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Festival Fair

Festival Fair

Looking to update your garage from
August 28th through September 18th a fair of armoured vehicles will be held
in World of Tanks! Each day there will be a new offer. A premium vehicle and other
items available for gold. Each offer is available for 24 hours only. Then, a new
lot goes on sale. What’s on sale? It’s a secret! You can either purchase the
vehicle right away or use our new feature. A vehicle can be
reserved so that it can be purchased later during the fair or within a week
after it. There are three slots for reserved vehicles. You can free them up
by purchasing a vehicle for example and now you can put a different vehicle in
the slot. During the festival fair vehicles can be purchased both in the
client and in the premium shop. However you can’t reserve a vehicle in the
premium shop but you can purchase bundles that contain different items
here. Also, each day a new mission becomes available on the sale screen. Complete
these missions to earn festival tickets. Festival Fair! Prepare yourself.

11 thoughts on “Festival Fair”

  1. i guess WG needs more money to buy all those premium server hamster food. maybe add in a couple tanks to safeguard the HK server from those communists.

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