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College Football – Riverside City vs College of the Canyons

College Football – Riverside City vs College of the Canyons

from Wheelock Stadium on the campus of
Riverside City College it is the SCF a championship matchup between the
Riverside City College Tigers and the Cougars of the College of the cans hi
everybody I’m jr. Ibarra along with my broadcast partner Jeff Gorham Jeff we
have a great matchup of two teams tonight with Riverside coming in at 11
and no college of the canyons at 9 and 2 I think these two teams have definitely
deserved to be here tonight well tell you what last year college of the
canyons came in tena know they’re looking for redemption but there have
had a common opponent and that just Saddleback and last week it was all
college of the canyons first to Saddleback it was a 58 to 53 victory for
a college of the canyons but they had a 32-point lead coin into the fourth
quarter and almost had that slip away from them on the flip side Riverside had
a really good night going up against Mount San Antonio College with a very
big 48 to nothing win I know you were here to see that I’m sure that was quite
a clubbing against the Mounties a mountain I’ll tell you what it was the
Jacob Bartlett show he was phenomenal he was sitting in the pocket he was
throwing darts to everybody and they were just hitting on all cylinders
defensively it was a shutout they just played phenomenal football and they
looked like they were destined for a another national championship 30 years
apart mind you that’s quite a statistic and I think talking about Jacob arledge
I mean him along with Armani and the quarterback for college of Kansas is a
really good matchup tonight bartlett’s has 2,100 yards on the season 25
touchdowns and only four interceptions so he’s really kept the bell pretty safe
offensively here for the Tigers of Riverside on the flip side end has 2,700
yards passing another 325 rushing so defensively I think Riverside really
needs to be concerned with his ability to move out of the pocket well they’re
gonna have to definitely put a spy on him but I’d say this this defense at
Riverside has they are so fast on the outside they funnel everything to the
inside and they play very good defensive football big matchup tonight big
implications whoever wins tonight will play San Mateo in a couple of weeks for
the state college championship State Community College championship so
there’s a lot riding on this football game kickoff is coming up in just a bit
you’re watching all the action here on Riverside TV alright jr. ebar along with jeff corn
for tonight’s SCF a mashup with the Riverside Tigers taking on the Cougars
of college of the canyons and Jeff one factor we haven’t talked about is the
rain it has been raining steady for about the past hour and it’s varied in
intensity and that may pay somewhat of a factor in this ballgame well it could be
a factor for both teams but none so much more than for the Tigers
Jacob Bartlett is really that guy that will stand in the pocket and throw the
football we might see a different quarterback tonight if the rain persists
because my Kerwin I’ll tell you what is one of those versatile mobile
quarterbacks we might see a little bit of him as well you know I would think
that the Riverside Tigers may think about a different strategy tonight based
on the fact that weather could play a little bit into this ballgame so we’ll
see what happens Riverside has won tonight’s toss and they have elected to
receive tonight’s kickoff so does Tanner Brown who will kick off here for a
college of the canyons back to receive is Ray Estes and we’re just about set to
go play for this championship competition tonight
Riverside taking on college of the canyons and we are underway from gweelok
Stadium nice high boot could have put Estes right at the goal line he’s going
to take it out at the 10 to the 15 to the 20 has a bit of a seam a little bit
more daylight brings it down to about the 40-yard line well he’ll be met there
by a couple of defenders I’ll be Harris makes the stop for
college of the canyons and now Riverside will start things off with some pretty
decent field position her Jeff yeah and I’ll tell you what the the special teams
tonight can really play a factor in this because Riverside is so dynamic with
those guys I’ll tell you it kick it out of the end zone if you’re college of the
canyons they could cause some damage 1st down and 10 from the 40 the give is
going right up the middle this for about four yards before we get a rugby scrum
going on here and Riverside will try to change it up they’ll run a little bit
they’re gonna try to spread that defense out by going with the ground-and-pound
early here no huddle hurry up offense very typical all we have a little bit of
a bobble and we have a whistle on the play because I think there was a
procedure call so this is actually kind of lucky for Riverside as barlas was not
expecting that snap at all dip false start first penalty of the
game here for Riverside our officials tonight will be Jeff hill it says your
referee je jure the umpire the linesman is Trent Brown the line judge is Brandon
belieu the back judge tyrant Clark Phil judges Garrett girls and the side judges
John Gill the 3rd 2nd down now and it looks like they lost one yard back the
basketball this has a man open in the catch is made to the 30 25 20 10 5
touchdown Riverside Isiah Leith making the catch and coming up with a 60 yard
touchdown I’ll tell you what junior they don’t hold the ball very long on offense
because they don’t need to they score in bunches you and I talked before the game
I said be prepared this Riverside team is explosive and they can score at any
given play you know I kind of expect us on a coach tom craft because he loves
that hurry up offense he likes to keep this pace moving it’s almost like Chip
Kelly if you would kind of compare it to any big-time college coach and he just
comes right out of the bat wanting to running gun
kick is up on the way and it is good so just like that with just over a minute
in this ballgame it is Riverside seven and college of the canyons nothing and
really coach crafts offense and we’ve seen them several times as here they got
to get into a rhythm and when they get going early they’re pretty tough to stop
because when your offense gets going your defense gets behind you it just
seems to be synergy at its best with this Riverside team you know it’s a
pretty daring thing to try when you have some moisture out right now but
nonetheless it seems like barrage and the connection there he made to Leith
was just right on spot so now college of the canyons will
receive the football for the first time this evening they just shot off the
cannon and literally I was watching I don’t know if you saw it Jer but they
they had a one of the high hurdles and it snapped in half right in front of it
to smithereens down there I think that cannon might be season a lot of action
and I just like it did last Saturday night against mount San Antonio a long
kick off into the end zone will be a touchback thanks to Zach surveil us
who’s your kicker here for Riverside City College so our money edit is your
starting quarterback here for college of the canyons and as we mentioned in the
pregame this guy has put up some incredible numbers twenty seven hundred
yards on the season 24 touchdowns he also has 325 yards on the ground so he’s
a dual threat Jeff and he’s from West Palm Beach I’m tell you what he’ll leave
Florida you come out to sunny Southern California and now you’re playing for a
state championship this is pretty awesome this is a nice set up here I
think both these teams are pretty evenly matched so let’s see what happens here
with college of the canyons on their very first offensive series for the
evening play action had being chased and brought
down for a huge loss fifteen yards on the on the sack and
that’s not a good way to start off offensively you know you first play a
game offensively you just get drilled he couldn’t even get outside of the tackle
boxes to get rid of it I’ll tell you this Riverside defense is
just as fast on the defensive side as they are I’ll talk a little bit more
about the Riverside defense because it is pretty stout especially in the
linebacking crew second and 25 with the ball spotted at the 10 yard line of
college of the canyons still early here in the first quarter Riverside leading
by seven back the pass is at it decides to check up this is where he can’t be
dangerous takes the ball to about the 19 yard line where he’s finally stopped on
the play looks like Elijah Ben excuse me Kobi Fitzgerald making the stop there
for Riverside hey Coby Fitzgerald a fantastic player played it survived high
school but lives out here in the end the Inland Empire was driving back and forth
played it I believe it myriad a valley at one point but finished up at Servite
had a great career here at RCC third and 17 clock is running at 12:40 here in the
first quarter and looking to pass throws it down the middle and just out of the
reach of his intended receiver that was tick want Gilmore comes out of Esteban
Torres High School in Los Angeles and it looks like college of the canyons will
obviously have to elect to punt this one away and that’s the problem you got a
punt to some playmakers there and that waiting there tanner brown is your
kicker slash punter here for a college call it the canyons he’s a graduate out
of Saugus high school high snap oh and this will be a touchback boy the hitch
just keep on coming here for the special teams so just like that and Riverside’s gonna
get the ball back after the score because of the the safety so the safety
adds another two points now we’re at nine to nothing and we’re still very
early here in the first quarter twelve thirty five the clock has currently
stopped right now so just like that a couple of miscues by college of the
canyons puts Riverside nine points ahead and boy you don’t want to dig a hole
that quick Jeff know you don’t want to get whole against the best offense in
the nation and that’s what it is but comes down to you can’t give them any
opportunities defensively offensive ly you can’t have any penalties because
this Riverside team is so-so they just destroy teams they take advantage of
issues just like that as we see on the replay and they caused issues like that
– so defensively they’re beginning to obviously rattle the cage of college of
the canyons or right off the bat so just like that
Tanner Brown will have to boot this one after that miscue ray Estes once again
back kick is on the way estes will take it right at about his 24 has some
daylight brought down by the shoestrings there at the 45 he’s found in the turf
because he saw a lot of green ahead of him and he saw a lot green all season
long in fact he is one of those guys that can just cause problems because
he’s such a playmaker any time he touches the ball Reyes does the
defensive back here for Riverside City College will obviously do a little bit
of the special teams as well so now first down and ten with a ball at the 45
yard line Riverside with a nine-point lead
at present give up the middle gain of about three yards and Kinslow your ball
carrier excuse me that is number five that is Elijah Bennett your running back
he has 193 yards on his season a couple of touchdowns and average is about four
point seven per carry second down seven barlas back to pass
dumps it out into the flat ball is down taken to about
45 44 yard line on the reception is Elijah Bennett so once again Bennett
seen some action here early in this game Jeff yeah and and with coach craft he’s
one of those guys that he can run run it up quickly or he can slow it down
choo a lot of clock up he’s really one of those guys that can do anything he
wants offensively first down and 10 right at about the 44 of college of the
canyons back to passes Barley’s once again gonna dump it out to the flat very
low and catch is made but taken right to the line of scrimmage on the
receptionist giovanni sanders out of Murrieta mesa giovanni sanders last week
i’ll tell you he turned some heads he had everybody’s head on a lazy susan
he was so quick actually lost a yard on that one so we’re gonna call it second
down and 11 great defensive work here for a college
of the canyons second any lemon balls right at the 45 Winslow in motion back
to passes Bartlett’s catch is made right at about the 40 maybe the 41 so the ball
is at the 39 Reggie ratzlaf making the reception on that last pickup so throw
down about third and seven here give as to Winslow
go to be shy the first down marker the initial hit is made by Tyler Richardson fourth down three to go and it looks
like Riverside is gonna continue on here offensively let’s see what barrage comes
up with these looks and it looks to the sideline one more time for some
instructions here from coach Kraft gives de Winslow has some daylight to his left
to the 25 and takes it down to the 20 where he’s finally wrestled down but
picks up a first down I’ll tell you what every part of the field is for down
territory for Coach craft if we just saw there he Gant the gambler one yeah
Thomas kids low happy to come off the field now lost his shoes so he’ll have a
rose up in the backfield looks like they’ll bring in Jalen young in the
backfield and it’s the pass out to young and just a little bit out of his reach
I’m glad that pass was thrown in front of him and not behind him that would
have been a live ball that could have been some trouble rain is kind of
curtailed just a bit I think it’s spittin just a little bit but
nonetheless it’s still kind of moist out so it’s kind of interesting to see
Riverside trying to throw the football with some some wet hands here for
Bartlett’s well I remember playing we used to put tough skin on her hands
tough skin and we scald stickum but then about halfway through the game your
hands would be so slippery you couldn’t catch a football
2nd down and 10 balls at the 20 of Canyon’s barlas gonna look to the
sidelines last-minute call gave is gonna go right up the middle gonna gain about
five yards on the carry once again it’s challenged Ungh so it’s
very interesting to see craft kind of mix things up here in the back field in
terms of his running backs no he’s used eight of them we saw earlier in the game
this year he’s got guys from everywhere and they’re just there is as good as the
next guy that’s what’s interesting when you when you see things statistically
you don’t have one guy who’s really far ahead yardage wise that’s all the others
it’s pretty evenly spread as now Riverside is looking at a third down and
six get once again up the middle with some
daylight ball taken down to the five yard line
once again it’s Jalen young on the carry and you Quine bucco bradovich
making this stop for college of the canyons I mean when you have those that
offensive line is just so strong you can go off any tackle you’re gonna get three
to five yards every single time first and goal now here for a Riverside clock
is 8:40 and running and to give once again go right up the middle for another
touchdown is jaelyn young untouched so Jalen young takes it in for a six yard
Gary nice work by the offensive line Jeff yeah I mean that is that is the key
to this offense is those big boys up front I’ll tell you they are so good
they can create a hole for anybody you and I could get a hundred yards playing
with these guys and we’re slow you’re slow as molasses so on here for the
extra point snap is down kick is up looking good and it is good so just like
that 8:35 here in the first quarter it is six team did nothing in favor of the
Tigers there we take a look at some of the way things craft has mix things up
dumping it off in the flat and this toss off into the sidelines and
