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German CHRISTMAS MARKETS in Japan! | Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture [4K]

German CHRISTMAS MARKETS in Japan! | Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture [4K]

Hey guys, it’s Charly and Victor for Yummy Japan, and today we are out here in Yokohama! Yes, we aren’t here to check out the Christmas market at the Akarenga, but we have a special guest: Meg! [Yey!!] So, Meg, , can you tell us a little bit more about your YouTube channel? I make travel videos, food videos, dance videos, and just – a lot of different kind of videos (C: That’s a lot!) And they’re all awesome. You should definitely check out her editing work, It’s really great! So, today We’re gonna check out the, uh, Christmas Markets. And we’re gonna show you what it’s all about here in Japan! C: Yes, we’re gonna eat a lot of food and drink a lot also.
V: so let’s go. C: Let’s go. V: Let’s do this! [Upbeat, kind of modern music playing] C: Whaaaat? Meg: The flipping skills were on point V: Top notch! C: Victor would you be able to make this? C: Oh hell no, dude, I burn toast C: [laughs] So even though we’re at the Christmas market today, in the Akarenga, Which is the red brick warehouses around the market, you can find a lot of like different restaurants you got a French crepe restaurant? Right here, and you can also find the amazing omurice, which we just saw that was really freaking great And you also have desserts some Katsu Curry, anything you need. V: So there’s something pretty much for everyone around here. C: yeah exactly C: What are you getting, Big Boy? V: It’s something that’s perfect for the season, something that Reflects my mood- C: Okay
V: and it’s amazing; something that everybody should try at least once in their life. And you know for me something I always get.
C: Oh, my god.. You’re not- V: #thatchurrolife baby Can I be very honest? It’s probably been sitting out there for about an hour or so. It’s not bad. I would give this a 6 out of 10 on the churro scale
C: Nooice V: For Some reason I’m not really feeling that, uh V: potatoes with chocolate sauce.
Meg: oh wow! C: Hey, lets try it! V: Do you want to try it, are you game?
Meg: I’m game V: Lets do this!
Meg: I’m game for anything Yay, it’s an adventure. Is it a tasty and adventure through Japanese food???
C: Just go get the fries… Meg: I think it’ll be good.
V: You think so? whoo! All right, so we’re gonna try some of this , uh .. Tater-tots with chocolate sauce- you first, Ladies first! Meg: We can eat it together
V: Okay Meg: Cheers V: Cheers, oh gosh.. [Silent contemplation] Meg: It’s pretty good! C: It’s good? V: It’s .. alright Meg: I wish the Tater-Tots were hotter V: yeah, they’re a little cold Meg: But .. it goes- it works, I like it. V: yeah, it’s not bad Meg: If it was hotter, I’d rate it 6/10 C: Okay! V: It’s like the right chocolate too, it’s like not the super bitter stuff, and it’s not like the stuff that’s like too sweet It complements it; perfectly Charly, You have to try some of this. Meg: It’s good! Okay; Potatoes. Chocolate V: Delicious!! C: Oh, who thought about that? That’s a 2/10 for me. V: Do you think it would taste better if it was a little warmer? Yea, if it was like, piping hot then yeah, maybe *maybe* take out the chocolate, maybe Meg: Take out the chocolate? [laughing] V: If you could describe this in two French words, what would it be? C: Let’s go get those cheese- V: Go, Charles, go, you can do it! Tada! Meg: Nice! V: Wow, spin it slowly? C: See that spinning? [Victor saying “oh lala in the background] Very cheesy very cheesy, [V: very cheesy?] it’s a lot more compact than I imagined What is it? It’s just like, cheese with like .. dough? I think yeah, but I kind of like it it reminds me of a pretzel I think it’s a six out of ten for me. This is pretty nice for the price. It’s like, cheese like, munchinks. cheese munchkins! If you know Dunkin’ Donuts. [V: Mmm!] C: I said yeah, but no idea what it is It’s kind of weird because like the dough is very soft. It’s slightly sweet Semi-sweet cheese is pretty good V: What kind of cheese do you think would be in that? No clue. V: It’s not bad, I’d give this a 5/10, though not the best that I’ve had. Nice try. C: on to the next one? V: On to the next one, lets go V: We’re gonna have some chicken Meg: We’re back here again V: All right, let’s get our stuff All right, so now we got ourselves some Christmas chicken Yeah, it’s just fried chicken to be honest nothing to be- nothing to write home about but let’s try this before it gets way too cold! I’m gonna grab a piece here [Someone off camera is ringing some bells, it happens several times through out the video] Yeah, it’s definitely not the Colonel’s recipe. [It] could use a little bit more pepper. So – I do like the crunchiness, though Meg: I like it!
V: Here’s the ultimate test: this? or FamilyMart chicken.
Meg: You vote Family Chicken? Meg: I think I might vote for this Meg: I like how it’s more crunchy, because FamilyMart chicken i feel is, like, is more soft C: Okay lets try it Hotter than expected. Warmer, there’s a nice crunchiness to it and compared to FamilyMart chicken, It’s less greasy, I think But I still think FamilyMart chicken is the best, though C: What do we have now: The fondant au chocolat [ Meg and Victor repeating the name] V: Can we just call it like, a chocolate biscuit?
C: Uh, no [laughs] C: It’s a lava cake Oh, it’s a lava cake C: Show me, show me the .. oh, okay.. V: Oh wow, that is That was really strong chocolate. It’s got a kick to it like it’s really nice and soft obviously but uh Flavor’s juuuust right. I’m gonna try not to steal too much Meg: it’s really chocolaty V: I think this would get a 6.5/10 Meg: 6/10 It is cold it’s really cold this way we had a cold beer Yeah, if they were having a cold beer and Meg was smart and actually got a cocoa Hey What is your favorite thing about Christmas in Japan illuminations? C: it’s my first Christmas here Both: Really?! C: I always go back to France But I guess uh Christmas markets are good since it’s my first [Sad bugle sounds] Four years ago they they only had one and that was over two Hibiya, but now they have one in Hibia Roppongi,
C: Really?
V: and now the Yokohama one Where we’re at today has actually become the biggest one. C: The one in Hibiya is that the same place We had the Oktoberfest yes of us, okay, so if you haven’t seen notes overfits video definitely tip it oh, yeah, it’s kind of funny because Like in the states. I actually was one of those people that hated Christmas like I despised this time of year I was the one that like I Just wanted to be over with they get after New Year’s and just start focusing on things again, but after coming here and seeing That is so …….. irritating That puts me out of the spirit.. C: Pissed again!
