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Festival Talks (2019) | Short Film

Festival Talks (2019) | Short Film

[scary ambience] [CHILD] I’m gonna
show you a magic trick So, first i am going to shuffle the cards and now pick any cards You saw it Place your card
here I am going to
shuffle it Now I’ll find your card Is this your
card Yeah. This is
my card This is so boring Halloween’s over
anyways He’s right Halloween is over ♪♪♪ [DIWALI] Why it’s so
dark? Hmm Hello Mr Halloween How are you? [HALLOWEEN] I’m good. What are you
doing here? They took
soo long to clear me Management these days have become worse I spent ONE extra day
with my people and they saying.. If people spend
all their time celebrating festivals When are they
going to work? Huh Bla bla bla You look sad I am scary That’s the only thing
you need to define me Always you never scare me I know how
sweet you are Sweet? Tell me What’s bothering you? People don’t
love me in your country They do little kids They love you all over the world You know why? Why? Because you are fun I am not fun I’m scary That’s what
I’m saying It’s fun
to scare people Come to think of it Kids do love me
but not all of them and adults Nah Trick or treat I invented this game Does not work
on me aaam ♪♪♪ [whistle jingle bells] [CHRISTMAS] What are you doing here? [NEW YEAR] I’m just walking on the street Really? You are not following me? Off course not mmh Keep one week’s distance from me kid Okay [laughing] [HALLOWEEN]Okay. Okay. You can stop
trying to make me feel better now Tell me about you Me?
Mmh I am good and great
as always People still decorate their houses
to welcome me But it’s more of candles and LED lights and not diya’s If you understand
what I mean I do understand Okay
Let me tall you Diya is a small cup shaped oil lamp made of baked
clay I am used to
seeing that these glittering LED lights feels so odd You are right They are not scary
at all [sigh] And you know what makes me
really sad? I have become
a festival of sound and
air pollution I don’t know when these people
started burning those smoky and noisy
fire crackers and when I see
those poor dogs looking for shelther to hide I feel so bad You are beginning to scare me now [NEW YEAR] You know There are
more people who celebrates
New Year than Christmas [CHRISTMAS] But there are
so many New years
like you Like the
Chinese New Year he comes a month after me Not like you always tagging along On the other hand Christmas is the same all over
the world So what I’m more accurate scientifically and you are just a glowrious birthday party but you are not even a festival You don’t have
a religion Come on Old man Festival is not
about religion It’s about People coming together and celebrating and.. guess what It doesn’t matter who you are New Year is for everyone Whatever ♪♪♪ i think
you are right It doesn’t matter who celebrates You or me It doesn’t matter what time of the year which form
we come in or what groups
of people celebrates us We are one and the same [CHRISTMAS] Ho ho ho Yes
We are we are Here This is for you Thank you and..
Halloween This is for you Thank you Yes.. festivals are When people
come together and celebrate It doesn’t matter
who we are Christmas is for everyone ha ha Hey that’s my line hey kido Aren’t you
suppose to come one week
after him We come together It’s one week of celebration Ho ho ho Bye
See you Look at them What an
interesting pair Just like us Right? [DIWALI] You are scary..

8 thoughts on “Festival Talks (2019) | Short Film”

  1. Actual appreciation 👏
    I love the concept
    Convey my msg to all the contributers !!!! ITS AMAZING
    Every element of it …
    SFX, Camera, plot, acting, story, dialogue delivery
    Every part of it was great!!!!

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