in finishing things finishing things up with a running thomas Kinslow a stood
out of Centennial High School part of the evil empire and Matt Logan over
there so now college of the canyons will get
another opportunity to try things offensively here they really had their
miscues early on and they are trailing by 16 points at present and this will be
no they’re gonna run it out I thought he was gonna call for a touchback Falls
taken to the 25 run back on the play by two Quan Gilmore surprised they came out
that deep in the end zone wow that was daring but I guess when
you’re down by 16 points you’re trying not to get too far behind in this ball
game they might as well try anything you can this is a championship game it’s a
winner go home situation as we mentioned this will determine who heads to the
state championships to face off against College of San Mateo 1st down and 10
ball is at the 20 back istic want Gilmore who’s coming into the game will
be spread left here for canyons Armani and looking things over and looks like
we’re going to have movement so another couple of miscues here false start and that will set back Caiden’s by 5 yards
so now first down and 15 so repeat first down clock stops at 8:29 head in with a
single set to spread left we may have encroachment now on the
Tigers let’s see what the call of a so the Tigers give it right back so the Cougars of college of the canyons
give up five and the Riverside gives it right back to them by an encroachment
call now first down intent like it originally was and look into the
sidelines so they pretty much do a no-huddle offense as well Jeff it’s kind
of the same almost mirrored yeah it looks very similar I’ve seen a couple of
games and it looks very similar to Riverside looking down the field and
nowhere near an intended receiver looks like it might have been
number nine your general receiver of Trayvon Elliot’s valiant out of North
Central High School in Indianapolis Indiana comes a long way here to
Southern California to play some Community College football coach Kraft
has guys from all over the world on his team it’s amazing to see the roster here
as you see guys from all over the place we’ll talk a little bit about that as
the game progresses here clock has stopped at 8:23 second down and ten ball
remains out 220-year of canyons oh we got movements I’m surprised there was no
flag now timeout I saw movement by one of the
linemen I don’t know if you saw that I’m surprised no flag was thrown I don’t
know if your your refs and uh Barbour being just merciful tonight I maybe had
water dripping in their eyes Thomas LeBeau sure the offensive lineman
six-six 305 pounds from Quebec City Canada
I’m telling you they’re from all over the world amazing you know that’s the
thing Jeff I know you guys have mentioned in previous broadcast just
with you know the amount of quality football here in Community College in
Southern California it is not surprising as well take a look at this again as
they take the timeout but you’ll see guys from all over the country and all
over the world come to Southern California to be part of these programs
yeah and it’s really strange you say I played football in Switzerland well how
do you play football Switzerland but apparently they have like travel travel
ball type club teams over there so you know coach craft and staff find these
guys everywhere gaining popularity in Europe so
obviously with the NFL trying to set up shop over there it’s causing some of
those youngsters across the pond to take notice here what’s happening here in
Southern California the give is going to go to the left and going noplace and
even a lost year for the college of the canyons carry on the play goes to Kaden
done their leading rusher and their rent leading running back just going no place
in fact getting hauled down well they’re not gonna call it a loss but he’s right
back at the line of scrimmage Kaden done over 670 yards on the ground this year
so he’s definitely been capable of running the football third down and 10
heading back to pass looking down the center catches made to the 30 won’t be a
first down pickup here finally Amari Smith making the catch I believe that’s
the first time they’ve moved the stick tonight yeah that’s first time they’ve
moved the change and they’re gonna go into kind of a hurry-up mode and they
usually go no huddle they’ll look to the sidelines for the offensive call that’s
what’s kind of entertaining doesn’t see the hand signals that are coming from
the sideline yeah it’s always funny Heights makes me laugh every time we
watch those coaches and look at the pass out to his right ball is batted down
great defensive play here for the Tigers yeah Kyle and Ross over there on the
stop I believe yeah that was Ross defensive back from Calabasas high
school Omega days 2nd down and 10 situation with the ball remaining at the
35 clock stops at 713 Riverside leading this contest by 16 points I’m really
surprised anybody tested in the secondary last week Riverside had five
interceptions yeah it was a big night last week 48 to nothing against the
mount sac Mounties to give is going to go to dud he’s looking for some daylight
takes it to the 40 and brought down about the 43-yard line and talking about
last week’s shutout we were talking up here in the booth I was the first home
shutout in the Tom Kraft year which has been 10 years that’s amazing that’s an
amazing stat because you would never think that of a Tom Craft lad offense
James Hansen made the stop on the last play this will make it a third down and
2 o’clock is rolling at 6:41 Hedden gonna drop back looking to his right
open man balls to the 40 and all the way with daylight to the touchdown ha
lonzell Henderson your wide receiver coming up with six on a nice slant
pattern there Jeff I’ll tell you what we’re not gonna have a shutout here
tonight as I’ll tell you there was no one near him as he ran it was a perfect
perfect pass great play call by college of the canyons looks like it was
somewhat of a break down there the line back in in secondary that allowed
Henderson to get out into the open so really cleanly there and they come up
with her first points of the ballgame so this really does help boost some energy
back into the life of the Cougars here for college of the canyons Baca stopped
at 626 once again it’s Tanner brown in for the
kick puts it up through the uprights looks good and it is so just like that
college of the canyons really kind of gets themselves back into this ball game
let’s take another look at this Jeff yeah that could have been rough if they
hadn’t came out with a score there cuz you know Riverside it’s been poked but
look at that I mean just like he said abalone covered electively yeah I’m sure
the Tigers will have to make a few adjustments to try to curtail anything
like from that happened in one more time now it seems like the rain has
completely stopped and we still have a little bit of a soggy field here at
Wheelock Stadium talking about the coaches involved in
tonight Tom Kraft 11 a no on the season had his 100th went last week that’s
right were beating the mount sac Mounties so it’s interesting he had 115
victories for Palomar in his tenure there another 100 here so this is a guy
who is legendary in his career he’s done and just incredible everywhere he’s got
his prolific with it with San Diego State he just knows how to score the
football he’d be a great basketball coach I think you’ve had basketball
scores most of the time he’s a great offensive mind and it’s amazing how many
points the Tigers have put up as a short almost pooch kick couldn’t be taken by
Estes no gonna be taken right at the 25 and that’s where the Tigers will operate
with a first down in ten Bartnik Finn was your man to cast a reception there
on the kickoff and now with a first and ten right at the 26 yard liner so 27
they’re gonna call it Bartlett’s with a man in motion give us the Winslow
Kinslow excuse me so kids low back in the back and it looks like he’s limping
off the field some wonder if he’s had a little bit issues here
maybe injury-wise here Jeff yeah he’s Kenzel is one of those guys it’s a gamer
he’s always oh he’s ready to go comes off the field the lines have been it
back into the backfield in fact they’re gonna dump it off or try to dump it off
to Elijah Bennett coming off the backfield but he bobbles it lets it get
through his hands and that could have been as a factor the
oyster that’s on the ground on the ball right now yeah cuz he normally doesn’t
miss a ball that hits them in a bad spot right in the hands especially with those
yellow gloves for guys or whatever color I’m those green or yellow like a
fluorescent type glove like they’re all those highlighters I guess it gives a
better target therefore Bartlett’s maybe I’m so you can see it takes a nice
target maker there for your quarterback Bartlett’s looking to his right looking
downfield catches made at the 50 and wide open to the 10 5 and touchdown it
is Isaiah Leith once again second time tonight and just like that college of
the canyons was feeling great I can’t feel too good right now boy that really
takes the air wind out of their sails air as leaf comes up with a huge grab
from barrage so just like that the Tigers of Riverside strike right back
and extend that lead even further still have 542 left in first quarter that’s
amazing Sippi let’s kick up looks good and it is now is 23 7 in favor of
Riverside yeah just what you thought call is that the Canada’s might be
sneaking up on you they come up with this huge ball play from barrage and just a perfect path
throne and a mystical though how do you just go for the ball you gotta wrap the
guy up yeah look at Lee just completely untouched for about 50 yards they’re
after making the reception and you want to pays for a pretty good
game right here would that be 18 oh wow that’d be a lot of people a lot more
points than I had in my head yeah well you look at the way that Riverside has
been scoring throughout the entire season they have really lit up the
scoreboard they could put up triple digits here how about the the state
semifinal we don’t have enough room on the score but I got see it’s it’s a
little bit on the older side as college of the canyons takes the football down
to about the 27 yard line once again it’s Gilmore making the run
back here for a college of the canyons first and 10 at about the 26 27 yard
line but I could stop at 535 Riverside with that 23 to 7 lead so let’s see if
heading can generate something here offensively for a college of the canyons
as we mentioned 2700 yards on the season so he can certainly get it done he can
also run unto that backfield with over 325 on the ground once again going with
a single set Dunn is your ball carrier to the 30 stacked up right at about the
34 yard line actually wrestled down at about the 35 if they give him forward
progression a little bit of pushing and shoving going on Gilmore getting into it
with one of their Riverside defenders so pickup of about eight almost nine on the
plane well he takes a shot he just keeps moving those feet are still moving he’s
being lifted off the ground done with eight touchdowns on the season on the
ground has a long of 52 yards so he can certainly break it free if he’s given
the opportunity clock is rolling at 455 here in the first to give is to done
once again almost gets slice right the backfield
man you feel right over the ankle of is lime in there and eyelids down we got
somebody down on the turf appears to be number 66
khadeem Deif offensive lineman 6 6 285 out of Elkton Maryland Eastern Christian
Academy so they’re gonna tend to him looks like he may have rolled an ankle
or so he’s writhing in pain on the field they’re definitely not feeling good not
in the least bit you know we’ve talked about Tom crap but Ted I acento the head
coach for college of the canyons he comes in with some pretty good
credentials as well we’ll take a second look at this to see if we can maybe see
how that injury OH rolled up right on his leg ouch and he’s
already got a knee brace on that knee probably that’s what’s so precarious for
your offensive linemen they just never know what’s going on behind them most of
the time and it’s so easy to get rolled upon as we saw in that last play but as
we were taking note of Ted iesson de he’s in his seventh year as head coach
for college of the canyons he too really has some great credentials when he first
came into this program he turned around this program making him eight and three
in the very first year well last year they were 10 and oh that’s right and
they lost in the first round so they feel like they have something they got
to make up your in this particular season yeah they probably look at that
last year was a snakebite game a lot of teams go through those well sometimes
they get him early in the year in fact RCC nearly had their snake bite to Long
Beach City earlier this season and Athiya since that game they have just
been on a tear maybe they’re you know those kind of games can wake you up and
they can wake you up even a year later it could be bulletin board fodder for
for you to go into that next season you know college of the canyons opened up
the 2019 season while they lost the saddle up saddle back by a score of 45
to 20 they beat Saddleback in the first and the semifinal rounds of the playoffs
by a score of 58 to 53 and I previously mentioned they had a 32 point lead going
into the fourth quarter and almost let it slip away and I’ll tell you what
chance Noland the quarterback of Saddleback is being recruited by
everybody came out of just down the road at Paloma Valley High School in Menifee
area was one of the best quarterbacks I’d ever seen the last five years you
and I cover so much high school sports he has been he was phenomenal and I’d
say he’s probably gonna be in a power v contra conference next year starting at
what I would wholeheartedly agree with you when you see his numbers and the way
he plays football he certainly has the credentials to get himself to a Division
one school third down and two clock is rolling at 420 here in the first canyons
looking things over on the sidelines trying to get a last-second signal what
they want to do offensively and we have whistles and stoppage and looks like
we’re gonna get a timeout yeah I think I said that wants to take a timeout here
for a college of the canyons initially there might have been a flag but that
got taken up and it will be a timeout charged to your two college of the
canyons yeah they’ve got to make it on this third and two it could be tough you
don’t go for it on fourth and two against this Riverside team like I said
every time they test the ball they seem to score somehow someway being a safety
being a field goal they just defensively they can score at any given moment so
the Cougars will regroup it here with a third and two their clock has been
stopped at 413 the Edit is already looking around to see the scheme thankfully no more rain at this point
and gonna drop back in trouble getting chased out of the pocket the ball is
loose will that be a recovery or will it be a forward pass I believe they’re
gonna give it to rivers like they will give it to Riverside as a fumble
recovery I know his arm might have been in motion let’s take a second look at
this for Edie no it takes a pump fake whoo not quite no he lost off the master
yep so it is a fumble recovery here for the Tigers and just like that Jeff
defensively once again they rise to the top we call timeout to set something up
like we just said they can score from anywhere and that’s really a victory
right there when you can stop that you know you’re in the semifinals of the
state that’s gonna cause some major major panic issues if you’re the Cougars
ball is at the 19 of canyons clock stopped at 404 bar ledge lone setback
