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  1. I thought, I set the speed around 1,25 but actually normal speed :'( My mother-languange is not English, I'm from Indonesia so it's a lil bit hard for me to understand what's james saying. But fortunatelly, I can turn on the subtitle wk

  2. James: "they are literally full coverage enough to cover up my scandals!"
    Me: " 不不不不不不不不不不不不不" dead of laughter

  3. You are perfect .you are beutifull you look like linda evangelista you are a model. Everything about you is perfect
    Did you stone those tags? OH you are smiling …… JAMES CHARLES YOUR SMILE IS BEUTIFULL

  4. im doing drag for the first time for Halloween this year and my mom is doing my makeup and everything but im kinda nervous. any tips to lose my nervousness?

  5. I was watching this video and my brother came in right after he put the orange concealer on and asked if he had a major sun burn!!

  6. I actually liked his original hair. Just saying.
    He's gorgeous without makeup and she's stunning with makeup

  7. At the beginning I was like why does his eyebrows look like that and then you said I am starting this video with my eyebrows already glued down phew

  8. Geez lay off the coke man 赧ts like listening to a fast forwarded video or an auctioneer ~ anyone else got a headache now?

  9. Sister james, i love you so much but i kinda wanna say that the head contour is a bit too dark…. i say a bit more blending OR a bit less contour…. You dont have to listen to me cuz im just an ordinary girl

  10. I Don't have any hate or anything BTW (James Charles using Jeffery star's palette to get Jeffrey's friend ship back??) Just asking..

  11. ……its so discouraging seeing so many boys on YouTube 10 times prettier than the girls …..w/o makeup…just smh …

  12. Please leave political content out of your videos. I love Donald Trump, but I also like watching you. When celebrities or influencers mention him in a negative way I stop following them. Don't jump on the hate Trump train. If you vote for any of the Dems say goodbye to the money you are earning. They will be giving it all away.

  13. Love the finished look, but I need like a written post of everything because you talk SO fast and you use so much lingo that I'm not used to so I'm like so confused lol

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