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Dedicate – Day 29 – Celebrate | Yoga With Adriene

Dedicate – Day 29 – Celebrate  |  Yoga With Adriene

– Hi, everyone.
Welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. Cue the music. (humming “Celebration”) Whoo-hoo! He’s like, mmm. Hop in to something comfy,
and let’s get started. (bright music) Alright, my darling friends,
welcome back to your celebrate practice. Oh, my gosh, I can’t
believe we’re here together. Let’s begin on all
fours kissing hands to earth, fingers nice and wide. And when you’re ready,
inhale drop the belly, open your heart. Take a couple breaths here. Just feel that stretch
through the front body, land here in this moment. Great, and then when
you’re ready, reverse it. Flip it and reverse it. Tuck the chin and pause here. Then inhale,
come back to center. And when you’re ready, we’re
gonna kick the right foot out. Left fingertips reach forward,
inhale, find extension and exhale to bring it in. Inhale to find extension.
Exhale to bring it in. Then keep going
with your breath. Finding some
gratitude for this moment as we celebrate our practice and the ongoing journey. Inhale, extend. The next time you’re extended,
bend your left elbow, listen carefully, bend your right knee, bring it
up and over for fire hydrant. So left elbows out,
right knees here. Full body strengthener
for three, two, release on the one.
Awesome. Curl the toes under,
bend the hips back to take a second to
stretch out through the feet. You can rotate the wrists
one way and then the other. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And then let’s
come back to all fours. Hands kiss the earth. Again, spread
the fingertips wide. Inhale to drop the belly,
open your heart. Tailbone towards the sky,
take a couple breaths here. Today we celebrate this journey so far, but also this idea that we’re
already opening up to that in every end is the beginning is kind of ongoing
beautiful cycle that is practice. When you’re ready, flip it,
chin to chest, breathe deep. Creating a generous
N shape in the spine, so pressing away from the earth. Good then inhale come
back to Tabletop Position. When you’re ready,
kick the left leg out long, send your right
fingertips out, inhale. Find, find extension. Really length, length, length,
lengthen, lengthen. Good and then exhale, contract. Find that contraction
as you bring everything in, in, in, in. Inhale to expand,
exhale to reel it in. Keep it going with your breath. Make it your own. Warm it up. On your next inhale,
extend, then exhale. Bend your right elbow,
take it to the right, bend your left knee
and take it up and over towards your left. Breathing deep here
connecting to the midline for three, two, one,
slowly release. Awesome. Walk the hands forward,
curl the toes under, peel the tail up
Downward Facing Dog. So celebrate your body. Whatever variation of
this that you’re doing, can you honor and love
and celebrate every cell of your being that is
shown up here for 29 days to listen and explore? Get strong. And then on your next inhale,
bend your knees, look forward and then exhale make your way to
the top, Forward Fold. Feel free to take a
generous bend in your knees and take a couple breaths
here to find what feels good. Maybe you’re walking the
fingertips from left to right, maybe you take your
hand and write your name or the name of
someone you love in the sand. The imaginary sand here. And then when you’re ready,
tuck the chin and begin to roll it up. And as you rise up,
think of today’s theme. Allow it to lift the corners
of your mouth just slightly and perhaps consider now the invitation to celebrate being you. Who you really are.
Your true self. Even if we’re just
getting at it just barely, can you take a
big breath in here and just celebrate you? Cool then when you’re ready,
inhale reach for the sky. Palms are gonna
come together in prayer and we’re gonna slice it
right down the midline today as you take it down
into your Forward Fold. Quick pet for Benji here. As you shake the head loose,
breathe deep. Maybe you have someone
you’re practicing with, you can pet them or you
can just write your own name and celebrate you,
again, in the sand. Just allowing blood
flow to the head, the brain fresh oxygen, fresh blood flow. Awesome. Then when you’re ready,
inhale halfway lift, take a breath to
find length in the spine. And then exhale
to soften and fold. Here we go.
