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Cruise Ship Tips for First Time Cruisers Carnival Norwegian Royal Caribbean Princess MSC Cunard

Cruise Ship Tips for First Time Cruisers Carnival Norwegian Royal Caribbean Princess MSC Cunard

hey everybody how you doing it’s Bruce
here with traveling with Bruce welcome to another one of my do’s and dont’s
videos on cruising cruise ship video about do’s and don’ts today thanks for
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it’s building and I welcome you to it today whether you’re an existing Cruiser
you know who’s cruised before cruised a few times or you’re brand new there are
certain things you need to know about cruise ships that are unique to cruise
ships and I thought today I would give you a little rundown of some of the
things to kind of keep in mind when you’re going on a cruise ok first one
just to kind of give you a heads up on is if you’re on a cruise and the cruise
stops you know after the second day it stops for the
day and important call you go up there and enjoy yourself you know with your
friends or with your better half keep in mind one very important thing if you’re
late coming back to the pier they might leave
without you hush cruise ships do not stick around because the passengers
didn’t return on time there’s a limit as to how long the cruise ship is allowed
to stay at a pier and it then must move on
otherwise it is pain serious penalties thousands of dollars and power or by the
minute to stay longer this should because other ships have booked that
same pier for later that day there are instances where a cruise ships will drop
you off in the morning will then leave the pier
go out into the water wait there and then either come back to the pier to
pick you up or only pick you up via tender ships like boats to take you back
to the ship that’s out in the harbor that’s how precious and valuable pier
space and pier so if you’re out there on your own you
didn’t take a ship tour and you went out on a shopping spree or a lovely
excursion right to the cab rented a car went later on to golf and you come back
to the pier too late you’re not getting on that ship and even if the ship is 10
feet off the pier it barely just left the pier they will not stop the ship
bring it back 10 feet bring out the gangplank and let you get on again no
way once they’ve untied the lines that ship
must leave the harbour master is basically saying to the captain you’re
gone and that passenger it has to fend for themselves and God help you if you
didn’t take your passport with you when you left the ship
you didn’t bring your wallet with all of your ID and your credit cards because
you’re possibly marooned on another in another country most likely say the
Caribbean you’re in Jamaica or you’re in not you’re in San Martin or or
what-have-you sounds great sounds romantic but oh it’s
not fun if you’re there without reservations at a resort
you have no passport you have no idea and now you need to find an airplane
right at a moment’s notice to get off that Island you’re paying top dollar
it’s it’s a bad situation so be on time don’t be late coming back from a from an
excursion on a cruise ship okay other points your medications those of
us who need meds not mean necessarily I’m kind of healthy thankfully but you
know if you’re if you take daily medications say high blood pressure
pills or diabetes medication or you know whatever the ailment or you know
whatever it is you need it for prescribe meds you have got to make sure you bring
them aboard the ship in a carry-on bag don’t leave your meds on in your
suitcase luggage just like being on an airplane when you take an airplane
flight to say go on a cruise you might you might be close enough to the port
city that you’re departing from where you may take say a Southwest Airline
flight say from let’s say it’s from Las Vegas
to Los Angeles real quick flight 45 minutes likely likely thing is you’ll
leave the morning of the cruise departure day you’ve got a flight every
45 minutes so if your plane is mechanical issues you’ll just take the
next one you’ll get to the cruise ship that day and then from there you’ll go
from LAX or whatever port every airport you’re landing at to your ship and
you’ll make your ship visit departs at 4:00 in the afternoon even on a flight
like that short as that is your meds have got to be in your carry-on you’d be
crazy to leave it in your suitcase because if your suitcase goes missing
especially if there’s mechanical delays and you have to shift planes the bag may
not arrive until hours later and so you need your meds with you to take on board
the ship so you have them with you at all times
okay if you’re on a cruise and you’re now going for a day trip you know
onshore for a tour you know have you make sure whatever meds you need during
the timeframe that you’re off the ship you have them with you because how much
space does a you know a couple of bottles of pills take one bottles a pill
shouldn’t take shouldn’t be a problem so keep them with you at all times so that
you have your meds I would also recommend that you have a list of the
meds that you take on a on a separate sheet of paper or at least take up the
take a cell phone photograph like a smartphone photo of all your bottles of
meds before you even leave the house so that you have a visual record of the
kind of medication that you are taking and it’s not for you to remember
necessarily but if it’s for a loved one who’s with you to remember in case
something happens to you if you’re the one taking the meds and you stumble and
fall and and you hurt your leg badly and and you know you’re on shore and you’re
in a hospital or in a clinic and you know your meds have gone missing for
whatever reason or Eve been robbed or you know what
have you on on onshore you have a record with that cellphone and if you’ve shared
that photo and this is the other tip here sharing that photo of your meds
with a loved one back home so just you know like a text message and send the
photo to them they have it now your your traveling companion or whoever’s with
