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Did They Win The Carnival Game? (GUESSING GAME)

Did They Win The Carnival Game? (GUESSING GAME)

100 thoughts on “Did They Win The Carnival Game? (GUESSING GAME)”

  1. I think i am in love. Marry me Christine! I'll provide you with sour sauerkraut and free pez for the rest of our days.

  2. just experienced the biggest earthquake near my house, this calms me down for some reason. also, you know what’s gonna calm me even more? inviting brendon urie to one of your episodes

  3. They're not glued to the table they're weighted lol 😋😁 I was drinking at a state fair in the beer garden late one night at and at close all the games were closed but some still displayed so I hopped over the table and picked up one of the bottles. When I looked inside it had like lead or steel or something in the bottom and the other two were much lighter but still heavier than I expected.

  4. I won a huge pink and yellow teddy bear when at a rodeo carnival. Its literally half my size and has a big belly.

  5. I am so bad at carnival games! When I was younger I played one where you tossed dimes and won whatever they landed in. I aimed for the cool mugs and glasses but ended up winning 6 ashtrays. 😁

  6. Just for clarification: The last guy with the milk bottles lost. The object of the game is to knock ALL THREE of the bottles OFF the stool. He clearly had one bottle still on the stool.

  7. I recently found out that Rob Zombies parents are carnies. And he said a common thing is carnies make their kids wander around holding the giant teddy bear so other people think its actually possible to win it.

  8. Normally on the milk jugs you have to clear them completely off the table. I don't think that last guy won.

  9. So…. did I miss something? Did they say what was in each of the balloons? Can someone reply with the colours and what was in each one?

  10. You want to know how to win carnival games? Drugs.. Carnies are traveling and don't have a hook up. So if you give them some bud they will let you win the giant tweety bird for free. 👍 Or atleast that's how it was in the 90's. 😂

  11. Emily was hilarious on The Brighter Side podcast. It was really cool to have the GMM and LPN worlds collide like that.

  12. bottoms up b**— baby girl! hahahah i feel like everyone on the set of gmm are the most marvelous people ever! literally every single person on the cast/crew/post show make me feel so good and cheerful! even on my bad days i can turn on any GMM episode and forget about negativity and remember to be my mythical best! i know this probs wont get read by the cast but without GMM there wouldnt be anything on youtube for me to watch every morning, night, and day.. you guys are all better than the best!

    I LOVE YOU MYTHICALS!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ ( yes that goes for cotton candy randy too ♥ )

  13. I'm not sure but I think drinking involves swallowing ! there was no swallowing ? I claim Shenanigans sorry lady's trying to pull a fast one !

  14. ive worked for 3-4 or more carnivals in my life none of the games are rigged and i mostly only worked games so i know

  15. Thumbs down… its suppose to be Rhett and link… not some random women. If this was awesome I wouldn't know. As soon as I saw it wasn't who it was supposed to be I left.

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