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Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Show Open

Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Show Open

– [Marley] We’re
hitting the streets. – Thank you! – [Marley] Scouring
Chicagoland to find you the mobile menus
that come to you. – [Elliott] There’s something
about the food truck life. – [Marley] That’s
right, they’re the Best meals on wheels. – I meet a lot of
people, they’re hungry, I feed them, and I’m happy. – Chicago’s Best food trucks. – That’s what we’re here for.
– All right. – [Marley] Starts right now. – Cheers. Here’s to food trucks. – [Elliott] This
is Chicago’s Best. – [Marley] We’re on a mission
to discover the hidden gems. – Juicy, sweet. – How you doing, man? I’ll take good care of
you, brother, thank you. – [Marley] And all-time faves. – You only get it
here in Chicago. – That is incredible. -[Elliott] You can’t live
without. – Get our of Downtown, get
into the neighborhoods. – Your first time,
we like newbies. – Mike, on Facebook. -And Tessa sent us here. – [Marley] This is your show. – Yes, yes, yes! – Got the best in town. – [Elliott] Hope you’re hungry. – Cheers. – All right, cheers. – [Marley] Chicago’s
Best starts right now. (upbeat rock music)

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