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[EN,KR,ID] 🇰🇷 Orang Korea Mulai Keliling Seluruh Indonesia 🇲🇨

[EN,KR,ID] 🇰🇷 Orang Korea Mulai Keliling Seluruh Indonesia 🇲🇨

Finally its finished to revise proposal. I may talk about my researching 2 years later. There is a limitation to study cultures in library. Because description of other culture is written by “someone”. This kind of writings are inevitably rhetoric therefore there is always dilemma of conceiving objects from distortion even though it is pretty thick description though. Therefore I decided to travel around Indonesia with 2 cameramen. Although I try to stare something with objective, I might not be able to wander from my subjective. Although my interpretations are think with some context, it will be ultimately represented by some editing skills, and my narrations which are also rhetoric. I am very interested in cultures in Indonesia. They are very variety. It is difficult to research one specific culture in “Indonesia” context. Also it is impossible to see whole culture in Indonesia. I will observe difference and influence of culture in Indonesia. To be more specific “Present of traditional music”. The starting point of this journey will be in Bandar Lampung (South Sumatra). Lets check my super cool stuffs together. This is ILBE Backpack fro U.S. Marine. There are two bags which are one assault back and main backpack. You can bind this assault bag on here. This bag is surprisingly strong. ILBE will be my the best mate in this journey. If main backpack is too huge, I can carry things with assault bag. This is my mattress. This tent is for 4 people. I go with my 2 staffs. If there is no place to sleep, build this. Shower…. Kobokan? (watch VLOG #4) lol Kobokan is for drinking. I may buy mineral water to take a shower. Sleeping bag for camping. Pants from U.S. Marine. Pants are easy to be ripped in jungle but Military pants are not that easy to be ripped because they for battle fields. Rain coat. Pretty big. It is old ACU pattern of US ARMY. Next. Jacket. This super cool jacket is from U.S. NAVY SEAL Team. GORE-TEX inside. This cool buddy will protect my body from rain, strong wind and other extreme weather. Next boots. Pretty hard. They are not slippery. Rubber band. For protecting your sexy legs by small bugs or dust. Lets try to wear them. My cloths, dirty underwear, smelly socks. These are my collection from hotels where I visited. Soap. Razor. The Backpack cover. But ILBE is already waterproof so it is not necessary. But. poor ILBE. Anti-dust mast. My lungs are precious. If I go in cave, Medicine, lotions because I am being old. OLD JIPYO. I will record all with iphone X but its not enough so I will use this SONY Handycam. Waterproof pouch. (iPhone X is not waterproof !!!) Tooth brush. It is effective to clean my dirty mouth. This one… I bought it in gift shop in Malioboro, it will be painful if I bring this heavy bag. Self-massage. First Aid Kit. You can bind pouch on bag like this. Inside. My water bottle. This is absolutely amazing. (Alan. do you remember this?) One second. It is also from U.S. ARMY. This one is 1.5 liter. Try to pour water. This is very small and light. here is still space.This water bottle is 2 liters. You can bring it with this lace. You can also bind it with MOLLE system. Waterproof bag. I will keep my mac and camera here. I will try to eat traditional foods or famous foods during this journey. but if I go to mountain or no more money, I will be dead. So. Rations. This ration is from Korea. This one is from Germany. This one is from France. MRE from U.S. Something special things of this journey is I will bring books. Because if I just visit historic site without any knowledge, only the imaginations are remained. Aceh people, immigration of chinese in Indonesia, Temples in Majapahit kingdom, Chinese in Medan (North Sumatra), Maritime of Indonesia. Theory and History of Anthropology, Anthropology Lecture by Levi-Strauss, Indian cultural influence in statue styles in Sumatra. The last. Police baton. It will protect my body. Who knows… Not only good people exist but also bad people. Too late if something already happened. Is it possible to pack them all? Damn! I think I should pack them again. Ok. I’m ready. Its pretty heavy but the balance is just amazing. and it is very comfortable. Beautiful. Ok. I am ready now. But bag is too heavy. I should take something out lol See you again in Bandar Lapung (South Sumatra). This video might be uploaded in 1 month. If you want to know my position, please follow my Instagram. Ok My people. See you again!

32 thoughts on “[EN,KR,ID] 🇰🇷 Orang Korea Mulai Keliling Seluruh Indonesia 🇲🇨”

  1. Keliling Indonesia itu bisa gratis lo Oppa asal kita bisa numpang Aja ma supir truk pasti d bawa klo masalah transportasi mah

  2. Apakah kalian sdh nonton KIG #Ric snt? Kalau sdh berati kalian ada referensi keadaan Indonesia dr sabang sampai merauke secara umum. Saya akan menunggu up date perjalanan kalian n aq Dukung dg doa n 👍🏻semoga kalian sehat selalu n sukses misinya

  3. Tolong oppa telusuri tentang keanekaragaman musik tradisional Indonesia, karena sangat beragam dan belum pernah diulas secara tuntas bahkan oleh orang Indonesia sendiri, misalnya utk alat tiup spt seruling bnyk sekali ragam dan berbeda gaya lagunya, saya support 100

  4. Selamat kalo oppa mau keliling indonesia dan saya dukung dengan semamgat dan indonseia itu luas oppa nanti bisa berbulan bulan yang penting niat 🇲🇨🇲🇨👍🏿👍🏿👏👏☺

  5. Mau trip apa mau pindahan rumah ya.ini jaman modern bukan jaman purba di indo ada hotel ada pasar terus kenapa hidup u kau bebani dengan barang2.modal terbaik sudah kau miliki untuk keliling indo yaitu bahasa indonesia.untuk makan minum tempat tinggal orang indo kasih gratis buat tamu.

  6. Oppa tidak perlu khawatir kelaparan. Di gunung sudah ada indomie. Kalau tidak ada, masih ada pisang, ubi, singkong, kelapa…

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