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DIY carnival costume last minute

DIY carnival costume last minute

Hi guys, I’m Elena, welcome to my new video. Today we make a last minute carnival costume together! bring back and cut the model from an apron that suits us; draw and cut the 13 cm high neck following the neckline of the apron; mark the height of the waist and the front center lowering 14 cm; sew the shoulders of the apron and the neck; make wire riveting; sew the edge of the apron and neck; sew 20 cm laces on the signs of life (for hips closure); join the neck to the neckline to the right; retch the neckline with the tape fasten and sew the trimmings from the signs of life to the center mark; I hope this video has been useful to you, subscribe to my channel if you have not already done so, follow me on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and visit my web site See you next week with a new video!

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