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Do You Really Need Superfoods? Top Foods to Eat in the World Revealed

Do You Really Need Superfoods? Top Foods to Eat in the World Revealed

Alright! This is John Kohler with, today we have another exciting episode for
you, today’s episode’s all about these amazing superfoods man, you guys gotta get
on the superfoods, or you’re not going to be a super dude! Alright just kidding. Anyways,
you guys caught me red-handed, I is a super foodist! These are all my superfoods that
actually I bought, I own, and I take sometimes. And although a lot of them, I’ll be thinking
“John why’d you get kale man? Why’d you get freeze-dried kale, you’re growing
kale in your garden?” right? Like kale in a bottle’s a piece of junk. Well I got it
because it’s only 5.97 on clearance! This is actually some good stuff. But you know,
I believe superfoods can have their place in a healthy raw foods diet, but what I want
to do before I get into anything else about these amazing superfoods that a lot of super
sellers try to sell you on, even nowadays, some raw foodists don’t even eat fruits
and vegetables anymore, they just eat superfoods out of a package because some people believe
they’re better. Well you know, I just want to cut through all the myths, cut through
all the BS, and give you guys the truth, and not just my truth, but a dozen of my friends’
truths that I’ve known for many years about superfoods. So without further ado, let’s
go ahead and get into this episode where I hear from twelve of my friends about their
opinions on are superfoods necessary on a raw foods diet.
So now we’re here with Megan Elizabeth, you can learn more about her at,
or check her out on YouTube at ezberaw, she’s been into raw foods now for the last six years,
and the question for Megan today is, do you need superfoods on a raw foods diet?
Superfoods, oh, there’s such a stigma with superfoods. I think that there’s some that
are good and some that are bad, like there’s a lot that are totally unnecessary that are
just a big waste of money, and I think that there’s a few that are really helpful, like
lately everyone’s checking out the barley grass juice powder, and I’ve got to stay
like I tried it and I really enjoy it. Other than just taking it as a supplement, I think
it’s really great to make sure that you’re getting some extra nutrition because a lot
of people aren’t growing their own greens, so I think it’s important to also just research
them, look into it, who’s selling it, what are they all about and just do your research
before you get into any particular superfood. So now we’re with Dr. Rick Dena, he’s
been into raw foods for the last 27 years, you can learn more about him at
So the question I have today for Rick is, do you need superfoods on a raw foods diet?
Alright superfoods, well first of all, what the heck is a “superfood”? You know one
of our students brought us a package of spinach a couple of years ago, and it says “Spinach
is a superfood.” I know from my wife that there is no legal definition of what a superfood
means, so in other words it’s a marketing term. Anything can be a superfood if the person
selling it decides it’s a superfood. Now typically though, superfoods are green powders
and things that are concentrated in nutrition, and some of those can be useful, but when
you actually look at what nutrients people need, and then you look at what levels you
get on a diet you get based on fresh fruits and vegetables, my wife just gave a presentation
called “What’s in Your Salad?” and people were astounded about how much nutrition was
in a 500 calorie salad. People realize “Oh my gosh, I might not need this supplement
or this superfood or that other thing.” So it can be individual, overall, the healthier
one eats, the less reliance they’re going to need on supplements and superfoods and
other concentrated things, that’s for sure. Now, what if you’re traveling and you don’t
have time to eat big salads or you’re in a situation where you’re not able to do
that? Well some green powder mixed with a little bit of water, you can eat it like mud
and it turns your teeth all green, that’s a great way to get some nutrition in, so those
type of superfoods in those situations are extremely beneficial. But as I’m sure some
of the other speakers said, my idea of superfoods are fresh fruits and vegetables eaten in large
enough quantities to constitute the majority of your calories, and if you’re doing that,
you are so much more nutrient replete and healthier than someone who eats more of a
processed junk food raw food diet, but takes all the best superfoods. So fresh fruits and
vegetables are your best superfoods, especially the one that John tells you to grow in the
backyard, like when we go get our tree collards in the back and our heirloom tomatoes and
our zucchini with rock dust and compost and all that stuff, those are really the ultimate
superfoods. Alright so we’re here with Dan McDonald,
the Life Regenerator, you want to check him out for sure on YouTube at Life Regenerator,
and he’s been into raw foods now for the last 14 years, and we’re just going to simply
ask Dan some questions today. So do you need superfoods on a raw food diet?
