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DxE SHUTS DOWN the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Whole Foods.

DxE SHUTS DOWN the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Whole Foods.

“… within this store, and fill that with amazing food and amazing team members and it’s a wonderful space to be able to come to to gather –” “Help! Help! Help! Help! No! Help!” “It’s your time to die.” “They want your humane meat.” “He’s okay. He lived a good life.” “I have been inside of a Whole Foods farm. And I can tell you that there is nothing humane about confinement. There is nothing humane about taking away children from their families.” [Booing] “Don’t believe what they tell you, because Whole Foods sells a lie. They sell a lie of happy farms with happy animals and happy deaths. But that is not true. There is no such thing as humane murder. There is no such thing as ethical killing. It’s not food!” “It’s violence!” “It’s not food! It’s violence!” “Can you tell me what you think about this?” “I think you should let people make decisions for themselves.” “What about the animals? Can’t they have a choice…” “What about plants, my friend? What about plants.” Subtitles by the community

66 thoughts on “DxE SHUTS DOWN the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Whole Foods.”

  1. John Mackey, current co-CEO of Whole Foods Market is vegan but, yet he still profits from the exploitation, commodification, and murder of animals. Being vegan is a moral choice but, it doesn't make you moral.

  2. I love how the audience Boos and says go away please stop reminding me of how selfish and cruel I am only want to eat my tortured animals in peace

  3. yeah I think you should let people make decisions about what they do so like if it makes me happy and it's convenient I should be able to torture anyone I want that's Freedom man

  4. i hope someone with common sense can SHUTS DOWN the disrespectful stupid idiot know as Direct Action Everywhere

  5. Love it! Thank you for NEVER being silent against the injustice that has being going on for too long! We must be the voice for all the innocent Animals on this planet! Keep up the great work!!

  6. "Show the middle finger", this is the best argument that they have. Poor carnists, we have a lot of scientific studies about animals intelligence, sentience, pain sensibility and any other characteristic that humans, dogs and cat has.
    Congratulations from Brazil.

  7. “Plants don’t have a nervous system”, they kind of do. But assuming they don’t, neither do fish.

  8. "Boooo stop speaking sense just let me continue to cause needless suffering and death"
    Why do carnists have to be so retarded?

  9. Why don't you wankers do a protest on a freeway, you know like the other fucktards from BLM and the Anti-Trumpers? You can protest against bugs being killed on windshields or some shit…Or win a Darwin Award for being useless and stupid.

  10. "plants dont have a nervous system" They kinda do? and they are also how your ungratefull ass is able to live. Stop eating my foods food.

  11. why are they attacking Whole Foods, they are probably some of the most organic, fresh, and healthiest food places these days and thats saying something in a world where Mcdonalds or Burger King exsist. Im not even sponsored or a vegan so you guys need to back off

  12. Hay DXE i won't talked about you want to save ammals from certain death From been slaughtered for human consumption So I got a question for you when a cheetah Hunt and African dear to It's OK eat it When a grizzly bear hunt salmon that okay to eat it When a lion in the African desert hunts a zebra it okay eat it When I Coyote and Wolf hunt Chickens or whatever they can get ahold of It's OK for them to When the cave man roamed the surface of the planet In the mouse the had carnival teeth Search the very 1st origin of the human race we Have survived for thousands and thousands of years off of meat only every stage of human evolution now we have a commendation Shape carnivals and Vegetation teeth You cannot change your biological Science & Orgins of being human But you do have The Choice on what kind of diet You Choose to eat You can not force your lifestyle on someone else Simply because you disagree with Decision Next time you choose to make a complete ass & and embarrassed of your self to the e Extreme with your ideology and stupidity you cannot Erase your biological meat eating Origin Just like you can't use cosmetic plastic surgery to change your sex SJW millennia That clearly has too much time on your hands To be Productive Next time you're ready to go to jail for breaking the law educate yourself about history of humanity in your origin of work humanity came from to where we are today almost 16000 years later

  13. Haha plants don't have fucking feelings stop with that shit. Ignorant af. And to all those people saying "Booo" are not capable of having feelings or a heart.

