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Finding the Best Totems at Firefly Music Festival 2017 | Fuse

Finding the Best Totems at Firefly Music Festival 2017 | Fuse

Please explain the disco
ball that is currently sitting on top so beautifully
on top of your sc- I was about to say scrotum… -TOTEM!
-(laughs) (laughs) I’m glad you
didn’t say scrotum. Have you guys ever seen
one of these things before? They’re called totems. They’re
used to locate your groups at concerts and
festivals like these. -I just hold it like this.
-Okay. He goes even higher. That is a freakin’
tall flag, man. I can’t carry that.
This guy can pull it off. That’s the Trials of Osiris
from the video gameDestiny, so shout out to all the
guardians that’s out there. So, uh, how long did that
take for you guys to make? 10 minutes maybe. True artist, bro.
True artist. Alright, so out of all
the totems that I saw, this is definitely
the freakin’ prettiest. Her name is Sunny.
She always brings the sunshine. That’s deep. I’ve asked a lot of people, they’re like,
“Is that a real sunflower?” I’m like, “Yeah,
you wanna smell her?” -Is it really though?
-No, she’s fake. Does it also serve the purpose
of locating your friends? Actually it does. We all love Bernie Sanders
and what he stands for. And I brought it back
this year because we need stuff like this
now more than ever. It’s like, “Oh! I see
a lot of sunburns here,” a lot of red people, so I wanted
to like- it’s a sun-Bern! The disco ball’s an icon.
Dance culture, party culture. It’s where it came from. No way! What?! No! That’s so high. Brendan, you know fidget spinners are a thing right now, but you bro, took it
to a whole new level. You made a totem out of it. I actually hate fidget
spinners, but (laughs) This is our little buddy Plank. Now Plank looks epic,
but um, please don’t
get mad at me, guys- should I know who Plank is? If you’re a 90’s kid,
you probably heard of it. A lot of people shout out,
“Plank!” “Hey, Plank!” Have you guys been enjoying
all the food here? Uh, we mostly eat
at our campsite. Trying to save money- obviously. Now I gotta ask you guys,
what does the flag mean to you? It’s a flag where we can all
come together and be accepted, love one another. I feel like we’ve been getting
a lot of positive support. A lot have been high-fiving us. Keep rockin’ the flag
to the fullest. Thank you guys.
Appreciate it. Bruh, please explain. I just thought
it would be convenient to have a really
tall sign of myself. I’m like 5’3″, right? Everyone would always elbow me
on my head and stuff, so I was like, “Why don’t
I just make something big?” I’m digging your pole. Go ahead and promote yourself, man. I love it.
Alright. Like 3 or 4 of us homies
and we were just like, “You know what? We’re gonna
make the stupidest thing ever and let’s just do it,”
so yeah. Can you give it a spin? I wanna
see how fast it really goes. Do you want to spin
it right now? Ready? So was that
your favorite video game? Most definitely. Do you play him sometimes? Yeah, we’re in the same team. Alright, between you and me, who’s better? I’m better.
That’s not even a question. -I’m better.
-(laughs) He’s definitely better. Is Sunny gonna have
a different color? Is she gonna change her outfit? Um, she might have a new accessory at the end of today, but she might wanna wear this tomorrow. It’s up to her. -Here we go.
-(laughs) Damn! Wow. -Wow, that is amazing.
-Smells good, right?

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  1. Stopped a bunch of ppl with printed signs or amazon'd flags but only one or two home-made totems. Missed most of the best totems… Watch some of the recordings of the music for a more diverse showing of firefly's totems. There were some good ones.

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