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Festivals and Nightlife in Groningen

Festivals and Nightlife in Groningen

I think Groningen is a super fun city.
It’s also one of the reasons why I chose to go to Groningen. I did a little bit of
research and I saw that there’s a lot to do in terms of events and just in
general nightlife, so in the first few weeks I already found what
good city Groningen is. Since my first week here I was already
thrown right into the student life so you have the KEI-week all the way at the
beginning, and you’re put into a group with about 15 people and three of those
ended up being my best friends so that worked out well. As well as that, a
lot of different places they organize different events so you can for example
go play pool, or join a pub quiz or for example you can have a game night with
your friends or something like that. Well, throughout the year there’s always
something to do in Groningen so also festivals. At the end of the summer we
have Noorderzon, which is in the Noorderplantsoen, the city park and the whole park
turns into a big open air festival. Welcome to the Village, which is in
Leeuwarden, a city close by to Groningen, but the one that really sticks out for me is
Eurosonic. It’s a big festival held in Groningen every year for
up-and-coming artists from all around Europe. So in the winter you’ve got WinterWelVaart, which is this big Christmas market throughout the canals. All these boats
come together so there’s big boats and you can go in the boats and there’s
little markets there and there’s also a lot of food and yeah, it’s really nice. Another cool thing that you can do is
this weird vending machine thing, where you can get a snack from basically this
wall in the city centre. You put a euro or two euros in and you can open it
and get the snack out. What I like about Groningen is that it’s such a safe city, so in the three years I’ve lived here I’ve never really felt unsafe so
whether I’m biking home alone, or walking on the street at night, it’s a
really safe atmosphere so that’s nice. For me, it’s really important that
alongside my studies there’s also a lot of things to do and a really nice city
to live in. So for me, Groningen is just the
perfect student city for that.

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