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Free Lula Samba at Brazil’s Carnival

Free Lula Samba at Brazil’s Carnival

MIKE FOX: Brazilians are in the streets for
Carnival. Millions across the country. And for many of them, it’s an act of resistance.Supporters
of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva have formed Free Lula Samba groups around
the country, like this one in Florianopolis. They have been practicing for several weeks. They took to city streets over the weekend.VITOR
SILVEIRA, FREE LULA SAMBA GROUP, SANTA CATARINA: We are here today with everyone who wants
to combat fascism in Brazil. This is a political act to combat Lula’s
unjust imprisonment, and transforming Carnival into big grassroots action against this.MIKE
FOX: Former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been in prison since last April. He was convicted of accepting a beachside
apartment from a company seeking government contracts. But the ruling was based on plea bargain testimony. No evidence was found. His jailer, judge Sergio Moro, is now president
Bolsonaro’s justice minister. Lula supporters say his imprisonment was just
a move to block him from running in last year’s elections. DANIELLE DE PAULA, WORKERS PARTY YOUTH ACTIVIST:
Today the greatest grassroots leader that we’ve ever had is unjustly imprisoned, accused
of crimes that he didn’t commit, and for which there is no proof. And we need to agitate so we can get him out
of prison. So he can be free.MIKE FOX: They hit the streets
and marched to the Carnival celebrations in downtown Florianopolis. It was also a protest against the government
of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, who was inaugurated on January 1st.Chants against
Bolsonaro have erupted at Carnival celebrations in other cities, as well.CAIO, CARNIVAL PARTICIPANT:
This government is really bad. But we are going to resist. The poorest and the people in need are going
to resist. No one is going to take away our rights and
our freedom. We will resist.MIKE FOX: Samba groups in Sao
Paulo paraded with floats depicting vultures, rats and a vampire in a harsh critique of
continued corruption in Brazil.The Rio de Janeiro Samba school Mangueira is honoring
the Black LGBT councilwoman Marielle Franco, who was killed last year by assassins linked
to paramilitaries and even the Bolsonaro family.Only two months in, and Bolsonaro’s government
has also been wrapped in corruption scandals involving top cabinet members and Bolsonaro’s
own son, Flavio. His government has eliminated the Ministry
of Labor, handed the right to demarcate indigenous land over to the Ministry of Agriculture and
cut LGBT rights from human rights guidelines. Bolsonaro’s violent, sexist, racist and
homophobic rhetoric has also inspired right-wing groups and individuals to act on their hate. CARLA AYRES, LGBT ACTIVIST: “Under the Bolsonaro
government, there is a feeling of greater impunity and permission to hate. So we in the LGBT community are more afraid
to walk on the streets, because even the police themselves are authorized to not protect us
… We have to affirm that we are going to continue in the streets. This is our greatest resistance to not go
back into the closest. We have to continue to resist, because if
we let fear take over, they are going to annihilate us.MIKE FOX: Though it might be hard to imagine,
Carnival and samba in Brazil have a long history of social protest and resistance. In fact resistance is at its very roots. Resistance to slavery. Resistance to violent racism and discrimination.LUCAS
CUNHA, FREE LULA SAMBA GROUP: Carnival is a political act, from its very origins. Carnival was created by Blacks. Created by my Black people. In its essence it is an act of resistance. And from there you have the deconstruction
of gender during Carnival. Everything that is freeing, you will see during
Carnival. So it makes sense for Free Lula samba group
to be performing for Carnival, because it’s a time when people should be free.

