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[ENG] Shinee World Concert 4 – talk 4 (Part-2)

[ENG] Shinee World Concert 4 – talk 4 (Part-2)

I really cant do it but.. I am telling honestly..
  I really cant do it But Minho is really good at abs. This.. (referring to minho) is really good at abs. J: show it once
K: Will you show it? Will you? Mr. Abs Minho.. J: Mr.abs
Fans: Choi Minho Fans: CHOI MINHO! CHOI MINHO! K: That Abs M: See it.. See it.. Jjang!!! O: Abs Accepted!! J: Key also during woof woof…
K: Ah yes. J: The cat dance!!  K: The cat dance……
J: Can you show it now??? Fans: Show it now!! Show it now!!!
M: 1..2 ah 1..2..3.. J: Key did it…. O: Woof!! 
Fine, right? In powerful dances like these, Key…. Fans: KIM JONGHYUN! KIM JONGHYUN I think pop dance should come again now.. ^^ Today, more than anything we can eat *Tteokbokki and ramen. K: Ahh strange!! J: Since you have worked hard, eat all that you want
M: I will eat.. I will eat everything today K: And for the last time.. It was mentioned before, but we loved Jonghyun’s adlib a lot.. J: For example if you suddenly became angry at me. (Minho acts angry like Jonghyun said) (Jonghyun does that as a adlib) M: Excuse me miss
J: You must get angry.. O: (Angry adlib)
J: It scared me!! J: So its like anger…
T: Te…..    J: Ahh!!! K: Dont do it in wrong timing! Dont do it in wrong timing. K: Should we do it again? 
Lets do it again! (Raaaaawwwwrrrr) J: Ah~ taemin is really not funny !! J: Anyways…
O: But Taemin is an IDEA bank J: That time when doing the adlib…
(minho laughing behind ㅋㅋㅋ) J: Listen what I am talking. M: Taemin was funny so… I am sorry!! (Couldn’t Sub this part) J: We also performed View! Minho… Minho.. When someone is talking please listen. M: I am sorry!
Sorry for disturbing!! J: We cant understand because he is very excited We will let you hear the title also!! O:Will let you hear on May18!! But.. Even this time the lyrics for view was written by Jonghyun~ M: Everyone applause for jonghyun!!! O: To create something that we like and everybody likes.. they also have dreams about it. I dont.. but these friends work hard even in dreams so call them komi-hyung(dream-hyung). J: Who is komi-hyung????? O: what?
J: Me? Hyung? O: Yes hyung~ J: Why are you doing this? Fans: Kumi-hyung!!!! M: Mr.Kumi-hyung! M: So we listened to the title track and then we listened Replay also so…. its time for today’s last song. M: It is sad.. but we will perform the last song now. M: Our maknae, taemin will tell you about the song Those who know should sing along though it would be hard~ T: Listen carefully!!!
So we will start!!

47 thoughts on “[ENG] Shinee World Concert 4 – talk 4 (Part-2)”

  1. bahahah Taemin's "raaawr" and Minho's laugh killed me 😂😂😂 i love them so much ❤❤

  2. What was wrong with Minho oppa at that time? He didn't even listen to what Key oppa and Jonghyun oppa said. He had to apologise twice…

  3. mất đi một thành viên và lại giọng ca chính… bốn thành viên còn lại rất là đau lòng , đau đến tận xương tủy…… các bạn….. hả …

    shinee and Seoul seeyou agian….

  4. I figured Taemin would be the one messin' about while the others were talking. But, it was Minho who did the messin about. Silly boy!

  5. 너무 그리우면 좋아요에 저장한 이 영상을 봐요~웃으며 보지만 마음이 슬퍼져요ㅡㅡ너무나 그리운 님아…

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