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Carnival Vista Repaired Early Carnival Has 4 Day Surprise Sailing From $149 pp July 23-27

Carnival Vista Repaired Early Carnival Has 4 Day Surprise Sailing From $149 pp July 23-27

everybody it’s Bruce here what traveling
with Bruce I just got the word from Carnival it looks like the Carnival
Vista that has been in drydock in Grand Bahama for the last few days apparently
is just about done the work schedule got done way ahead here new bearings have
been installed where the azipods are and she was good to go so good to go in fact
that instead of having her first cruise on the 27th of July which she was
scheduled for she is now on a surprise four-day cruise from July 23rd to 27th
out of Galveston and they’ve got some super deals here just noticed here an
inside room for a four-day cruise 149 dollars a person ocean view $1.99 a
person balcony for the four nights two hundred and thirty nine dollars and you
can get yourself a suite for about three hundred and nine dollars that’s like 76
77 dollars a night for a suite on a cruise ship
that’s a deal of course it’s cheap because it’s absolute last minute today
is the 17th of July this cruise starts in six days and it only has six days to
sell out I think they’ve only actually got three or four days to sell out
because under Homeland Security rules they have to have this ship that
declared with her passengers three days before sailing so there’s a flash sale
on right now at Carnival you want to go on a quick cruise out of Galveston this
is your chance the Vista is all done and I’ll be heading back to Galveston here
the next day or two and be ready for the 23rd of July join me on my channel for
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everybody see you later

42 thoughts on “Carnival Vista Repaired Early Carnival Has 4 Day Surprise Sailing From $149 pp July 23-27”

  1. Never been to the Galveston port but a lot of people say it's the most complicated port to go in and out of in the United States for passengers is that true does anyone know that that's a fact we had one book for Galveston I'll back to back for two weeks but we canceled it because of all the remarks we heard

  2. What is still going to be going on in San Juan Puerto Rico? With the freedom of the Sea cruise ship? Is wild cribbing going to still use that as its Home Port?

  3. That was quick! A new below water line paint job would have been good though. That ship look terrible fit only three years old.

  4. We are within driving distance of Galveston and can't go due to pre scheduled surgery and guest coming in….now I am really sick!

  5. I just got the notice from Carnival but my offer is $65.00 for an interior cabin on 7/23. It's 4 days from Galveston with one stop at Cozumel.

  6. We received a casino offer for $50 for a suite and $50 on board credit, too bad we get on the LOTS (Liberty of The Seas) on Sunday July 21st. 🤠

  7. Crap!… I logged on shortly after this video was posted and there are NO cruises for $149 on that sale date for Vista!!!!!!…. The cheapest is $335 per person for interior (the standard rate for a 4day cruise)….. I called my Carnival travel agent and he notified me that the only people who received the $149 rate were casino players from previous cruises. The "High-roller" gamblers were actually offered that Cruise for free!

  8. Good news all around! Hopefully the other cruise ships having similar problems can be repaired as quickly. I'd jump on that sale if I could… Thanks, Bruce!

  9. Cloud 9, and all balconies were $50 yesterday. Total $231.72. Today deluxe oceanview cabins are still booking at that price.

  10. I don't see the price you claim. Where did you find it. Also on Carnival site, no balcony or suites available. Interior room is 359 pp. I guess I was to late. Filled up quick!

  11. Fyi … you can book a cruise all the way up to the last min of boarding but you have to call in to book it last min.. ( day of sailing)

  12. I have a question not to do with this sale. But what did the crew do for the period of time it was being fixed? Were they still onboard or did they have to leave the ship?

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