has a man open and Jets like that touchdown Tigers look like Anthony
Rodriguez making their reception you’re tied in and we haven’t seen much of him
this season on at all so Anthony Rodriguez a sophomore 6-3 to 40 out of
Phoenix Arizona that is Rodriguez’s first touchdown of
the year yes I mean tell you what you’ve got so many weapons snap is down kick is
up looks good and it is Chavez this time putting it through the uprights
and just like that it’s 32:7 let’s take another look at this fumble recovery was
he in forward motion I don’t think so Jeff no I think that’s a pretty good
call but that’s a backbreaker I mean you’re down thirty to seven in the first
quarter you’re on pace a you go you going to
have or after the first quarter hey there on page four one hundred and
twenty on you yeah they got a place let’s give credit to number 94 key
rokosz Karen defensive lineman the freshman six to 250 who came up with
that fumble here for Riverside and just like that thirty to seven with 359 here
in the first quarter I don’t think college of the canyons was counting on
this type of harsh place so quick they’re gonna bring it out of the end
zone Gilmore looking to his left couldn’t get pushed out of bounds right
at about the 25 he didn’t look like he really wanted to get out of there yeah
decided the last thing I think I got a run
Brady Sheehan making the stop for the Tigers of riverside boy so what do you
do at this point if you’re college of the canyons there’s still plenty of time
left but man you’d really gotta buckle down here
yeah pray for snow forgot all you can do me your damned 30 they’re on base for
120 plus there’s still time in the first quarter they could score again they
could put a poison snot that they can’t I mean their last three games have been
pretty good in scoring fest against the long beach they lost by 32 to 24 but
they did beat Bakersfield 24/7 as we mentioned 58 to 53 win last week catch
is made and pushed out of bounds but we could have 58 points before half-time
the way this game is no no kidding a lonzell Harry Henderson making the
reception here for a college of the canyons picks up about three maybe four
on the plane actually they’re going to call it three so it’s second down and
seven clock continues to roll out 325 and looking downfield
we overthrows his receiver appears to have stumbled there I believe it might
have been intended try to get a number on that well we have a flag down on the
play well they’ll pick up close to a first
down by virtue of a penalty here I believe there was an encroachment yes it
was okay referees Mike was out did that rip some
batteries yeah and down the middle catches made ball taken right to about
midfield great reception on the play Randy Clemens you’re tied in on a
Lancaster making the catch till they call it looks like he said roughing the
passer that’s gonna add another 15 and March that’s a giant play right there
well this puts a little bit of live here in the college of the canyons and that’s
been the Achilles heel for Riverside this years they cost they have so many
penalties they win by so much but they still have so many penalties they got to
shore that up especially going in for a state championship play action by Ed and
gonna take it out of the pocket has a little bit of daylight takes the
football down to about the 26 where he’s up ended pretty handily by Zach berola
the linebacker hey you got a slide there don’t get picked up and thrown down
that’s WWE style look at that Zach was using him as kind of a tackle bag there
watch this boom don’t leave your feet oh not in the least bit Zach made a pay for
that one done your ball carrier to the 25 takes it down to the 21 yard line or he’s finally brought down by cos
Karen it’ll be a first down here for the Cougars so they’re moving the chains
here Jeff yeah they’re looking like they’ve got some life here and I’ll tell
you they’ve got to score they really do I mean this is kind of imperative that
they come up with some points on the scoreboard here to try to keep pace here
with the Tigers of Riverside clock continues to move at 204 here in the
first good thing is Cougars get the ball here in the second half if they can
score here that could make it a different whole different ballgame
staying on his feet and stack it up okay done your ball carrier
maybe picks up he’ll get three almost four on the play so the ball inside of
the toni yard line right at about the 18 clock continues to roll at 125 here in
the first it’s chilly out here today it’s certainly my lips are frozen
this is an open tower where’s it been dumped off pass goes nowhere I think it
was attended for done but he was held up by a couple of Tigers so that’ll bring
up a third and 7 with scenario here clock stopped at 1:13 and look into the
sidelines they gotta find a way to try to get this one into the end zone here
Jeff had better stop back looking catch nearly made as he was attempting to get
it to number 9 Trevon Elliott your wide receiver just out of his grasp so this will bring in the field goal opportunity here for college of the
canyons Tanner brown your kicker right at the
right hash mark out the 25 so it’ll be a an attempt of 35 yards here for Brown
nice nap kick is up nice leg puts it up and it’s good so
although he missed it oh yeah that’s a tough one because you got Riverside won
with a minute left here we’ve seen what they can do tell you what they score
here in a minute it really puts the Cougars off obviously our angle is a
little tough to see I thought it was good he had enough playing on that Jeff
oh he had enough leg to hit the hit the hospital on the hill probably wound up
if what’s on the maternity ward some kid has a football we’re gonna name him
Wilson Spaulding Chyna Branagh is actually pretty good in terms of food
goal attends he’s 11 of 16 not too bad 53 of 55 on the point after attempts and
so the Tigers will take things over and we have some more changes for Riverside
in the backfield now Javon McLaury great player out of Arlington High School last
year it was used a little hot as a receiver but I’ll tell you he is one of
those go-to guys we’ve seen for the last 4 plus years here in Riverside their
glory wants to get in the backfield sending a man in motion bartlett’s with
a give to Matt glory in a daylight till the 40 50 to the 30 brought down right
in about the 25 yard line but Gloria with a great run well I’d say
he is exciting to watch every bit of these running backs can do this I mean
they just have something up their sleeve it’s like you have a tackle box you’re
going out fly-fishing you picked the right fly you can catch anything and
I’ll tell you coach craft knows how to pick them and that’ll bring it into our
first quarter of play where it’s 32 7 Riverside / Canyon of the college of the
canyons we’re gonna send things down to Bryan along the sidelines Brian Wilson
what do you got for us great thank you so much Brian yeah the offensive line
Jeff has just been pretty stout here for Riverside as measured when you’re seen
the type of play we’ve seen so far in the first quarter weight room I’ll tell
you what that’s what its weight room and double cheeseburgers got those guys
tough you know I honestly I was just thinking this was the end of the second
quarter that you’re the first holy cow yeah man just a domination I was
thinking hey they’re gonna get the ball in the second half but hey we got a
whole nother quarter here yeah there’s still plenty of a football to be played
here with McLaury he has already 50 yards on their first quarter alone is
interesting because you have so many backs you have three guys with 20 plus
yards with the rushing game that’s pretty impressive and Jacob are the six
of eight with 161 yards not bad first corner yeah Thomas Kinsler with 27 Jalen
young with 20 it’s amazing how the craft loves to spread it around and that’s
what you loved his offense because he has so many weapons guys you can’t even
scout you bring out there exactly so it’ll be first down in 10 McLaury once
again your ball care he’s wrestled down side of the 20 soma glory with another
pickup had some more yardage to that stat sheet see Bartlett’s trying to
hurry things up here the glory once again your ball carrier ho slips on the
turf I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of that because of the wet situation
geoff turf monster got him on that one came right up there the 20 yard line and
yanked him down so once again thankfully it looks like for the most part there’s
no kind of rain happening right now we’ll take another look at McLaury
trying to make the cut ask turf moss move grabbed him yeah be a third down in
forest scenario clock rolling here at 1401 in the second quarter Bartlett’s
play-action looking through the middle catch is made and looks like wrestled
down ray Estes making the catch when kind of picking up just a bit here as
well wind I don’t want Cole I’d just want to be
warm so it’ll be a first and goal scenario here for Riverside so let’s see
if they can start this second quarter play with some points on the scoreboard
here Jeff the glory gets the ball dumped out actually it looks like we have a
brand new receiver coming out of the backfield this time it’ll be number 28
Cameron bousley so once again craft going into that
toolbox picking out another running back and Cameron Bosley has been a starter
for most of the year but really who is a starter he you had Mike Irwin who
started most of the year at quarterback and you look at Marla jiz numbers that’s
only half the season really a quarterback system it’s very easily that
he could have been in the 3,000 yardage range and once again it’s poly stacked
up maybe for about a yard or so as the clock continues to move at 12
49 Hey look at that look at that line look at 77 Brown you know how big he is
let’s take don’t don’t look at the stats I want you to know he is 6 7 400 500 I
think he’s been the Burger King a couple days I think he’s been I think he’s I
think he might be the burger thing but glory on the carry and is he in
touchdown actually that is Bali making the
touchdown so once again craft mixing things up with Valley in the backfield
just surges it right through the middle and in for the score
novels big giant offensive lineman yeah Kevin Brown my goodness that’s a big man
that’s WWE’s dollars if he doesn’t make it in foot boys got a secondary career
for sure he can do anything he wants kick up on the way looking good and it
is so now that’ll make it a 30 point lead here for Riverside Jeff man how do
you start regrouping on something of that kind of a deficit I don’t know how
you can’t in fact if this were high school football we’d almost be in
running clock range right now just about we’re still very early here the second
quarter of play and you see the mix of running and running backs here for
Riverside that have made things happen to put points on the scoreboard and
possibly gets the brunt of it but I’ll tell you but they should have given it
to McGorry for gosh sakes he did all the work
they bring in Bosley to do the cleanup work but great run from the Tigers yeah by the end of this game we might be
out of here by Tuesday that’s very possible at this point and it looks like
they’ll will wisely let this one pass through the end zone for a touchback
yeah stop stop trying to return yeah at this point I don’t think you want to do
anything funny out of the ordinary you just want to stick to some sort of game
plan yeah keep keep it on the ground get that clock going just turn I don’t know
if you can throw against this to the secondary the secondary like said five
turnovers last week caught you know interceptions and that could lead to
more points exactly that’s something you don’t want right now as we just started
the second quarter now that’s amazing already a 30 point deficit here for
college of the canyons Brees once again beginning to kick up and Kerry is being made by number 26 now
you and I have been on probably 20 plus games this year together have you seen
anything this explosive and this is college football semifinal this is very
explosive football one of the things I think a lot of people don’t realize this
specially with community college football you’re seeing Division one
players that for some yes another did not get in scholarship offer but yet
have the ability to play at do you want oh yeah and you get a lot of Division
one to bounce backs as well this is big-time football and this is a display
we haven’t seen in a long time exactly back passes headed and intended looks
like for number 84 Lennox Howard as he stumbles on the turf shondor so was your
defender here for Riverside but yeah Jeff when you look at the talent that’s
here in Southern California at the community college level I mean this is a
lot a lot like watching a d1 game it really is it really truly is I tell you
what I put them against some of these pac-12 schools this year we won’t
mention it in here so usually we’ll put this the a squad will move them over to
UCLA and USC either one heading under some pressure and has hauled down for a
loss alex navaro sillier defensive lineman a
freshman from Don Lugo high school making this stop and we’ll stop college
of the canyons cold indoor track sir Jeff you got 6 5 to 20 coming at you
full speed right there and man look at that and hands like a vise grip
apparently I mean if you’re the Cougars you can’t call timeout you only have one
left yeah there’s only so much you can do at
this point door so is going to be back to receive
this punt kind of a hand over in door so taking it right at about the 27 yard
gets by a defender and has pushed out of bounds right at about the 43 44 yard
line son nice return by herself yeah his hesitation move really throws
everybody off he is just so dark quit right there I mean just can stop on a
dime look at that even on a hill he still has a great ability to cut yeah we
got a flag down in the field so that’s gonna negate that run by door so yeah
when you get a block in a back penalty because that because you’re just the
field is so open you’re gonna that might be the only call
you can get so unfortunately that will negate a very good run back by yourself
stops the clock at 1044 yeah always on on kick returns punt returns you’re
gonna get those calls like anytime you see a flag on the line you assume it’s
hold the same thing in special teams Eliza Bennett back in the back bill is
he now goes in motion so once again craft making it change with his running
backs down the middle catch is made I always bobble there for a second
reception on the play by Giovanni Sanders yeah he almost looked like it was hit
bobbled two or three times as we see here on the replay I thought he had
dropped a J look at that he got that his ankles Wow
great play by Sanders Bartlett’s getting chased out at the backfield just wisely
throws it away at that point I just gotta love the poise of that young man
barley I mean November two years ago I should say his junior campaign at Valley
View was in the state championship played for his dad and his his mom is a
state champion in volleyball everybody in that house has a ring except for I
think his youngest younger sister doesn’t have a ring but I’m sure she’ll
get one soon Bartlett’s facing now second downs in
looking back at the sidelines for some last-minute instructions from Tom craft
his dad was the offensive line coach here for a number of years with craft
Bartlett’s getting chased out has a little bit of room to run if he wants to
take it and he’ll get about four maybe on the carry I was a pretty good run for
Bartlett’s he’s peak at looking he’s become a dual threat all of a sudden
yeah he actually does have 227 yards rushing on the year and two rushing
touchdowns so he’s able to scramble out of the backfield if he needs to