V: what would you say would be your like, Iconic Christmas movie? For the States, I would say it’s a toss-up between a Christmas Story or Die Hard C: I’ve never seen A Christmas Story
V: How about in France? We have a movie called [Le Pere Noel est Une Ordure], but it doesn’t exist in English nor is it subtitled I’ll just put the poster .. here So we get a Plate of six different sausages here. It’s only like 1200. Yen. Which is like ten bucks Eleven dollars or so that I just hope they’re like and like not like super small or anything So I think here we have a Slightly reddish sausage here. We have a more wider sausage, and this one is a brownish sasuage. It’s a brownish sausage, so I’m gonna take a chance. I think this is probably gonna be like a basil Actually, no. I honestly have no idea Very good sausage, I think I picked correctly can’t go wrong with sausage. it’s good 8/10 I’m gonna go for the standard looking sausage looks pretty normal, okay Yeah, It’s a standard sasuage! V: Yaaay! That was the review of the year I don’t know if I would give it an 8 out of 10, I feel like that’s pretty high. I’m gonna give it a 5/10 It’s pretty good. It’s good. Oh Okay, I’m gonna try this kind of brownish, but appealing looking sausage Basic sausage, I think this is a Frankfort sausage. If I’m not mistaken just a little bit spicy C: That’s a six out of ten for me. It’s pretty decent it’s good for the price. We paid. That’s okay V: ohhh, looks good; get them cinnamon churros [*Light saber sounds from Victor*] This is the spirit of Christmas right here this churro dipped in cinnamon sugar Meg: 10/10? 10/10
Oh, this is so damn good Meg: I’ll try mine That’s really good. Oh, man.
C: Are you Happy? It’s really good Christmas came early this year So, everybody’s been talking about the Churro, so lets get one Okay, it’s like small churros And they’re gonna put chocolate on it [Speaking in Japanese, thanking Charlie and group] Okay, I’m just gonna try one really fast. Meg: Hi Loretta! C: Oh, yeah, Loretta’s here! Oh wow. I love it; delicious! *mmmmm!!* It’s really crispy! It’s nice but, I almost burned my mouth! Delicious, 10/10! 12/10 Meg: hot/10! C: Look out joined us! Our good friend, Loretta from Kemushichan! She already had the churros, so in terms of continuity, it’s going to be hard for the editing BUT! Really nice to have you today L: I believe in you. V: Charles can do it! So, are you ready to get some more food? All: yeah! C: I’m actually kind of full … We’re getting the schnitzel! We’re crossing our fingers, hoping it’s good C: Because we had a bad experience. We were very traumatized back from the Oktoberfest, so we’re hoping that this one’s good. V: Okay, here we go we got the schnitzel V: Y’all go ahead and get some of this, I’ll hold it. V: Oh no, this one’s stuck together Meg: Get two in one! No, I don’t want to be selfish.
Ladies: do it
V: ladies first? C:I’m like falling asleep guys
V: here we go Pretty fatty here L: The pause was so I didn’t choke Meg: It’s like a 4/10 A four! V: I Think this might be a five? Five out of ten for me.
L: So, an average of five or so yeah Okay, okay Wow V: Wow that was not a very amused ‘Wow’ V: That was a very disappointed ‘wow’ The potato was good, though Come on, you can do better than that, Christmas market. V: That disappointing? Yeah. Yeah, for me that’s a zero. V: That was fourteen hundred yen of disappointment You like mustard ? C: I love mustard L: No, no mustard? M: I can eat it, but I don’t love it L: Well, then there’s another side! Let me grab from the mustard side so you can get the non-mustard Gotta want it; Go! M: It’s hot! It tastes right, but pretzels aren’t, like, Gourmet.. Just like exactly what I want C: How much would you rate this, out of 10 M: 5/10 L: 5? Again? L: a Six, I guess.
V: I am going to try some of the bacon steak that now it’s been ice cold sitting out here It’s got mustard on it, to be honest I hate mustard L: Really? C: I do not like mustard, but let’s give it a shot. C: Hands down, better than the schnitzel. I cut it into pieces, to feel free C: How does it compare to the bacon we had at the bon odori in Chiba? The bacon that we had at the Chiba Bon Odori Festival was, like, really thick. I think twice as thick as this and it was Really it really did seem like a steak, steak You know, (C: It was nice, like this!) this kind of bacon, you bite into it and it’s like – it’s chewy it’s meaty you have all the flavors in it, but the other ones like you find it you you bit a piece off L: And it, it bites you back Yeah You bite the bacon, the bacon bites back! L: It’s sooo spungy! L: Let me get into it
M: it’s not as soft as I was thinking C:I didn’t get everything, but yeah. C: Whoa, that’s a BIG piece L: It’s hard to chew! But it’s really good; really good! I’d give it an 8/10 M: really? FIVE Ladies talking over one another. I think five is like my normal like it’s five, five isn’t a bad review C: Okay, okay V: Go for Charles C: This actually looks like a normal baguette. V: Charles, everything to you looks like a baguette I’m gonna make a film for you Charles. I’m gonna call it: “Every day is Baguettes” Yeah, it’s pretty okay. V: It’s okay? One of the ladies: It’s *Pretty* okay Yeah, yeah- I expected worse, Actually What would you rate it?
C: Five out of ten like normal. I think it’s not sweet enough. C: Okay! What are we going to do now? V: I think we’re gonna try to do some of this ice skating stuff.
C: some of this ‘ice skating stuff’. Yeah V: I’m not really good at it, so I expect to … fall. C: It’s okay I won’t focus on you Fun times! Ice-skating for me is usually one of these things where I’m okay as long as people. Don’t get in my way All right everybody we hope you enjoyed today’s episode over here at Yummy Japan. We visited the yokohama christmas market How did you all enjoy it today? I had fun. Yes. Yeah, it was really good I’m freezing cold that was great Yeah, but what did you all think of the food that was available here? Did I think it was better this year than last year actually? Hey? What do you think of the food? It was good. I tried some like new things that I haven’t tried before we want to especially. Thank our guests today We have Kemushichan (yay!), and we have Meg here We’re gonna leave links down to their channels in the description below So make sure to give them a subscribe and a follow as well Don’t forget to leave a comment yes like subscribe and hit the bell, so you don’t miss us next time Exactly. I think you should stand yeah There we go all right well, then that’s all for us we hope you enjoyed the episode and then we will catch you next time Cheers