Bend the knees, plant the palm, step just the right toes back,
just the right toes. And you’re gonna
pivot on the back foot and rise up, Warrior I. And think of the
archetype of the warrior. Celebrate that balance and the dichotomy between
the strength and the power and the availability and
the openness with a grace. Inhale then lift your sternum, take your gaze
maybe slightly up. Strong legs as
you open Warrior II. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Keep the front knee bent, big breath as we send
the left fingertips forward, up and back for
Peaceful Warrior. Inhale in again, exhale the
cartwheel all the way back, take your twist here, inhale
left fingertips to the sky. And then exhale,
bring it back down. We need to stay off
the arms a little bit today so rock the back
foot up to meet the front. Everyone’s like, yay,
Cruella’s gone. Inhale halfway lift. Exhale, soften and fold. Bend the knees, step
just the left toes back, nice slow lounge, then
pivot on the back foot. Back toes are turned in,
rise up strong Virabhadrasana I, Warrior I. No need to be
really narrow here. Hold that big beach ball
up and overhead like Atlas. Inhale and find
that loop of energy that’s gonna
support you in the posture. Maybe take your gaze up. And then open up, Warrior II.
Take your time. Breathing deep. On your next inhale, take the right fingertips
forward, up and back, Peaceful Warrior.
Front knee stays bent. We press into the
knife edge of the back foot. Inhale in again. Exhale, enjoy this move. Celebrate, cartwheel all
the way back to your lunge. Pivot on the back foot, inhale, pull the right hip crease back as you reach high,
open twist to your right. Beautiful, bring it back down, rock the back foot
up to meet the front. Take your time, Forward Fold. Take a couple breaths here. And then when you’re ready,
tuck the chin, begin to roll it up, again,
all the way to Mountain. Sweet, when you get there, give it a little
space between the heels. Inhale in then exhale, send the hips back
fingertips forward. You’re gonna scoop the
tailbone under just a bit. If you need the support,
everyone, do what you can to engage
through the abdominal wall. Inhale in, drop it. Inhale in, drop it again. And then one more breath. Inhale and drop the
struggle on the face. Yes, you’re doing great. Nice work. Pull the thumbs up a little
bit more, open your chest. How lucky are we to
have this time and energy and these
beautiful bodies to carry us, to move us, to take care of us, incredible to hold
our amazing spirits? The vehicle, celebrate
that ground through the feet, rise up tall through the spine,
reach for the sky. Inhale in, exhale, rain it down. Gorgeous. Inhale halfway lift,
your version. Exhale, soften and fold. Bend the knees,
fingertips to the earth, just the right toes back.
Just the right toes. Beautiful. Pivot on
the back foot, Warrior I. Try to find
something new this time. Warrior I, big breath. And then Warrior II,
keep breathing, take up space. Then Peaceful Warrior.
Keep the front knee bent. Really bend that
front knee over front ankle. Find something new here,
inhale in. Then from your center,
navel draws in and we cartwheel all the
way back, big open twist. Find the grace if
you can smooth out the hard edges a little bit and then bring
it right back down. Back foot comes up to
meet the front, Forward Fold. Inhale halfway lift,
your version. Look forward. Exhale, soften and bow. Left toes, just the
left foot all the way back. Pivot on the back foot, inhale
rise up strong, Warrior I. Find the joy here, but also, go
through your checklist. Find the integrity. Get your head over your heart,
your heart over your pelvis. Feel the power,
the strength in that back leg, and then Warrior II. As you’re ready, sink a little
deeper into your front knee and then take your right
fingertips forward, up and back, Peaceful Warrior.
