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Gala premiere of the 2nd season of The Protector series

Gala premiere of the 2nd season of  The Protector series

Gala premiere of the 2nd season of Hakan:
Muhafiz / The Protector On April 11, the gala premiere of the second
season of the very expected Turkish-American series Hakan: Muhafiz / The Protector starring
Çağatay Ulusoy, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Hazar Ergüçlü, Engin Öztürk, Okan Yalabık,
and Burçin Terzioğlu was held at the Istanbul Film Festival. Spectators who attended the festival were
able to watch the first two episodes of the second season, which received their rave reviews. The centerpiece of the story is still Istanbul
Protector Hakan, who fights with the army of the Immortals with the help of his friends
as well as his older brother Levent (Engin Öztürk). The confrontation between the Protectors and
the Immortals will reach a new level, a real war will unfold, where many surprises await
the audience. Çağatay Ulusoy admitted that he could not
reveal all the details of the new season, but he promised that the story would be more
dynamic and exciting, new locations and new characters would be added. He also stressed that it is important for
all the actors of the series to work normally, this helps them to more effectively perform
their roles. He hopes that new technologies and innovations
will allow viewers from all over the world to appreciate the culture and traditions of
Turkey. Burçin Terzioğlu admitted that she is very
excited about the upcoming premiere and is going to watch the series with the rest of
the audience on April 26, when it will be available on the Netflix platform. The series is very different from everything
used to in Turkey: on the dynamics, on the time of the series, on the subject (this is
a fantasy that is not made in Turkey). In addition, the series will be shown simultaneously
in 190 countries around the world. Engin Öztürk, who played in the second season
the Hakan’s older brother named Levent, said that his hero is very different from
Hakan since they grew up in different conditions and lived different lives. Yes, he is also a protector, but viewers will
see a big difference between the two characters. Okan Yalabık admitted that the work on the
series was rather tense and now he leaves to the audience what they have done. He said that we are experiencing a transitional
period when habits and well-established ideas about television are changing. It is rapidly becoming digital, Internet platforms
are emerging, and this is also affecting the work of the media. This is a transitional period for the whole
world. Actress Ayşe Melike Çerçi, who appeared
in the second season as one of the Immortals, promised that this time the audience would
see fantastic scenes and real action, which she expects with great excitement. Hazar Ergüçlü, who plays one of the leading
roles (Zeynep) in the series, admitted that none of the actors had yet seen the second
season of the series, so they would watch it with all the viewers. She can only promise that there will be more
dynamics and action in it. Ayça Ayşin Turan did not reveal the secrets
of her character but stated that this season will be completely different. Her heroine will be revealed from an unexpected
side, but she cannot share the details, so she just waits for the premiere along with
everyone. Boran Kuzum, who also joined the second season
of the Protector, noted that the first season had made an excellent impression on the international
audience and this time the audience was expected by the great continuation of the story. But an unpleasant incident occurred at the
gala premiere. As it turned out, the venue of the premiere
chosen by the festival organizers was not large enough to accommodate both the press
and fans. The festival organizers tried to dissolve
journalists and fans, journalists began to resent the inconvenience and providence intervened
in the person of the US Consul General in Istanbul, who decided to attend the premiere. Because of draconian security measures, that
were fully justified (we remind you that the Russian ambassador to Turkey died recently
as a result of the terrorist attack), journalists got a lot of security and, having accused
the festival organizers of mistreating them, left the event. The places that should have been occupied
by the press remained empty. Who is to blame in this case: whether the
Consul General in Istanbul, or the organizers, or journalists are not entirely clear. One thing is obvious: the Zorlu shopping center
is too small for such global events as the gala of the first Turkish-American TV series
of Netflix. In the narrow corridor the fans, security,
foreign and Turkish press simply did not have enough free space. It’s one thing to hold a small festival,
that will be attended by a couple of thousand people, who themselves also starred in the
films that were announced, and it’s quite another to have a gala premiere of an international
hit, that the US Consul General in Turkey expressed his desire to attend. The festival organizers were not ready for
such a turn of events. Apparently the next time the Internet platform
will have to approach the issue of holding such large-scale events more thoughtfully.

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