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ESO Undaunted Celebration Event & Opal Outfit Styles

ESO Undaunted Celebration Event & Opal Outfit Styles

Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we take a look
at the upcoming Undaunted Celebration Event and Opal Monster Helm, shoulder and weapon
outfit Styles for the Elder Scrolls Online. Please take a look in the description if you
want to go direct to a specific topic The Undaunted Celebration event is usually
active in November. This year it will start on 14 November and
run until 17. November. The Undauted Celebration event grants bonus
rewards for running dungeons. Defeating the final boss of any dungeon during
the Event will award an Undaunted Event Reward Box. If it is your first dungeon boss of the day
you will also get an Exceptional Reward box with even more rewards. Of course you can also earn Event Tickets
during the Undaunted Celebration Event. You can earn three Event Tickets once per
day, per account, by defeating the final boss of any normal or veteran dungeon This year the Exceptional reward boxes will
include new Opal weapon outfit styles. These styles are based on the Illambris, Engine
Guardian, Bloodspawn and Troll King Style but with a unique shine and effect. The helm style pages have a chance to drop
from the associated boss in Veteran Hard Mode, while the shoulders can be purchased from
Glirion and Maj al-Ragath if you own the base shoulder style. During the Undaunted Celebration Event you
can earn the Opal Illambris Helm from the final boss
of the veteran Crypt of the Hearts 1 Dungeon the Opal Engine Guardian Helm from the final
boss of the veteran Darkshade Caverns 2 Dungeon the Opal Bloodspawn Helm from the final boss
of the veteran Spindelclutch 2 Dungeon the Opal Troll King Helm from the final boss
of the veteran Blessed Crucible Dungeon The Impresario Event merchant will be also
available during the Undaunted Celebration Event. She will offer all Opal helm, shoulder and
weapon outfit Style pages for 5 event tickets each. Of course you can also purchase the Pure snow
Indrik Berries or Indrik Feathers too. Thanks for watching it would be wonderful
if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment. Have a nice day and until next time! Tschüss!

46 thoughts on “ESO Undaunted Celebration Event & Opal Outfit Styles”

  1. 0:18 When does the Undaunted Celebration Event start and what rewards can you obtain
    0:44 Opal Bloodspawn Style
    1:09 Opal Engine Guardian Style
    1:34 Opal Ilambris Style
    1:59 Opal Troll King Style
    2:24 Impresario Event Merchant
    Impresario Guide: / Pure Snow Indrik:

  2. One way or another I'm getting into those dungeons! such shiny pretty color weapons!!! I need! With my solo self nobody wants to drag my DPS sadness with them 😩 everyone too busy to help a gal out lol

  3. is there any event for free? (truly free is non DLC or +member) because I am thinking the company of this game is a biggest shit ever on games with this all monetary events

  4. More lags will come with this shit. No one need that.
    They nerf aoe effects and give us a lot of new effects back.
    Zos nerf the game death.
    4y i was playing eso, i start with the beta and the best moment was 2015, 2016 and morrowind.

    Und 2018 i stop to play eso on pc an was going to ps4. Nur this Summer i realy stop play eso.

  5. I've been holding out for a Nerien'eth weapon pack so that I'd finally have a staff with greenish flame to suit my necromancer, but the Opal Ilambris staff might be just what I need instead~

  6. What exactly is dropping from the exceptional reward boxes? Is it just like a guaranteed drop of something good where the counterpart to this is the regular reward box?

  7. This event lasts for 4 days only! Not nearly enough time to farm these parts all out.
    This means if you really want ALL of these you're likely to have to buy the tickets with crowns.
    You will need 140 tickets total, to buy them all outright you would need 35,000 crowns (or 250 bucks usd)

  8. So if I'm reading this right, this means I could buy the shoulders using event tickets without needing the prerequisite shoulder? Also would the event tickets be on sale during this event because if not I'll have to be very careful on what to buy when I'll only be able to get 9 tickets…

  9. Can I play with one character multiple vet dungeons and get more than 1 helm style each day? Or can I only get 1 style per character each day? I wish to play with my healer only because healers find group really fast.

  10. Didn't get any reward boxes??? Also don't see a market place in Stonefalls to buy them with tickets. Can anyone help me?

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