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[FM_1.24] 프로미스나인 (fromis_9) – SUPER K-POP FESTIVAL INDONESIA 2019 비하인드

[FM_1.24] 프로미스나인 (fromis_9) – SUPER K-POP FESTIVAL INDONESIA 2019 비하인드

We’re inside the airplane
departing for Indonesia I’m looking forward to it
It’s my first time going to Indonesia What time is it in Indo? It’s two hours behind than here No, what time is it in Indo? It’s Indo-four o’clock (I’ll keep my comments to myself) I’ll keep it turned off (We’re fixing the screen) (Laughing) That’s right Okay, then we’re departing for Indonesia It’s not departing yet Let’s just say it’s departing Oh, please wait (We’re fixing the screen) Punch, punch, punch (Hayoung is having fun
with the situation play) Okay, we’re departing for Indonesia Departing – Bye
– Oh, wait…. Do you have a nosebleed? Oh, stop it, stop it for a second I’ll interpret for you I’ll do a lip-sync of this person Okay, Miss Lee Chaeyoung of fromis_9 You look very beautiful today Okay, Miss BAEK Jiheon, the youngest Well… If you listen to older sister Chaeyoung you won’t have anything to regret Yes, and (Why are they working so hard on this?) That was Chaeyoung News Try it. Please mimic Nagyung (Chaeyoung was describing fromis_9 members) I’m pretending not to notice Yes, I’m pretending not
to notice the camera at all (Chaeyoung is starting to
describe Nagyung. He he he) (Laughing) If you say to Nagyung
“Your face is so small” she looks at you with an expression
that says “Is my face small?” (Chaeyoung starts to describe
Nagyung again. He he he he) That’s not true She does that a lot I think we’re really going now We’re really really going up now We’re really really going now We’re moving now Then, I’ll turn it on again later Bye (Oh, wait, we have to see
Saerom’s cuteness) I’m excited. I’m excited Nagyung, you look different a bit (Patting her head) Everyone, I look different, right? I definitely look neater, right? You became neater I dyed my roots Root bleaching, root bleaching I bleached my roots Now that I bleached my roots I’ll go work hard and have fun
at the Jakarta event Let’s go (Cute) These days I’m really into Chinese dramas series Which drama series are you watching? I downloaded a new drama series Seoyeon was watching a Chinese
movie yesterday or the day before So I was just watching it with her but then the next day, Seoyeon asked me
“Hey, what’s ni duoda?” So I said, “What? It means
how old are you. Why?” She said, someone kept saying
in her dream, “Ni duoda, ni duoda” So I said who has dreams like that Isn’t that so amazing?
She doesn’t even know what it means So she came and asked me what
“Ni duoda” means and it was so cute Someone kept saying to me
“Ni duoda, ni duoda” I was wondering why I couldn’t hear so well It was because I was wearing AirPods We’ll go to Jakarta safely,
successfully complete the event and return after doing
a splendid stage performance Please look forward to it a lot Bye We’re here to perform
at the SUPER KPOP Festival (Sip) I want to eat some Seoyeon, I want to eat some Seoyeon Seoyeon (Gyuri keeps calling because
Seoyeon is not looking) I want to try the coffee one This is coffee and this is chocolate (Yum, yum) Hmm, it’s delicious Everyone, by any chance when you drink milk at school you know when they give you chocolate milk? They gave us chocolate milk every Friday But even on those days
I drank regular milk I prefer regular milk Regular milk is so delicious And it’s better to put that
in the regular milk than the chocolate milk Do you know what Jet* is? It’s delicious if you put it in It’s really a different taste
if you put Jet* in the regular milk I’m so sad because on one understands me Oh, Seoyeon – I’m going to the restroom
– Oh, okay, okay As you’re going to the restroom I have something to tell you I’ll describe your charm using a music scale A music scale? Yes, with the music scale I’ll try to describe When I think about it, you’re… You’re not going to say
I’m out of bounds, right? (Wait, this isn’t what I had envisioned…) That I’m crazy or something? (She’s flustered because
Seoyeon figured it out right away) – No, no
– You wouldn’t say something so cliche No, why would I say something so cliche? Right… You’re about sol Oh, I see Because you’re a bit… like a pine cone that’s a bit… – like a pine cone that’s like…
– I get the feeling you’re making it up now No, no. You’re a bit feisty
but in the inside – you hold a chest nut…
– Don’t you have to do all from do to sol? Right This isn’t fun She was going to say I’m out of bounds and crazy or something but
it looks like I figured it all out A little later about an hour and a half later we’ll perform We even get to perform five songs I’ll perform well today and return Bye (Jisun and Chaeyoung
step out quickly to eat) As if it wasn’t there to begin with if we take it all, people would
just assume it wasn’t there But it keeps getting heavier that
I can’t carry it with one hand (Chaeyoung and Jisun love fruit very much) (Chow) (Chaeyoung eats without
getting food on her lips) The reason that I’m eating like this is as I said earlier, to make sure
the lipstick doesn’t come off I’ll go get ready more before
I go on the red carpet See you on the red carpet later Hello, we’re fromis_9 (fromis_9 is having a photo time) You’re looking pretty We just finished being on the red carpet With Hayoung, whose birthday
is today, on the red… Saerom, say it again. Whose birthday? With Hayoung, whose birthday is today… No! Princess With Princess Hayoung, whose birthday
is today, we took pictures on the red carpet With Hayoung, whose birthday is today we shot our ID video Whose birthday? With Princess Hayoung
whose birthday is today… Are you clenching your fist? No (Acting cute) With Princess Hayoung, whose birthday is
today, we even get to perform five songs With Princess Hayoung
whose birthday is today I’m covering myself with clothes and
making the behind-the-scenes video now With Princess Hayoung
whose birthday is today… (Saerom’s given up) Camera, can you bring me the microphone?
I have to put it on now No, Hayoung. I’ll bring it Thank you (Camera is going along with
the princess role play) Do you want to sing one syllable
at a time on the stage? Then it’ll be more exciting (They suddenly start to sing
one syllable at a time) (Surprised that they do it so well) That was great We have to do this one too (Saerom and Hayoung are excited
to sing one syllable at at time) Hayoung It’s going to be so fun Should we try it? Great What’s the key point to my makeup today? To create a delicate image
to match your lens color I tried using the color
that’s not really any color (Laughing) – It’s not really anything
– It’s makeup that’s not really anything I tried using the color
that’s not really any color What do you generally consider
important for fromis_9’s makeup? I consider eyelashes to be
the most important Eyelashes You mean my eyelashes, right? Like eyelashes of a doll I’m doing a good job in curling up
the eyelashes that they already have (Laughing) What’s my lip color for today? Today’s lip color is not really any color The concept is not having any real concept – What was your favorite makeup so far? – I liked your blue eyeshadow for “FUN!”
– Oh, right I liked that too The color that wasn’t really any color Seoyeon went to a daycare center today Waah, waah Cutie (Glaring) (Seoyeon’s playing, pretending to be upset) No, I was just kidding
because you’re so pretty (Bothering) Stop being upset Is that a threat? Because I’m full Are you threatening me to stop being upset? Are you threatening me
after making fun of me? (fromis_9 is now moving to perform) Hello, I’m called ggodo today (They’re jokingly calling Nagyung
ggodo as her concept is grapes) – I’m ggodo today
– I’m ggodo Do I look like ggodo? Ggodo, ggodo Am I ggodo, ggodo? When Nagyung and Saerom were
doing ggodo, ggodo, ggodo this is what Jiwon’s expression was like It’s because they’re trying to act cute (Chaeyoung comes in suddenly) Excuse me for a second (Move aside) Excuse me for a second (I said move aside) (Laughing) (GO GO to perform) Let’s get it We’ll now perform the next song
(fromis_9 wishes happy birthday
with the flover) We’re so moved and we’re
so happy to be here with you and be able to perform in
such a passionate atmosphere We were all fired up in there We’re so happy to come to
Indonesia for the first time and even got to perform
five songs here in Jakarta And the audience responded so greatly
The fans in flover Oh, I meant the flover
in Indonesia are really You said the fans in flover I got confused as we were
so fired up on the stage In any case, flover is the best Indonesia’s flover, we sincerely thank you Thank you for sharing the good vibe Hayoung, happy birthday Thank you Let’s get it Birthday noogies, birthday noogies There’s something I want do to What? What? Do the noogie-slate for me Do it without touching the ribbon Okay, Hayoung One, two, three (Pressing down) (Thank you for wishing me
happy birthday, flover. Bye)

