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Foreigners try sisig and lechon at AWESOME Filipino festival in Seoul, South Korea! #feelthephil

Foreigners try sisig and lechon at AWESOME Filipino festival in Seoul, South Korea! #feelthephil

Hey Seoul mates, what’s good?Paul from here, and today i am coming to you from the Filipino culture festival here in the Seoul South Korea. I’ve got some special guests. I’m joined
by tTasha from ‘Travelandtash’. And I’m joined by this. yeah… I don’t think he’s going to be
speaking. all right but we’re gonna be trying out all kind of a different
Filipino foods here as well as some different cultural events. I am super
excited. so let’s go see what we can find. Let’s go! all right so this festival happens for
three days in October. so it’s a small little festival. but all down the street
are these different tents that are selling different types of Filipino
items. and I think their whole goal is to try to market the Philippines as a
tourist destination for Koreans. so what I’m looking forward to the most is it
trying the food. and so there are some food trucks. they’re selling Lechon
and sisig and different things. we can come here and try some traditional
Filipino foods that will be hopefully be delicious. One of the other fun things you can do is come to these photo zones. There’s all kinds of different backgrounds. Here I’mn on the island of Boracay. You can put on these mermaid costumes and win some prizes. You can feel like you’re in the Philippines, though you’re stilli n Seoul This is Seokwang and Sankutsa. some so I’m not sure. so there’s some
different types of pickled fruits which sound really interesting. solooks like they have mango and guava and different things like papaya. Some of them are spicy. there’s all
these different ones on here. so this is a spicy pickled mango. now if
you know anything about me, I love spicy and I love mangos. they should be really
good. oh yeah. I really like that. good sweet
Filipino mangoes are the best, I’ve said that a million times. It’s got a little bit of spice to it. Tasha, why don’t you try something?
I just had a little bite. for me it tastes a little bit briny.
yeah like a savory pickle. yeah it’s kind of a little bit of sweet. yes.
then you taste a little bit that spiciness afterwards. (Tasha):It’s not my favorite. (Paul:)Oh, I love it! so you
make it in Korea?Or are you making it in Philippines? We make it in the Philippines and export to Korea. so they’re saying hey make this in the
Philippines and then import it into Korea. and soon you willbe able to try
it at Costco. so if you’re in Korea, you should check this out a Costco in the near
future. I really like the spicy mango. all right so here they are preparing banana cue. so it looks like she is cooking some sugar. She will make a syrup and then they have the bananas that they will dip in. so I’ve seen this
on the streets in the Philippines. so I think it is some popular street food. I don’t
think I’ve ever tried it though. I’ve tried turon, which has a little bit of a different recipe. but it smells really
good. I wish you guys could smell this right now. okay so that’s what it looks
like after it’s cooked. On the outside it is crispy. thank you so much! so
here is the finished banana cue. They cooked it right here. so it’s got a little bit of stickiness on the outside. and they skewer it. let’s try it out. and it’s so yummy. bananas cooked a
little bit. The outside is a little crispy and warm. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. this is
excellent. right so next is this. they’re selling
pili nuts. I’m not sure exactly what that is. um it’s a local nut in the Philippines. but we have with salt, we also have with
salt and pepper, garlic chilli . and this is glazed with honey.
so it’s roasted pilinuts with honey. oh it’s like cereal. It tastes like – I don’t know – some type of cereal that I haven’t eaten in a really
long time. like yeah or it almost tastes like popcorn as well. caramel popcorn
flavor. It’s really interesting. so I’ve never had that before. this is how it was in the tree yeah. so
this is what the fruit look like when it’s unripe. When it’s ripe it turns about dark
purple. we we wash off the pulp. it is a very pulpy fruit. and then we dry it out. then
you get the shell. it’s really really hard. oh yeah. Oh you could hurt somebody with this. use it as a
weapon. yeah right. so I’m really excited to try this place. so this is a local
restaurant here in Seoul. but at this festival they are serving lumpia which I
love, as well as sisig. So I’ve had sisig before. Tasha, have you had sisig? No, I’ve never tried it. So she has no idea what it is. Do you know what sisig is? if so just comment
down in the comment section below. Now we’re gonna order some up and we’re
gonna try it. then i’m gonna tell you what it is. it’s super delicious. I’ll give you
a hint – -it comes from the pig I love pork! all right so here we have our fresh Shanghai Lumpia and our sisig. this is coming from a restaurant called Hapuna. Hapuna is a
well-known Filipino restaurant here in Seoul. you get this at the restaurant.
all right here it is, Tasha’s first sisig! so it smells really good. it looks
like it’s topped with maybe some green onions, some chicharones, maybe type of
pepper like that paprika pepper. let’s try it out. Oh. it’s so yummy. it feels like it’s some kind of
curry spice. there’s some kind of flavor enhancer. this goes really really well
an ice cold beer. You can’t come to a Filipino food festival without some San Miguel, right? all right so Tasha do you know what sisig is made out of? No. interesting story, but it is made
using the pigs face. so if you go to a lot of traditional markets in the
Philippines you can see actually see the face of the pig kind of being hung up.
Then they dice that up to make this .so we’re eating the pig snout. We’re eating the pig ear. so every once in a while there’s a pig ear. so it’s a little bit
of chewiness. a lot of times there’s also served with the inside the
liver and things like that. in certain regions they even include the pig brain.
again they’re gonna maybe use mayonnaise. There’s a sizzling version with egg in
it. you can get this with fish instead of
pork and chicken. so it’s some really kind of versatile dish. but it’s got so
many good flavors of the Philippines. I think I first you might be put off like “I
don’t want to eat no pig face!~” But you should. pig face is delicious