41 thoughts on “German CHRISTMAS MARKETS in Japan! | Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture [4K]”

  1. Great video guys! Thank you very much. You make me feel close to Japan. Is there any big plans for Christmas or New Year to show us? I can't believe Victor didn't like the churro???? Lol

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  5. I loved this festive episode, and it was fun to see Loretta and Meg. I would've loved trying all that food. We don't really have Xmas markets in LA, but we have lots of craft fairs for the holidays. Also there's a weekly food festival called Smorgasburg that oftentimes has seasonal themes. Their pie week last summer was a particular favorite. Thanks for all your great videos and wishing you both a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Watching from Germany and (except from the sausages and maybe churros sometimes) the food was new to me 😀
    the little huts and the ice skating is also very familiar.

    PS: I like the new rating system/reason box next to the number. Now it's easier to understand, when you give a bad rating (sometimes still strange, when things get a "good" rating and other things get the same, but as a bad one xD)

    and MERRY CHRISTMAS (or Hollidays) everyone! 😀

  7. Wished they would sell Churros at Christmas markets in Germany, the treats looked soo tasty and unusual, I would love it there 😀 such fun company you were, thanks for sharing and happy holidays you all ^^/

  8. I visited the Christmas market two weeks ago and unfortunately also made the mistake of buying the ¥1400 of disappointment. It was way too soft, had no taste at all and was overall a shocking experience. The first "Schnitzel" in my life I couldn't finish.
    What was amazing though was the gingerbread ("Elisenlebkuchen") sold closer to the entrance. While at a high pricepoint with ¥1700 for three pieces, they where everything I could have hoped for. Highly recommended!

  9. Happy holidays, Victor and Charly! Love your channel so much! It is now my favorite food channel on YouTube. ❤️ I'm from Puerto Rico and the food here is amazing during Christmas time! We have "coquito", "pasteles de navidad", "lechón a la varita", "arroz con gandules" and many other typical Christmas dishes. You should check it out! Cheers! 😊

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  14. TeamChurro!!!!! We went to that last year, it was nice to see something different. But we also were not fans of some of the food and prices 🙁
    Next year I hope to be at a real German Market!!! Great video!!!! But all I want for Christmas are tamales and churros!!! Y café con leche!! Haha!! Gracias muchachos!!!!!!

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