I tell you what he’s his two touchdowns I think we’ve seen he gets right on the
line right I mean if it’s goal line stance
he’s has no problem getting in it’s a big man clock continues to roll at 9:48
third down and seven Barley’s will once again take another look to see what
craft wants to do play action down the middle the catch is made nice reception
just for right at about the 49 yard line it is Isaiah leaf once again make it a
reception he’s such a big target standing at 6 for 205 but I mean he
throws it between four defenders right to him look at that there are four guys
in the vicinity nice toss and throws a perfect strike once again Bartlett’s
back the pass catch once again made going back and forth until down your
receivers Dylan Laurent had a nice chat with his dad
before the game yes we did apparently Dylan is being looked at by a
couple of d1 or actually NAIA with Western Kentucky and also be looked at
by Utah so he’s beginning to get some notices out by some pretty significant
programs no another one of those targets for barrage second down and seven
Bennett once again in back field and we got a miscue which is very rare here for
the Tigers actually they do kind of get a few flags now man yeah they do yeah
but usually not from those big boys up front yeah usually it’s from those mean
defenders I remember way back in the day covering Mount San Antonio College
football during their national championship season they averaged a
hundred yards of penalties per game let’s just meanest that’s just jet and
it was it probably came from the defense really did it was primarily defensive
flags throughout the entire game he used to drive coach billfish nuts
toss out to the riot catch is Bay reception once again be made by the leaf we’ll bring up a third down scenario
here for Riverside bar llege once again gonna look things over to the sidelines clocks at 7:47 play-action a little bit
of trouble for bar loads being chased back and will be hauled down right at
about the 49 yard line that’s a rare courage for him to get brought down that
is kind of something you don’t normally see you here for riverside benjamin
seymour your defensive end making the stop
see more out of santa clarita I want to say this might be the first time we’ve
seen the punt team tonight you know from a pudding standpoint Riverside does not
point a whole lot when you could cope with the rest of the teams in the league
in fact by comparison they are way below the average in terms of the number of
points per game that’s right I don’t even think they punted against Golden
West earlier this year nice spiral kick will be taken right at about the 15 some
daylight to the 30 brought down at the 35 excuse me 45 yard line
nice run back on the plane Lenox Howard on the run back for college of the
canyons so Carson Reed making the stop your
punter and he kind of just threw his body into the other guys say hey
Carson’s out of East Anchorage Alaska so this is like spring weather for him this
is shorts weather yeah bring out the speedo weather bring out the flip-flops
man perverse play first down pickup for college of the canyons with Kaden done
on the run tail is right at the 41 spark me Jeff I’m thinking about setting up a
shanty we could do some ice fishing out here later on it just as old as it is
yeah we’ll find something to cast a line into
now the reverse actually looks like almost a trick play and it’s almost
intercepted Oh jaylen Braun excuse me that was too easy
yeah jaylen Bowens almost had the interception interesting play here by
college at the Canada’s they’re trying to get into the bag of tricks with
Trayvon Elliot making the toss you can see the Statue of Liberty next junior I
tell you I’ve been waiting to see it for years I haven’t seen it anywhere except
for on my street with my kids touch football actually Boise State pulled it
off last week they they did a very effective one last weekend Oh done
excuse me Edie gets chased nearly out of bounds almost loses the football but
luckily for canyons it goes out of bounds could it be a loss of about three
on the point yeah they call it a loss of to Boise does run a lot of those trick
plays we’ve seen him over the years there’s been some great ones the blue
turf throws everyone off though that smurfed turf really gets everybody in
some heebie-jeebies man they’ll be hosting their conference championship
game next weekend against Hawaii that’ll be tough for Hawaii to go into such a
cold territory edie reception is made right to about the 35 yard line
Hawaii’s got two running backs from the Inland Empire miles Reed from Centennial
and Freddy Holley ignore do this to both their running back for the University of
Hawaii great representation by the Empire in
fact the quarterback at Boise State’s from Marietta Valley Wow well that’s
right Hank buck Meyer is yes fourth and four they’re gonna go for it and chased
out of the backfield and he’ll be squashed for a loss of about one and
it’ll be a turnover on downs here for Riverside James hands it looks like he
was one of the defenders there on the play for Riverside so just like that the
Tigers will take over where the first down intent clock has topped at 5:18 and
they maintained their thirty point advantage over college of the canyons at
this point Bartlett’s on the give right up the middle
still on his feet and once again it is Elijah Bennett who moves the chains first and ten
falls at the 48 46 yard line and Bennett once again your ball care actually take
that back looks like we got into the change in the backfield here looks like
we got jaelyn young hey it’s championship Saturday here in
Riverside got Riverside Ramona playing in the southern section save
championship division 13 and he got RCC so city of Champions tonight that’s a
great way for Riverside to celebrate such great football has been at once
again your ball carrier that’s young your ball carrier trying to go for the football there but
Tyler Richardson not coming up with any kind of fumble they’re talking about
Ramona finished in third place in the river valley league and then playing for
a CIF championship that’s a great their last two games as we saw were just
tremendous and you gotta hand it to Coach Basinski who has really brought
this team alive here in the playoffs he invited me today and I went and had the
team meal and I got he asked me to speak to the guys I said I don’t know what a
heck offer to you but I I had a chance to meet with the team beforehand if so
if they lose they can blame me you are an alumnus of Ramona high school so I
think it’s quite apt that you did the the inspirational speech for the Rams
tonight Varla John the Kerry looks like he’ll pick up the first down
lost his helmet to who will that mean he’ll have to come off the field
momentarily shows you what a tough guy he is man got a good haircut yeah a
helmet on check this out now this will bring a Tyler Thomas Tyler Thomas Mr
electric I’ll tell you what this guy he is he’s come out of nowhere he is just a
running back that can throw the football so let’s see what Thomas can do he’s
gonna keep it craft calls his number but he’s gonna get pushed out of bounds
maybe lost a two or three on the play so my Alert debut not so good and
relatively new to football too only played in a couple years but we’ve seen
him a few times this season I mean he makes the entire crowd go nuts because
he’s got if he gets a breakaway nobody’s gonna catch him barlas is back in the
game now so Thomas just for one play loses two unfortunately so brings up
second down and 12 play action by Bartlett’s has a man open
can’t get it to him looks to his left and under throws his intended receiver
right didn’t see his progression air wide open on the first play but bodies
everywhere Cougars everywhere around them I should say so I’ll bring up a
third down at 12 o’clock stopped at 248 we’ll take a second look at this one
Jeff I missed that progression didn’t
actually see it Rhett’s laughs your intended receiver
just short of his grip so a third and 12 scenario for the Tigers parlors once
again look into the end zone with a man open and it is touchdown Tigers Giovanni
Sanders making the grab and why not I mean they just stopped before the goal
one didn’t even tackle him she said you’re in slightly under through him but
nonetheless Sanders comes up with the snatch and another six points here for
the Tigers hey we have 30 plus minutes your football left there Junior
Wow let’s do the song and dance routine here from what we’re seeing so far man
alive I did not expect this I really did expect Canyon to be a little bit more
challenging at this one now with a 44 to 7 lead here for Riverside but you know
what it’s not surprising to see how many points Riverside can generate in a
ballgame I mean they just do it on the ground they do it in the air they do it
defensively they just seem to be playing their best football at the right time of
year they’re down a couple key players too and still they just everybody steps
up and it’s addition by subtraction I tell you this this ballclub is you know
I happen to see this national championship team thirty years ago and
thirty year book in a national championships would be great
be nice to see coach craft get that state championship national championship
but wow what a dynamic team a lot but a lot different football than I remember
thirty years ago to say wow there’s a lot formulating here between Riverside
and college of the canyons and I mean the way it looks now if it continues on
they will very likely face amitab we still got a lot of football left here
and the but nonetheless it’s still looking
pretty favorable for the other side San Mateo 141 nothing bored he wanted enough
that they really manhandled Modesto this afternoon I was watching a little bit of
the game online he was cold and rainy up there as well in fact it was rainy
through the entire game so really kind of sloppy unfortunately well it’s pretty
nice here just chilly like I said if I could call the game from my living room
in front of my my fireplace and my slippers man my feet are cold my hands
are numb well eyes are freezing consider the fact that Wheelock Stadium this
building from what I understand is one of the oldest on campus it might be the
oldest in all of Riverside yeah from what I understand we Life Stadium was
first constructed in 1921 yeah Jimmy Hoffa could be somewhere under here
somewhere not giant stadium could be very possible I threw in a Jimmy Hoffa
ya know huh it could be around here someplace
yep second down in ten o’clock stopped at 214 head looking for somebody to toss
it off to ingest out of the reach of his intended receiver that was Collins L
Henderson doing a slant along the sidelines and just not able to get a
grasp on it third down and ten and I’m sure the frustrating is really beginning
to mount here for the Cougars oh and like now I can say this because I
thought it was at the end of the first quarter
well the Cougars will get the ball in the second Wow big advantage here
Edie tosses it over to his intended receiver
which is fortunately just out of the reach of roemello cook and not good news
if you are the cougars because the Tigers are gonna get the ball on
territory and you know they could do something at two minutes they could have
the ball two or three more times in the next two in two minutes and two seconds
oh man and they’re gonna have good field
position they’re gonna score they’re gonna be up they could put up they could
put up 50 points and I had well it is a team it has averaged about 49 points per
game so this is not surprising averaging 49 in fair catch is made right at about
the 36 37 yard line door so making the catch but we do have a flag down on the
field I was a little disappointed we couldn’t see door so run he’s fun to
watch yeah he’s really good on the punt returns yeah let’s see what the call is
holding okay I think he really should just turn off his mic yeah I think at
this point so this will set the football back right at about the 28 yard line I
call the game one time Junior I called a high school football game it was 108 to
20 oh gosh in high school it was bloomington versus her roopa Val I am
NOT surprised oh man Don Markham what a legend yes coach Markham who just
recently passed away what a year or two ago he was my high school football coach
is that right yeah Ramona Wow that was the last championship thirty years ago
that the Rams won okay that’s right Oh first down here for the
Tigers they’re trying to make some things happen to Jeff before they get
into the locker rooms Oh bobbled catch almost made
by Dylan Laurent seconded 10 clock stopped at 1:38 balls right at about the
44 of the Tigers Tigers are still trying to make things happen here before the
clock expires in so in trouble I’m barley wisely throws it bucks the
cheerleaders almost beaned a gobble I think she might have caught it I was a
one-handed catch by the cheerleader well there’s about 1500 of them along the
sidelines there so you know good thing about them is that they’re all wearing
sweats today you know if I had a daughter I’d be concerned absolutely
yeah but they’re all they look warmer than I am for gosh sakes you and I are
hairless up top and where my head is frozen it is a bit chilly out here as
barrage will check things over against the sidelines here you see the clock
stopped at 131 Bartlett’s down the center portion of the field will be
close to a first down pickup oh my gosh can you just what do you think they’re
gonna get backed up Armstrong Johnson comes up with a reception and the first
down pickup great reception so first out of 10 balls right inside of the 45 44
well that’ll fall start though did you say Armstrong Johnson let’s see two last
names contra oh there you go can’t trust him yeah I like him you can trust him oh
he’s a freshman out of Miramar Florida alright his parents aren’t won’t hear me
say that no they might they’re probably they’re probably watching on Riverside
that’s true welcome aboard there hopefully you folks there from Florida
are watching us from sunny Southern California reception made by Kinslow excuse me
Dylan Lawrence your receiver chabaud McLaury back in the backfield here for
the Tigers whistle on the play and let’s see if there’s a stoppage or was there a
timeout called believe it was a I don’t see him flag on the ground yeah we do
have a false top it’s getting so cold I can’t even reach in their pockets for in
a handkerchief now he’s frozen to their butt oh they’re using it to wipe their
nose finally feels like fall football yeah I think so Bartlett’s as a man
opened catch is made but glory where the reception takes it inside of the 30
right to about the 28 yard line Tigers in hurry up mode as o’clock stops at 39
seconds they’ve got three timeouts and why not
Graf wants to get another six on the score another seven on the scoreboard
here and why not get this game out of reach early make it over by halftime
play you play the guys that don’t get to play very much get them going so
hey everybody comes out of your healthy happy and and raring to go next week
nice play occasion yeah to the glory you see some nice playing time tonight hey have you gonna you were last year
you at the festival of light so you gonna come bring your lovely wife and
come down to the festival why absolutely I was telling her about it I said I’ll
probably pass by on the way home tonight and take a sneak peek at it but won’t
come out and enjoy it maybe sometime next weekend or so I mean it is a great
time and a great location to bring out the family the grandma or grandpa
everybody everybody will love that I had the wife and kids there last night they
we were right underneath the fireworks might my three year old thought he was
gonna get hit by somebody you’re okay you’re okay okay let’s see what happens here with 39