y’all. I don’t usually eat pig faces or anything. so what’s really cool is that
everything at the festival is FREE! It’s a great way for the Filipinos to market
themselves to the local Koreans by giving out free samples and this is a
nice nice free sample. If you want to try this, you can go to Hapunan Restaurant. You can get the sisig and the Shanghai Lumpia for 10,000 KRW. so you don’t need to travel all the way
to the Philippines to try this. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to actually do that though.
so after that amazing sisig, I think it’s time for something sweet. so here
they have says Philippine of Pinoy ice cream. I think that in the Philippines they call
this “dirty ice cream” and you can buy it right there on the street. the man in the
Philippines are peddling this. you buy a scoop for like five pecos. just think it’s
ridiculously cheap. It’s just a nice little treat. Sometimes you can get it served in a hamburger bun. Like an cream sandwich. Let’s get in line and try some of this dirty ice cream. let’s try our ice cream.
so it smells like banana, but like fake artificial banana. yeah, like medicine you’d get when you are a kid. Medicine in America doesn’t smell like this. Wow, it tastes like banana milk! oh yeah! I
don’t really see anything Filipino about this. I see straight up Korea.
it’s like banana milk. banana milk in Korea is amazing. it’s one of my favorite
drinks in the whole wide world. It tastes like banana milk with a little chocolate in it. chocolate
nuts or some kind of caramel or something. something brown. I think it’s
chocolate. so you know I don’t think this is really
heavy Filipino type of food. I think that presentation of it is really cute.
but it’s just Korean. but you know what. I love banana milk, and i love ice cream. so i’m good with this. Alright guys – the moment that I’m so so
excited for is this. so you can see this whole pig. this is called lechon and
this is one of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever eaten. Anthony Bourdain said
lechon is the best pork he has ever had. and I have to agree
with him. so this is a whole roasted pig from the snout to the tail. and this is
just an incredibly incredibly juicy and moist dish. the outside is super crispy.
it is to me, the best part of the lechon. people actually fight for this
because it is so good. so in just a few moments they’re gonna be serving the lechon.
so I’m feeling a lot of these Korean people have never tried lechon. so it’s gonna
be their first time .they’re in for a real treat.
it smells incredible. w I could eat lechon every single day and be
happy with it. so let’s take a look at this beauty. Alright so they are starting to cut up the
lechon. so they are taking off the skin first. As they’re doing it, you can hear the crispiness of it. it sounds amazing. the smells that are coming from it are just heavenly.
I cannot wait to break into this. As you can see, it is a whole pig.
that outside crispiness of the skin is the best part. It’s the part that
everybody wants. just look at them skillfully working. the cool thing about
this is that they are based here in Korea. so if you want to try them out, you
can go onto their Facebook page, which I’ll link down below, and you can order
this. they can deliver here in Seoul or in other places in Korea. however my mouth is
just watering. It’s hard to talk because how great this smells y’all. alright guys
here it is. here is the lechon. I’m so excited for this. so usually in the
Philippines they serve this with vinegar. However here in Korea they’re using it
with like the Thai chili sauce which isn’t my favorite. but they’re obviously
doing this on for the local Koreans. so I’ve got a nice piece of the skin here.
let’s try the skin first because to me that’s the
best part. there’s so much crunch factor at this.
Let’s try it out. ah It’s so yummy.
It’s kind of juicy – like really red crispy bacon. then we’ve got this port here so again
they’re serving it in this chili sauce nut my favorite the pork itself is amazing so tender and
juicy the sauce just too sweet so I would generally recommend going to
Filipino way and getting that nice spicy vinegar and now this tide chili sauce
know to overkill great thing the fasces in for me I really really love that
fattiness especially I gonna eat that skin like follow that up apparently
what’s really good too is the pig ear I’ve not tried them they’re barely
pressed for the very important people they get to eat the crispy pig ear bye
guys so as you know hollow hollow is a really popular Filipino dessert so here
I make these this is a shaved ice dessert
I like this once in Boracay week watch a video somewhere up here so it’s got all
kinds of different toppings as well as this shaped eyes looking at looks really
cool alright so hollow hollow is an open language means mix mix so you keep the
toy to make sure you mix it really well we’re going to again
I’m making the right back page where it’s my first time okay so here’s the
finished product to finish hollow hollow tube topped with mango usually this has
all kinds of different flavors and movie ice cream and evaporator dense milk but
the most important thing is you want to make sure you really get in there it mix
that up get all those ingredients together this is a really really lovely
dessert like I said I tried this in Boracay and I really enjoyed it so I’m
glad to get it using this has some type of a newbie jammer moving ice cream at
least one does alright let’s try our hollow hollow oh so yummy there’s so many different
ingredients in here and I could even begin to tell you what the all our
pledge is so good so shaved ice is using something that reserves in Asia they’re just literally on it so to me
the key is all that evaporated milk we put on it because then adds so much
great flavor to it so you can get a hollow hollow almost
anywhere in the Philippines and it’s a delicious dessert be sure to check it
out alright guys so much fun at this filthy festival here it’s so late some
great food I tell you rubbing sweetness and know things makes me want to go back
right so if they have a specific image check it out the portrait only one we
can’t sell by tens video comes up it’s gonna be over right but you want to see
more videos letting these Korea boy fill these features with this subscribe
button as I’m not full and give up are you
my next on great day see you later bye

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