you or you yourself can utilize someone else’s cell phone to contact your loved
ones at home send that photo of the meds to you to the email address or whatever
your going to give them digitally where you are now and the hospital staff or
the clinic staff that are looking after you will know exactly the meds you’re
taking the kind of meds you’re taking and then it can help you stay on your
regimen so these are little tips especially if you’re talking to a doctor
say in part of a Arta about your medication you want to show the doctor
that you had prescribed meds from a doctor so show the picture of the of the
medicated pill bottle showing the dates when you got the meds and when they’re
good for and this will save you a lot of explanation and also with the language
barrier medication is medication sort of internationally and that’s just a little
safety tip for you to keep in mind is this stuff you have to think about of
the sort of the worst-case scenario things okay always taking minutes with
you on on the planes and on me on the ship on the carry-on why was I gonna
tell you – yeah you know when you get off the ship like you’re on it you’re on
a cruise ship when you check in at the at the on embarkation Day the first day
which is all exciting you’re bringing your passport with you
you’ve already checked in online for your cruise and you you checked in with
your passport online already the cruise ship has your passport information but
you have to physically bring it along with you anyway so when you arrive
you’ve got your passport with you you get on board the ship you get to your
room inside your room is a vault it’s an electrically controlled vault
and you set the pin number on the vault so you keep it there for safekeeping and
your wallet and and anything else that you don’t need to carry with you and
enjoy the ship and have a good time all the charges to your room will be done on
your ship card or on a wristband that they’ve given you that type of thing so
you don’t need your passport on the ship but if you’re going to go off the ship
say on day three or day four for a day excursion take your passport with you
it’s a good idea because again if you get left behind because you were late to
get back to your ship that’s one number two you’re on a excursion and everything
goes wrong the bus breaks down you know you’re stuck 20 miles from the ship
there’s no way you’re gonna get back you’ve got your ID
you’ve got your passport a good idea to have your wallet with you as well I
guess a this is the kind of stuff you have to do to take along with you even
though you’re on a ship excursion say in Jamaica somewhere you want to have it
with you now if however you’re gonna be say on a private island like a private
like labadie in Haiti with Royal Caribbean that’s a private run beach
area with the zip lines and all the rides and stuff that the cruise line
operates all in-house you’re not gonna need your passport because you’re not
leaving the lappa D compound as it were you’re still on cruise ship property and
the ship won’t leave without you because you’re there
you’re right there but if you are disembarking the ship and you’re going
on a private tour get away for half the day or you’ve got friends that live on
the island you’re gonna get to go with them all proper and all good intentions
aside what if something screws up somewhere and now you have problems
getting back your travel companion has a stroke and you now have you’re in a
hospital tending to their needs and you can’t get back to that ship no matter
what you contact the cruise line you tell them what happened but you know
there’s there’s not much more you can do but if you’ve got your passport and
you’ve got your ID with you you’ve at least solved that problem the cruise
line might be able to find a way to get there your luggage to you they may not
I’m not sure what the rules are on that one but emergencies can happen any time
and you have to your ID okay so take your passport with
you when you leave the ship at all times smoking rules on a cruise ship they’re
very strict about smoking rules if you don’t follow them properly you can
literally get kicked off their cruise they’re serious
they don’t kid around with this stuff there are certain areas on the ship
where you’re allowed to smoke I believe that these are interior smoking rooms
follow the lead of the cruise cruise line they’ll guide you and keep you
straight but don’t break the rules and expect no mercy if you get caught
breaking these rules smoking on a ship is a big no-no if you’re not allowed to
do it in certain areas because fire is them is a major enemy of cruise lines
okay here’s a common-sense tip don’t ever threaten the staff member of a
Christian no matter how mad you are no matter how frustrated you are don’t ever
threaten a Cruise member don’t ever you know pick a fight like a verbal type
type don’t do that these folks are there to look after you
as best they can they’ll make they’ll do everything in their power to keep you
happy however certain things happen at certain
times that just may not be the fault of the cruise line it might be mother
nature we don’t know what causes certain things but storms bad weather port
cancellations the captain calls the shots the captain’s the boss you’re not
the boss you’re the you’re the passenger you’re not the captain and the captain
calls the shots and if a hotel manager on the unboard hotel manager has an
issue with the passenger they’ll go to the captain and tell them what the issue
is and it’s a one-sided story it’s their side the captain won’t come to you and
ask you for your opinion on what happened you’re on the wrong you’re
either gonna get kicked off the cruise and if it’s serious I mean a serious
breach a physical assault or anyway you’re in the brig they have a brig
onboard and they’ve got big security officers to take you there don’t pick a
fight with the crew Steph be a lover not a fighter because you’re on a cruise
enjoy it thankfully I’ve never had that problem pace yourself with shore