seconds left before the half ends McLaury once again in the backfield
give mr. McClory he’ll pick up maybe a couple yards on the play clock continues
to move at just under 30 Tigers trying to make things happen here on the hurry
up play-action bartlett’s tries once again
to get it to but glory coming out of the backfield but it a little bit too low on
the field to get his grasp yeah coach craft didn’t look too happy on that play
took his hat off stops the clock at 16 coach oh I’m glad he put his hat back on
a little too cold ago happens to say chilly bartlett’s gonna look it over
once again get the signals from the side you see about three different coaches I
think like Larry Curly and mom there you go
Bartlett’s being backed up once again tosses it into the turf McLaury the
intended receiver stops the clock at 12 that’s a couple times in row we’ve seen
Bartlett you know throwing on his heels that’s something we’re not used to
seeing yeah it looks like Carson reads now gonna come in in tempt three points
here for the Tigers so if he makes this just makes it a
40-point game that’s all that’s it so it’ll be a 42-yard attempt to snap down
looks good kick is on the way and it’s good so with
seven seconds remaining in the first half it is now a 40 point lead here for
for Riverside City College that boy Jeff when you are the Cougars of college of
the canyons what the heck do you say when you go into the locker rooms here
well if I was the coach I would say you see those buses over there let’s run on
those buses well haven’t turned the lights out let’s sneak out of here
because I mean what can you do but I mean you’ve already kind of conceded now
you just gotta you gotta tell you guys you got to play hard and you got to
realize and maybe learn from this loss because it is I don’t see how they can
put up 40 here in the second half against this great defense maybe you say
hey look we’re gonna get any minor victory maybe win the second half it’s a
tough task – yes not out of the question but it is a
tough task and they haven’t turned the ball over that much it hasn’t been yeah
it hasn’t been bad football just Riverside’s been so dominant yeah a
little bit of a squib kick puts it on the turf balls being taken up a ride at
about the 19 yard line still on his feet nice decent right back here and that
will in the half that was Aaron Pitts on the run back
here for the Cougars of college of the canyons so Jeff a 40 point lead going
into the locker and I’m sure tom craft does not want to hold up from even
getting you know any less points and I’m sure he wants to put more on the
scoreboard of course he does he wants this guys playing at their you know at
their peak he’s probably gonna play his starters for another another quarter but
man what a phenomenal first athlete seen let’s send it down to the sidelines for
Report here hey guys thanks yeah really strong first half from our CC offense
really got going got a lot of people involved something to look at here in
the second half we’ll see how coach craft wants to play his quarterback
situation he’s got three really exceptional
quarterbacks in barrage Thomas and Irwin normally he’s been having Thomas going
in the backup but he does have my Kerwin available we’ll see how he plays it as
this game rolls on back to you guys great thank you so much Brian Wilson for
your coverage along the sidelines and you kind of wonder you think he might
make a change in the second half you know I don’t know if you do it right
away but I do think that we’re gonna see
Irwin if he’s healthy and we’ll definitely see Thomas as well to close
out this ballgame probably hey as we head into halftime I just wanted to give
a kind of a tribute and shout out to two people who I think were very
instrumental in local sports one here locally in Southern California that the
first being Louie Brewster of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin he was the
longtime reporter and sports editor who passed away unfortunately this past
Monday at the age of 70 I had a brief opportunity to work with him at the
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and man this guy knew everybody from the junior
varsity volleyball player all the way to the big names of John Force
Richard fitting all those people Louie Brewster he’s from Texas I spent a lot
of time in Fontana in fact a graduate of Fontana high school I know was a very
close friend of coach dick Bru ik and I know he’s going to be sorely missed
after his loss and I we just sent our loper in sympathy to his family
also John McKissack it’s the name you may not know but this man was the
winningest football coach in all of American football history was 621
victories and Carolina Somerville high school coaching
for 62 years can you believe that I mean that’s just an incredible stat I mean
621 wins is just I asked you I said did he coach 100 years not just 62 but wow
what what a what a great tribute and for us to talk about a coach that far away
has done so so well for the sport of football he passed away peacefully
surrounded by his family and loved ones this past Thursday on Thanksgiving days
so our heartfelt that called Dillon says to his family but we think those two men
for what they brought to local football when we back with the second half right
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awesome it’s awesome I get to fly a helicopter
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owner being in the business for years and years almost 20 years in the City of
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Riverside for so many years I says well this is a good opportunity so I asked a
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back to Wheelock Stadium as we take a look at some of the first-half
highlights and boy they were pretty Berg here for Riverside City College starting
things right off the bat with this long touchdown pass that went from barrage to
Isiah Leaf another one going in on the running game with Jalen Jung touchdown
yeah touchdown here for college of the canyons
Bar llege had a trip bidness first half along with leave as you see him here on
this reception he’ll take it to the house for another score for Riverside
and Armani innit having some troubles all evening long
man he’s had so much pressure tonight that it has really made a difference in
trying to get you generated offensive a little positive for another score for
Riverside this time deception made by Anthony Rodriguez and
Bartlett’s coin long once again in for the score that catch be made by Giovanni
Sanders so there’s a look at some of the first-half stats first down 16 a look at
the passing yards by Bartlett’s 300 on the night 138 yards on the ground and
look at the yardage there for college at the cannons 106 17 rushes for one net
yards so it just has been a really defensive a great stand here for rough
for Riverside and really what surprised me the most is that time of possession
Riverside normally not holding the ball very long they had it for 17 minutes and
52 seconds of that first half and I’ll tell you what you put up 47 points 300
rushing yards and man I’m sorry 300 passing yards Jacob Bartley had himself
a good game not good for half a great game us down you know the last three
previous games bartlett’s has been at 300 plus for last three games coming
into tonight’s ballgame he’s already had 300 as we mentioned and he’s probably
gonna track to maybe go to 400 this might be by the end of the game go to
400 by the end of the the first minute here of this of the third quarter I’ll
tell you the way this team is playing I mean they’re playing on off as they say
the space station is fully operational and right now this Riverside team looks
unstoppable Isaiah laid four receptions 152 yards
has two TDs with a long of 71 yards on the catch but when you look on the flip
side Armani added not too bad of a night for of 12 for 93 yards one touchdown but
he’s been sacked a couple of times so he’s been done been under a lot of
pressure defensively yeah I mean this this just this Tiger defense is so fast
like I said they’re so fast in the outside they funnel everything to the
middle and that’s what the problem starts because you get through that
middle you have that giant fast tough linemen that are mean lean and ready to
just take you down this Riverside team on both sides
football you talk about the scoring of what’s more impressive the 47 points or
holding a team in the semi-final to seven last week shutting out an opponent
in the playoffs they’re playing the best football of anybody I’ve ever seen yes
defensively alex navaro Silva has two sacks already on the night so he’s
really making his mark defensively here for the Tigers of Riverside
so the Cougars of college canyon will receive this kickoff and try to make
something happen boy it’s one of those situations where you really have to
score in this first series Jeff if you don’t I’ll tell you what you’re just
gonna look in the rearview mirror and just try to get out of here unscathed
unhurt and just know you don’t want to get 90-plus put on you here which could
possibly happen that’s not out of the question so gilmore is once again back
to receive and Gilmore will grab it know a little bit of a bobble between the two
receivers and they’re gonna bring it out of the backfield probably to be snatched
right at about the four five yard line Wow a bad start for the Cougars
not the way you want to start off a second half a game when you’re trailing
by 40 points so first and ten ball is gonna be spotted right at about two
inside of that five-yard line marker seems like it is getting a little bit
more chillier out here winds beginning to kick up a little bit more thankfully
the rain has been gone through most of that first half I think it dissipated
right at about 30 minutes into that first hour of play I’m telling you I’m
worried about snow for happening that’s very possible at this point so you got a five man spread Edie
quickly tries to toss it and almost intercepted oh man that would have been
disastrous Halen Bowens it’s the second time tonight he’s dropped a football
that’s been right in his hands my dad he’s like oh I could add to tonight that
was surprising I’m sure just completely caught Jalen right off guard that that
ball was right there within his grasp so second down in ten and in with a single
set Don is there in the backfield along with
him and he gives the den he’s going to get her wrapped up for a loss of maybe
two I don’t know if they’re gonna give him any kind of forward progress at all
it takes the ball right to about the one and a half depending on where he gets
the spot referee had some problems holding that ball we have our video guys
our cameraman right there on it the white hat definitely was uh didn’t have
good hands there’s hands are frozen though so he got to give him credit
third down and nine head in trouble loses the ball aided his recover for a
touchdown Koby Fitzgerald makes the hit comes up
with a rock and comes up with six points well I don’t think the Cougars wanted to
start off that way look at that Colby Fitzgerald almost untouched as he
gets into the backfield just kind of swats it away from Eden picks it up and
just like that the Tigers are on the board well not a good start to the second half
here for the Cougars the good news is the Cougars get the ball again bad news
is they got a play against a kick up on the way looks good and it is so just
like that at 14 to just less than a minute into the second half
ricardo chavez gives us the extra point and it is now a 54 to 7 lead nearby
Riverside yeah it’s like a video game score right now yeah just about well
when you look at the last three games here for Riverside I mean looking back
to the November 9th game against Boren Coast he had a 76 to 3 victory he did 56
to 25 against Saddleback and then last week that trouncing of Mount San Antonio
by 48 to nothing that’s a pretty good couple few weeks there man like you said
earlier Jeff they are playing perfect football at the right time of the year I
mean like I said a couple guys Tyler Kennedy’s not playing that most I think
the best JC football player I’ve ever seen not even playing in this game so
canyons will take it odd the run back Lenox hour down the run back well be at
the 24 let’s see of college of the canyons can kind of regroup here the
Cougars really need a score on this series they really do I mean the deficit
is so big now you just you gotta make something happen yeah and you throw the
ball or just keep it on the ground and cue clock up because you’re not getting
first down to either way you might as well pick your poison
Gabe is too done gonna go to his left he veins a couple of defenders will pick up
about seven yards maybe ain’t on the carry so nice run by done Caden Deniz we
previously mentioned about six yards per carry 670 total on the year
with heat touchdown so he’s very capable as a running back as the clock continues
to move at 342 here in the third so we’re gonna call it second in to dump
out into the flat and ball is taken right to about the 40-yard line reception on the play by Henderson the
lonzell Henderson 888 yards on the season who he’s been a very capable
receiver eight touchdowns average is about 80 yards per game but just not
having a very good night so far at his first down in ten balls right at about
the 40 yard line looking down long and just out of the
grasp of Lennox our that’s a they’ve not been able to keep
anything against this Tiger secondary it’s just they’re all over the place so
the Cougars pretty much just like Riverside been in a no-huddle mode
that’s just kind of the mode of operation offensively here both of these
squads I don’t know if we’re gonna try to pick up the tempo a little bit Edie
in trouble once again gets wrapped up for a loss yeah I think this is where
you let your play clock go down to the last couple seconds you take the 25 or
the 35 seconds every single time so that’ll take about nine extra five yards
off of that lame-o guy did I say that right he sounded pretty darn good to me
from Vista myriad I’m making the tackle on that if I got it wrong then I apology
welcome down low picked off right at midfield and taken down to about the 32
yard line making the pick is Zach parola who’s had
a pretty good game so far so Zach just add some more elements defensively here
for Riverside and comes up with the interception a great vertical jump there
like he was going for a jump ball Wow young man had a Redlands high school Zac
parola party has three tackles coming into the second half so he’s already had
the most tackles and it looks like we’ve had ourselves a flag against Riverside maybe they just want to start from
further out it’s too easy to score close we celebrate oh there was an
unsportsmanlike conduct call I’m sure coach graphene gonna be happy with that
one so it depends on what they do in this
next play some balls out the 48 first down and 10 clock stopped at 1217 and
barrage still in the game another running back change though we have
Cameron Bosley back in the backfield here for the Tigers he goes in motion to
the left Bartlett’s looking down the middle catch
is made and scampering around for that first tail marker oh boy
Dillon the ruts Lorentz Lorant coming up ssin he was all over the place looks
like he’s on ice skates he really kind of had that first down to begin with he
decided to back up a couple of yards I’m just gonna run all over the place so we
call it second down and one so picking with nine on the reception by Dylan clocks moving 11:35 into third play
action by Bartlett’s looking down that picked off bar Fletch throws a pick
that’s pretty rare only his fifth of the year Madison wheeler the safety comes up with
the interception so barrage not sure what he was looking at here Jeff yeah
