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Carnival Vista Havana Suite Tour – Cabin 5234

Carnival Vista Havana Suite Tour – Cabin 5234

You’re about to tour the best cabin there is,
on Carnival’s best ship! It’s what’s known as a Havana Suite,
and there are only four of them on the Carnival Vista. There are about sixty cabins that are Havana cabins… Those are the cabins that give you access
to the exclusive Havana Pool area. But of those sixty Havana cabins,
only four of them are suites… The highest category of Havana cabins,
and the most expensive cabin on the ship. And totally worth it, in my opinion! Havana suites are much bigger than a regular cabin. A standard Carnival cabin is 185 square feet
plus a 35 square foot balcony. The Havana Suite is 260 square feet,
with a 100 square foot balcony! The best visual I can give you on it
is to compare our Havana suite to its neighbors…
which are called Havana Cabanas. The balconies are the same size…
both have a 100 square foot balcony.
But… When we go out in to the hallway,
the difference in size is easy to see. See how the hallway is straight in this section,
because all these Havana cabanas
on the right are all the same size. But when we get down to our cabin,
5234, the Havana Suite… The hallway has to jog way to the left
to account for the size difference between
the Havana cabanas and the Havana Suite. This length of hallway you see here
is basically all the extra length of a Havana Suite
compared to a Havana cabana. It’s about ten feet! And a whole lot of that space is devoted
to a pretty cool bathroom and shower. Let’s start our tour there. This shower is really the #1 main reason
to get a Havana suite instead of a Havana cabana. It’s big enough for two people to share,
which makes this suite perfect for a romantic couple. There’s a rainfall shower head in the ceiling,
plus a second shower head on a rail… So you can adjust the height up or down
for tall people or short people… Or take the shower head off completely
and go handheld. There’s a bench for the ladies
to easily prop up a leg for shaving. And notice the beautiful earth tones
they’ve used in the color scheme. Truly, this a hugely nicer shower
than I have at home. The kind of thing you’d find in a dream house. The bathroom itself is quite large
for a cruise ship bathroom. And has double sinks and quite
a few places to store things. And I should point out
that only the four Havana suites on Carnival Vista
have these big bathrooms and showers. The other 56 Havana cabins,
and all the hundreds of other cabins onboard
don’t have what you see here. Moving out of the bathroom
and in to the main cabin itself… It’s basically divided in to two sections,
separated by those shutters… and a curtain that can be pulled closed
to provide some privacy between the bedroom section
and the living room section. You see, this cabin
can actually handle three or four people… Because the couch can become two little beds. I just can’t see putting an adult on the couch
for the night. It’s too small for that. And they actually don’t allow anyone
younger than 12 years old in a Havana cabin. So, I guess the idea is to
put a teenager or two on the couch… And to draw the curtain
between the bedroom and the living room
to provide everyone a little privacy. I think it’s a horrible idea, actually! If you can afford a Havana suite,
which is the most expensive
cabin on the ship… And you’re travelling with teenagers or other relatives… I say book an interior Havana cabin
across the hall for them… So that you can have your own room,
in the Havana Suite,
with some real privacy. There are actually two televisions in the Havana suite. There’s a nice-sized one at the desk,
that you can watch from the couch
in the living room… And then there’s an even larger one in the bedroom,
that you can watch from the bed. At the desk in the living room,
you’ve got two electrical outlets,
plus two USB charging points. And a refrigerator hidden in the cabinet
under the desk. In the bedroom section,
you’ve got the big bed, of course,
with night stands on both sides. Surprisingly, there were no electrical outlets
there at the night stands. For a brand new ship, that really surprised me. I thought all the cruise lines had started to figure out
that on their new ships, they needed
to put electrical outlets by the bed… So that people could charge a cell phone at night,
