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English Latest Short Film 2019 | The Feast | A Beautiful Love Story | English Movie With Subtitle

English Latest Short Film 2019 | The Feast | A Beautiful Love Story | English Movie With Subtitle

Did you take the pictures? Ok, you then come here..
Its ok..its ok. Can you please do me a favour? Its been a long time they are calling me
to pose the pictures. Uncle asked me to buy the invitations. If you don’t mind.. Will you please collect the invitation? I will come soon. Marriage.. happens in heaven! But the feast after that -happens here. Sir,sir..
Your invitation please.. Oh, I forgot that in the car. Do you want me to get it?
No..its ok.its ok. You are from bride’s side?
Ya ya..thats right. I should have known about him. How you are related with Lakshmi?
Lakshmi’s… mother’s.. brother’s.. son’s.. brother’s..
Oh…! I mean brother’s son. Oh..! I understood. She caught me. Go go..
(Smiling) Thanks. Hmm…
(Smiling) Baby..come You can sit here.. Wow! She looks good! Oh my god! Oh god! Buddy.. is your name? Its ok. You are from groom’s side,right? Ah..ya ya. She is from groom’s side? She told me that she is
from the bride’s side. How are you related to groom? Who are you to groom? Groom’s.. Father’s..
mother’s.. son’s..wife’s.. daughter..! Hmm.. She is also like me. And still she was talking to me. Oh.. What? Nothing. I will call you. Ok bye..
Okay. Hey.. You also came for free feast? Hmm.. Hmm..what? Nothing Hmm.. Shall I ask you something? I will tell you As a girl..
Hmm.. Why I am having free feast..right? Exactly. Must be just for fun,right? Oh! Its a big story. Story means.. Very old fed up story.. Came to this world as an orphan.. Direct to St. Mary’s orphanage. Now I remember Nivin Pauly movie’s dialogue When you walk through the corridor.. while getting a good aroma from the kitchen Oh my god..! What was you name?
Ajay Oh my dear Ajay.. You can’ t see anything around you. I have to run for that porridge. For is not a time pass. Not at all. Leave all that. You look really handsome. But why are you like this? Oh! Thats a story Its already full of sadness. I don’t want to talk about it. Some other time Shall I ask you something?
What? Can we do this together?
What? This free feasting?
Hm If we are going alone we have to be scared. But if we are going together.. Then we are couples,right? Thats true. If we are together..hmm.. Ya sure..
Super! Hey, you didn’t tell your name till now.
Oh.. I am Revathy. I am working in a DTP center nearby
that auditorium. What about this dress? Working women hostel,right? My room mates are there. I left from orphanage so early. Seniors should give place
for our juniors,right? I am giving my half of the salary
to my orphanage. So.. I am just saving my money for my one meal.
Is that wrong? Hey, not at all. Then we will meet at
Jaya auditorium tomorrow. Don’t forget Hi..
Hello.. See the good thing about coming together..! They won’t ask about how we are related. Did you hear what he called me? He called me sir Really.. Do we look like a real couple? I hope so. What did you say?
No, I meant I hope that was the case. Once we have kids.. Attending weddings are a big trouble. We will also have some issues. Something is fishy.. Thats right.
I am feeling really hot here. Lets go out and talk. And that’s how it happened. You are asking what? Exactly that! We started going together.. to just have feast. But without our knowledge.. our hearts were united. You didn’t understand? To make it simple.. She fell for me. To make it more powerful.. We fall in love..! Tomorrow come wearing this. Who is Ajay?
Its me.. Sign it. Hm Give the pen to her. No one from your side? No..
Huh! Then I have to arrange the witness too. Hey Shaji..Mani..
Come here.. Hey, put a signature..
Help them man. They are children..aren’t they? Long time back I have signed like this. Its the first time I am
signing for a marriage. Atleast do something good in your life man. Tell me where we are going now? In the nearby auditorium there is a
rich marriage going on. Lets go there. Hmm..okay. Today also free feast..right? You make place for me. Atleast on our marriage.. Shouldn’t forget old days. Hey..come on. Hmm..see The free feast on our wedding day..superb
Okay This is really a high class marriage. Ajay..we will go that side,okay? Why are you walking in the middle? All are watching us. See..they are taking our pictures. Today is a great day..please.. Ajay, please stop>Where are you going? All are watching us Ajay. What? I lied to you. But..that wasn’t for cheating you. My parents were together until death. But my father was always busy. And my mom was alone. She was a village lady. She spent all her life in
temples and prayers. And mom..always wanted her
son to have a good life. This is her wish. Her son will visit 101 marriages.. before his own marriage. And thats why you saw me..
coming for a free feast. And she believed that.. I will get a girl by that time. All these superstitions..! But I think.. My mom’s prayers has been fulfilled. Hey.. You don’t worry about it. All the sisters and children from
your orphanage are also here today. But.. since our marriage was not in a Church.. no preist is present. Even otherwise..
in a feast.. there is no religion. Hey.. Why are you just standing here? The feast is ready. Don’t you wanna have it? Some superstitions are like this.. Even if they are unreasonable.. when our loved ones pray for it to happen.. Its result will be like this. Anyway we are happy. What about you? So can have your feast. If you show the invitation.. And then you can go..

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  4. This shows the mutual understanding between male and female. If it is there until death, then life is happy.

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