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Feria Nacional de la Pirotecnia – The Most INSANE Festival in the WORLD!!!

Feria Nacional de la Pirotecnia – The Most INSANE Festival in the WORLD!!!

You… and your mind… are gonna go Something like that Hey everybody, so I’m walking down the streets of Tultepec Mexico, which is just north of Mexico City I’m with my new friend Mike Corey from Kick the Grind. We’re gonna be filming the pyrotechnic festival that happens here every year We’re all super pumped about this and the excitement is real around here. This is going to be awesome. Let’s do the thing So from what very little I know about how this festival became a thing Here in Tultepec there is a patron saint called San Juan de Dios And somehow he became the patron saint of fireworks I don’t know if it was coincidentally or as a result of or what resulted in what but now the Tultepec economy is based off the firework industry and they throw this festival every year to celebrate San Juan de Dios and to boost the local economy So each year they make hundreds of these bulls that you see right now. There’s families that make these There’s whole neighborhoods that pool together and make these bulls so that they can run in a parade and possibly win a cash prize This year they’re going for a world record of like 500 bulls So what’s happening right now is they’re kind of making a parade for these bulls while it’s still light When it comes dark they’re going to be lit up like Christmas Blowing up with fireworks, and it’s going to be spectacular Can’t wait to show you Even the kids are participating Do we have any Star Wars fans here? Mike is just getting all the photos There’s not very many white people here, so… Guys! The size of this one! What? It’s farting confetti! Woohoo! Give them the prize This one’s intense. It’s like the bull from hell There’s no signs that say “no smoking around the fireworks” We’re gonna get a little more geared up to prepare for what’s coming How do you feel, Jason? I’m ready to go, man.
Alright Looking good there Mike Thank you, man Since the dangerous stuff has started already I’m getting a little more covered up to protect myself A lot of people get injured at this festival A couple years ago there was a massive explosion a lot of people died. It was a really awful event I’m going to take precautions This is level 1. level 2 is going to involve a filtered mask to protect my lungs That was INSANE, OMG! This thing’s ginormous! This is crazy. This thing is not going to cut it anymore Just got a direct hit in the back by a firework. And my backpack caught fire. literally burned a hole in it If you’re anywhere within about a hundred feet of this thing you have to be jumping because you will get hit by the fireworks and If you don’t jump, the fireworks may stay on you You guys… Direct hit! Direct hit! It is real out here. Not a joke HERE’S MORE Mike, what are your thoughts so far? I’m kind of speechless it’s like Every bull and little sizzle you hear makes you want to just run if you get hit by those it feels like a pellet gun. like BANG! It hurts. It really hurts. If you’re not wearing goggles, then you’d definitely lose an eye It’s crazy how treacherous this is I’m in agreement. Hey guys. Sorry I didn’t do this earlier, but I wanted to do an official intro. This is Mike Corey Nice to meet you His channel has Kick the Grind on YouTube It’s one of my favorite channels on the platform because he does a whole bunch of adventurous stuff That’s just off-beat and kind of crazy, which I’m really into Thank you the introduction. We are doing some amazing of Mexico I film weird stuff. A lot of weird stuff Some might make your tummy a little bit queasy. some will make your jaw drop come stop by and say hi. I will say hi back Getting out of here! Did you say it’s very relaxed here? Yes, of course It’s quiet… Quiet and relaxed according to the locals who know it all Where are you from, man?
Estados Unidos And so ends this awesome and effing crazy adventure I still can’t really believe that this is a thing anywhere in this world that we live. Muy loco It’s cool that we’re here and there’s really not that many Caucasian type people and so many times people stop and get our photo together with them It’s amazing to be in a spot where they don’t so many tourists like us it’s 1:00 in the morning the festival is still going on probably for a few more hours, but yeah, we’re kind of beat and kind of done with being pelted with blazing hot fireworks, so I’m definitely not as complete as I was going in. Yeah, I got a lot of burns. A lot of direct hits to the body Yeah, one of the reasons that this was just crazy Gonna end the video here click Subscribe if you liked the video and the thumbs up. Go follow Mike because his channel is awesome and Yeah Take care you guys

100 thoughts on “Feria Nacional de la Pirotecnia – The Most INSANE Festival in the WORLD!!!”

