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Epic Jaipur India | pink city | Rajastan (2019)

Epic Jaipur India | pink city | Rajastan (2019)

in this video we will explore the beauty of Jaipur, the Pink city of India starts from Panamena Ka kund to the paradise of photography Patrika gate. Let’s follow the exciting adventure push the subscribe button Pls :), I guaranteed you wont miss the latest info about exciting adventure adventures in up coming contents. thank you Hello, this is the 3rd day in India , previously we visited Agra and Delhi. while in Jaipur we will go to places of interest this is my friend. let’s start our journey Amazingly , in front of our hotel, we see a unique scene where camels are used as transport vehicles and we also see on the roof there are wild monkeys hanging around…wow My friend wina is very hysterical and very enthusiastic to see those wild monkeys and camel over there After a 20 minute drive from the hotel, we finally arrive at the first stop, temporarily … we have to change vehicles to Amber fort because Ambert fort is located on the hill and wee need a semi-off road jeep to climb into the hill Hello auntie, are you healthy? (My aunt fell off the escalator while landing at Kashmir airport 4 days ago, she shocked to see too many soldier with gun with stand bye position at the airport, she felt down from the escalator and her hand broke and her eyes were injured and this is my other friends To go to amber fort , other alternatives is riding an elephant to climb the hill but it will take longer and a little bit costly compare to jeep cows roam freely on the road ……. really unique scenery .. it’s only could be seen in India. welcome to India The doorman wants to be photographed So this panamena kakun used by local residents in the past as clean water resource. But now it wasn’t properly drinkable , because the color of the water is mossy green …? It it doesn’t seem worth to drink we are in the swamp Nyi roro kidul (???). –>Nyi roro kidul is the mystical goddess in Indonesia so exciting to be here we are not allowed to go down if there is someone who is reckless and testing the courage he could jump into the water from here. It test your adrenaline There is no charge here we continued the trip to Amber fort . it takes 10 minutes driving from Panamena kakun We meet some people who ride elephants from below (where the car stopped) but it looks like these elephants are not healthy and they look tired. So please respect the rights of animals too, guys .. we have to climb a few steps to get to the entrance arrive at the entrance, we will see a large field … and there are many people inside the fort We stare directly to a magnetic wall…it so beautiful Since it is so amazing many tourists for photo booth… And of course you have to queue if you want to take photo too 🙂 Kinan explained amber fort was founded in 1592 by Raja Man Singh II my friends and I also took pictures of this beautiful spot with a amazing wall as a background this picture and wall art is very detailed and high art. we will be amazed to see it! The merge of Hindu and Islamic cultures has produce a beautiful and charming Amber Fort Not only the tourists are amaze with amber fort building, but many local too. We could easily find several couple of people are taking pre-weeding photos From above we can also see Maota Lake This lake does not seem clean… the water color is murky green This lake was used as a bathing place for 10,000 Indian soldiers That mountain is protected by a high wall protect India from enemy enemies and at a glance, Amber fort is similar to the Chinese wall. It’s amazing … The entry fee is IR 500 A few steps from the entry gate, we will see a large park… I believe that it must be so gorgeous at the time was this place used to be a place to relax for the royal family ? Look at the wall, very detail and it is so beautiful avant garde! wow … I was very impressed and I just couldn’t imagin how this building have been built in ancient times. It is so beautiful surely their civilization was very high… rich with Art Here , we could find many rooms and better be careful not to get lost in this place We finally know that these rooms with many separations was used by King Man Singh as the room for his 12 wives. Why 12? because the king believe in astrology. every 1 wife represents astrology.. 1 wife having one room that is not close to each others the labyrinthine is aimed to separate the wife each other and each wife was observed not to interact each other from the top of the tower the wina has already here…she has taken a pictures already ( she said she was looking for a toilet at first ) having a great scenery , It wouldn’t let you not to taking photos., right? Amber fort is a building that must be visited while in Jaipur! 🙂 the building is so charming and spectacular similar to the great wall of China Look down there are lots of hallways and rooms. it is the room for soldiers and the king’s wife let’s go down and we explore the aisle there is Mrs. Heni and Nindia is taking pictures let’s observe each of these rooms more carefully if you observe the wall carefully , you will see kamasutra images on the wall. there is 25 images of Kamasutra! Unluckily , I find 3 of 25 pictures! another picture of kamasutra so amber fort is also called the kamasutra fort! …. let’s go out because we have been in the fort for almost 2 hours not far from the door there is a very large cauldron it was used to boil water for 10,000 king warriors Eko and Kinan explained why the king was so strong to the king’s very strong to have a happy life with his 12 wives Eko a little bit shy to share the information !..hahahaha Is Sidik similar to Okan Cornelius? write in the comments column (Okan is Indonesian actor) My Friends are dancing … why are they still fresh and having huge energy?. Is it caused by the effect of the kamasutra story as just mention by eco?I don;t know…ha ha ha ha Briyani rice and Indian spices let’s continue the journey come on! ; we are in Jal Mahal. Jal means Water, and Mahal means palace. Water Palace also called The crown of Jaipur The 3 levels of this building are under water and one is above the water . That’s why it is called as the crown of Jaipur There is a clothing and photo rental , but to print the photo would consume your time to wait…. it is very long~ hehehe Ms lili and I were almost miss out our bus lunch…… let’s we try jaipur food There is local culture attraction at the restaurant . It is epic eco dance like a robot …. 🙂 The next place is … City Palace Although we are very tired but we have to keep the stamina on we have to fight our tiredness while travelling and enjoy the moments …. take the rest time at night at the hotel while other friends prefer to rest in the car. this is the moment where rosita lost her cellphone we are panic unexpectedly, India has also puppet art performance like in Indonesia !. keep up the spirit ………keep exploring the city palace with calm and happy!, hahaha ( although we are so tired!) Keep the spirit alive guys! and selfie photos everywhere … hehehe. selfie photos is a must… The culture and building are very good. They must have a very high culture we have a funny moment here when Wina is offered take photo with traditional suit man because it’s quite unique, we take pictures with Wina … but when it’s finished taking pictures, she is billed for pay for photo fees. Nothing is free in India! hahahahaha If you want to take pictures with people in India who use traditional clothes…just take the picture candidly and not with serious intention ( far away from them) … hahahaha the most waiting activities for people … Shopping !!! located at Jaipur market not far from Hawa Mahal Yes, we ride the bajaj! quite epic and interesting because in Jakarta we never ride bajaj Arriving at Hawa Mahal buildings made by the king for the summer lots of windows the king’s children and the king’s wife could see out while hiding . can enjoy Hawa Mahal from the outside, no need pay a ticket for entry fee,.. to make good photos in Hawa Mahal, we must have a high skills, sometimes you have to laying your body on the road I was separated from the group. and friends turned out from the location. into the bus without an announcement, hahahah. Unbelievable ! believe in instinct and follow your heart to find the way out into the bus I was accompany by cow and goats along my way to the bus. Which need 2KM walking from Hawa Mahal india …… you are special next destination Gate Patrika the building is Pink, and very nice the entry fee here is IR 0 and the building is very good adore by the photographer lots of pre-weeding photos by local people here epic That’s all our journey to explore Jaipur. Starting from morning to sunset !!!! I am very satisfied to travel in Jaipur So guys….this is it. we have to end our trip in Jaipur.S Keep watching this channel. guys and subscribe, ok? 🙂 I Guaranteed many interesting contents will be load into this channel…Keep following this channel guys. Nice to share the information with you, I hope that it is entertaining and giving you another perspective to visit Jaipur. .
see you later……Bye

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