31 thoughts on “Free Lula Samba at Brazil’s Carnival”

  1. Lula De Silva needs to stay in Prison"
    Love Bolsonaro he cleaning our streets

  2. Bolsonaro family finally cleaning the Streets. These people can go home more Leftist propaganda MBGA🙏

  3. I'm not "into" LGBT, but I'm also not against it. Just let people be free, as long as there's no real wrong-doing, I figure. I had some friends who were "gay", homosexual and bisexual, guys and a gal, and while I'm not of such orientation, it's never, rarely anyway, bothered me. They were always fine with me, and I wouldn't have known about their sexual orientation, if other friends of mine hadn't told me about it, without discrimination, for we were all friendly; and, for a good while, I doubted those friends, but eventually got confirmation about this from these "gay" people themselves, so I then couldn't doubt any longer. They seemed normal enough to me. They didn't act masculine, feminine, …; just seemed normal enough. One thing that I do find annoying, however, is when men act as if they're more feminine than women are; it'll never, not so far anyway, fool me. I have a bit of a problem with that sort of a … thing, conduct. Otherwise, well, like New Hampshire's slogan says, " Live Free or Die ", I guess to be fitting. Besides, we already have plenty of sexual perverts, predators, in politics, religious churches established and managed by humans, teachers in schools, etc. I read an article around 2005 or 2006 by a woman who was PhD in I think sociology, I believe to recall having been a professor at a university in Massachusetts, and because of bla bla bla regarding it was either Red Necks or Hillbillies, claiming they tended to be incestual, she became interested in this and found that those people were no more incestual than the average population of the country was. It was an interesting study and paper that she did; and, I think she was right. I just find it a little annoying when men act like they think they're more feminine than women are. I also don't like rapists and know first-hand what that sort of threat is like. I really dislike that; intensely and with real anxiety. But, I don't confuse men for women. No way, José.

  4. Lula ! The best President that Brasil ever had !
    Bolsonaro is a Miliciano who hates the poor, women , gays and blacks. Bolsonaro vai tomar no cu !!!

  5. O, interesting, didnt know that about brazil of their carnival, of its rebellious roots, that sounds dignifying, was wrong in my underestimating view, in thinking that it was bad in slavery and took a while to get out of liberating them selves from the monarchy elites, that it explains why they are where their at with this fascist pig in office, where by the way, more whites died from fascism, because you have to go after those who might think different as a threat, to consolidate power, once diversity of minyare out of the way, witch is a buffer to protect free thinking whites rights to not be infringed upon, where intolerance is used to trick people into going along with things against other, for those negative things to then be used against you, which is why radical Muslims target average muslims, inorder to consolidate power, from those might think differently, in having to go to them for their vote to get power & not wanting to have to go through difficult process again of promoting intolerance, of those in perticular who were on the fence, of having a radical white version of a sharia law monarchy saudi state.

  6. Brazilian politics is one big corruption party.
    Military dictatorship in Brazil is one big killing party.
    Only Carnival sticks to business.

  7. What I found confusing was Bolsonaro consistently had Israel's flag flying during his campaign, speeches, and rallies.

  8. these people who shout free squid, do not represent the will of the majority of the Brazilian people. Lula is one of the biggest criminals in Brazil.

  9. Lula was taken down by US deep state as he helped the people. I hope Lula is freed and able to run in a future election and defeats Bolsonaro and Locks up Bolsonaro and Moro and any other backed CIA puppets.

  10. That's why we don't have them in America today; politics 'doesn't belong' in the public square; and such fests were banned in our slavery era; (Albany NY in 1809) leftwing attempts to revive them are co-opted but commercialism, (the big party) or suppressed.

  11. do not try to make brazil turn cuba, because here the population goes after their rights and abominates the corruption, the corruption that the lula bandit tried to bring to Brazil, Brazil hates the lula, the good people, who works honestly and paid his bills does not support free lula, we want a free brazil, he can get stuck until die that nobody cares.

  12. não adianta tentar fazer o brasil virar cuba,por que aqui a população vai atrás dos seus direitos e abomina a corrupção,a corrupção que o lula bandido tentou trazer pro brasil,o brasil odeia o lula,o povo de bem,que trabalha honestamente e paga suas contas não apoia lula livre,queremos um brasil livre,ele pode ficar preso até morrer que ninguém liga.

    bolsonaro 🇧🇷

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