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CHRISTMAS AT DISNEY | Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort! ✨

CHRISTMAS AT DISNEY | Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort! ✨

Hello friends I hope you’re having super
happy day so far today is gonna be magical I got my Mickey ears on and we
are off to Disney World so we’re just popping over to the morning and gonna do
a little vlog but we’re gonna go to Disney’s Grand Floridian which is the
fanciest and most beautiful hotel in Orlando and in Disney World it is
stunning and they have this huge gingerbread house that I want to show
you guys so we’re gonna do some Christmas festivities walk around there
and then we’re gonna take the monorail over to mash Kingdom so really excited
to soak up some Christmas magic and I’m meeting my friend Caroline and she helps
me take a lot of my Disney photos so we’re gonna be snapping some photos as
well and I’ll show you guys some behind the scenes how we do that I’m bringing
lots of different outfits well just a couple more but yeah didn’t you fun
morning the weather is let’s see Justin used to do – it is 61 degrees out but so
oh we just changed it’s 57 degrees cold I’m wearing a sweater dress and then
this coat but like I said I’m bringing other clothing pieces to change it to
her photos so hopefully I’ll be warm enough but you know me I’m a little
Florida girl with a very very low cold tolerance so hopefully we’ll be okay
gonna get some cozy coffee I’m sure to keep me extra warm but it’ll be fun and
I’m excited to take you guys along my gosh it is truly just so magical
this hotel is bright kinking and with the Christmas decor it just is taken to
the next level I wish I brought my laptop or a book so I could just hang
out here all day but I’ll have to come again before the Christmas season is
over today we’re just gonna soak up all the Christmas magic and I can’t wait to
show you guys everything there’s a knitted Mickey right there these are all the ingredients that they
need to make this gingerbread house go crazy seven hundred pounds of chocolate
I definitely want to try one of these trees it’ll be a hard decision what I
should get these are the gingerbread years I’m
thinking of buying they are seriously just so static you and in love with this
I just got my gingerbread Mickey ears and thankfully we had the cops get two
discounts was only $19 but they’re so cute I’m so happy with this purchase
okay we got our ears on so we just ran into my friend a Brooke and she told us
that Magic Kingdom is blocked out for customers so we won’t be going to Magic
Kingdom anymore but that’s totally okay because the resorts are so beautiful and
have so many pretty decorations so we’re just gonna explore here and a couple of
the resorts and it’ll be fun okay so we got some gingerbread goodies
we got this shingle it looks so not cute but it’s fun because it’s one of the
shingles on the top of the gingerbread house well it’s not exactly from there
but you know what I mean like it looks just like it so really fun and I’m
excited that it has chocolate all over it because I’m a chocolate lover and
then we got these little gingerbread men and they’re from Aaron McKenna’s bakery
and it’s all gluten-free and vegan so that’s pretty amazing and kosher whoo I
know we got the good lighting all right so we’re gonna try our gingerbread now
we have our beautiful Sheen all with dark chocolate I’m just gonna take a
piece off it’s hard yeah I’m screwed flavor oh it’s like
Bonaparte I love the chocolate part but I’m interested to see what you think
about the gingerbread part mmm it’s very chewy who’s a closer look yeah it’s like
actual gingerbread non-generic cookies and you like it I think you think okay I
like it too the first time I had I was like I’m not sure but it’s two different
textures them mm-hmm very different types are chocolate and then the Brad is
home let’s try this little gingerbread cookie who’s falling apart because I’ve
been holding him for so long so this is the vegan and gluten-free one mmm that
one better this is what I’m used to when I think of ginger Ben I just think of
gingerbread cookies like you see right it’s very strong strong do you like that
it’s good it’s strong ginger but super yummy getting are the rest of the day
okay guys be spotting a bride and a groom and they’re the most beautiful
angels ever so stunning this is such a beautiful place to get married and she
looks absolutely breathtaking she’s so pretty okay I don’t want to get
in their picture I need to move she’s so pretty how pretty they all are
there’s so much Contemporary Resort and we’re looking at
the Christmas decorations they have here it’s on the monorail track so it’s easy
to pop from the Grand Floridian to the contemporary to the Polynesian and we’re
about to see this cute little gingerbread display so so Brenda sneezes what happened to the rest of the year
it’s the tenth anniversary of that gingerbread house so they have a little
commemorative mug I love that kid – that’s so fun for kids or adults if you are I just got back home in my own little
winter wonderland it’s it’s not quite on the level of Disney but it is quite
magical if I say so myself so it was a super
quick and fast morning at Disney it’s only 12 56 right now so it’s almost 1:00
p.m. but I do have some work I need to get done naturally so we could only go
for a bit and so sorry Magic Kingdom is blocked out bummed about that but we
will go next week instead so let me know if you guys want to see that in a vlog
and I will take you along for the ride but I wanted to share a few like idea is
to make this Christmas season more magical just like some Christmas bucket
list ideas I actually have the bucket list I made last year or the year before
I think was last year actually it’s on my Pinterest and it’s this little
Christmas bucket list and it’s so funny it has my old last name before I got
married like at the bottom and put my old last name um but I want to give you
some ideas because I know like of course you can watch videos of people going to
Disney and doing all the Christmases stuff there but you want to do your own
activities wherever you may live and I realize not everyone lives right by
Disney World or you know by places that do fun Disney activities so some other
ideas are to of course bake Christmas cookies which is kind of an obvious one
but it seriously is so much fun and especially if you do it while you have a
Christmas candle lit and you’re watching a Christmas movie but like going to the
gingerbread house today made me inspired to make homemade gingerbread because
I’ve never done that before like from scratch I’ve made the pre-made stuff but
I want to make actual gingerbread like the ones we tried today so I thought
that would be really fun and of course making a gingerbread house my camera I
just ran out of storage because I have too many things on this memory card but
I just deleted stuff so we should be good for a couple more in it more
minutes but I was saying I’m gonna make a gingerbread house this
Saturday for Thanksgiving at my mom’s house and I’m really excited that’s a
super fun activity to do this time of year and my friend face she is to have a
I don’t know if she will have it this year but she would host a gingerbread
house making party and then do a competition so everyone would like work
in Paris and make a gingerbread house and then we’d all vote on the best one
and not to brag but I did win like multiple years I’ve always had a like a
plan and was so into it it’s definitely my type of thing but that’s a fun idea
and then let’s see what else we got here Oh buying Christmas gifts for a child in
need is also super fun to like go shopping with them and I know they have
like different boxes and lots of churches do that so that’s a good idea
at our church we just do gift cards which is like not as fun because you
don’t really shop for the kid but it’s for teenagers which is good so we just
get them a gift card but it’s fun to do a little Christmas shopping for kids oh
another one is make red velvet pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast I’ve done
that before super fun have a sleepover next to the Christmas tree I have to do
that we’ll see if Brandon’s up for it but I really want to do that I think
they’d be so cozy okay I’ll read one more Oh driving around to look at
Christmas lights so I think this is a fun idea and you can even make it more
fun by bringing hot cocoa along for the ride or some kind of Christmas ice cream
just go to your grocery store buy a tub of like Christmas flavored ice cream and
eat it while you drive around and look at Christmas lights and listen to
Christmas music that is just a cozy happy situation so I hope those ideas
are fun for you and you just make the most out of this time of year it really
is such a special time of year and it goes by so quickly like a blink of an
eye so we have to just make an effort to savor it and especially as Floridians
who we’re just soaking up this weather today is such a beautiful day I need to
open up the windows to let the fresh air into our little apartment but
I hope you guys enjoyed this little vlog and have a wonderful day and I’ll see Oh