or plug in a CPAP machine. Closet space was the other thing
that surprised me a little bit. It’s adequate, but basically the same
as almost any other cabin
on any other Carnival cruise ship. I expected, on the most expensive suite on the ship,
that there would be more closet space. Here’s a look at the right side of the closets…
and then the left side,
where there is also a safe. As I said, adequate, but not generous. I really liked the TV in the bedroom.
It was good quality and a decent size. I was hoping that they might offer a
good selection of free movies on the TV. In the suites within “The Haven”
on Norwegian Cruise Line,
all the “Pay TV” movies are free for the suite guests. I was hoping it would be that way
in Carnival’s Havana suite, but no. Now let’s go out on to the balcony,
because that’s an important part
of these Havana cabins. The balcony cabins on deck five
all have identical balconies:
100 square feet… With a full size lounger, a mini lounge chair,
and my wife’s favorite balcony feature:
the swing! That was her spot
whenever she was out on the balcony. I have to say that their choice of outdoor furniture for the
balconies was HORRIBLE. They don’t even have pads on that big wicker lounger. It’s uncomfortable.
It sits too low to the ground, and without pads,
it’s just not something you’re
going to want to sit on for very long. Here’s a video I shot up at the Serenity retreat. This is what they should have done
on the balconies of the Havana cabins. Those blue pads on the wicker loungers
make all the difference. And think of how great it would be
if the balconies of the suites had day beds! Maybe they’ll do something
like that on a future sister ship. For these Havana cabins on deck five,
you have this walkway… That makes it easy to get from your little balcony patio down to the
Havana pool area. That’s super convenient,
to just pop out your balcony door
and a minute later you’re at the Havana pool. However, the downside of having that walkway
by your patio is that when you’re inside your cabin… You may occasionally see people walking by. So, use the curtains as needed for privacy. And if occasionally having some neighbor
walk by your patio bothers you… Consider booking a Havana cabin on deck 6 or 7
instead of one of these here on deck 5. The ones on decks 6 and 7
overlook the Havana pool area
and offer more privacy on the balconies. Next time I cruise on a Vista-class ship,
I will definitely be in a Havana cabin again. I totally LOVED the un-crowded Havana pool area
and the Jacuzzis and sun deck.
But… I think I may just try one of the aft-wrap
balcony cabins that overlook the Havana area… And see how being in one of those strikes me
compared to these down here on deck five
that have the walkway outside the patio. And I guess I should explain,
just in case you don’t already know, that… The big deal about staying
in any of the Havana cabins… Is that it comes with access
to this awesome un-crowded Havana pool area. The Carnival Vista is a gigantic cruise ship…
the largest Carnival ship of them all. The week we sailed on her,
there were 4600 passengers aboard. That’s an awful lot of passengers
to share a pool or a Jacuzzi with! But the only people that have access
to the Havana area at the back of the ship… Including the Havana pool, and the Jacuzzis,
and the loungers and daybeds… Are the people staying in the
sixty Havana cabins. So, that works out to be about 130 guests.
And let me tell you… It’s way better to share a pool with 130 people
than it is to share a pool with 4500 people! Because on a cruise ship, at any given time,
130 guests are doing 20 different things… And only a fraction of them are trying to
lounge around the pool at the same time you are. The most I ever saw in the Havana pool at any one time was about 12 or 15 people. And maybe two dozen more in the loungers around the pool. It was VERY uncrowded at the Havana pool
and as far as I’m concerned… That made paying a little extra
for a Havana cabin totally worth it! So, that’s the tour. I’m Jim Zim. If you want to read about
some of the other cruise ships I’ve been on… Visit my web site at I’m going to pop up links to tours of a couple of other
really interesting Carnival cabins I’ve stayed in… Including the Captain’s Suite on the Carnival Sunshine.
You should definitely check that one out. Thank you for watching!

