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Fr. Scott Donahue’s Homily – The Feast of The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph – Dec 31, 2017

Fr. Scott Donahue’s Homily – The Feast of The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph  – Dec 31, 2017

so take a good look at this cartoon take
a good look at it when I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing
there is the Blessed Mother in her son Jesus at bath time in there Jesus the
baby is standing on the bath water and his mother is saying to him get in the
water don’t walk on top of it it reminds me that every family has its ups and
downs even the Holy Family as we know Mary and Joseph in Jesus they had their
ups and downs they had their difficult moments and
thinking of when they went to visit the temple when Jesus was of age and they
lost him for four days and Mary is upset with her son and she says where were you
don’t you know we’d be worrying about you in Jesus’s response was Mother
didn’t you know this is where I needed to be every family has its ups and downs
you know on the 27th of December of this year my nephew I have one nephew five
nieces one nephew my nephew Peter turned 27 this past fall I had the privilege of
marrying him he’s a wonderful kid and I remember that day he was born 27 years
ago I was so excited I remember running to the store when I got the news and I
bought him a baseball I bought him a football I bought him a basketball and I
bought him his first razor I can remember going to the hospital and
seeing this little baby boy in presenting the gifts to him with my
brother and my sister-in-law and family gathered babies green bring great joy
into our lives and yet every family over the years in the raising of our
children have ups and downs good moments in difficult moments they think the
wonderful thing about the feast day of the Holy Family is it reminds us to
focus on how to live as family his family as mothers and fathers and
grandparents and aunts and uncles and children but really is the family of God
as well remember what was said in the scripture this morning live with one
another in charity forgive one another let peace be the binding force that
holds us together is the family of God and within all of our families we gather
this day at the table of the Lord to celebrate Eucharist to give thanks and
praise God for our family and for the family of God for we are all God’s

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