  14. And at the end of the day, the only thing you got out of all this was a restraining order.
    People are still eating meat, the store is still making money.
    "carnists are retards though"…oh irony…

  15. y’all are some tree huggin subaru driving vegan terrorists. i’ll slap you in the face with a steak, pork chop, or chicken leg. get over stupid commies

  16. You all are nuts maybe you all should die then meat eaters would be happy I’m all ready happy with eating all the meat I can

  17. 30% vegan / vegetarian in the US 2018
    60% meat consumers in the US 2018
    there are 3 times more chickens, 2 times more pigs, 2.5 times more cows than humans
    and there are currently 7.7 billion humans both young and old
    and there are currently 988.6 million from livestock
    The D.X.E is overreacting for over

  18. If a victim of a bombing or a former servicemen would see fake blood and people screaming on the floor, it could trigger a panic attack or flashback

  19. dxe video- has cursing and bloody skits: ok still monotized. Gaming youtuber- mildly says shit once: WTF IS THIS NON FAMILY FRIENDLY CONTENT DEMONOTIZED FOR ALL FUTURE VIDEOS FOR 2 MONTHS

  20. Focused on ruining a grocery store opening when there is still human trafficking and people starving in the USA….

  21. Pansy ass insecure attention seekers with no intellect, knowledge or reasoning ,AKA Vegans, are BIGOTS, pushing an agenda for their own emotionally insecure reasons with no rationale. Natural life cycle, humans at top of food hierarchy, anyone who is pushing Vegan agendas is unread, unreliable, stupid, unknowingly dangerous (VEGAN diets are UNHEALTHY). We have evolved throughout thousands of years eating meat and it is incredibly unhealthy for our metabolism to completely stop what it has been adapted to, also as omnivores humans are designed to consume animal products as well as plant products. Animals are not on the same level as humans intellectually, emotionally, reasonable (every factor that is attributable to life??) and therefore using arguments like ‘how would you feel if X (X = something that happens to animals in slaughterhouses) is irrelevant. Animals are different from humans and are given life in masses to enhance our life through their consumption. Pushing Vegan agenda on others is BIGOTED and the person should be deemed as incompetent for any moral/intellectual/philosophical etc. discussion as they possess a very flawed and destructively executed form of reasoning and believe others should adapt it through using emotionally persuasive and condescending techniques beyond any form of true rational and fact, avoid or mock them because the only reason they do this is because of their own insecurities, to have an excuse to look down on others as ‘bad people’ because they do not hold the same values and to portray empathy which they lack by doing the above. The only ‘bad person’ (bad meaning they are BAD for our society) here is the irrational and conversationally destructive (any reasonable conversation attempt is thrown up all over by fallacies/false knowledge (pseudoscience) and backwards minded human being who holds too much value in their own thought, meaning and beliefs. They can not have a conflicting conversation or it affects their ‘safe space’ and must resort into diverting the conversation by using emotionally sensitive red herrings, hate speech to attempt to make the ‘aggressor’ (one who does not hold their belief) seem like a morally bad/wrong person along with false facts which have never been scientifically proven about how veganism is healthy (pseudoscience, literally on the same level as ghosts proven scientifically) and how animal products are cancerous/life threatening. To even have this mindset, means they do not have a reasonable view of the world, life, human interaction and rationality. Conclusion, Vegans are mentally deficient, must be from too much plants and no meat.

  22. Can you people ever rest? Did any of you see that literally nobody (except form your members) agreed with anything you said? Did you just ignore the massive boo you got? You guys really need to grow the fuck up.

  23. Yessss boo at the DXE actors yessss show your disappoint in these cringey terrorists called "animal rights activists"

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