88 thoughts on “Carnival Vista Havana Suite Tour – Cabin 5234”

  1. This is very nice. I stayed in one nicer though. Carnival Vista suit on the Miracle. Take a look at that one. It's on the back corners of the ship. Although…there is no swing outside…lol

  2. thanks, Jim… I must admit, I was underwhelmed by the size and style of the cabin and hated the walkway past the front of the cabin. The exclusive pool area is a bonus though!

  3. Jim… Love your reviews… they just seem to keep getting better and better! Thanks for your information and insight!

  4. I like the cove balcony room better very cozy even if they are next to another cove balcony, still some privacy.

  5. I am on the Vista right now and The Haven is open to the rest of the ship after 7 pm. I am in an Aft Balcony cabin above The Haven and it is open access down below in the evenings.

  6. Jim………YOU JUST SOLD ME ON THIS ONE. You ought to get paid for this video. So informative. We will be booking one soon. Thank you.

  7. +Jim Zimmerlin, are you aware of any other cruise lines that offer the "Havana" experience? Meaning, a lowly populated pool area with a bar?

  8. i just saw a video of the havana Cabana and i dont see the difference it has the same large bathroom 2 sleeping areas 2 tvs and the same balcony

  9. The only reason this does not interest me is because I don't plan to sit in my suite all day. I'm not paying extra for an area that I will only use for sleep.

  10. I’m going to be honest, I think the Royal Caribbean deck cabins (even over the park/boardwalk) are bigger than that. They feel bigger and are perfect for my family. Just think royal Caribbean is the better cruise line.

  11. Jim, did you consider that the rooms with the walkway also have lots of shade. ABSOLUTELY important on those many hot days!!!

  12. Still thinking that royal is better. I'm going on this ship next week n I'm not impressed..btw you people that noticed the! You guys should be detectives lol

  13. At around 5:48, what is the critter scuttling right to left on the deck of the neighboring balcony? Made me shiver…

  14. Royal Caribbean's best room and Carnival's best room aren't even in the same league. RC makes this look like a regular old cabin.

  15. Hi Jim I have been watching your videos for ever lol .I just booked a Cruise on the Mardi Gras in October out of Port Canaveral I wish you can make it . It will be the first time out of Florida. Your video would be incredible on this Cruise and much needed please reply if u read the message thanks
    Mike G ……

  16. Only way I'd get anything other than an inner cabin is if it were say, a 10/14 day cruise. Otherwise, I go on 7 day cruises and I can't justify taking an off day to chill on a balcony or enjoy the benefits of a suite because in the back of my mind I'd be thinking of all the things I'd be missing out on outside. I'm on vacation on a cruise ship, not at home.

  17. Does the balcony door have a loxk like u have to access your main door?
    Lets say i leave by balcony I'd want my padio door locked so nobody can just go in when im out.

  18. Hey Jim,

    Enjoy the channel and my wife and I LOVED this Suite! This suite was everything it was cracked up to be and more. Our 8 Day Southern on the Starboard side (5233) was by far the most memorable of all our cruises.

    I’m sorry I can’t find it, but I distinctly remember that you have an Excel Aft Suite booked on Mardi Gras. It was actually you who turned me onto this possibility. While these had all been booked when we could go, Carnival announced their new sailings last week and my wife and I now have our own Excel Aft Suite booked for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. (Cabin 14498 – now dubbed “The Love Shack Part II”)

    Would you be kind enough to let me know when your sailing is? (I know it’s not due out for another year.)

    And secondly, how hard do we have to twist your arm for a full and comprehensive review and video of this exciting new Excel Aft Suite on Mardi Gras? ;-P

    My Bride and I are very excited about this new suite, and we’re only 9 or 10 Carnival Cruises behind you. We enjoy the same style and amenities while cruising.

    Thank you and keep up the exceptional work and passion!

  19. Just cruise on the Horizon September 15 and it’s an awesome ship. We booked the Grand Suite which also gives access to the Havana pool area and it was nice. It was like having your own private pool with friends. The most I counted were 12. The other pool was over crowded as we walked past it back to our Grand Suite. I am considering booking a Havana Suite such as the one you had for the 8 day Aruba cruise. Jim your videos on certain ships have help out a lot before I cruise. I always watch them and takes notes about the ships and things that interest me such as the location of certain venues. The Horizon did have a lot of people but not the long lines such as the summer months. I guess a lot of people are done vacationing and back in school. One again thank you for the information and happy cruising!!

  20. The cool thing about the Havana cabins is you are able to Request pads for your loungers.
    The cool Balconies are the Havana Extended balcony in the Aft.
    Can't wait for the Mardi Gras Baby!!!

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