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ESO Skaal Explorer Outfit Style – New Life Festival

ESO Skaal Explorer Outfit Style – New Life Festival

Hello everyone,
my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the Skaal Explorer Style for the Elder Scrolls
Online. As always you can find timestamps in the Video
description. You will be able to obtain the Skaal Explorer
Outfit Style during the New Live Festival. ESO did not announce yet when the New Life
Festival will return, but usually the New Life Festival is starting
mid of December and is active for around 3 weeks. During the new Life Festival you will have
the opportunity to complete up to nine different daily quests per character per day
which will reward you with New Life Festival Gift boxes. Inside of this boxes you may find the Charity
Writs and the new Deep Winter Charity Writs. Completing the Deep Winter Chairty writs rewards
a Skaal Explorer’s Bundle. The bundle awards one random, tradebale style
page from the Skaal Explorer Outfit Style. I prepared in the past already some Videos
about the New Life Festival, the Skinchanger Style
and the Chrystalfrost Skin which you can find all on my Channel and i will link them in
the description. Thanks for watching and it would be wonderful
if you subscribe,like and leave me a comment. Have a nice day and until next time. Tschüss!

25 thoughts on “ESO Skaal Explorer Outfit Style – New Life Festival”

  1. New Life Festival Guide: / Chrystalfrost Skin: / Impresario Event Merchant: / Skinchanger Style:

  2. Thanks for the videos, they have proven very useful 😀
    And the event dates from the ESO news section post #SlayDragonsSaveCats for the rest of the year 😉

    Dragon Rise (10/3-10/13)—Explore the home of the Khajiit and complete the Northern Elsweyr Pathfinder Achievement to unlock new collectibles for all Elsweyr owners. Check your progress on the Dragon Rise website and find more info in the announcement article.

    Witches Festival (10/24-11/3)—Tamriel’s grim celebration returns with ghastly quests and spooky new rewards—boo!
    Undaunted Celebration (11/14-11/17)—Take on ESO’s challenging dungeons to receive reward boxes.

    ·Dawn of the Dragonguard (11/26-12/8)—Fell Dragons to earn bonus loot and earn double rewards from the Wrathstone DLC, Elsweyr Chapter, Scalebreaker DLC, and Dragonhold DLC.

    New Life Festival (12/19-1/1/2020)—Celebrate the end of another great year and the beginning of the new one with fun quests and mud balls. Lots of mud balls.

    (maybe subject to change 😉

  3. Oh man, that staff has so much character! Why can I only play 2 staves on my pc? 😂
    The weapons are ok, not my style but still good enough, while the outfit itself… I don’t know, I find that fur Armor has a tendency to looks pretty cheap, especially when the fur it not very volumetric

  4. I love the styles from new life festival. You've given me more reason to look forward to december! Keep up the great work, love the channel

  5. Man , I love what new styles that are coming for the holidays. The weapons on this one remind me of the skyforge weapons in Skyrim and they look really nice texture wise.

  6. ESO is a good massively single-player game, and I enjoyed it for a few years. Problem is they will devote all manner of development resources to individual player gratification but when they canceled Midyear Mayhem because they admitted they didn't have the resources, on the host side, to handle server-side verification for large scale PvP, preferring instead to reduce the computational load of combat through endless nerfs of skills and gear, it was time to leave, alas. In fairness, the MMO is dead and ESO was never an MMO really. Without glory and shame what's the point of multiplayer?

  7. Really missed the opportunity to make that 2handed look like the nordic greatsword in Skyrim (in terms of the fur and leather patterns). Style looks sick though!

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