excursions if you’ve got you know a 7 8 9 10 day
cruise and you’ve got five or six or seven stops don’t make a plan to stop at
every single port with the full-blown eight-hour excursion day all planned out
like with military precision you’re gonna hate the cruise you’re just not
gonna like it very much cruise ship vacations are designed to be
really relaxing times there’s party time yeah we see the brochures we see the
videos we see people jumping into the pool and we have the you know the
cannonball contest or sometimes it’s a bit of a booze cruise but really you’re
there to unwind and relax and forget about your troubles back home and so
with a with a regimented schedule that you’ve put together it might be too much
for either your companion or companions and even for yourself being on a cruise
is a different animal than than being on a land holiday because keep in mind the
ships always moving when it’s at sea and if you’re trying to walk down the
hallway and you’re sort of you’re moving a little bit not too much but a little
bit you’re Fighting Gravity all the time and you’re using muscles in your body
and your legs and your shoulders and your arms your abdomen did you don’t
normally use or you’re stressing more than you would normally stress it come
8:00 9:00 10:00 at night you might be really tired that you hadn’t thought gee
at home I can say wait till midnight on a cruise ship boy 30 I’m wiped
if you’ve got too many short excursions booked especially you know long bus ride
type deals you may find on the third or fourth day you’re just barely hanging on
and you’re not getting the value that you wanted out of this cruise and short
excursions can be expensive so be careful of that so don’t over booked it
take it easy maybe you know they the first port port O’Call yeah you take the
excursion second port O’Call just go for a stroll look around yourself third
third port O’Call take a take an excited tour you know something like that and
whatever don’t take the cheapest deal that you can find on a cruise for the
cheapest room that you can find at cruise know what I mean by that as like
is thing like this you’re looking for a
seven-day cruise in the Caribbean in the middle of the winter time you want to
get some sunshine and some you know want to see the blue tropical water and all
it great excuse to get a cruise and now you’re looking for a deal
who isn’t looking for a deal you find a deal you find a deal for 449 or
something like that plus you know other charge taxes freeze tips that type of
thing there might be some room credits offered who knows what but the deal if
you dig into it now alright look into this deal before you just say oh I’m
gonna buy it find out where that room is what kind of a room are you really
talking about there are rooms on the cruise ship that can be as low as deck
four inside inside interior rooms where three rooms down is the sick bay that’s
the that’s the medical room and just ahead of you over here are the freight
elevators for all that heavy Freight that the staff moves up and down the
ship all the time the towels the bedding the dirty laundry dirty dishes that type
of thing lots of noise lots of commotion lots of grinding and banging sounds on
deck for deck five you may not want to be on that 449 cheap room for the week
because you’re not going to get what you wanted what you wanted was a relaxing
idyllic type cruise to get away from it all and what she ended up with was a
hectic pace of activity all around the outside of your room and behind your
room and you know over here where when you got out of your room and you went up
to deck eight and decadent and you’re surrounded by all the buffet eaters and
all the folks coming and going with the buffets and the restaurants and the
photography department and the internet area and you may find that it’s not a
relaxing ship at all might be nothing nothing relaxing about it and that deal
you found for 449 had you dug in a little further you may have found that
an ocean view room which might have been on the same deck or a couple of decks
higher was only 50 bucks more for the whole week per person and but it had an
outside view and so you saw sunshine you saw the blue
tropical water you want it to visit you’ve got to see you know some of the
sights of the harbor or surprisingly for maybe 70 80 $100 more not a lot more but
a hundred you could get the basic balcony room now I can tell you right
now the difference between a an inside room on deck four or five and a balcony
room no matter what you take the balcony every time you just do because now you
have this outside space that gives you the fresh air it gives you the the first
thing in the morning view it gives you the stars in the evening view it it
gives you the all day or I’m just gonna hang out on my balcony for an hour to
read a bit of my book or my eBook because I got my own lounger out here
and I got a little table I got my mini-fridge over here with my colas in
there I can relax on my own little balcony now you do have that downtime
that quiet time and you have views you’ve got the sea views that might be
the better way to go so when it comes to you know discount cruise I’m all for
saving money believe me you know if you know my channel if you watch my channel
you know I love it I love a disconnectors but it might be better off
for you to really consider that kind of anyway those are a couple of do’s and
don’ts for newbies I have more I’ll bring out more a little later but Fred
thanks again for watching today I’ll kind of wrap it up here a lot of what
I’m talking about is common sense stuff but you
you got to think about this stuff when you learn specifically when you’re on a
cruise this is Bruce with traveling with Bruce and thanks for watching
we’ll see you next time

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  1. First time cruiser here. Would you suggest a standard balcony room on deck 11 for $1658.80 or a Premium Vista balcony room on deck 8 for $2148.80? I'm torn between the two!

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