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Gala : Short Film

Gala : Short Film

Why do you surround me…surround me with?
Why do you…suffocate me with…suffocate. Stop suffocating me. Would she really say suffocate? Yes, Faye. She feels smothered. Then say smothered. Stop defaulting to the word
that has more letters. Set the scene. See, they’re in bed. It’s part of the
atmosphere. Trapped, very claustrophobic atmosphere. Suffocated. And you chose to make the characters you and me? No, it’s just
what I’m envisioning, you know, the character’s look, personality, etcetera. Monumental mistake. Write from what you know,
but don’t be what you write. It makes your characters say and do unnatural things. Plus the whole writer protagonist thing is
so overdone. I never said he was a writer. It’s not usually like this. The reunion tonight.
Just knowing she’ll be there is making my head spin. Then again, she may not even show
up. Might be out of her league. For eighteen years, only Swish Toothpaste
has provided you with the healthy teeth you need and with the vibrant smile you want. Fourth time today.
And our newest product Swish Power offers the same benefits as you’ve come to
expect from us- With a twist. …Swish Power has an added, alcohol-free
enhancer, that gives you that extra shade of white. I tried it. And look
at me. Thank you Swish. Now you see, I could criticize the forced
delivery of your last thank you. But that wouldn’t be prudent. Well, what would there be to criticize? It’s
what the director wanted and I executed it quite well, thank you. So the entire basis of your creativity is
in the hands of a second-rate commercial director? Second-rate? Hardly. But yes. It’s a toothpaste
commercial. There’s not much room for displaying thespian abilities. You’re afraid to admit that you love it. And that
you choose to watch. It amazes me that most science fiction stories
take place so close to Earth. They should focus more on the stuff we know nothing about,
beyond the galaxies. Hmm, I should finish that sci-fi script I started. Fine, but for God’s sake will you please minimize
the voiceovers? Well, voiceovers work you know! They add insight
to the main character when he doesn’t interact. Makes him omniscient to the audience. Rationalize all you want, it’s just a prop for
weak writers. That sci-fi script was actually good though, you should revisit it. Why couldn’t you wait for me, Faye? You may
have broken out first but I wouldn’t have been that far behind.
Because you have all the potential and you’re too afraid to use it! You spend all your time trying
to write the perfect story you ignore all the good ones! People don’t respond to good, they respond
to great. I don’t strive to be mediocre. You had me. Was I mediocre? You were the only thing in my life that wasn’t. I would’ve written you the role of a lifetime. She confirmed she was coming. One hundred
percent. Have you seen her? Does she look different
since high school? Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you
all for coming. It’s such a pleasure to see my alum again. But I think we’re all
in agreement that there was one particular person we were most excited to see tonight.
So let me speak no further and welcome to our gala, Miss Faye Kassidy! Faye you look stunning! Thank you, I feel stunning! Faye, have you win a Tony yet? Not yet, but you know what they say, it’d
be an honor just to be nominated! Please! Let our famous guest get situated
before we start bombarding her with questions! People only fawn over actors. Never the writer
who feeds them the words. And look at her. She can attribute her success
to pure luck and a pretty face more than her theatrical skills. I recently did an off-Broadway stint, southern
drama story. My character was a battered-wife who had married the wrong cowboy, all her hopes and
dreams lost, shoulda -woulda-coulda. A real draaaag if you ask me. But that’s not why you’re here tonight, is
it? To listen to me bore you? No. No…you’re here to commemorate, not commiserate!
Seize the day, embrace the night! Am I right? Well then let’s drink every last sip of champagne,
let’s soak every moment of the air, celebrate with me, and make love to each other. Let tonight be the one that we tell
our children, about how the times may have changed but our spirits haven’t! What do ya
say? Yeah! Brilliant. Hey you made it! Happy 10 years! Look at you. Yeah, look at me. When’d you get in from LA? Yesterday. I’m just here for about a week or so. I saw that Swish spot. Cashing in on that, I
bet, huh? Oh no, not really. I mean, it paid my bills for a month or
two, but that’s about it. Those things kind of come and go. Still though, to get your face on an
ad like that…helps get you noticed. Any other big gigs? A couple shows at a local playhouse, and I have a guest
spot on a drama reenactment series this fall. Oh, wow. That’s awesome. Congrats, Faye. Yeah, it’s not as glamorous as you’d think.
As I thought, but I get by. It’s mostly odd jobs, and auditioning, and…a lot of waiting. How about you? How’s the teaching? Teaching is ok.
And the writing? How is that going? The writing is…picking up. That’s great. Hey, I should really go over and talk to some girls that I haven’t seen in a while. But I’ll catch up in a little bit. I’m probably going to head out of here anyway. It was great… good to see you, yes. Hey! I’m still waiting for that role of a lifetime.
When you write it, you call me, ok? Take care Faye. You were already living that role, with me.
I never needed to write it. You were always gonna be a star. But all great stories, and roles have to come to
an end. You know better than anyone. Yes, but they only end if the people stop watching.
They can’t stop watching you, Faye, even if they tried. But the trick is to make them believe that they’ve
already stopped. Success is a marathon. Maybe Faye is on the
home stretch. But no one can capture her charm on the page like I can. I’ll keep trying.
And when I get there Faye, you’ll be the first to know. Until then…keep em’ watching.

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