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CROWNE PLAZA – Costly Chennai Foods

CROWNE PLAZA – Costly Chennai Foods

[FOOD] I don’t why we came here, we were thinking of going somewhere , we planned to go to Kulfi House but the shop was closed. So we chose this place and came. If we came by car, it would’ve been easy for us to park. [MUSIC] Before entering they are checking us , they get our things and check it through that scanner. Like In AIRPORTS. [MUSIC] We came inside and found a cafe called CAPPACCINO. It is not too large. We’ve ordered one MANGO SHAKE , STRAWBERRY SHAKE and I’ve ordered BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS . [MUSIC] I was talking with him so my CHICKEN got chilled , So I asked them to Reheat it , They’ve taken it for Reheat . Here I feel weird with this Shirt on , We din’t expect that we will come here. For a normal hangout I wear this shirt. I dint expect that I’ll come here and take a video of it. So I apologize.
[GIGGLES] I am going to try MANGO MILKSHAKE FIRST, It is very THICK ,
while ordering we made a note that it should be THICK enough. [TASTE BUDS MADE VOCAL CHORD TO MAKE THIS SOUNDS] Subtle Mango Flavor , less sugar , It is thick too. [DESCRIBING MILKSHAKE] Make a note that you want it THICKER while you order , if you visit a hotel like this. It depends on each individuals’ taste. MANO : Repeat it. We’ve tasted SHAKES in LEELA PALACE , LE ROYAL MEREDIEN , ITC and also in TAJ. ITC was my favorite ,
This shake equal to that taste. It is a surprise for me to be here. It has a very good STRAWBERRY FLAVOR , they’ve made it with ICE CREAM. The candy flavor is less and the sweet too. I like BUFFALO WINGS always, it because of the SAUCE. I saw it in menu and it was around 700/- rupees I guess. So I ordered it. But these WINGS are too small. They gave enough WINGS but too small. I’ve never seen like this before. It is calling my TASTE BUD to enjoy it . [MUSIC] Very easy to eat , I don’t think it is an Authentic Buffalo Sauce. The real sauce has some sour , spicy taste ,
it is not at all spicy. It is good but it is not a BUFFALO WINGS. [MUSIC] It contains some Herbs . We’ve finished eating , leaving this place, The Price is same like other places. It cannot be differentiated. [MUSIC] We had Three dishes here , BUFFALO CHICKEN , and TWO SHAKES As I said before CHICKEN was good but it doesn’t taste like BUFFALO CHICKEN. I like BUFFALO WINGS due to the flavor which we get in that sauce . That two SHAKES was good , it is not too sweet . This place is very bright , unlike LE ROYAL MEREDIEN , This place is lively too. It is Sunday night , and the time is 3.a.m. If you guys like this place you can come here for an hangout. I’ve did ITC , TAJ , LEELA PALACE ,LE ROYAL MEREDIEN . If you guys like those place you can go there. That’s it . Dude you like this place?
DINESH : Yes . How is this place MANO?
MANO : This place Neat , Neat !!!
[GIGGLES] MANO : Usually star hotels are NEAT. MANO : Your question itself wrong first . We can see the good maintenance everywhere , you’ve went to many star hotels , So I asked about this particular place. You can say It’s good , It’s nat bad bla bla bla bla Because you went TO places like ITC , LE ROYAL MERIDIEN , TAJ , LEELA PALACE . DINESH : This is one of my wish to visit star hotels. [MUSIC] I don’t have Guts like you do . I can’t quit my job like this. Don’t take life so SERIOUS. I’ll do what I wish.

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  1. I am at Madurai right now!! Will be back in Chennai on Tuesday. From Tuesday, I'll start the Delhi series. I want it to be regular.
    Guys, I am very Happy that our subscribers count is going to be 100k soon. Thanks for your support!! Love you!!

  2. Hey Irfan! I'm telling this not to criticize coz' I truly like your channel… but just sending you a honest feedback.. Its okay if you occasionally go to 5 star hotels but doing the same one after the other in a row is too monotonous. & if you still want to do the same, please do proper food review and not just milkshakes! I somehow feel that your choice of hotels and quality of reviews were much better before than what it is these days..

  3. *****Irfhan 1st time liking Ur video… Prity Decent mean:
    1. Way of talk (No loose Talk),
    2. Projecting video angles,
    3. Main music,
    4. Group frds limited discussion,
    5. Appearance projection,
    6. Dressing.

    1. Never care others -ve openion on this job.

    2. Don't upload non review video (mean roaming, chitchating, etc…)

    3. Be professional on Ur task

    4. Project some more technical ideas on the videos (mean include different idea not regular ideas what others does)

    5. Try to Review other activities

    Note: we don't need to convince & satisfy others..

  4. I think he is a rich boy daily he spends money on costly foods how he spending his money without doing any job

  5. Bro once you go and try Hyatt regency hotel is an 5star category luxury hotel one time you guys go and try it and make a vlog on there diferrenttypes of restaurant chines. Japanese italian. Multicusine restaurant go late nite and had kohlivepudu its an spicy chicken starter lets try it bro


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  7. If anyone don't believe go to " uc browser" and type as "social blade" and in right hand side corner type the youtuber channel name and click the red square box to see his monthly and annual income…see and hit like here

  8. Hi irfan u should try akka kadai wich s in pattinapakkam service road ….. … giving a nice food ….my request u shd try this ….

  9. அடுத்த வீடியோ போடுறாதுக்குல்லா 100000 subscribe vathurum Bro All the best

  10. Brother nenga Full Time Youtuber a aramchathula irunthu unga video’s a miss pannama parthutu varen really all video Super Brother……
    My name Muthu kamatchi
    From Alanganallur, Madurai.
    Alanganallur Vanga Brother One time.

  11. Hello Sir .. u r doing review in 5 star hotels again n again so r these reviews for the rich people … we can't spend 1k or 2k a day … the earlier videos were good … there r many places where u can do reviews .. this is not to criticise you .

  12. I appreciate subtitles in English. I do not understand Tamil even if i follow your reviews regularly. Two thumbs up.I will visit Chennai soon. Can you please do a review on Taj club house?
    Regards and continue the good job.

  13. I am getting addicted to your channel bro.. Watching all the videos simultaneously.. M also a foodie.. So loving all your videos so far.. Evwn travel vlog ia also good

  14. What is the name of the song playing at 5:45,please it will be very kind of you if you just tell me name of the song and its singer,thankyou !

  15. Hi Irfan waiting for HUB Ecr review… & my hubby is ur bigg fans….we spend most of our time watching your video keep rocking gud luck

  16. I recently subscribed to your channel… N I think I'm watching all your videos from the beginning all day long…..

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