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Hi guys and welcome back to another try
on video! This time you guys dared me, in fact you Double-Dog dared me (and one of you I think even Dodeca-Dog dared me) to try Fashion Nova’s crotchless, assless
chaps. Let’s just see exactly… I’ll just show you what I’m talking about! So
Fashion Nova, I already opened it I won’t even lie. So this was making waves
online because it was so extra and I thought that’s just even more of a good
reason for me to try it on. Because is it really extra or are we just not being
creative enough? So it does come with the bikini portion and the pants and it’s really just like this spandex stretchy material. Not like leather or
anything strange like that. This looks actually quite comfy, so I’m gonna
try it on and we’ll try it on with a couple of different shirts and a couple
different bottoms to give you some ideas of like how you can actually wear this
thing! So right away the first thing that I
will say about these pants is that little panties, the little bikini that it
comes with… sucks. I don’t like this one bit.
I feel like the strings are too long and if you even if they weren’t this knot
here totally ruins the lines of these… chaps? What do you call these?
I don’t know what these are. Pants? You easily swap out a different piece of
underwear which is what I would probably do. Just another black you know boy
shorts or a thong or you know like… That’s where you can have some fun with
it you can do like a lacy hot pants or a different color entirely really so
that’s the first thing I would say, but it is kind of cool that you get like
this little plain black string bikini as kind of like included in your purchase.
I also noticed that it’s really snug right here, if I try to pull it up a
little higher then the connecting fabric kind of folds upward in a
not-so-nice way. So you kind of have to just let it fall where it falls. It does
come up to my waist which is nice and it does show… You know it’s a pretty
open back is fully assless and fully crotchless, so no worries there. You are
getting what you pay for. Simply the chaps and my black leather bra from Honey Birdette is a really nice look together. Some ideas: Where could you wear
these, I think is what a lot of us are wondering… The first thing that comes to
mind is if you’re a stripper you can wear these to work, ya know? Truly, this is going to be great for you. Go-go dancers… And I mean no harm. I have
nothing against strippers or sex workers or anything like that. I’m just joking
around. If you’re go go dancer this is gonna be great. You know
you don’t HAVE to wear nothing underneath but I think it’s really sexy
how it highlights this area in a way that you don’t normally get with most
clothing. Pretty sure somebody’s gonna wear these to Coachella at some point.
It’s not gonna be me… I’m not going this year, which is sad, but
somebody, somewhere is gonna wear these assless chaps to Coachella. And honestly? They’re gonna have a good time and be crazy comfortable. Because this is really
comfortable and it’s airy, so you’re getting a lot of breeze here, you know
don’t have to worry about your coochie overheating and that’s always a good
thing. Maybe you’re not going to Coachella… Maybe you are pregnant! In that case this would also be great for you as your birthing outfit because you will
have easy access to “The Action” at all times. But you’re still gonna look hot, ya know, still gonna look good. And you’re gonna be comfortable when you’re
in labor and you’re doing all those… Discomfort movements… I don’t know… I’m
gonna keep these and if I ever have a baby and I’m ever in labor…
You bet your ass I’m gonna wear these. Ya know if you really wanted to make a
statement in the delivery room… These would be, these would be it. So maybe you’re thinking to yourself
“Caitlyn I’m not going to Coachella, and I’m not pregnant,
and not a stripper… Or a go-go dancer. So what about me? And don’t worry you can wear these uh… chaps… God I hate that word. Don’t worry, you can wear these chaps too! If you want to be modest about it you could wear leggings like this.
This one just occurred to me and I have no idea how it looks I have I don’t even
have a mirror in here so I don’t know you get to see first before anybody else.
But you know if you wanted to wear your assless crotchless chaps but you didn’t
want to give people a heart attack or expose your nether region to the world
Ya know this is a modest way to wear it so you could put any kind of
leggings underneath. You can wear this to yoga, you know if you really wanted to. I
don’t see why not. Remember there are these flared
bottoms which I kind of tend to like. But ya know, just keep that in mind. So in all seriousness this is probably
the best way to wear these: With stockings or fishnets like these because
you won’t be showing too much, but you’re still not disrupting any of these
awesome lines that are being created. So that’s it, that’s all I’ve got for you if
you guys like this video please hit the SUBSCRIBE button down below and let me know what you thought in the comments! If you want to dare me to try something
else, feel free to do so in the comments below! I’m taking dares and taking
challenges of all kinds now! I’ll see you next time!


  1. Maybe a really vibrant bodysuit/skintight leotard underneath instead of the panties it comes with and as an alternative to underwear. I think a bodysuit underneath would make for a great look, actually. Probably just for a photo shoot in my own life but…yes for exotic dancers, strippers, some really interesting lingerie, a Halloween costume for a “sexy Cat lady” from A Clockwork Orange. Yeah, maybe for labor 😂 I actually kind of dig the leggings underneath look. Gives them a unique look and I’d wear a crop top matching the color of the leggings underneath. Ahhhhh.

  2. I typed too doing yes, the body suit. I was thinking one that looks like a one piece swim suit with a tank top looking upper half and underwear looking bottom half, like panties.

  3. Challenge idea: drunk cooking challenge(if you drink) power hour = one shot per minute(your favorite beverage) and try to make Martha Stewart chocolate souffle or something else that takes an hour or so

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