Well all raw foods are superfoods [inaudible] locally grown in good soil. But superfoods,
I mean are we talking goji berries? Because yeah there’s some nice goji berry tea with
ginger and lemon, I mean I don’t know what I would do with that when I feel like it you
know? I like some green powders as well just for fun, what else is constitute as a superfood?
It’s not necessary, I mean obviously the fruits and the vegetables are the basis, but
in order to keep yourself well-rounded, sane, maybe social, traveling, it’s nice to have
the green powders when you’re traveling, so I would say it’s not absolutely necessary
but sometimes convenient and fun you know? Keep things interesting?
Alright so now we’re with fully raw Christina. Hey you guys it’s Christina.
And she’s been into raw foods now for the last eight and a half years, and you can check
her out at And the question I have for Christina today is do you need
superfoods on a raw foods diet? Do I need superfoods on a raw food diet? Well
I think that my idea of a superfood is like kale, is like green juice, is like fruit,
for me that’s superfood. Do I consume things like powders and macafoods and all these super-chocolate,
supercalifrajelisticexpiala raw food crack cocaine? No I don’t consume many of those
things. I value them, I think they all have their purpose, but my idea of a superfood
is fruit, green, coming from the earth, high mineral, nutrient-dense food coming from really
rich soil. So now we’re with Don Bennett DAS, he’s
been into a raw foods fruit-based diet for over 20 years now, he’s definitely a wealth
of knowledge, if you want to tap some of that knowledge, you’re going to want to check
him out at his website, So we’ve got a few questions for Don today.
Do you need superfoods on a raw foods diet? Well, that depends on a couple of things.
If you’re growing all your own fruits and vegetables in soil that you know is healthy,
then why should you? There’s no reason to. If you’re getting everything [inaudible]
in the foods that you’re eating if you know you are, no then of course you don’t, a
long, long time ago we didn’t, if we did we wouldn’t be here today because we couldn’t
have had those superfoods back then. But some people eating foods that you’re buying at
the local stores, I have found that they’re just not cutting it with chromium or zinc
or iodine or something, so in that case yeah, a worthwhile superfood is good. Unfortunately,
95% of the superfoods aren’t worthy. They’re worthless basically. But there are some worthwhile
ones, there’s one that I center on and the one that I recommend and one that has helped
all my clients and it’s helped me, and it’s nothing, it’s just one thing, it’s not
20 different items in there, and it’s been super-charged by plugging it into the power
utility for a week, and people chanting over it with digeridoos or anything like that,
it’s just one very simple thing, and it does make, if you put it in a smoothie with
banana, it makes for a more nutritious banana, that’s all it’s doing. So yes, some people
do need it, I need it, I use it. So now we’re with Karen Ramsey, she’s
been into raw foods for nearly 20 years now, you can learn more about her at
The question I have for Karen today is do you need superfoods on a raw foods diet?
I believe that that really depends on your situation, especially where you live, and
I’ll give you an example, my daughter went to India on an exchange program, and the area
where she was living, she got plentiful amounts of wonderful delicious fresh fruit, but she
could not get enough green leafy vegetables, and so I really did not want her to get a
mineral deficiency, she was there for quite a while, close to a year, and I sent her a
jar of a popular green powder that I felt was a really good quality, and she did really
well out of the 18 students who went on the trip, she was the only student who didn’t
get sick, and I think she needed the fruit and the greens. So I was glad to keep sending
her the jars of green powder. So I think there are situations where we do need these superfoods,
and sometimes in the winter, if I go to the market and I don’t get good vegetables,
I will take some green powder. I think a green powder like Vitamineral Green is very good
quality. So now we’re with Tim Van Orton, he’s
been into raw foods diet since 2004, so that’s like ten years at this point. I admire Tim,
I look up to him a lot. You can learn more about him and his work at,
or his YouTube channel Running Raw. So Tim do you need superfoods on a raw foods diet?