it’s just a rare mistake I think you knows his progression Wow
he looked at the first one and just to maybe a miscommunication because there
wasn’t anybody near there looks like Roy Landis white there was
the intended receiver coach craft calling timeout so very rare miscue here
by barrage and it looks like craft wants to just he’s gathering the air the whole
squad together it is probably gonna tell her what he just hate let’s settle down
we’ve got a sizable lead let’s let’s keep our foot in the accelerator here
let’s just keep it moving yeah that’s pretty rare to get I mean he
has everybody together yeah offensive defense yeah yeah he’s obviously wanted
everybody to stay focused at this point in spite of the fact that they had this
huge lead and this tiger machine we watched him in warm-ups I mean they just
seemed on on pace on I mean all together and everything they did I mean they were
yelling and screaming together before the game it looked like it was in unison
I mean even if you are just unorganized and you look organized you’ve got to be
doing something correct right right so coach craft rallying the troops as
canyons with a first down intend and a man received their Howard and he’s got
nothing but green and we’ll get these score so the Cougars strike back on that so
Gilmore has the one actually come up with a reception once he got going it
was breakaway speed a beautiful play you know it shows you how explosive this
team can’t be you know you’d in spite of the fact that they’re trailing here this
is a team that has done obviously extremely well to get to this point so
there’s no slouch of a football team by any means no in fact the two touchdowns
they have work I mean great place I mean and nobody near them so so how can they
rally back from this you never know was just a matter of see if they can
continue to do I think they’re gonna have to do the big plays really in order
to try to make up that I think of a deficit they’re gonna have to do
something every trick you can imagine there’s the interception once again by
the Cougars that have turned it into seven points we’ll see once again
Gilmore coming up with a reception gets by a couple of defenders and takes it
right in for the score so I’m sure once again coach craft wants to make sure
that his guys buckle down stays focused at this point yeah because you really do
want to go out on your very best I mean 5414 is it’s pretty darn good but two
mistakes in a close game two scores in the close game could really cost you and
they still have another game to play beyond this exactly so it will be fin and whitener I have to receive and the
ball weights he’s taking right at about the – little bit of daylight flying up
into the air man that was the highest flag I’ve ever seen that was pretty
impressive that has a projection lights I mean that was really high as always
like a firework look this yeah I want to see the replay just for the flag that
guy’s got a gun for an arm let’s see what the infraction might have been let’s see ya block in the back right
there was a block in the back wait a second was it for him what was it a
helmet the helmet thing cuz I noticed there was some hell with him a contact
but I think they called it the wrong way yeah they call it the wrong way yeah
yeah yeah okay so it is an infraction against the Tigers personal foul might have been some extracurricular
activity going on well we were noticing man I was just too mesmerized by that
flag in here yeah I think all this were that thing went up about 25 30 feet first down at 10 balls on 213 of
Riverside and Thomas on the keeper picks up two on the play
so Tyler Thomas back into this football game what kind of wonder is he gonna
stick with him here for the second half he might so he’ll pick up two on the run
back and this kind of changes the look of the offense here Jeff yes it does I
mean it’s it’s definitely gonna be a ground often because it’s almost like a
wildcat when you have a player that dynamic under center
so Thomas once again on the keeper looking for some daylight and maybe a
yard or two he gets stacked up pretty significantly by a whole wall of Cougars
includes a little the likes of VUCA bradovich and Caleb John’s the
linebacker Thomas staying in this ball game with a
third and sixth scenario clock running at 949 we’re seeing some of the CIF
scores they’re on the ticker Thomas looking long has a man open and there’s
a flag down on the field yeah I think that might be appropriate there Dylan
the runt there’s a whole lot a whole lotta body yeah fortunately he got held
up there by Vukovich let’s head down to Brian Wilson who has some news and
information for us Brian thanks guys so I was talking with the RCC coaches
coming out the half-assing hey so you thinking about putting the pedal down
are you gonna kind of play for injuries they said that they want to make sure
that they finish strong but they want to be smart with these players going into
the championship game next week back to you guys in the booth probably explains
why we’re seeing Tom isn’t it I think coach craft knows that he very likely
has a handle on this ball game and wants to keep everybody healthy as much as
possible and keep it on the ground we’ll keep that clock running as well that’s
key here Thomas once again on the keeper with some daylight to the 40 stumbles
this slightly one to three defenders to beat but takes it down he inside of the
35 yard line I told you he can run I’d say he gets he
gets outside he’s faster than any running back this changes the whole
dynamic of the Tigers attack offensively as long as you keep him running that
football can you imagine you have barge coming back next year and tamas that’s a
pretty darn good tandem of quarterbacks first down to ten once again it is Tyler
getting pushed out of bounds maybe for a loss of one or two so Tyler Thomas not
able to generate anything on that particular play it’ll be a loss at two on that one
second at twelve as you see the clock continued to roll at 8:41 my jab Bennett
is back in the game as a running back as well so once again craft is mixing
things up in the running back position in addition to his quarterbacks second
in 13 is the call Tyler Thomas on the keeper he’s gonna get wrapped up for a
loss one more time looks like a loss of another tuna three yards so it’s not
fooling college of the canyons all that much not too much because it’s like I
said it’s basically a wildcat quarterback but yeah I gotta see that
Coach craft has a lot of confidence in his young quarter I mean he’s led him
out there he’s calling this number every time you know it’s a great way to
essentially have them develop obvious putting him in a real live game such a
situation and it once again in the backfield I was running back he goes in
motion Thomas once again on the keeper he’ll get stuffed for the third
consecutive time he’s looking to run though looks like Tigers will have to
punt this one away they alma mater down fourteen six it’s still in the first
quarter it’s still early there’s only two leave only been in this for about
less than 30 minutes or so that game time was 7:30 our time here
they got Dante Roby playing he’s got a broken arm it’s amazing Roby has been
quite the scenario with that broken left hand fair catch made inside of the 10
and with with with college football I don’t know if this is a new rule that I
found out the ball gets put out I think to the 25 if you catch a punt within
the 30 I think it is I think they moving out I think it’ll be set well maybe not
maybe that’s not like kickoff return yeah I’m all for it and it will be no
matter what it starts at the 30 I think so are most different rule than normal
football that we are accustomed to seeing yeah they caught fair catch right
there first down a tenth here for a college of the canyons let’s see if they
could make something happen with edit looking or to his left catch is made
balls taken just past the 24 yard line reception made on the play by Alonso
Henderson think the Cougars definitely have to be in hurry up mode here when
you’re down by that number of points and the clock is rolling almost at six
minutes now here in the third it’s time to make things happen they don’t do
anything soon that’s then they’re just gonna sit on that that game clock and
trying to find an open receiver gets chased out of the pocket has one man
open and overthrows his intended receiver all I next hour was just way
out of the grasp of that football brings up a second intent scenario here for the
Cougars clock stopped at 6:20 we had another quarter left yeah there’s still
plenty of time you know if they could generate some points here before this
quarter ends I mean they’re gonna help themselves a little sidearm scenario
tries to get it out to Handerson and he drops it probably a little bit too much
mustard on that hot dog there yes it looked like a Dan Dan Quisenberry the
great side arm pitcher played in the major leagues for years but almost throw
it underhand it would be so sidearm headin as we mentioned 2700 yards on the
season out of West Palm Beach Florida the Tigers have done a great job in
containing him from running out of that pocket back to pass once again has an
open target catches made looks like it’ll be a first down reception here for
Trayvon Elliot’s beret yest is making the stop for the coot for the Tigers
excuse me so first down at 10:00 Cougars could use a few more of those
that they’re trying to get themselves back in this ball game as a clock moving
at 554 got a man open catches may take it to the 40 35 and wrestled down Lenox
Howard making the reception on that play Shawn door snow making the stop and now
the Cougars beginning to show a little bit of life here as they were ticking
down almost to the five-minute mark in the third edan looking long has a man open and
catches made for the touchdown what a reception by Trayvon Elliott great
reception let’s take a second look at this with Jeff oh just a great extension
right there perfect catch nicely done so there’s a little bit of
life it the pulse hasn’t ended yet here for the Cougars that’s not very
impressive here on that drive they need a few more of those here though Jana
Brown now in for the extra point Brown fairly reliable at an extra point
Department 53 a 55 coming into this game Jake is up and it’s good so when the
clock stopped at 5:13 it is a 54 to 21 game not a 27-game that’s right we can
give them an extra touch now yeah let’s let’s give it some extra points here
make it a better game there was a once again but AHS impressive so I think we’re seeing the
talents of both these ball clubs couldn’t come to life here let’s see if
coach craft was angry enough after giving up a score there will he bring
Barlow I have a feeling he will bring him right back in it’s funny I don’t
think he wants to have that close of a ballgame even though it’s a pretty good
lead at this point yeah a lot of game left to play though definitely so this
is not out of reach by any means 20 minutes and 13 seconds left to football and that’s what you love to see you love
to see a good battle between two very good football teams here in this st of a
championship matchup little bit of a short kick field it at the 25 take into
about the Wow still hottest danders flags flying now ball has pushed well
past the 46 and there’s a little bit of a rugby scrum going for that ball right
now and it looks like they might have called a penalty here on the on the
sidelines was there a fumble to because it looks like the Cougars are indicating
they have the football no indication by any of the the refs by any means I think
there was a penalty on this on the on the Tiger sideline referee that threw
the flag was so far away from the play it looks like a dead ball yeah you call
the Jeff but sports went like a sportsman like call and the fumble and
who a turnover here for college of the canyons so there is some life still in
this heartbeat here for the Cougars four canyons still some discussions here by the by
the officials I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know who’s Paul it actually
is well I see the offensive squad here for riverside being brought it out into
the field so it looks like it will be the Tigers football I think it was
unsportsmanlike on the sideline infraction Tyler Thomas is staying in the football
game first and ten at the 30 yard line here for the Tigers of Riverside Tyler
Thomas still in this ball game and the keeper once again by Thomas tries to
scamper round picks up maybe two on the carry stop on the play by Bradley Brown now they give him three yards on that
carry second down in seventh he definitely
tell Thomas is in good shape he’s ran the ball every darn time yeah he’s not
had a chance to throw the ball they’re just coach craft is just gonna let him
stick to the ground game here run that clock out get out of here unscathed
maybe that’s the whole scenario he wants to keep that clock moving just by
keeping it on the ground for the night Thomas once again on the carry will pick
up a first down from what it appears Lucca bradovich pushing him out of
bounds it definitely has an extra gear in his in his engine so Tyler Thomas has done a great job of
just holding on to the football hasn’t that even made a pass attempt so far
here in this football game has it really needed to as the Tigers sit with the
first down 210 right at the 41 back to pass this time looking down the center
Oh almost a Therese seer open we’ve got a flag giovanni sanders was your
intended receiver but he might have gotten hit just before the intended
reception let’s take another look at this Jeff yeah I think it’s come they’re
gonna get him for target yeah that looks like a targeting call they’re either
gonna get him for targeting or they’re gonna pull the flag and say it’s no call
let’s see what they end up doing was kind of headed towards that that head of
Sanders now it looks like the ball is going to be marked off here yep 15
yarder yep okay so is a personal foul called against the Cougars advances the
ball right to about the 44 yard line of college of the canyons that’s where the
Tigers will have a first down in ten clock stopped at 343 so first passed
attempt goes incomplete but it winds up being with an advancement through in a
flag on the field Tyler Thomas odd the keeper finds some
blocking turns the corner looks like he’s got another first down
buko bradovich making the stop for the Cougars he is just so quick know he
wound up getting out of bounds just a little bit before I thought he got to
the marker there so it looks like he was gonna come up were they second down and
three or a second down and long too Thomas on the keeper being chased out
has a wall of defenders he has to get around and is finally going to get
knocked out of bounds right at about the 35 yard line so Thomas once again having
some struggles getting chased out of the backfield that was enough for a first down though inside of the 35 so first down to 10
here for the Tigers but glory back in the backfield look into the end zone has
a man open and out of the hands of Sanders excuse me that’s lief Isaiah
lief was the intended receiver for a Riverside good-looking throw though very
decent throw had his man beat essentially but it bounces off looks
like it kind of bounces off the shoulder pads momentarily they’re exactly what
happened I’ll do the corner back second and 10
Thomas going to keep it once again has a little bit of daylight takes it right to
about the 26 where there are some flags down on the field
see Cougars clapping so this is probably going against the Tigers visual
indication it looks like it’s possible holding call yes it is so that’ll push
10 yards back here for the Tigers or actually five yards clock stopped at 203 actually it’s