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed as well like not a lot of people will want to come here cuz you know it's fireworks it's basically playing with fire it's dangerous and like you said last year a lot of people die. But it's a fun tradition. And this is the first time I got to see it cuz I used to live in the United States 10 years ago so I never saw my hometown until now. And I did enjoy it as well and I hope more people get to see your video so that they can come to Mexico to my town and enjoy this Festival as well.

  2. Yo soy de Tultepec y creo que si los vi y ojala les haya gustado mucho mi país y mi cultura y cuando vuelvan a venir los esperamos con los brazos abiertos

  3. HOW have I never heard of this festival before?! So creative and colourful, I bet the atmosphere is amazing. A reason for me to go back to Mexico! Definitely looks dangerous, as you say – but what an experience! Never seen anything like it – just trying to imagine it with all the health and safety in the UK haha.

  4. What the hell! What a crazy Festival – I never heard of it ! This is insane! lol! Would totally jump into it! crazy! You got burned pretty bad mate!

  5. I just can't look away from this its nuts! There are so many fireworks! I was half expecting end of the world stuff to go down! It looked awesome not sure if I would have the balls for it though haha 🙂

  6. I live on Tultepec, this festival is Amazing, really hope that like you my culture, my home and my people, Nice blog. Sorry for my english xd. Hi from Tultepec, México.

  7. sorry to bring this up, but if the mexican goverment rise the salary for the people and professionals they wont come over they are really really proud of their country and culture. good video.

  8. What an absolutely mind blowing experience! This has just made it to our bucketlist! Such an awesome vlog man!

  9. Mexico is one of the happiest countries despite the problems with the drug war. People just don't give a f*k about the problems. Life is a party!!!!!! I wish I could be there.

  10. Such a great Video it definetly looks like a crazy rave hahaha.
    I've never been there but probably one day 😛
    And I thought only Indias asked for pics with white people hahaha I love my mexicans😍

  11. Hey Dave…You literally were on 🔥 and yeah. After a 24oz Rockstar. Yeah. I would definitely be jumping along with the locals. 👍Thank you for sharing!!

  12. No mames, yo soy mexicano y déjame decirte que eso es pasarse de verga con los cuetes jajaja pero es una tradición muy bonita jajajaj

  13. My born city its pretty close from that city and those bulls of fire aren't allowed any more in do many cities around

  14. You're not kidding, this is the most insane festival. I'd be terrified of getting hit with a firework and burnt! Were you scared?

  15. I was a very quiet individual when I lived in France, when I grew up I knew I wanted to visit Mexico. I came and stayed, Mexicans know how to fucking party!

  16. lol "my backpack caught fire!" meanwhile at 6:19 a local guy's actual back clearly caught fire several times lol

  17. There are toros and buscapies in my dad's home town but it's smaller. XP Once when I was a kid, I ran all the way to my cousins house because one was chasing me. Ugh I was so scared of getting burned haha xP

  18. Espero que le haya gustado esto que se realiza cada año estaremos esperándolos y orgullosos de que nos visiten de otros países y den su pu to de vista. 🔥🎉

  19. Ya casi se llega de nuevo esto si que eres sorprendente saludos de Tultepec la capital de la pirotecnia ✌️😎

  20. I was there last year and it was freaking insane! My family lives in Ecatepec (a short drive away) and one of my cousins insisted that we go. Being a firework lover of course I said yes but I was not expecting that level of insanity. Fun times and I hope to go again next year.

  21. Usa: Fireworks are barely even legal
    Mexico: Everyone gets to get blown up by fireworks
    Russia: Fireworks with explosions as big as the Nagasaki Nuke

  22. Oh….you guys…are…such…pppppsofties…. Why do you cover so much? goggles? gas masks? really? Is your life really THAT important? What have you done to make you think you should protect your life to that extent? Don't be such wimps, its embarrassing…. you cover up more than the local children…You have the chance…so just enjoy your life…you have only one. LIVE IT

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