Superfoods, yeah. What I realize is, it’s not the food that’s super it’s you that’s
super, okay? You need a super [inaudible] to become a super dude, not a superfood.
So now we’re here with Chris Kendall, he’s been raw for about a decade now, you can check
him out at, and the question for Chris today is do you need superfoods
on a raw foods diet? Well you know I like to look at the definition
of superfoods you know, and to me a superfood is one that is a pure, natural state, you
know? The sun and the earth and the water, everything grew into being right? So whole
foods to me are superfoods, the kind of more commercial superfoods that are dry packaged
and sold, I think they can be an okay addition to someone’s diet if they really enjoy them,
if they feel good eating them being aware of how it feels when you do so, but to me
the truest superfoods are just whole, fresh, ripe, raw organic plants you enjoy the most,
you know they’re with the water content and the fiber all attached, they digest in
the proper rate. So now we’re here with Dr. Sammy Melkarski,
he’s been into raw foods for the last 15 years, and you can learn more about Dr. Sam
at, and we’re going to ask him a simple question today. So do you need superfoods
on a raw foods diet? Well, I would say I think that fresh fruits
and vegetables and other plant-based foods are superfoods. Things that are grown organically
in nutrient-rich soil I think are superfoods, and that’s my definition of a superfood,
so I would say yes, but if you’re looking at some food that’s been heavily marketed
in a beautiful package from a foreign land, or some secret from an antiquity, I’m not
so sure that that’s necessary, what you need to be is adequately nourished, and I
have a joke about this actually because I believe somewhere over in Tibet someone was
going “Oh, American blueberry, very high antioxidant,” and they’re making a mint
on selling them over there just like we’ve imported foods from far over there that we’re
eating and calling superfoods. The thing is you need to eat based on the region you live
in, and so find the foods that are super in your area.
So now we’re with Nomi Shannon, also known as the Raw Gourmet, she’s been doing raw
foods for the last 27 years, this lady is almost 71 now, she looks amazing. You can
learn more about her at So the question for Nomi is today, do you need
superfoods on a raw foods diet? Some people do, I never did superfoods, I
never felt the need for it, but the last several years as I’ve aged, for myself I found I
need more protein, even though I do lots of greens and green smoothies, I don’t eat
a lot of nuts, and that I’m doing better when I do superfoods, I’ve actually made
some of my own, I live out in the country as you know, and I just hack down about a
quarter acre of stinging nettle and throw it in the dehydrator and dried it, and then
picked all the leaves off it, threw it in the blender, and a couple of mason jars full
of that, but I also buy it. But, a lot of people feel they’re eating such healthy,
pure diet that they don’t need it and they’re feeling great, so it’s a very, very subjective
thing, and even the definition of superfoods is subjective.
So now we’re with Lou Corona, he’s been into raw and living foods now for the last
41 years, definitely a long time. You can learn more about Lou at, and
the question I have for Lou today is do you need superfoods on a raw foods diet?
Again, I think that even like the first question you asked, if a person is born in this life
off rich soil, in other words, if they have no enzyme or mineral deficiencies at all,
and if they’re living on a plant-based, raw living culture food lifestyle right from
the get go, and the soil is rich, then a person can just go on with life and never [inaudible]
taken any supplement at all. But what I find in most cases, that’s rare what I just said
right? But in most cases people are still living in the city, and they’re not eating
organic enzyme-rich, mineral rich food, because any of the health food stores that are being
supplied by organic farmers as well as farmers’ markets, they’re running 25 percent plus
in enzyme and mineral deficiencies. And so it’s not enough now to just live on organic,
raw living foods from the health food stores and farmers markets. Unless you have your
own land, you own soil, you’re building that soil and making it rich, because I’ve
already spoken to many farmers all over the country, plus there’s a lot of [inaudible]
found that our soil, organic soil, is running 25 to 75 percent plus enzyme and mineral deficiencies,
and that’s why I don’t hesitate to take some enzymes when I consume food, and if you’re
like the person who has a hard time breaking down fats into fatty acids, those people have
what they call lipase enzyme deficiency, so they need a little enzyme support in that
particular enzyme to help them digest fats and fatty acids. That’s why I talk about
people that have those challenges, to use the probiotics called Life Biotic to help
culturize and season us to release the fats into fatty acids so it can be more bioavailable,
so it’s easier for the body to process it. So as far as the superfoods, there’s all
kinds of different superfoods. You got your blue-green algae out there, you got spirulina,
you got chlorella, you got wheatgrass juice concentrates, I mean you got people that put
all of it together in one bottle, there’s a lot of different people doing any different
things. Personally, I did a 40 day water fast years ago, and I mean I’m 5’9” 160,
I went down to 100 pounds when I did that, and so to rebuild my body back up, I actually
was doing a lot of studying on algaes. So I got the highest quality spirulina and I
put it in the juice and mixed it up and I was going to drink it to help me rebuild my
body back up. And when I’m going to do that, I went to drink it like that and my arm went
like that. And I tried to drink it again, my arm went like that. I tried to drink it
one more time, tried to drink it my arm, it’s like my body wouldn’t even let me drink
it. I was like wondering “God, what’s going on here?” I’d read all these wonderful
things about it you know? So I listened to my body, and I have to tell you that when
you do a 40 day water fast, you become more sensitive, more in tune, more connected, and
so I became that in tune to that point and so I listened, so I didn’t do the algae.