rolling here at two minutes now so time beginning to wind down here in the third
is actually 54 to 21 there you see 27 on the scoreboard for the Cougars but it is
a 21-point game there for college of the canyons reception is made by number 89 Rhett’s laughs is your receiver there
for the Tigers of Riverside and he’s had a quiet night he really has I mean his
name gets called it seems every game its Rhett’s laughs rats laughs rats left
tonight it’s been everyone but rats laughs yeah he had coming into this ball
game bought 495 yards five touchdowns gets about fourteen yards per per catch
so yeah Jeff it’s amazing we’ve not heard his number called that Mitch times
tonight here in this ball game and he was a great a good quarterback turned
into a receiver third and nine look into the end zone and gonna be just shy looks
like looks like it’ll bring up a fourth down scenario here for the Tigers Zach harsh yet was the intended receiver
so on a fourth and nine craft is going to go for it why not you got this big of
a lead and get this young quarterback some some gained experience here
put him under some pressure and this is really the best way to do it on a fourth
and nine looking for a receiver has one man almost open and bobbled with an
almost reception defended on the play by Orion hey the safety so it’ll be a
turnover on downs Lawrence the intended receiver so Tyler Thomas not able to generate any
points on that series as we’re inside of a minute to play here in the third maybe
they just one get out of here because it’s really darn cold first in ten balls
on a 33 give his the done done with a little bit of daylight takes it to the
40 keeps his feet moving maybe about a pickup of eight yards on the play making
the stop for Riverside clock well inside of 30 seconds to play in the third done
the lone setback in the backfield they give us the done
you may be a yard of they give them forward progress clocks rollin and it
looks like they may not get off another play before this quarter comes to a
close that is the end of the third quarter and the Tigers are just 15
minutes away from a possible state championship as they lead this ballgame
54 to 21 we have some news and information from Brian Wilson Brian what
he got for us play like the best version of yourself every day it looks like this
team’s taking that to heart as this quarter once or as this game once am I
do have a little bit of injury news over here they are working on Giovanni
Sanders right wrist and what this game is I would anticipate him to go back in
the game risk further injury gray thank you so much Brian for that updates we’ll
keep an eye on Giovanni Sanders to see what will happen with him through the
remainder of this game yeah hopefully he will be fine because he’s one of those
guys you definitely need you gonna play in two weeks another good side of
playing in two weeks is you’re gonna get a lot of rest you’re gonna have to give
your guys and time off you guys are gonna heal you know there’s a difference
between hurt and being injured the guys that might be hurt right now what can
you know can recover in those next two weeks
okay the Cougars now with a first down to ten where do you have whistles and a
timeout being called by coach craft that’s pretty rare getting a timeout
before you even get a playoff Armani ed in 248 yards so far as we’re headed into
the fourth quarter three touchdowns with a long of 57 on the night Henderson has
been his favorite target with 82 yards one touchdown and ain’t a long reception
up 50 there you see the Cougars of college of
the canyons Ted is Cinda deer head coach as we previously mentioned seven years
at the helm of college of the canyons actually spent some time as an assistant
previous to that head coach Chuck Lyon who was there for I believe 20-plus
years and they won a national championship way back in 2004 so high
Ascenta is no stranger to championship football by any means third down and one
give goes right up the middle and gets stacked up and I think it should be
enough for a first down yep they’ll get the first so headin advancing the change
here for the Cougars they’re trying to keep their hopes alive here early here
in the fourth quarter play-action headin as a man open catches made
continues on his feet to the 30 25 20 and knocked at a bounds right at about
the 11 yard line a lonzell henderson picking up the catch
here for the Cougars man I’ll tell you what there’s they’re not giving up the
fight they’ve been playing pretty well you’re
like we said if they can win something maybe win the second half those are
victories especially against the number one ranked team in the nation the Tigers
so they are knocking on the door here ball is spotted at the 10-yard line
headin on the keeper gets racked and stacked up just at the 10-yard line
looks like he’s gonna get forced back maybe for a loss of one or so so it is a
loss of one on the play there we see another update on the Ramona Esperanza
game Ramona’s still trailing in that championship game here in the second
quarter so we’re rooting for those Rams they’re just a few miles down the road
from us and almost gets picked off in the end zone is really trying to force
that one let’s take a second look at this one Jeff yes yep that second I’ll
tell you what they’ve just haven’t been able to pull away any interceptions
tight they’ve had looks still a third and goal with a ball spotted at the 11
and hadn’t taken a little bit of time get the signals and they’re gonna take a
timeout yeah a little bit of confusion there on the sidelines and I think they
wisely just call for a timeout before any confusion waste at this specific
play this might be in fact this is probably our last game this year for
Riverside TV football yeah that’s right this will close out our broadcast for
the 2019 season that’s amazing how quick it’s been we’ve been at this since
August yeah it’s I kind of miss August because it was a little bit warmer than
I would love 114 degree weather right now
man I honestly I can’t remember being this cold at a football game and you and
I are we’re in a booth but it’s it’s an open but it’s an open-air booth as we
mentioned this particular stadium has been around for nearly a hundred years
and I think this building has been around for about that same amount of
time just about I’m worried about a couple of my toes might have to be
amputated I’m sure there’s a team doctor we’ll take you down to one of the
trainers the next time out third and goal ball at the 11 and flags are flying
probably a false start no it gets wrapped up for a loss Zack berola
making the sack from what it looks like well let’s see what the call is and that
was a free play right there I imagine it should have been I gotta try to score
especially if it’s against the Tigers and Crouch men Wow thought it might have been a false start
but encroachment by the Tigers so this will advance the ball to about the
5-yard line first and goal so a third actually gonna call it third and six or
a third six yards to the end zone here head him trying to get the call from the
sidelines here clock rolling inside of 13 minutes all picked off and nothing
but green till the 40 to the 30 to the 20 it is touchdown Tigers by Jalen
Bowens oh man how about taking that air out of the sale jaelyn Bauwens essentially it was what a
95 94 yard interception here and remember Bowens dropped two balls that
were thrown in this game so the third time a charm third time a charm and I’ll
tell you what probably the biggest interception of his career who recorded
it at the two-yard yeah so it’s like a 98 yard interception return for Bowens
amazing and unfortunately I think that’s gonna be the backbreaker here Jeff
yes it will be I tell you what though Wow Bowens had to earlier it shows you
what the Tigers can come up with though defensively and it looks like we got a
penalty here against Riverside for celebrating our referees still having
some issues with a microphone we needed to go to Radio Shack or something get
them a different microphone yes we do of course where your check doesn’t exist
anymore we might have it here by the end of the
game it gives up on the way that’s good 40 point lead now here for the Tigers
man just when you thought Daniels might have a little bit of an opportunity here
an ill-advised a pass this kind of changes the whole scenario I mean look
where he catches that football he jumps the gap in to seize it oh man
timed it just right he was licking his chops take a look at this he saw it oh
man gonna be tired after that yeah I would
be exhausted after that one so Bowen this takes it back to the house
for a 98-yard interception Bowens coming out of
Chattanooga Tennessee so he’s another one of those players that comes from out
of state here to be in Southern California all over the United Nations
of Riverside again it shows you why so many players do you come from across the
nation to come to Southern California because truly this is the best Community
College football as well as Northern California’s I think the Golden State is
very well represented in terms of community college athletics hey guys
from Queensland Australia America Samoa vielen California way from feeling and
balls taken down to about the 32 yard line a little bit of extra curricular
activity going on but I don’t see a flag in place so the Cougars will have a first down at
10 right at about the 34 yard line coach craft calling his last timeout he’s
having a discussion with the zebra stripes here he’s not happy about
something not sure exactly what so final timeout here for Riverside craft is a
little hot under the collar right help me angry bad something up I think he was
fighting the last call there so you may have heard that in the background
the Riverside Tigers over 100 yards and penalties tonight that’s kind of been
par for the course for them you know if you’re winning ball games that doesn’t
mean what 40 like I bruise the bench it would bounce San Antonio back in today I
think coach bill fist is kind of threw up his hands at one point just forget it
we’re getting a hundred yard penalties per game let’s just do it or winning
ball games first down in ten head dumps it out catches made ball is on the turf
oh man that could have been another disaster here looks like we have Trayvon
Elliot on the turf who made the catch was it coughed up the football and he’s
down injured at this point looks like he might have got his wind knocked out of
him by the way he’s hunched over there’s nothing worse than getting a wind
knocked out of you absolutely especially in a cold Blizzard a night like tonight oh the ball got knocked out of his hands
there on the turf and luckily for the Cougars comes up in their possession hey
I want to give a shout out to a great young lady a met before the ballgame it
is Susan Ashley she’s 86 years old she’s been a 40 year member of the Booster
Club for the Riverside Community College Tigers
she loves to come out and watch football even in this cold rainy weather yeah
she’s here every game she even said it’s not raining it was perspiring or
something she told me as I was walking up I said no it’s pretty darn cold oh
look at the remote they are tied up at 21 against Esperanza they’re in the
second quarter so we have ourselves some more championship football just a few
miles down the road here from Riverside City College so we are rooting for those
Rams we’re gonna keep an eye on those guys unfortunately this game almost
likely and before that game comes to a close so stop at you we have some hopes
here Jeff flag on the play in and out of the pocket gets chased to about the 43
yard line will be shy the first down marker we might be back for Saturday
Night Live 11:35 oh man it’s a holding call against the Cougars so it’s been
quite the momentous weekend here for Riverside when you got two championship
games in town you have the Riverside festival of lights is down the road as
well it’s awesome great great weekend to be in Riverside hashtag as they say or
as I used to call a number symbol doggone kids they change everything
Millennials everybody in the trucks like ya other
fly on the fly stop calling penalties guys I gotta be
nice these refs false start here we had trouble earlier this year talk about
referees in high school game all ingest of course but no that was a great
referee call a perfect flag yeah we do have to walk through the parking lot on
the way home so you never know what can happen to you our guys in the truck
going don’t say anything stripes alone please
second and 29 for the Cougars Edie looking down low almost picked up again
but the catch is made by the tight end yeah Jalen Bowens was right there again
man almost had another one but it’s still gonna be third and long third and
14 to be specific Oh trouble here for Edie and he’s
brought down for a big loss so our money Eddin gets dropped for the loss brings
up a fourth down and the Cougars will have to punt this one away fourth down
25 yards to go here and obviously this will be a punt here for the Cougars let’s go Boise State here in the box
he’s gonna do a rugby type kick fair catch ball takes a nice bounce here for
the Cougars gets inside of the 35 almost rolls down yeah right – that’s right
throw a little wind and blow it don’t take anything they can get at this point clock stopped at 943 6121 in favor of
Riverside does look somewhat inevitable that the state championship game will be
against the College of San Mateo and the Tigers have herbicide that will be in
Bakersfield on December the 14th Tyler Thomas still in this football game
here Jeff this time he’s gonna hand it off that’s the first time I think he’s
your ball carrier that’s a little bit of a surprise so Bennett’s back into the
backfield here for the Tigers of Riverside so we talked about that state
championship game Jeff and it actually probably is a national championship game
as well because essentially those two teams Riverside and San Mateo are first
and second in the national rankings that’s right so this winds up being a
national title in a couple of weeks here for Riverside possible national title second in seven so there was a pickup of
three by Bennet whistles on the field no delay game so Tyler Thomas trying to
take up as much time as possible takes up a little bit too much time but will
lose five yards on the play second and 12
Tyler Thomas going to keep it and makes this big movement maybe picks up four
yards on the carry ram high down now man the seesaw battle what a seesaw battle
it’s still in the second quarter Wow it’s a TV game that’s right it’s right I
think Fox is covering uh covering the game tonight I believe we have some some
of our former announcers on that game as well yeah because all Hasan on there so
it’s great to see some of our colleagues or alumni or as I like to call him
guys’ll hazzon as I called him I called him earlier today asked if he was on the
call I was hoping to meet up with him at Ramona earlier huh a little bit of
movement I think we’re gonna have a false start yeah we do on Riverside and just a reminder the festival of
lights continues from now until December the 31st if you don’t have an
opportunity to get out there you gotta make the time to get out there because
it is such a beautiful thing to witness yeah it’s so much fun last night I
actually got to I was on the call as they say there you go I had the most fun
I’ve ever had in my life a lot of it dear friends so much to see and do for
every member of the family long pass here catch is made at the 40-yard line
beautiful reception by Rho Rho Landis whitener making the cats were a first
down perfect pass right over the shoulder nicely done by whitener great
toss bite by tyler thomas as well yeah you know we’ve been looking at his
running capabilities but nonetheless he’s able to throw that football as well
