ButxiButx: Good Night!! ButxiButx: Amazing Performance!! ElementPanda: Hi everyone!! ElementPanda:The truth is that I loved the musical performance. ButxiButx: I liked it too ElementPanda:How are you doing in your homes? ButxiButx: We are already at Christmas. AHAHAH!!! ElementPanda: A great program awaits us. ButxiButx: We hope Santa has brought many gifts. ElementPanda:We are not going to roll up anymore. ElementPanda: But… ElementPanda:This program is going to be great. ButxiButx: Tonight we will live unique moments. ButxiButx: Interviews, musical performances … ElementPanda: It will be great. ElementPanda: You can not miss it. ElementPanda: Only in MediaStream. ButxiButx: Well we started? ElementPanda: Of course. ElementPanda: Let the program begin !! ButxiButx: Go for it!! ButxiButx: Hello!! eresrodrigo16: Hi!! ButxiButx: We are back. ButxiButx: We have just witnessed incredible musical performances. eresrodrigo16: Piece of performances that you ride. ButxiButx: Hi rodri!!! eresrodrigo16: Hi!!! ButxiButx: One of the latest signings of MediaStream. ButxiButx: How are you? eresrodriigo16: Fine and you? ButxiButx: Very good!! ButxiiButx: You are happy? ButxiButx:Today is Christmas!! eresrodrigo16: Yeees!! ButxiButx: What does Christmas mean to you? eresrodrigo16: Well, Christmas is … eresrodriigo16: The union of the family. eresrodrigo16: You get together with her and it’s great. eresrodrigo16: The reunion of the family. ButxiButx: What do you usually do at Christmas? eresrodrigo16: The first thing on Christmas Eve as with the whole family. eresrodrigo16: And then at Christmas we open the presents! eresrodrigo16: And we eat with the family. ButxiButx: This year that Santa Claus brought you? eresrodrigo16: Peace in the world!

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