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Feast of St. Luke, the Evangelist

Feast of St. Luke, the Evangelist

good morning brothers and sisters in
Christ the lowly servant here welcome to my channel this is an excerpt from the
book of saints of the Roman calendar by Enzo Lodi about the feast of Saint Luke
which is celebrated on October 18 have a listen but first according to the Jerome Martyrology the
feast of st. Luke was celebrated in the Byzantine and Syriac churches on this
date and it was introduced into the West in the ninth century an ancient
tradition states that Luke was from Syria and he was a doctor he was a
companion of Paul on his second journey and was also with him at Rome at the end
of Paul’s life it is probable that after the death of Paul Luke left Rome and
went to Greece where he wrote his gospel and wrote the Acts of the Apostles as a
kind of epilogue he died a natural death at the age of 80 for the account of the
translation of his relics from Constantinople to Padua in year 357
seems to be without foundation he is the patron of doctors together with cosmas
and Damian and also of painters because he is said to have painted an icon of
the Blessed Virgin Mary the new opening prayer of the mass says that the God
chose Luke the Evangelist to reveal by preaching and writing the mystery of
your love for the poor Luke rejected the concept of Christianity as a religion
for the elite and insisted that Jesus is a friend of publicans and sinners he
also presents the church as a community in which all things are shared in common
the petition of the collect cities the text from acts 2 verse 32 and Luke 3
verse 6 asking that God will unite in one
heart and spirit all whoo glory in your name and let all nations come to see
your salvation the church is here presented as a fulfillment of God’s plan
not as a model of Ethiopian or privileged philanthropy but as a joyous
community of pardoned and converted individuals from the theme of the poor
to that of the church as communion look arrives at a universalistic vision of
the church in which the emphasis is not so much on the parousia as on the
missionary aspect preaching the gospel in all nations the prayer over the gifts
accentuates two points it asks that the sacrifice we offer on the feast of st.
Loup brings us healing and lead us to eternal glory look the doctor has
announced the glad tidings to all classes of persons among them those who
are sick in body or in soul he also refers to the holy spirit as the giver
of new life and to the privileged place of Mary the anti phone for the canticle
of Mary uses the phrase from Dante the holy Evangelist Luke is worthy of praise
in the church for his proclaim the tender compassion of Christ the prayer after communion summarizes
the entire message of Luke when it states all-powerful God made the
Eucharist we have received at your altar make us holy and strengthen us in the
faith of the gospel Luke’s Gospel presents the mysteries of the life of
Christ not only in some kind of chronological order but as the
fulfillment of the plan of God that opens a new era in history one should be
open at each moment to the divine plan so that the tension caused by the delay
of the Purusha will be tempered by the good works performed by the Christian
for that reason we invoke the spirit of holiness that proceeds from the
Eucharist the relevance of Saint Luke for us is that both in the life of Jesus
in the lie and in the life of the church he places great emphasis on the practice
of prayer moreover sin Gregory degrade states in the office of readings whoever
fails in charity toward his neighbor should by no means take upon himself the
office of preaching the gospel is not a form of propaganda nor a type of
publicity the Evangelist Luke reminds us that even the action of Christ were a
form of preaching since all that he did since all that he did he did for our
instruction consequently we also should give witness to Christ in Word
and indeed You have willed that the mysteries of
Christ your son the source of redemption and of life should be made known through
the sacred scriptures by the work of men illumined by the Holy Spirit
thus the words and the deeds of the Savior recorded in the immortal pages of
the gospel were consigned to the church and became the fertile seed that
throughout the centuries produces fruits of grace and glory.

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