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Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Freak Show” (Season 5) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Freak Show” (Season 5) | Lifetime

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Freak Show” (Season 5) | Lifetime”

  1. See what dance kid/mom you are by your age





    5:Abby lee miler

    6:holly (nia mom


    7: Chloe

    8: jojo

    9:Melissa (MADDIE and Mackenzie



    12:Christie(Chloe mom



    15: brook

    16:gill (Kendall mom

    17:keira (kalani mom


    19:jess (jojo mom

    20:Christi (Sarah mom

    Comment who you are


  2. You know the drill
    9. Your choice of the mini team
    0. Broadway baby

  3. Jill honestly can stop talking because FLASHBACK you left too Jill so you really can’t talk about Kira leaving then coming back

  4. Maddie’s like “ I think I’ve lost a friend” but she’s the one that caused Brooke and Paige to leave plus she lied to choke so wtf

  5. Anyone notice that the costume Kalani is wearing is the same that is seen in the greatest showman.The dress in the movie is just a longer style of dress that Kalani but the adornments are uncannily similar.

  6. Abby is a witch
    Sometimes acts like a b*$!?
    Maddie is good
    She is good like a book(this is stupid)
    Now some funny ones
    Nia is smart
    her favourite place is walmart
    Chloe is funny
    She is really tiny
    I 'm so bad at this so I'm just going to go now 😂😂

  7. Anyone else notice that apple sign covered with tape on Abby’s phone 😂it’s probably cuz they don’t show brand stuff

  8. I wish Brooke, Paige and Kelly came back and continued dancing as the original team. Also, Abby made it clear that Chloe was welcome to come back and that her only problem was Chloe’s mother Christi. Man, I wish they never left. We would’ve got to watch them grow closer together as the original team. I want the team to consist of Chloe, Brooke, Paige, Nia, Kendall, Maddie, Mackenzie and Kalani. I wishhhhhhhh.

  9. In one episode they say that mad die nor Kendall ever called or texted Chloe, the only person that did was Nia. It’s not her mother it’s Abby she said something about Chloe’s eye but the producers with the power of editing changed it.

  10. 2:34 shut up Maddie u were the one who lied to her and that’s why u guys fell apart. Maddie can be so annoying at times.

  11. It is dumb what Jill said when she saying how kira has left us before who is to say that she's not going to do it again but Jill and Kendall left the team in seson 3 or 2 and she came back

  12. I’m glad Chloe left Abby was so rude to her and her mental health was probably so like bad😂 same w Christi

  13. Ariana has the beauty
    Lily is a cutie
    Alexis has the pics
    Peyton has the tricks
    Eli has the lyracle
    Sophia is a miracle
    Madi has the face
    Chloe has the grace
    Mackenzie has the song
    Nia is strong
    Kendall has the hits
    Kalani has the splits
    Brynn has the Dance
    Paige has the chance
    Jojo has the sass
    Aisha has a blast
    Vivi has the no
    Cameron has the blow
    Maesy has the jazz
    Sarah has the pazazz
    Peyton has the mean
    Ava has the clean
    Brooke has the flexibility
    Abby has the disabillity

    please like that took for evaaaaa! lol

  14. Funny how Abby said Chloe was welcome even tho she was the one who kicked her off of the team before season 4 started 🤨🤔🤔

  15. I'm attributing roles to all the OG team members:
    Chloe and Paige: Siamese twins ( they are inseparable sisters)
    Brooke: Contortionist (did you see her?!)
    Mackenzie: Tumbler/Acrobat (her tumbling is so clean)
    Maddie: Clown (she's great at acting)
    Nia: Strong woman (her arms muscles are to die for)
    Kendall: Leader (so that she learns how to act authoritative)
    Kalani: Tightrope walker (She is so graceful )
    I know most of these as circus roles but there weren't enough freak show roles for the girls so I switched it up a little

  16. Jill: i’m so glad we’re starting the year off with something fun like this… but I really wish Kendall had a solo 🤣🤣

  17. If Chloe, brooke, and Paige were there this os their role

    Brooke – contortionist
    (Mackenzie would be a lion)
    Chloe and Paige – (same role as maddi and kendall)

  18. Everyone knows that no one called Chloe. The producers told the girls to lie and say they did. Only Holly and Nia reached out. The producer protected Abby's reputation when she was saying rude and hurtful things about Chloe's eye. The remaining cast knew the Lukasiak's weren't coming back for season 5. And the Oscar goes to…. Lol

  19. Paige and Chloe could have been the syimesse twins Brooke could have done kenzies part nia could be the strong man Kalani the bearded lady and others

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