68 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS AT DISNEY | Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort! ✨”

  1. never been to disney, really need to go someday!!
    & you make me so happy Allison, thank you for being a beautiful ray of sunshine! Much love!

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  5. The Grand Floridian reminds me a lot of the Coronado Hotel in San Diego! The christmas decor is poppin! You should try the Mary Jo K lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics it would look sooo pretty on you. Loving the pop of color!

  6. Thank you for sharing. I love you ears. Looking so stinking cute again today. Brandon is a lucky man. What eyeshadow do you have on?

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  8. Hi Allison! Love this video gave me new ideas to celebrate. Where is your sweater dress and leopard coat from?

  9. This vlog was filled with Christmas magic! I loved it. 🎄✨ All of the gingerbread decor at Grand Floridian was adorable. 💕

  10. I'm so disappointed cause I was suppose to go on a class trip to Disney this week, and was so excited to go during Christmas for the first time, but then I got sick with the flu and missed so much school! My aunt just moved to Florida tho so I'm rlly hoping I can visit her during break and go to disney too haha! Loved the vid sm!!!

  11. Thank you so much for being you 💜 I’ve been having such a rough few days and you always turn my days around with your sunshine videos ✨

  12. Hi Allison!!! I was wondering if maybe you could pls do some more Christmas Disney videos because I am going there for Christmas for the first time and I don’t know what to expect and I would love some tips!!!!! Also what is the temp down there during Christmas? Like should I bring shorts and short sleeves or should I wear leggings? Thank you queen!!!

  13. I seriously love your videos. You are such a sweet person and I love that you genuinely get excited/happy for others. Thank you for being something positive on the internet 😊

    Also, the Grand Floridian is on my bucket list. I may live in Orlando but since I was a kid it has been a dream of mine to stay there.

  14. I tried a gingerbread man from the Contemporary last year and the texture threw me off so much 😂 not a fan personally I prefer the kind of gingerbread cookies you can get like a Betty Crocker mix for at Walmart! Also a fun thing to do is work on your laptop in the grand flo lobby or do something else to kill time, and then at like 3:30ish Cinderella and the prince come in with all the kids and do a waltz in the lobby before going to start dinner at 1900 Park Fare! It’s so cute and fun and free and relaxing! Merry Christmas! 🎄💖

  15. My 18th birthday Disney vacation is next week and this made me so excited for it! I love the gingerbread house, it’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions! And those ears are so adorable on you! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. I love you i watched this video 3 times now it just makes me happy. I just wish u would be more real sometimes. Like talk about things that ur feeling sometimes there is no way ur happy 24/7 act more human n i think u would get more subs.

  17. I literally get into such a Christmas spirit from watching this 😁 I'm so keen to see the rest of your Christmas videos ❤ much love from Australia xx

  18. Hi!!! Quick question, do you think your Kitchenaid mixer is worth the price listed? Do you get a lot of use out of it, or do you find yourself mostly using a hand mixer? I’ve wanted a stand mixer for so long and am thinking of getting one for Christmas and it always looks so beautiful on your counter! The price point makes me hesitant though. Please let me know if you can! Also, I got married at the Grand Floridian about a month ago! 😍✨

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