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  1. It's their fist time for some of them to come to Indonesia. and during Super K-pop Festival, It's MY first time to actually know about Fromis_9 😂
    They killed the performance and the crowd were insaneee! They made me a stan from that day onwards hahaha
    Check out my Fancam for Love Bomb and Glass Shoes live performance during SKF. You wont regret it! They were AWESOME!!!!

  2. Kirain bakal ada part yg hayoung foto sama kue dr flover ina union itu lho ahahahaha tp gpp aku sdh puas bisa liat fromie live!!!! Huhuhuhuhu semoga sering mampir ke indo y klean mamakmu ga punya budget buat nyamperin kalian ke luar negeri 😂

  3. 나경이 서연이한테 너의 매력은 도는 지나쳤으나 미치진 않았어 할려고 했던거 같은데 바로 눈치채서 당황 ㅋㅋㅋ

  4. i don't remember the exact date but when i was 15yo i saw lord aizen and zoro fighting each other and suddenly they talk about a promise they made 9 years ago.


    And oh, Princess Hayoung. We should continue to call her Princess from now on. I’m not even mad. 😂😍💜

  6. Thank you fromis_9 and Mera-unni for yet another high light on a friday.
    I hope I can say this for many many more fridays to come!


  8. im so happy, i didnt think any of their vlives where subbed because most recent ones arent, but went through them and theres like 60 to watch at least

  9. I think it's really cool they took a minute to show us interactions with the girls and the makeup artists, and actually let them talk. It would be cool to hear from more of the behind the scenes people that keep the group running smoothly.

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