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CGRundertow CARNIVAL GAMES: WILD WEST 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

CGRundertow CARNIVAL GAMES: WILD WEST 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

You can forget almost everything else about
this game. Forget that it has some of the ugliest character design I’ve ever seen
in a video game. Forget that this is an entry in a series of games that has no business
being a series. Forget that on the front of the box, it says Carnival Games. Because as
relevant as those things are, I’m certain there are people who will disagree with them.
So instead, ask yourself this. Do you really want to pay $30 for 25 minigames? It’s one thing to buy Carnival Games for
the Wii. Don’t get me wrong, that game is awful, too. But at least on the Wii, you have
the excuse that it’s a party game. It’s a game you can play with your children or
your friends…and subsequently lose your friends and raise children who will resent
you for years to come. But at least the Wii version has that. Carnival
Games on the 3DS doesn’t. This is an exceptionally dull minigame compilation that proves the
genre has pretty much done everything it can within these familiar constructs. Carnival Games: Wild West 3D is like its cry
for help. There are things about this game that are
almost inarguably bad, but looking at the game overall, the real issue is that it doesn’t
have a single original concept of its own. So the minigames do a horrendous job with
instructions—one of the many bad things about Wild West 3D—but once they start,
you’re like, “Oh, I’ve done this before.” “Like, a million times before.” You choose a deformed boy or girl as your
character, and seemingly aware of the hideous nature of these children, the game lets you
customize them. Unfortunately, there is no option for plastic surgery or genetic experimentation. Once you choose your little crime of nature,
you walk around some carnival with a western theme. The idea is to play games and earn
tickets and win prizes, which is accomplished in minigames. Excuse me for not doing backflips
about this. First off, the hub world is a tremendous waste
of time. You just walk from minigame to minigame, and that gets old after about eight minutes.
Now, a few things do occur there, such as hunts for fugitives or treasure maps, but
for the most part, this adds very little to the experience. Basically, it’s just a glorified
selection screen. At least in a minigame collection like Mario
Party, the stuff between the minigames is actually the real game. Carnival Games is
like Mario Party without the creme filling. And then, of course, there are the minigames…all
are western-themed, none are particularly interesting. The best ones use the 3DS gyroscope
for aiming, but even those aren’t worth getting excited about. Because although the
controls seem new, they’re simply being applied to the same old minigames Wii owners
have been inundated with for nearly six years. Contrary to what my criticisms may suggest,
I give every game a fair shake. But the thing about minigame compilations—especially when
you primary cover the Nintendo systems—is that at this point, they really need to be
unique to stand out. There are a myriad of words I’d use to describe Carnival Games:
Wild West 3D, but “unique” is certainly not one of them.

15 thoughts on “CGRundertow CARNIVAL GAMES: WILD WEST 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review”

  1. You want a good 3DS game Derek? Try either Shinobi or Nano Assault. They are great games and great addition to any 3DS collector.

  2. Seriously? I'd expect this shit to get released on the Wii (and even there, it's unwanted) but not on the 3DS. With the 3DS, there's a lot more to do since the buttons are not limited like with the Wii. We don't want shitty mini game compilations on the 3DS. The same sad fate cannot befall the 3DS as what has happened to the Wii.

  3. why does derek reviews the shitty games? he is one of the best reviewers out all of them and he always gets the crappy ones
    by the way derek if i was you i would certainly stop buying that crap and buy the great games the 3ds has to offer right now

  4. @MuttonAndTheHam yeah dude
    i dont know why does he even bother in getting this kind of games when there are better ones to pick up


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