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First-Generation College Celebration | Arizona State University

First-Generation College Celebration | Arizona State University

I owe so much of my overwhelming success at the university to you. Without your encouragement, I never would have even applied, and without you I never would have learned about imposter syndrome until it was such an issue that I would have dropped out. Even though it’s been hard, and I wanted to quit a million times, your quiet support and always believing that I could do this has kept me going more times than I could count. Especially because people that I’ve always thought I could depend on for support weren’t there for me on this journey, you being there has been even more special to me. I feel like this journey has been ours, not just mine. I’m actually the first in my family to go to college. I grew up with two parents that were immigrants from Mexico. I knew they couldn’t send me to college with the resources that we had at home, but they always really emphasized that if you don’t know the answer to something, or if you think you, you know, can’t pursue something, always ask questions, and it really took some self advocacy. Just putting in so much effort, and dedication, and work into everything that I’ve done, Sometimes I felt like it wasn’t enough, but looking back on it, I feel like knowing what I know now, I feel like I did do a lot. Just reaffirming, like, the feelings that you are going through are normal, and they are okay, but keep going because you are doing great things. Being successful in college has nothing to do with intelligence, it has to do with effort, and if you are willing to put forth the effort, you can be successful, and to know that as a university and really as a country we’re now taking the time to say “Wow! What you are doing is hard, and it’s valid, and we support your efforts and we … We see you.” There are always people that are making sure that we succeed, and kind of just … You’ve got this. Trust you’ve got this.

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