So next time I made some juice I went ahead and tried some wheatgrass juice concentrate,
it’s a [inaudible] wheatgrass juice concentrate, I put some in the juice, mixed it up, I drank
it, my body sucked it right up like no problem. I did the same thing with organic alfalfa
juice concentrate, and I also did it with organic [inaudible] juice concentrate. My
body just sucked it right up. So then I put all three of them together with some mint,
and I mixed it all together with my juice and drank it, my body just sucked it right
up, I rebuilt, regenerated and I’ve been doing that since.
Oh wow. So I don’t do algaes, [inaudible ] a friend
of mine had a scientific report from NASA, where they studied every algae in the world,
farm-grown, freshwater grown, marine grown algaes. They tested all of them, and they
all had a form of contamination in the algaes, and what they discovered also that this particular
contamination that’s in the algaes, it really can’t be stripped out of it or filtered
out of the algae, it’s like in there. So they found that algae is kind of like programmed
to clean the water, so as it, you might say develops its growth in the water. It doesn’t
come from the sea per se, you know that right? It’s a growth that takes place in the water,
but it also attracts toxins to itself too. And so anyway, some of these toxins that are
in there, even though there’s vitamins and minerals and chlorophyll in there, and amino
acids, but there’s also contamination in the algae, and it accumulates in your liver.
So I have people that I’ve known for many years that have been living a very healthy
lifestyle, but they’ve been taking algae over the years, and every time I check their
liver, it’s always weak, and they’re aging fast. So I’m looking at them going “Thank
you for being able to listen and also get that scientific report” it kind of made
more sense for me. So I haven’t done algaes but I have been doing the super grasses all
these years, and the thing is is that our organic food again is also mineral deficient,
so that’s why I do the super grasses, and that’s why I do sea vegetables. I do sea
vegetables like kelp and [inaudible] and all that, I don’t get it from the Pacific side
of the ocean because of all the radiation and stuff going on and all the contamination,
but I’ve been getting them from over there by Maine.
So now we’re with Ronnie, which is half of the Ronnie and Min team, you can learn
more about them at, he’s been into raw foods for the last 14 years. The
question for Ronnie today is, Ronnie do you need superfoods on a raw foods diet?
Well to me, raw natural living foods are superfoods. I think an apple’s a superfood. I don’t
know how much more super any other food could be than an apple or a pear or an orange, and
I personally don’t take any supplements, I haven’t taken any supplements on my well
journey, and I really can’t speak to it because I’m not a nutritionist, but I follow
my instincts and so far I haven’t found any need of any kind of supplementation, but
we do grow all our own food as you know John up in Mesquite, and we try to eat as close
to nature as possible, I follow your principle, if I can’t grow it myself I try to find
a farmer’s garden and so on down the line, but my personal experience, I avoid supplements
of any kind. Congratulations you guys made it through the
video, you got to hear from 12 of my friends on are superfoods necessary on a raw foods
diet, and a lot of them had many good opinions and really good answers. Some people had better
answers than others and I wouldn’t necessarily agree with all the people in the video. So
I guess I want to answer the question next, and I’m John Kohler, I’ve been into raw
foods now for 20 years and the question for me today is do you need superfoods on a raw
foods diet? Alright so the operating word there is “necessary” and “superfood.”
