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Getting My Sweat on at Lululemon’s SweatLife Festival

Getting My Sweat on at Lululemon’s SweatLife Festival

welcome to today’s video we are in London we’re at tobacco dock attending a sweat fest hosted by Lululemon it’s a fitness festival basically and there’s all sorts going on I’m really really impressed I’ve only just turned up but there’s some fantastic set up here really really cool sport here in the docks we’ve got some great food sports and some cloud loads and loads of classes going on so talks from inspirational speakers so that’s what I’m hitting out first a women in sports talk so I’m really looking forward to hearing from a couple of the girls that are talking and to give us a bit of motivation ahead of the day because it’s gonna be a sweaty one I first signed up for a 7 K run around the docks swiftly followed I’m told by another session it’s a functional fitness session in which I’m really really looking forward to I’ve got a bit of a history of doing that kind of training so haven’t done any properly for a while I do try and do a bit cross-training sorry I think it’s really really important to mix things up and get different muscles working I can assure you I will be aching tomorrow but I’m gonna take you along for the ride but I really just wanted to share today because I think it’s so so important to surround yourself by people of a similar mindset I’m already feeling the fired up and it’s just nice to get in and involved and challenge yourself and mix things up a little bit and the sun is shining it’s an absolute cracker over there here in London so we’re being spoilt rotten I can’t wait to show you so let’s get out there and get started [Applause] [Music] so we’re mid-run here crossing the Millennium Bridge really really nice rude lovely to run with some other people but having some great chest on the way I’m hearing about their stories we got everything from ultrarunners right through to do some track guard isn’t just some girls probably nice Sivir and be surrounded by positivity and they such beautiful day so that’s coming running I want to show you these they are amazing I got such a few bit of tourists dodging here [Music] five oh my gosh winning seven a runner and gone lobanov stand great climbers who saw hopefully I cooked kept some good food today and we’re straight back in he’s running a little bit late so heavy stream to this functional fitness class there at third space London Oh killer leader whiteboard programming it was super daunting so if I haven’t actually fueled quite effectively this morning I’m super thirsty but anyway nothing moaning don’t weigh in going the mindset and she’s got the job done a really short sharp and punchy I’m certainly gonna feel that tomorrow but I’m actually really buzzing from just doing something a bit different so now it’s time to refuel that’s a great little place out here points of hydration [Applause] [Music] okay so that’s it that’s a wrap on sweat life 2019 I’ll definitely be back next year it was a really really good Ven and we certainly did what it said on a tin and sweated loads the run was great the second session the functional fitness is really really good and put me a bit out of my comfort zone so if you fancy you go something a little bit different I definitely recommend it’ll help with yeah you running training as well and obviously push you to that next level so I think I’ll be hurting a little bit in the morning but it’s been a lovely day sunshine all day and we’re feeling really really good and inspired to get back on it and train probably again tomorrow so I will look forward seeing in the next video if you did like it give it a thumbs up and there subscribe at the end to keep up to date with all my latest videos see you later [Music]

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