81 thoughts on “Eric Clapton Live Full Concert 2018”

  1. Wow, rock n roll jazz, fantastic. I am so proud of this man's extraordinary capability to encapsulate our love for music, and the unbridled expression of emotion. Great show!

  2. This is a good show! They are slaying it and the Japanese audience are all sitting there so polite and courteous. I'd be up on my seat rocking it!

  3. This show is from the Budokan Theater in Tokyo, Japan on December 4, 2001. Note Clapton speaks Japanese after most selections. The October 7, 2018 concert was at Madison Square Garden.

  4. Sounds like Planes, Trains +all accoustic oldies..(or automobiles)
    is lacking the deep soul fixin, – vibrating style that even accoustic lovers freak out over. swirling hypnotically into euphoria with.
    Much to their suprise.
    if anyone can do that
    its Eric
    with big props for some of the best Robert Johnson brilliance anywhere and RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.
    Always tweaking that perfection

  5. He has sang two times of Layla in different ones? in the one concert? My English is bad. I am Sorry

  6. Excelente constelação de músicos
    Como todos,🎼🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎸

  7. sorry I dont even have internet. and money is scarce.i did not know one could ask for money here Hutch. ("Interesting")

  8. How hard would it be to play a show in front of thousands of people sitting in their seats looking at you as if you were a curiosity?

  9. 日本人                                      青く染められるよな           ↓

  10. yeah…not 2018 …but what the hell…..Clapton is Clapton. he has no second, no equal across time…. Never was, never is, never will be again. My all time favorite…Over 50 fukkin years of"Changing the World". Added more to the vocabulary of the instrument then anybody, playing in every genre, and of course blues where there is no point making comparisons…. the best taste, greatest style by far, the most fluency, never too fast or too slow, the last word in finding the sweet spot, he completely OPENS THE LOTUS…..the alpha and omega, the lux and vox, of guitar….absorbed all previous sources into a gigantic redefining new source…endlessly creative at all ages and phases of his life, His solos change history, the history of the soul in music, not some mere president's policy gibberish….not a player alive that doesn't owe him something, same with the fans, The best among the very greatest guitarists that ever lived, the greatest artist of the 20th century and now the Grand Master of the 21st. I never met him, I could just say thanks if I did, He changed my whole perspective on the instrument, and my life changed with that….epitomizes the meaning of "Star"…a vast luminous, distant source of gigantic brilliance….and if I don't predecease him he'd be the ONLY famous person I would really genuinely personally mourn and miss..the only stranger that isn't a stranger at all….

  11. Eric Clapton …com with your combo to Iceland and have a bigg festival….We love you ale her in Iceland!

  12. I'm 52, the 80's was my decade it was when I was a teen and a young adult. In the 80's there was a lot of bad music but the legends like Clapton, The Stones, etc… were also around and they were 40 years old at that time which is kind of young by today's standards. Now, I'm slowly watching all these guys go like Bowie and others. I feel that when Clapton's gone and guys like Keith Richards us blues-rockers will be all alone. An era will have ended. I'm a musician and I used to make a living as one but today there's no place for anyone who can play an instrument. DJs used to play records in clubs of the guys who were the musical artists, now they're the artists and it's so sad it has come to this.

  13. Therés one point when you’re all alone, your brain, your instrument. You may have studied musc for a thousand years , in the end therés just you and your I strument.

  14. eric is a god now because his soul is in his music and the drink and drugs took it away. he is at his peak now. good luck to him. 40 years of nonsense. well in son.

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