Think of this archetype. Inhale in. Exhale from your center, cartwheel all the way back, pivot on the back
foot and open it up. Big open twist, right
finger tips to the sky. Inhale in, exhale
bring it back to the lunge, bend the back knee, step the
back foot up to meet the front, Forward Fold. Couple of options this time. First option, interlace the
fingertips behind the calf. For a deeper stretch,
bend your knees. Elbows are gonna
go left to right. We’ll work in time to bring
the nose toward the knees. But be really mindful, there’s
no reason to really work to straighten the
legs and power through. It’s way more
beneficial in every way to keep a slight bend in
the knees or generous bend and work with
your breath mindfully to slowly, slowly, slowly
increase your flexibility. Stay here, or option two, if the wrists have
been a little sore, not store, we’re
gonna go to the wrist store. No, if the wrists
have been a little sore, (chuckles) come on, Adriene, you’re gonna bring your hands underneath the
soles of your feet and the toes are gonna come
right where the wrists are and you can even get a little
freaky and wiggle your toes. Get a little massage there. Once you have the hang of it, relax the weight
of the head over. Cooling, calming Forward Folds. Learning to use
the breath to shift and even transform
your energetic state. This, my friends, is
something worth celebrating. Celebrating all of the things
we’ve been talking about, all the things that
already inherently lie within. Your personal power, the grace, the steady state,
the joyful state. Our ability to connect
and constantly reconnect with our foundation to make sure that whatever it’s made out of feels true. Okay, release your bind,
you’re like, “Okay, Mishler, let’s do this.” Release the bind nice the slow so whether you’re interlaced
or standing on your hands. Then very slowly bend
your knees, tuck the chin and roll it up super slow. So that you can feel
this amazing flash of energy as you rise up tall,
Mountain Pose. Or as I like to say in
the kid’s yoga, Tadasana. So it’s also a good day
to remember to celebrate and have fun in this
body with this breath and carving time
out for daily practice is a great way to do that, particularly if you’re
an ambitious go getter. Inhale, reach the fingertips up. Exhale, send the
hips back again. Slight part in the
heels fingertips forward. Utkatasan, get a little lower. Get a little lower. Get a little lower
and we rise up, straighten the legs,
reach for the sky. Palms come together. We kiss the palms
together and we’re gonna take it right down the midline,
slice it. Alright, soft bend
in the knees. Again, right fingertips come
right underneath the face here and we’re gonna
open twist to the left keeping the right knee bent and straightening
through the left leg pulling it back just
like we do in our twist, left finger tips to the sky. Now, tug the shoulders
away from the ears, inhale in, embody the shape. And then exhale, let it go. Come through. Left fingertips replace
the right and inhale in, right hip crease pulls up. We keep a generous
bend in the left knee, right finger tips to the sky. Inhale in again, and
exhale to bring it down. Awesome. From here, you’re
gonna bend your knees, you’re gonna lift the heels. You’re gonna come into a little
pawed, little pawed pose, take a deep breath in and
then exhale drop the heels, tuck the chin and
slowly roll all the way up. Inhale lots of love in,
Mountain Pose. Exhale, Tadasana,
lots of love out. Without looking down, trust. Again, see feelingly as Mr. Shakespeare once wrote. Don’t look down. Bring your feet
together really together. Then bring the palms together and shift your
weight to your left foot. As you inhale, lift your
right knee all the way up. Exhale, cross it
over the top leg and then find a generous
bend in your standing leg as you send the hips back. Maybe wrap that right
foot around, but maybe not. Maybe you
balance here on one foot or maybe you bring the
right toes to the ground for more stability. Then as you bend your standing
leg a little bit deeper, think head over heart,
heart over pelvis and we’ll send
the fingertips out. Right arm underneath
the left as we wrap around maybe coming to
just this ninja pose, I find very fun, or maybe
wrapping just pinky to thumb or maybe palm to palm. It’s Holy Palmer’s kiss. Inhale, exhale relax the
shoulder, send the elbows out, keep the throat, the jaw,
the forehead soft. Breathing deep hear, Garudasana. Beautiful celebration of me, of you,
and of us, right? Namaste. From here, listen carefully,
you got this. I’ll guide you with my voice. Draw your navel in and up,
inhale, exhale. You’re gonna lift the
right knee all the way back up and then slowly send your
right toes all the way out for Warrior III. You can keep the Eagle
arms or unravel the arms, send your fingertips forward. Dial your right toes down, down,
down. Inhale in.
