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Family Celebration of the Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey

Family Celebration of the Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey

Today is our Commonwealth Family Day
and we’re so excited to be celebrating the diverse range of cultures and a wide
variety of art forms from across the Commonwealth. – Today has been wonderful. The people
have been great. Once you see the people grooving to it
you know you’re doing something nice and then the feeling is great. – I feel very proud to represent India and I feel that that is the beauty of Britain
and the Commonwealth that we get to share our art with each
other and enjoy it all together. – It is great to share Kathak dance amongst
so many different cultures and people in a fantastic landmark. It was indeed
an honour. – It was really exciting to be dancing in
Westminster Abbey and of course sharing our culture
from Singapore and interacting with the audience from all
over the world. – Everybody’s involved from wherever
they came and it really did celebrate the fact that
many many different cultures can be brought together here
in the Abbey. [singing] Here we are in
Westminster Abbey Give yourselves a clap, yeah. – All of the wonderful performers we have
In the Abbey today are representing a variety of
Commonwealth regions. The day has been inspired by the 2018
Commonwealth theme: “Towards a Common Future” and that’s the message behind our
exciting family art project. – The children are making pictures about how they want the world to look
in the future. The pictures will be transferred and
published in a book that will be on display on the day of the
Commonwealth Service. – This beautiful book will be on display at the
entrance to the Abbey as hundreds of young people arrive for
this Commonwealth Service. They’ll be joined by politicians, heads of
state and her Majesty the Queen.

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