so tom craft keeping him in this football game as the clock continues to
roll at 7:25 remaining in this ball game good run that clock telling you I’m
losing toes by the minute only got only have 6 left we only have 7 more minutes
Tyler on the keeper gonna get wrapped up at the line of scrimmage
they might give them half a yard on that one we’ll see how this spot goes by the
zebra stripes I’m more worried about the hair in my face I have none on my head
it’s like you know when your grass freezes and you know you get to do and
it freezes yeah or if it freezes off my beard I’m just gonna look like a newborn
baby just peel it off you don’t have to say no I’m just having a hard time
closing my eyeballs because the white parts of my eyes roll at 6:39 so really
the the strategy here by tom craft is to kind of keep that clock rolling by
keeping it on the ground and once again Tyler Thomas breaks free for just a
little bit maybe picks up 4 to 5 yards on the carry if I was football players they got all
those pads and helmets I’d still be hugging each other
freeze we’ll get everybody over there to get you know things on and helmets and
everybody looks warm down there I got to give kudos to the crowd who showed up
tonight too because it obviously is cold it was rainy earlier on and they’ve
stuck with it it’s great to see the support here by the City of Riverside
for such quality football right in their own community what’s left he motioned
keeper by Thomas has some daylight to the 15 10 5 inside of the 5-yard line
right to about the 3 before he’s knocked out of bounds
how do makes the stop there for the Cougars great play action on the keeper
and he see the speed by Thomas who kind of falls a little little rough there on
that right leg I’m sorry my vocal cords I think we need some God 4 years of hot
chocolate of earring Tyler Thomas how the keeper takes it in for the score
everybody’s on the floor but Thomas me he was unscathed made a little stutter
step turns it up makes the score 3 yard touchdown run here for Tyler Thomas
great blocking once again look at that by your offensive line and Rebs laughs
with a nice block to get him into yeah your receivers taking up the slack on
the on the blocking end of it and look we’re gonna have a 68 to 21 lead at this
point if we can split the uprights looks like we can and we do
so can we say this ones in the books I think we could have said that a long
time ago er yeah we do turn out the lights this
party’s over as a dandy Don Meredith used to do it but in a dead ball all
taken up by some great play by Tyler Thomas on the long pass and now he takes
it in inside of the five-yard line on this run
and finally wraps it up with a four five yard scamper into the end zone for the
score so start making your travel while plans now to head out to Bakersfield on
December the 14th to go and show support to the Riverside Tigers as they will
take on the College of San Mateo and the state championship and really the
national championships right ball is taken to the 20 yard line run back there
by de Mai de Bay Jay Williams looks like we have a tiger down on the turf with an
injury everybody up here in the booth oh he gets up on his own recognizance believe that’s number 42 that Augustine
boricuas yeah it’s gonna get helped off the field hopefully that’s not a serious
injury injury by any means so we’ll kind of hope for the best for Austin maybe
put some weight on it that which is good yeah definitely needed some help to get
off the field it’s kind of nice that Riverside will have a couple of weeks to
prepare for that yeah pick some of those injuries just for your information we
will not be covering that game here for Riverside TV so this is gonna wrap up
our 2019 football coverage thank you so much to those of you who have been
watching we’ve had some really good coverage here and we’ve had some really
great really viewership as well toss out of the play
pickup of about one looks like the ball carrier on that one is Moises Haines
first time we’ve seen him tonight into the ball game so it looks like college
of the canyons is sending in some replacements as well looks like we have
a change at the quarterback position Michael Wilson is now taking the snap
here for for the Cougars so Ted is into trying to give some of his players some
some some time out on the field which is a great move on his part
Williams making the reception on that first time we’ve seen Williams than
Travis Williams we need 20 plus games this year it is a heck of a lot of
coverage that we’ve brought to here on Riverside TV and once again we thank you
so much for all of you who have tuned in week after week
college basketball coming up is UC Riverside and RC co get televised by
Riverside TV I’m gonna call it third and four clock
is moving at 3:55 looking for receiver catch is made nope just out of the grasp
of Zarek Scruggs jr. the wide receiver first time we’ve seen him as well Bill
Washington so the Cougars unfortunately are gonna come up short once again and
their bid to try to come up with a state championship they’re certainly a very
fine club they really can’t to hang their heads too much despite of the fact
that this did not go their way tonight fair catch already being signaled and
taken right at about the 35 there so was back there for Riverside does Riverside
try to score again you know with Tom craft yeah I think so does he wanted to
get into these seventies here let’s see what happens he’s got more than enough
time to make something happen Tyler Thomas remaining in the ballgame
as your quarterback Joseph Griffin now sent in as a running back here for the
Tigers first time we’ve seen him tonight Oh looks like the balls on the turf
momentarily but I think the Tigers will maintain possession Griffin was the ball
carrier he picks up at least one yard on the carry you know give him two on that
one so it’s second down and eight clock rolling almost at that three minute mark second and eight is to call us now we’re
inside of three minutes to play in this ball game give goes right at the middle
one more time keeping the feet movement looks like your ball carrier once again is Griffin third one with two and a half
to play I think Kraft maybe just wants to keep
it on the ground and run out that clock at this point get the first down and get
another set of downs and walk out of here with a nice wind yeah boy a very
impressive win great way to tune it for that state championship title matchup
against the College of San Mateo give again right up the middle looks like
it’ll be a first down pickup for Joseph Griffin move the chains our PA announcer
gets a little excited look that’s mr. rivers has Leon Cole Pepa I love doing
an impression of him he’s one of my dear friend does it he’s almost like Tony the
Tiger when you lose out is pretty good down to about a minute and a half to go
and it looks like Riverside we’ll just kind of run things out for the night and
that’s the way it will wind up so Jeff and another impressive ball game
here for the Tigers of Riverside yeah they just you’ve gotten better and
better and better I mean think about this College of canyons beat up I think
they just dry drenched coaches right correct he’s not happy about that either
oh I would never do that to that man I’m scared to look at him wrong just kind of
take it in stride he’s not he just said I’m benching whoever did that somebody’s
running laps on Monday he’s angry see if our guys can get coach Kraft is he’s all
got to keep him alive down there that’s cold for that this will be your last
snap of the ball game and just like that you’re Riverside Tigers headed to the
state championship and to a national championship matchup against the College
of San Mateo what an impressive win here for the Tigers with that type of score
Jeff Tom crap it took him a decade but every single year he has been phenomenal
but what a way to cap off a decade of winning with your hundred and first win
here at Riverside yeah a hundred and one now in the books here for Tom craft and
we’re gonna try to get a hold of a couple of Tigers before we say good
night I know Brian Wilson’s gonna scamper along the sidelines they’re
looking for somebody to speak with but we’ll take a look at one last play
actually one of the plays that was very influential and instrumental in this win
tonight against college of the canyons there you sees another bisque you buy
college other cans and a nice run in for the score the Cougars showed a little bit of life
at various portions of tonight’s ballgame but they just had some
struggles there you see another great reception on the play there by Isiah
leave he was the man of the hour fact he could be our player of the game factory
I have a nicely trophy ceremony I’m sure representing the southern part of this
beautiful state of ours as we see the they’re big-time scorer Gio Saunders so
the Tigers there you see coming up with a big defensive play so defensively and
offensively this team really shined all night long one last go around there for
the Cougars of college of the canyons taking it in for the score and edit with
us nice long reception being made by Trayvon Elliot but this 98 yard return
was the backbreaker man Maja’s came at the wrong time Jalen Bowens coming up
with the interception and I’m not sure if that’s a record run back I’m
wondering if it is if it’s in the school history books there but if it’s not it’s
definitely his own personal record because wow what a great great win 68 to
21 NH then SC fa football championship final I mean that’s just Inc I mean that
is an incredible score that looks like something you would find in one of the
earlier games of the season yes when teams are still trying to find
themselves but man the last three the last four games of this postseason have
just been tremendous fear for everything they’ve just got better offensive lead
offensively all around and and the score could have been worse than this to be
good I mean they they were not good have been and honestly you look at San Mateo
who won 40 or 41 and 41a nothing this afternoon the Tigers win by a little
more than that so you really are definitely getting the best two teams in
the state the best two teams in the country that will match up in a couple
of weeks at Bakersfield yeah forty seven point win as I mean
that’s just incredible for a final we see coach craft is talking to his group
as Brian Wilson is gonna grab a couple guys maybe Jalen bones maybe oh they
were tied up again they’re in a motors Esperanza Ram high you know if they want
I’m gonna say it was because of that inspirational talk at all that
inspirational motivational speech by our own Jeff Glor before the game there with
Ramona and Esperanza has obviously made the difference yeah but if they lose I’m
gonna blame the coach I’m gonna plane coach mush we’re we’re rootin for Coach
mush big-time man I’ve been talking for them I’ve been talking to him for weeks
now they say hey you just keep when you get third place in your league you’re
gonna win a CIF championship yeah you can’t I mean it’s just what a great year
for Riverside pass we talked about you know we saw John W North make some big
strides this year we saw Ramona who’s like I said third place in a CIF
championship we saw her above nor did this to have a
great season it just was a fun fun year and I believe this is my fifth year
covering high school football for the city Riverside and well I’ll tell you
what just gets better and better and better and it’s I believe we I want to
say it was close to 25 games just about when he I guess when you piece together
all the high school and college games are were added for the 2019 has been
great to see community college football get some highlights as well because I
think this is the most undersold a bit of football in southern I agree I agree
it really all right so we’re going to take a short
break and we’ll have an opportunity to have Brian Wilson chat with a few of the
members of the Tigers here you’ve been watching all the action here on
Riverside TV the community police Review Commission was created to promote public
confidence in the professionalism and accountability of the City of Riverside
Police Department the Commission consists of an all civilian panel of
members from across the city the Commission’s roles include advising
the mayor and city council on all police relations issues reviewing an
investigating officer involved deaths receiving complaints and conducting
hearings on misconduct against sworn Riverside police officers making policy
suggestions and bringing community concerns to the attention of the
Riverside Police Department if you’re interested in learning more about how
you can serve or for information on the Commission visit Riverside CA gov slash
CPR C welcome back to Wheelock Stadium as the
Riverside Tigers celebrating as 68 to 21 victory over college of the canyons
junior ebar along with Jeff Gorham happy to have brought use tonight’s action
here on Riverside TV take a look at some of the stats for the night jacob arledge
the starting quarterback for Riverside wanna put 309 yards four touchdowns just
tonight his last three games have been 300 plus each so four games in a row
with at least 300 yards pass and he only played a half pretty an amazing stat
right there Tyler Thomas had 42 yards in terms of his throwing but Tyler Thomas
had a hundred and five yards rushing tonight although he had a loss of about
11 so net net yardage of 94 yards on the ground and I think we’re gonna head down
to the field with Brian Wilson Brian let’s talk to some of those champions
tonight hey thanks guys here with three very special players from tonight’s game
we’ll start over here with Isaiah Lee had a great night catching the football
what did you see on tape with this team was there anything that you picked our
fun that told you that you’d have a good game tonight RCC hasn’t been back to the stage here
hasn’t won a state championship since 1989 what’s been the message this week
in practice what does this mean to you we’re here with jaylen Bowens who had a
game a pick six where it looked like the team was kind of trying to get back into
a little bit would you see on that play and how quick did you knew that you know
that you were gone and then same thing to you what does
this win what does this go into the state championship mean to you okay
Turkey ceremony thanks guys back to you Thank You Bryan
we had a chance to talk to you really to the key players here for the Tigers we
were hoping to get a chance to talk to Kobe Fitzgerald but I guess he decided
to go and celebrate did you see coach Kraft was yelling at
him he said hey get over here so anytime coach Kraft says anything you do it
you’d better go well that’s gonna wrap things up for our football covers for
2019 for Riverside TV our thanks to Scott Brosius and the crew here who have
done a tremendous job throughout the 2019 campaign and we thank you once
again for coming alongside with us to to be our viewers for the 2019 football
season what you say is another successful and we could put in the books
here Jeff oh it’s been a wonderful year and this has just been kind of the year
book of the year for Riverside at UC Riverside City College with a huge win
and just a an exclamation point on another great season for Riverside TV
and we’re rooting for those Rams up Ramona as they fall back 35 28 right now
but there’s still plenty of time at that football game so we were rooting for
those Rams for Jeff Gordon for all of us here at Riverside TV this is jr. Ibarra
once again it’s the Riverside City College Tigers 68 the college of the
canyons Cougars 21 widening up as you’re SCF a football champions good night
thanks for joining us everybody

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