Exhale, slow and steady, bring your right foot to
slide right back to the earth. You don’t need to look down. Feet will come together,
Tadasana, Mountain Pose. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in. Exhale slowly shifting your
weight to your right foot, bring the palms together. Here we go. Nice and easy lift
the sternum to the thumbs, try to keep that connection as we find a
soft bend in the knees and when you’re ready,
lift that left knee up. Cross it over. Like working nine to
five sitting at the desk. Stay here, bring your
left big toe to the earth or we’ll sink a little deeper bending that right knee
and then maybe wrapping around. So hip points
working to shine forward, but paying attention
to where you are today and celebrating
the present moment. We got this. Inhale in. Exhale, sink a little deeper, send your fingertips forward,
left arm underneath the right. Elbows out, shoulders
down soft in the forehead, soft in the jaw. If you’re losing balance, sink a little lower
into that standing knee. Sounds a little
counter-intuitive, but you’ll turn on your center, your center of
gravity will get into it and it actually
becomes easier to balance. Alright, the final Warrior,
let’s do it. Inhale in, exhale nice and easy. We’re gonna unravel
first bringing the left knee up and then slowly kicking it out. You have everything
you need to explore this. Whether you hit the pose or
not, this is not important. Go for a little exploring. You can keep the Eagle arms or
send the fingertips forward. Look into that pond,
see your reflection, life is good. Breathing deep, inhale in,
find more extension. And then exhale with
control slow and steady fingertips come down as
the left foot slides in. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Without looking down,
walk the feet hip width apart, soft bend in the knees,
Knocking On Heaven’s Door, but a version that just
makes you feel at first silly, and then all at once free. Maybe it goes up and down. Maybe you start to play
a little tune in your head. Maybe you take it for
a little circle one way and then a circle the other. And then before you know it, Adriene has this
dancing on the mat. Start to move your feet. And then before you know it,
Adriene has you jumping around. And if you need to hold your
chest, wink, wink, go for it. Get it.
We’re moving. We’re getting our heart rate up. We don’t know what we’re doing,
we’re just jogging in place. We trust this process. We trust this time is valuable. This time that we’ve
dedicated to ourselves. Maybe it’s a
couple jumping jacks. We’re here for three, to get for a
little circle around, two, and on the one, plant your feet. Capture this moment. Whatever happen,
bring your palms together. Inhale in, listen to
the sound of my voice. Trust me, trust yourself, trust the video,
close your eyes. Inhale deeply and use your
exhale to relax your shoulders and just notice how you feel. And once again, celebrating you. So we’re not just here to
try to get to know who we are to unpack our past. Those things are important. But we’re not just
here to do just that, we’re also here to not only
get to know who we really are, but celebrate that process
and celebrate and honor who we really are. And when we are able
to do that with ourselves or even start to do
that with ourselves, it becomes so much easier
to see with the eyes of love and celebrate and honor others
for who they really are. Yoga! Bring the thumbs to third eye. Take a deep breath in. And on an exhale, we bow. Namaste. One day more, tell
us how you’re feeling in the comment
section down below. I love you guys so much. I’ll see you tomorrow. (bright music)

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  54. Now finished with my version of Day 29 – Celebrate 10:16 pm Tues Dec 17 2019. Am feeling BALANCED. And happy. Couldn’t do the Pod Pose. Having trouble with kicking one foot back after Forward Fold, Plant Palms! I think my knees need more strengthening AND my toes need more flexibility. I feel my progress! God bless you, Adrienne! And your able canine assistant, Benji! My cats say Hi. 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾❤️

  55. When we started swaying into a dance then jumping around it made me genuinely smile with joy. Thank you for this practice 💜

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