So superfoods as Dr. Rick Dena pointed out is a marketing term, you know there’s no
such thing as superfoods, basically marketers and people came up with the superfood name
to basically sell you stuff in a bottle, right? And thing, so we could call it a super cat
or mega cat or whatever, and is that a better cat you get that one instead of just a normal
kitty from your animal shelter? Of course not, please adopt at your animal shelter if
you are looking for a pet, aside from that point, superfoods could just be any food that
can be and have high nutrition. So normally they’re from a fruit or vegetable, or a
nut or seed or something like that, so in general they do have more nutrition than processed
foods, than junk foods than animal products and dairy and eggs and all this kind of crap,
and so part of my teaching is I always want to encourage you guys to eat better and do
better, good, better, best is what I like to say right? Fruits and vegetables, yes,
they’re great you should eat as many as you possibly can. If you’re not eating fruits
and vegetables, then you can eat some superfoods, if you can’t eat fruits and vegetables,
well that’s probably better than not eating anything because in most cases, many fruits
and vegetables are in fact superfoods, but the best superfoods in the world are fruits
and vegetables, and more specifically ones you can grow yourself you know? In my bed
here we’ve got things like the dinosaur kale, and kale is a superfood, this is a much
better superfood than the one inside in the package. I also have something called ashitaba,
so I only learned about the ashitaba actually at the Natural Products Expo which is a trade
show for the health food industry, and they’re selling ashitaba in the little bottle as a
superfood. And I said “Well, John why would I want to buy this bottle for like 40 bucks,”
because I learned about ashitaba and how it’s like more nutritious than even kale which
is really nutritious and has these things called chalcones, which most people are not
getting in their diet that are anti-cancer and anti all these other things. So instead
of buying this bottle to get the benefits you know I’m like “Well what’s better
than that?” Well I could grow it myself, because I want to let you guys know that fresh
foods have more nutrients than a superfood that’s in a package, because it has the
full water content and has the full life force, especially stuff you grow in your garden,
and none of this kale gets picked until the minute I’m going to eat it. I’ll pick
it, bring it inside, juice it, blend it, or just eat it, and it has its full life force,
prana, chi, bio photons, whatever you want to call it, and this is super-important, right?
And not all superfoods in packages have this at all. So there’s definitely a case for
superfoods, and are they necessary, getting back to the question. I mean if you just want
to live, you probably don’t need them, but if you want optimal health, I would say yes,
they are necessary, and here’s why – the nutrient you guys need the most is the nutrient
you’re not getting. And if you’re not eating goji berries or Maci berries or whatever
and there’s a nutrient in there you may need that may prevent cancer like in my ashitaba
and some of these other things around my garden, you know, and you get cancer “Oh the raw
foods diet doesn’t work, I ate fruits and vegetables and it didn’t work.” Well maybe
that’s because you didn’t eat some superfoods occasionally or once in a while. Now don’t
get me wrong, I don’t make my life out of superfoods, my life is full of my garden around
me with its wall of cucumbers, fresh tomatoes and all kinds of copious amounts of greens,
and I eat the majority of my diet, 98 percent, 90 percent fruits and vegetables fresh. I
eat a small percent of the superfoods that come in packages to allow me to get more nutrients
in my diet that I wouldn’t normally get. Yes, I grow my own goji berries [inaudible]
side of the garden there, and I eat those fresh and I’d rather eat them fresh than
in a package, right? And that’s the other thing that’s really important to me is you
guys increase the diversity of foods in your diet, and if superfoods allows you to do that,
I’m all for it. In addition not all superfoods are created equal, there are some companies
that really make sure their superfoods are not contaminated with diesel fuel particulate
and grown in nutrient-dense soil, and there’s some companies that are not. So in some cases
a nutrient-dense food in a package may have more of certain nutrients than the fresh food
grown in unideal situations. Not that I’m going to recommend eating stuff in packages,
but I want you guys to be aware of this you know, like one of the companies I like a lot
is Health Force Nutritionals, they kind of go the extra mile, the owner, Dr. Jamie Sheridan
