all the support we’ve gotten recently and it’s all because of you guys.

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