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Galway International Arts Festival 2017 – The Highlights

Galway International Arts Festival 2017 – The Highlights

What I enjoy the most about coming to Galway
is the sort of explosion of it. It’s just so concentrated to have all that creativity
happen with such diversity at the same time in such a small and alive place. Being on the edge of Europe, you feel sort
of emboldened by it. It’s sort of just feels like family. It allows people to feel they’re included,
and I think that’s really important. It’s their Festival. Every audience has its own energy, and sometimes
you’re part of a group that’s really quiet and listening. Sometimes you’re part of a
group that’s falling in the aisles laughing. The point of all of that talent and all of
that work is to reflect back on what’s inside of everyone anyway. That celebration of the creative spark in
every single person. It’s reminding people at a very profound level, I think, of their
own potential for creativity. To see the whole city get behind their culture
and their voice, come to life and flourish, and just being part of that is really special. Whether it’s walking into an art gallery or
walking into a theatre, you want to be taken on a journey. You want your mind to be taken
somewhere. You want to ask questions of yourself. It sort of deepens your connection with others,
and with people who you would just pass in the street and not feel a connection with. To have a festival is an amazing opportunity
to tap into that. It is without doubt the best arts festival
in the world.

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  1. Who opened for Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny at the Festival this year? I want to know the name of the harpist in the opening band.

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