is a fellow vegan and eats a lot of raw foods in his diet, and he goes the extra mile to
ensure his superfoods are actually quite good for you. And I think just giving yourself
the extra boost of the Vitamineral Green for example that was mentioned earlier in this
video that I had on the table, I think is only a good thing to do you know, a little
tablespoon in your green juice, your green smoothie, is only going to add and help you
become healthier because it has so many ingredients in there that you would not be normally eating
that will allow you to increase your diversity of foods, and get some nutrients frankly that
you might not be getting. So in the end I want to say superfoods, they have their place,
I like to include them sometimes in small amounts, the majority of what I eat is fruits
and vegetables as much as I can out of my luscious garden. I also like to enjoy the
superfoods when I travel and when I’m not able to get fresh fruits and vegetables so
I have a dedicated pocket in my backpack for superfoods. So when I’m traveling on a plane,
I always have superfoods available if I want something to eat, if I want some extra pick-me-up
nutrients. My goal for you guys is to always eat more fruits and vegetables, and yes fruits
and vegetables in a package labeled superfoods are also fruits and vegetables, and if that
gets you away from eating animal products, meat products, dairy, cheese, eggs, processed
foods, junk foods, candy bars, cookies, all the crap that Americans eat, I think I’m
all for it, but the easiest obviously is fruits and vegetables. So I would encourage everybody
out there to do what you think is right, and life is not about right and wrong “Superfoods
are good, no they’re bad.” You know it’s somewhere in the middle and let’s just kind
of be realistic about this thinking of right and wrong, good and bad, we need to kind of
get away from that and why don’t we think “Good, better, best,” right? If you want
to be best maybe have some superfoods once in a while, and have different kinds and rotate
them and don’t always just get the goji berries because they’re supposed to be the
best or whatever, and there are some challenges with superfoods out there, and I do not recommend
you guys live on a superfood based diet as some raw food gurus are doing these days.
Any case, if you enjoyed this episode please give me a thumbs up, let me know, I have some
other videos where I interview my friends for their opinions on a variety of topics,
including probiotics and enzymes and all these other things. Also be sure to subscribe if
you’re not already, I have new videos coming out all the time that you will always learn
something from, and be sure to check out my past episodes, I have over 400 episodes now
on all aspects of living a healthy plant-based raw foods diet. Once again my name is John
Kohler with, we’ll see you next time, until then, keep eating your home-grown
fruits and vegetables, they are the best.

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  11. I never got why people think its best to have a raw diet, but you can't eat raw only with powders, bars and shit.

  12. That talk about contaminates in algea, does that apply to Ovega? I eat a somewhat processed diet, and I've heard you want a good ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. And flax  isnt omega 3/dha.  Ovega is a DHA supplement made from algae since the only other way I know of is fish and I am a vegetarian. Well he says nothing about tank grown algae no contamination for it to pick up then.

    Also, your body may know whats good for it or not, but not before you've eaten it., You said your arm was doing that before you even had any, I can't buy that. Perhaps you heard of that pollution thing before this and it was your subconscious fear. Plus, that is not how your body responds to food it doesn't want, your gut has a mind of its own, so you might feel nauseas or a desire to not consume it (which may be accompanied by a separate desire to consume it if it is something you are use to or your brain is arguing with your intestines and or itself) but such things do not take control of arms like that.

  13. Really great video John! I enjoy those videos where you asked all your raw food friends questions 🙂
    Much love and gratitude <3

  14. The guy saying all algae is contaminated but eats seaweed, but seaweed has heavy metals but i guess it is a lot less than algae would soak up!

  15. What about speralina ? Do you guys consume speralina? Awesome that lou corona covered that topic pretty well. Wow I almost bought sperilina 😀 I will do more research on exact thing

  16. If raw foodists who eat just fruits and vegetables from the supermarkets can have deficiencies, imagine the masses eating cooked meals, animal products, candy and other garbage/processed foods have :/

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