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Easy Festival Makeup: Affordable Drugstore Makeup

Easy Festival Makeup: Affordable Drugstore Makeup

welcome back to my channel so what
today’s video is on this festival slash um concert look I really really liked
doing this it was super fun it’s all using drugstore products super glittery
super fantasy and I’m actually wearing lashes which if you watch any of my
videos you know that does not happen to Tonka me as a pain all the way through
the video so if you like annoying cats definitely keep on watching no but yeah
I really liked doing this look it was really fun it’s a little bit different
from things that I’ve done it’s a little bit different from other festival or
concert makeup that I’ve been seen so I just kind of wanted to do something a
little bit different but if you’d like to see how I got this look then please
keep on watching make sure you subscribe to my channel hit that notification well
I have a little video every single day of the week I don’t want you to miss any
let’s go and get started okay guys to get started with this
really easy festival concert makeup I already have my eyebrows done my
foundation my powder and my highlighter next I’m going to be going in with the
Maybelline master drama chromatics eyeliner and this is in the shade turn
on the teal guys really really beautiful shade okay so I’m just gonna be doing a
wee eyeliner with this okay I should have grabbed a mirror oh well sorry if you guys can hear the TV in the
background Sean is watching baseball hey guys you can do as thick or thin of a
line as you want I really really cannot see that’s
awesome oh gotta me right here Kim get on top of it okay that was messy okay I’m gonna be kind of
doing an exaggerated I mean come on guys it is a festival makeup it’s okay for it
to be a little exaggerated okay so I’m going to just go ahead and I’m gonna do
a few freckles with that same eyeliner once again guys it’s just for fun I mean
you don’t have to do this but I’m gonna do we’re gonna be doing different
colored freckles it’s not just gonna be the teal okay so next I’m gonna go in
with the Epilepsy what is it called this is the Rimmel exaggerate waterproof
eyeliner and this is in purple shock I’m just gonna put a little bit underneath
my lower lash line and I’m just gonna actually just do this I first and then
I’m just going to grab a small smudger brush and I’m going to be dipping into
the LA colors out of my number and this is an let’s see foxy formulas and I’m
going to be using that beautiful kind of pinky purple shade and I’m just going to
get that nice and smudged out I wanted it to be really colorful and
fun so sorry if you can hear talk to me she’s been a real brat lately I don’t
know why hey come on turd little turd oh my gosh guys when I’m getting ready for
work in the morning and I’m sitting there like 4 inches away from the mirror
trying to get my brows done she has to get between me and the mirror because
you know that’s the way she rolls I don’t know okay
I’m gonna go ahead and get that other side smudged out I like this so far okay next guys we’re
just gonna be getting that same eye line area we’re just gonna be doing a few
more little you know what this isn’t the right shade I think I’m gonna actually
be using a nice purple yes okay so this is the Milani easy liner for eyes
glitter just wanted a little bit darker so next guys here comes the thumb part
I’m going to be doing a little bit of glitter and you know you don’t have to
do glitter I’m just going to be using two different shades of the Revlon
Photoready I heart I have one shade in a Lila cluster and the other one is in
green glimmer just wanted to kind of go with what we have going on so okay and
I’m just gonna be dotting on a little bit of glitter right on top of these
fake circles just for a little pop there’s nothing wrong with some glitter
or rainbow freckles totally is fine it’s again guys this is too much and
don’t do it it’s totally fine I think it’s cubes okay okay next I’m just gonna be doing the
same thing but with the purple they still sell these they are great so
if you like glitter but you don’t want to spend a lot of money you want some
good drugstore glitter definitely try out the photo ready I arts they are
great and they always come out with new shades for the seasons okay so next I’m just gonna go ahead and
do some glitter on the lower lash line just once again to pump that up a little
bit but we’re gonna be blending it out with our finger just to we’re gonna get
up give ourselves some nice glitter under eyes it’s fine okay so now I’m
going to go ahead and do lips and then I’m going to do some mascara and we’ll
be back with the finished look once again guys it’s gonna be really easy and
simple this is the Milani lip intense liquid lip color in violet addict and I’m actually going to do one more
thing to my face before I go and put on mascara this feels like some great 80s
makeup I am digging it talk to me I swear to goodness gracious gotta get
down sorry guys so next I’m just gonna be using a little
stencil that I have here let me find it okay and I’m it’s got some cute shapes
and stuff so I’m just gonna go ahead and do a little shape here let’s see maybe
yep okay so it has stars and stuff so I think I’m just gonna go ahead and do a
nice cute little star see I’m just going to do a little star right there and I’m
just going to grab that shadow and that same brush and I’m just gently gonna go
in and get this kind of buffed out and then we’re just gonna also hit that
with some glitter should I do what kind of glitter mm-hmm I’m gonna do
purple I feel like I’m like an awesome 80s hair
band right now I think that’s cute okay so I did put on some color mates
eyelashes isn’t this in the style bold and I also did some color meets liquid
eyeliner in black to kind of blend the end of the lash band too you know with
the rest of it I look guys I’m really liking this so far so I’m gonna go ahead
and finish this off with a little bit of Physicians Formula butter bronzer and
I’m gonna go right over the glitter freckles and the stars just to kind of
help blend it make it look a little bit more natural natural as long as you pat
you’re not going to really disturb anything but it’s just kind of going to
help bring everything together just to tan everything up a little okay guys well this is the finished look
I did use all drugstore products I think it’s really pretty it’s definitely out
there this is definitely not something for every day but let me just go ahead
and get in close but I think the eyelashes definitely do help to make it
a little bit more fun it’s a little bit more bold
I love the till eyeliner with the pink purpley glitter under eyed I love the
little glitter freckles and the glitter stars I think it’s really a cute fun
look once again guys you don’t have to use glitter you can definitely use a
kind of like a liquid matte lipstick if you wanted to do the stars that way I
just wanted it to be really glittery and fun but here is the finished look I
think it’s really really pretty I like it a lot
anyway you guys I hope you did enjoy this kind of fun
freaky glittery festival slash concert look if you did then please go ahead and
give this video a thumbs up also make sure that you share this video it’s
different from the other festival looks I’ve been seen but I really really like
it and it’s all using really affordable cheap drugstore products and guys also
make sure that you follow me on my other social media twitter facebook Instagram
and snapchat is all at budget glam babe and I will see you guys tomorrow for
another video have a great one guys you

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